Tong Xu saw from a distance,Asked:“Who is that?”

“Uncle Wu。”Gan Xiaoxiao casually replied,“The room has been booked for you,Go to the front yard to check in yourself,My mother is still looking for me。”
Gan Xiaoxiao leaves,Tong Xu went to the front yard in no hurry,But wandered to Gan Yifan’s house。
Brightly lit in the yard,The roar of the machine continues,Workers rush to work day and night,Come here early to start work,Generally, work will not stop until after ten o’clock at night。Remote yard,I didn’t disturb the people,The host wants them to work overtime to catch up,A lot of money,They are willing to work hard。
Tong Xu probed his brain and saw such a scene,I didn’t see the one who just came in“Uncle Wu”,The small building is lit,Should be in the building。Tong Xu observed for a while,No one noticed him,Just walk into the yard。
The yard is quite big,Much bigger than his grandfather’s single-family villa yard,Tusk in his mouth,Picked a bunch of grapes and ate,Eating and walking towards the small building as if inspecting the progress of the project,Don’t say,Thus,The workers only thought he had something to do with the master,All busy。
Tong Xu came to the small building like this,The small building door is closed,The windows are not closed,He is leaning against the window,Look like waiting,My ears stand up。
“Professor Gan,Blame me for this,I asked Wu Heng to bring them over to find Yifan,But don’t worry,They are not malicious,Just take a look at him……”
Living room,Wu Changan is talking to the old professor。
The old professor didn’t say a word,Just staring at Wu Changan,Those slightly cloudy presbyopia,At this moment, it reveals the awe-inspiring spirit cultivated by a wide teacher,Make it difficult for Wu Changan to face up。
Cough a few times,Wu Changan shook his head,Sincerely:“Professor Gan,I didn’t hide it on purpose,It’s a big deal,It’s not an exaggeration to use state secrets,Don’t make it difficult for me,Can’t say so clearly。”
“Drink water。”The old professor gave him a glass of water。
Wu Changan didn’t think much,Thanks,Take a sip。
Go on,His face changed immediately,Cold entrance,Entering the abdomen is with a unique warmth,It seems that taking this bite has warmed the body that has been tortured by the cold for more than ten years,I feel a lot more relaxed,This kind of experience has never happened before。
He took another sip,Feel more obvious,Take another sip……
No water。
A stream of heat flows through the body,Sweat wet his clothes,The cold that has tortured him for more than ten years seems to have disappeared without a trace,He feels full of vitality,As if back to the prime of life more than ten years ago。

Chu Deirers think he is a little awkward——Have you in touch with you,So the famous arrogance is fake,And my name is very true.,Means of……You feel that I am bad.?

Do you know how much do I know my friend??
“hehe,correct……What happened to Tong Tang??Why don’t you come??”Chu Deiren heard a sentence and asked a sentence.。
This kind of bears in the original,Earlier is the unbeaten hardcore supporter,Let me have not been in exactly.,Tong Bai Bear has saved the unbeaten life of the East,When the East is not defeated, I am going to do it.,Tong Bai bear hand blade a lot of opponents,However, after the incover of the East,Dething, Yang Lianting,The old brothers in the teaching are open to,Tong Bai Xiong only has contradictions with Yang Lianting,It is the unbeaten by the Oriental.!
But in the big rivers and lakes,Oriental is unable to fail《Sunflower》Later……
Although this kind of feelings are not fake,But this becomes direction,Different from the original。
After all, I can’t put my psychological metamorphosis.,And no domineering from the past。
Yang Lianting, no specially confident,There is no such expansion in the original,There is no soliracy、Exclusion,And Tong Bai bear is still still unbeaten in the East.。
There is an unbeaten earthquake,He and Yang Lianting can only say it.“Colleagues don’t have a good relationship?”,I haven’t coexisting pointless。
Shangguan Yunnan,Show some 愁,Previous steps:“Hey,Not,Tong brothers have come together with me.,How……On the road is the emergency,I have now alleviated,Resting in the shock,I want him to stay in the oasis town before.,But he is 脾,Lord’s difference,It is also necessary to complete,Don’t see Chu brother。”
“Oops!That Chu is really sinful,Now the children can wake up?Chu, I want to thank myself.,And Chu《God》Maybe it can be used。”Chu Deiren said quickly。
At the same time, I also looked at a certain soft car in the team.——Very conspicuous,Because……Tag fetal is also showing police,This seda,The most hostility for yourself!
And different from Shangguan Yun……
Although Shangguan Yun has a concealed hostility,But for yourself,No threats,And the people in the car,Even if you don’t have to make Chu Deire、Have the degree of life threat,But it also makes the understanding of the police。
certainly,Chu Deirers also understand,This is not a million——How is the worship??
In some special occasions,For example, if you are reluctant to reveal the name of the Yue Xiamen, the palace,Will fail to fail……
But since there is a show,Chu Deirers are particularly careful。
“Such very well,Chu brother please。”
Follow the official clouds to the soft depositor,Chu Deirers can hear soothing and some heavy breathing sounds,It seems that it is indeed a big illness,Still sleep。
Chu Deman greeting:“Children’s main,Chu’s rude。”Said that it seems like ignorant,Stretch your hand to the car……
as predicted,Chu Deiren just reached out,Immediately detail!
The appearance of the other party has no heart,Directly buckled the Chu Deirers’ wrist,Lucky goggles、Positive Valley of Chu Deeng wrist,then……A while。
The original Chu Deirers have six seven caves,It should be that I am tricking up the official cloud.,At this time《Plastic star Dafa》,I am sure when my heart suddenly!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 622 Hint
Let me know how to understand《Plastic star Dafa》,Even if the Chu Dee will also,but“Lap”It is the strong acupuncture point of the play star Dafa、“Yanggu points”It is a weak acupuncture point,In his opinion, this hand,Summer,Forced this small child to stand back……
However, he doesn’t know.,Chu Deirers are ready,And the strange merits have come to him.,Early open five right fingers“Tena”,Total as moved to Yanggu waiting for him.!
Chu Deiren“Chaotic work”,Can be somewhat,Make your own meridians as if“innate”Finally different from others——Pocket points,Show your wrist,That is here。
Let me feel the wrist of Chu Deirers.,In fact, it is sucking“Tena”、Equivalent to paws with palm!
The two are angry when they come to the time.,Just dissipating part,Push the crash,Four sunset disciples,It is quite faithful to me.,I am ready for a while, the Chu Deirers are preserved.,They have a strong,But the skill is not hi,Directly crucified four to vomit blood。
“Bold!”Mei Lan Zhuju,Pull the sword to the sneak attack。
“And slow……”Shangguan Yun also ate it,I didn’t expect to be a teacher who had no heart to be aware.?
However, he has already served the three corpse of our bank.,At this time, you must save it.,Even busy,The post-emergency block is in the Merlan bamboo chrysanthemum,Sweep four women’s long swords。
In fact, even if he does not shoot,Sijun’s martial arts,It’s hard to hurt me at this time.——Just just the strength of the Chu Deirers,It is not a general two-three-flow characters.。
Ten Xuan’s resistance,Naturally, it is not a ratio of Yanggu.,What’s more, Chu Deirers are now profound in pure skills.,I have exceeded the true level of our bank.!
《Plastic star Dafa》and《Dafa》different,Suiry,Not only there is a risk of self-conflict,And the internal force that is usually cultured with oneself,Also clear,Can’t equally——I have said that I have said that I have said.,Suckable internal force,Not smashed by self-cultivation,Even normally,Need special to run。
Although I am doing now,It is necessary to have a lot when it costs the oil in the dunge.,Especially for those years,He is absorbed by the outside air basics.,I have made a lot of time for this time.。
But let’s do the real skill,Not as good as Chu Dee,As for the external arrogance,He doesn’t play a dozen effect again.,The two people fight,He also still does not take up the wind!

At this moment,Marjun Sima Pan loungely rushed to the city wall,Then I handed a fire painted bamboo tube to Wang Lin.:“Leader,Gao Bao sent a letter to a letter,Now people are in the city gate。”

So fast?
Wang Lin is slightly surprised!
He knows Gao Baoyi,Because of the previous letter,Gao Biyi said that he will come to Jingjing after the autumn harvest.,I personally talk about Wang Lin and moved together to Huainan.。
Oh,There is also a proprietary noun in this kind of thing.,Call“Shine”。In fact, it is not just Wang Lin.,Also included in those“brother”,All waiting“Shining town Huainan”!
However,What you want to do,People don’t want you to do!
Wang Lin is very clear,Shining town Huainan,Those people in him and,Absolutely big welfare。Just relying on the big soldiers, the soldiers are Huainan people.,It is enough to see the thick road of this matter.。
Clothing also,Who doesn’t care?Jing Wei This place is not a hometown of them to raise their.,What is worth falling??
It’s problematic.,Do you want to pay a price?,Go to Huainan to enjoy,Is this possible Yangzhou??
Of course it is impossible。
So Wang Lin is urgent to talk to Gao Baoyi,Both sides openly,Not talking about the routine。If Gao Biyi is not open,Then Wang Lin is almost certain,Bring on the road to Huainan, the army,It will be surrounded by the Elite army of North Qi.!
“Where is the person?,Take me to see。”
Wang Lin frowned。
Pan Zhong, this is not strong,Others are coming,You should take at least to me.?Is it also worried that the other party assassinated me??
Wang Lin heart is slightly dissatisfied。
But when he saw it,The dissatisfaction in my heart disappeared。Because of this“messenger”,I really can assassinate him。
“Uh,Dare to ask the big name?”
Wang Lin’s body is highly sound,If it is only high,More than the barely guarded guards in front of the front。But the other party is really thin with a bamboo pole.,Is it not good to eat around Gao Bao??
Wang Lin’s heart,But it is a bamboo pole.。
“I will stay in Fuyang City a day.,You will pay it back to me.,I am handed over to the main public.,that’s it。”
Bamboo poles are pale,It seems that the halo is powerful.,But the middle of the sputum is still very。Wang Lin nodded,Have a few words with Pan Zhong。
Waiting for them,Wang Lin found a quiet room with no one,Dismantle,Look inside the letter。Take a while,He put the letter down。
This letter did not write,Just say he Gao Baoyi follows,Already come to Jingjing。Then ask Wang Lin to take his own ship.,See the Hanjiang River in Changshou County。
If it is talking,Then he Gao Bao will follow your Wang Lin to return to Yanyang City to celebrate.。
Don’t say that if you don’t talk about it?,Around left, it is all home,Let’s talk about it next time.。
after all,If you want to turn your face,Can’t commit crimes,Two costs to pay,For both parties,Have a little big。
go,Still don’t go,This seems to be careful consideration。
A thoughts,Wang Lin’s heart has decided。
NS1179chapter Lifetime(superior)
Hanjiang, Changshou County,Quite wide,Come and seek ships like shuttle,A lively scene。Gao Bao stands on a reef on the shore,Fault,It seems to think about what is very deepest issue。
Han River,In fact, in ancient ancient a river,The area flowing is extremely wide.,And it is a golden waterway。
Why is the ancient Xiangyang City that is very prosperous??
Because the first big trilut of the Yangtze River Hanjiang,Not only the river is wide,And the water depth is enough,Even more wonderful,Its water flow is still no longer,Very suitable for shipping。
Fuyang City,On the key node of Hanjiang,By the way, connect to the South and South。
Waterway and land must be ever passed here,Can you not bustle??

Everyone looked at him,Gong Daoming said proudly:“I know the gambler’s strategy。”

“He is studying movies《God of Gamblers》Fat brother centimeter’s classic bridge,Deliberately not follow,Kill Lin Han’s patience。”
“Wait until Lin Han gets angry and can’t control his emotions,Will be a stud。”
“One battle determines the universe!”
Everyone was said by him,Lin Han, who was looking at the top of the gaming table, was really blushed by He Rongsheng’s dozens of non-talking,Seems to be eating people,I’m afraid it’s on the verge of explosion。
“Not with。”
He Rongsheng folds again。
Lin Han bit the press“Creak”Make noise,Fist with both hands,Lift it high and knock it down,The fist stays in the air and suddenly stops。
Lin Han suddenly burst into laughter,Pointing at He Rongsheng and said:“Buck teeth,You yin,I almost fell on you again!”
“You angered me on purpose, right!”
“But I tell you,I can see through your heart,Yours doesn’t work for me!”
He Rongsheng smiled,Noncommittal:“is it?”
“Wait and see,Dealing by the dealer。”
Chen Xiu, who watched the battle, looked at Gong Daoming.。

“Be right,The teacher is not dead.,Then there is a small and two places.,They have not come back for more than 20 years.,Naturally retreated!”Chu Deirers have very proud to say their own reasoning.。

“Oh?That Lu Zhuang is now re-covered?”Li Mozhen is half a saying that I will ask a sentence.。
But the radix is some regret,In case he doesn’t know that he is a joke.,I really thought I want to be with him.……
“kindness?Why do you mention the land??”Chu Deirers asked,Also added:“I have already moved away.!”
Li Mozhen:……
I always feel that Chu is so mistaken, it will be very subtle direction.。
“I have nothing to do recently.,Heaven before the hero meeting!”Chu Deirers a pair of August 26 this year,Don’t you want to go?。
And Li Mozhen just slammed。
The Chu Deiren also took Li Mozhen,Going from the bottom of the crane,Sure enough, Lin Chao Ying and Wang Zhongyang are also,The brother of Wang is still sorry.。
Lin Chao Ying also said:“Yi Qing,Yes, you are joke.,Divided into the martial arts,Come and make your own.!”
“Yes Yes Yes,You are the most powerful。”Wang Zhongyang said and brought some pet.。
Chu Deirers and Li Mozhen did not work……
Be right,As a mature and comprehensive rivers and lakes,Chu Deiren just became the spacious situation of the coffin,Long story、Let the following hear。
Otherwise, what if they are cultivating?
After finding two people in gredy,Chu Dee people I still want to find a small dragon girl.,By the way, how long can I come back?,But just at this time,Just listen to gold“Whisper”scream!
This name is very urgent,One is an urgent matter,Chu Deirers quickly launched a light job,Shutong hair towards the cold jade bed。
Just close,Chu Deirers were noticeable——temperature,Too much!
When the door is rushed to the door,I am afraid that there is already zero three or 40 degrees.,The indoor can make ordinary people with a few more than a few tricks.。
at the same time,I saw that the little dragon girl fell to the ground.,Golden, expanded to the height of only a slightly ordinary person,Still very strong,A hand grabbed small red,Put the hair with a small dragon girl——Yun Luo will be familiar with this posture.……
Chu Deirers also helped handles,Take the house,Just feel that she is cold,Obviously the cold body,Even busy——Chu Deirers are not afraid of this low temperature,Can Xiaolong women are not big!
Quick to a safe place,Live treatment……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 873 Chill
Ancient tombs,With the Chu Deirers,Chu Deirers and Dragon Dragon in front of,The golden light on the body is extinguished——Oh,There is a small red next to it.。
“How about it?”Li Mozhen quickly asked。
“The frostbite of the body and meridians has been alleviated,but……Do not know why,Real gas is still stagnant。”Chu Deirers a burst of eyebrows。
At this time, the little dragon girl is nothing.,Just true, but stagnation,Blocking in all parts of the meridians,Temporary is not to endanger life,But continue,Not only martial arts,And will soon!
Lin Chao Ying also busy,Dragon female diagnosis——On-the-efficacy,Their husband and wife are added together,It is better than you don’t sleep.,But I am so widely wide.、And understand medical skills。
However, Lin Chao Ying’s expression is also a dignified,No opening,Obviously the situation is somewhat not。
Xiaohong, I stood up at this time.——Its freighter is also stagnated,But it is gradually resolved.,Obviously people and birds are different!

Lu Haozheng smiled slightly,Watching her eyes gentle,“Can you say this?,I got some comfort in my heart.。”

Blue Xindao:“Sleep quickly,Staying up late to your body。”
Lu Haocheng sat up,“Wife,I suddenly can’t sleep.。”
Blue Xin smiled slightly,“That will sleep, sleep again.,I will take a bath first.。”
Lu Haozheng hugged her,Bathing with her,Two times,Lu Haozheng put her in a wheelchair。
“Blue,Have you got up??”
Mu Qing’s voice。
Blue Xin:“Mother,Woke up。”
Mu Qing’s two bowl porridge,Looking at their husband and wife laughing,“Your father makes people send you porridge that you like.,Hurry,A Cheng you also eat it in rest,Ok, I fell asleep.,After this, he will be fine after waking up.,The child’s disease is coming soon.。”
Blue Xinyi:“Mother,it’s all my fault,I shouldn’t give him so many things yesterday.。”
Mu Qing put the porridge on the table,road:“Of course you stick to you,You are not easy to accompany him to play.,How can he let go of those food?。
This disease is once,Of course, it will also feel very worthwhile.。”
Blue Xinyi helpless,I know what my son is thinking.。
“But this mother is very hard,Of course it is guilty。”
Mu Qing looked at the daughter’s distressed eyes,Like smile:“Mother is free,Not hard at all。
You drink porridge,I let Xiao Jun and Kiki eat it.。”
“it is good!”
Blue Xin laughs。
Mu Qing is leaving。
Noon,Le Yu and Mu Ziqi also come over to eat。
Le Yu,I originally wanted to ask about it.,But I’m still sick.,She didn’t ask again。
Four people sit in the living room,Lu Haocheng looked at Mu Zizi:“Muzi,Do you want to go back??
How have you been in Le Yujia?”
Mu Zi louted him with him.,Is this a friend??
How to say this?
He is now, I want to take care of it.,Although he is sitting on a wheelchair,But some things can,He still can do it.。
“I live in my wife’s home.,Not live in your home,What is your vinegar??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”Is he jealous??
Eating his vinegar?
His heart is about to collapse。
“Yes,My future husband lives in my house,is it not OK?”
Le Yu is also a straight look of Lu Haozheng.。
Lu Hao“He is more”Expression。
This is really thinking twice。
“Can,Can,You just didn’t say anything.。”
Lu Haozheng is close to his wife,Pulling her blink of her,Their husband and wife sing a song,What is his wife says??
Blue Xin also knows what he means,Just laughing,Not talking。


First1136chapter Return
The afterglow of the setting sun reflects the entire Nanyuan,Looks really beautiful。
When Xia Jian appeared in Old Xiao’s office,A bright smile appeared on the old man’s face,He greeted the secretary to give everyone tea。Seeing Lao Xiao as happy,There is something warm in Xia Jian’s heart slowly rising。
“I’ll be fine when I come back,Haven’t suffered anything!”Old Xiao said,come over,I looked at Xia Jian from head to toe carefully。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“No,Everything is fine。How is your body?”Xia Jian rarely cares about people,Even my own parents,Although he has this affection in his heart,But he never wanted to say it so bluntly。Face Old Xiao today,He didn’t know where the courage came from。
“it is good!Can eat and sleep,Plus the air here is good,Quiet at night,So my body is much better than before,So I went back to Beishan less。You come back this time,Must visit,Stop being stolen”Old Xiao said,I sat back to my position。
Old Xiao’s secretary made tea for everyone,Then quietly retreated,Because she knows,These people who came today,Talk to Old Xiao,Most of the content will not be known to her。
“Who did this?It’s lawless”Old Xiao frowned,Asked coldly。
Xia Jian glanced at Xi Zhen,Xi Zhen took the tea and went out。Dragon Ball hesitated and left,Wang Lin and Xia Jian are left in the office。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“The one who did it is Zhu Hui,Which woman was Feng Tianfu before,But I don’t think it’s easy,Always feel that there is someone else behind her”
“You escaped?I knew it,These bastards can’t help you”Old Xiao asked。
Xia Jian nodded,Then put the whole thing back and forth,Tell Old Xiao in detail。Lao Xiao heard about Xia Jian’s narration,I couldn’t help but frowned and said:“This matter feels related to the Northway Group?But they should not be connected together!”
“I think so,When Zhu Hui got me into the mountain,She said very clearly,Just want to bring down the startup group,But at this time,The person who attacked us is really Beiwei Group,This matter has to be doubted“Xia Jian took a deep breath and said。
Old Xiao nodded and said:“Don’t talk nonsense about this,Because before things are inconclusive,Everything is possible。If you escaped,This Zhu Hui must have gone。Want to make it clear,Only wait to catch her“
“Ok!Leave this to the police!Mr. Wang will report on the work of the group recently to Mr. Xiao“Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Wang Lin nodded,And started reporting to Old Xiao。Old Xiao listened very seriously,While he is listening,Keep nodding,When he heard that Yunmao Group was financing the fruit industry base,Could not help but smile:“Is this Xia Jian’s handwriting again??“
“ Yes,It’s from President Xia,Only he can do this“Wang Lin smiled and said。
Old Xiao took a breath and said:“The venture group has undergone a capital restructuring,Vitality,Now it is the recovery stage, But after I changed my tone,In Bucheon City, it can be said that no one can rival,because of this,It attracted the envy of some people,So they have to attack you“
“This time it was revealed,I guess they will converge a bit,We want to take this opportunity,Make startup groups stronger and bigger in recent years。It seems that my original approach was incorrect,If you want to establish a foothold in Bucheon,,First, be strong,unstoppable,Instead of just forbearing”Xia Jian said softly。

Dim lights at night,Li Tianchou didn’t pay attention to what ward is on this floor,The layout is similar anyway。As soon as I slipped into the ward area, I heard a soft tink in the elevator,Immediately there was the sound of messy footsteps,It’s bad in my heart,The other party followed up so fast,Forcing him to flee deep into the ward,Maybe Old Xiao has taken control of the monitoring room of the building。

The east-west corridor is thirty meters long,Back to the elevator,Li Tianchou quickly discovered a spherical probe,Just above the head,He took out his handkerchief and covered it。I didn’t find an emergency channel while walking fast,But there were rapid footsteps from the two diagonal fire exits,Helpless,He found an empty ward and quickly flashed in。
Now I can only climb through the window,I really regret that I somehow ran to such a high floor,If it was the seventh floor just now,The problem is much simpler。Fortunately, there are many places where you can get hands on the outer wall,Many horizontally staggered stone decorations are an excellent borrowing point。The only thing you need to fight for is time,Don’t be found after climbing halfway,I can only blame myself for bad luck。
In the night,The lights downstairs are very sparse,Stars and dots have limited lighting effect,So the environmental protection effect is very good。Li Tianchou’s location is east of the north side of the building,The main entrance and exit just downstairs just diverged,He turned out the window without saying a word。
Climb a straight wall without any protective measures,This is the first time Li Tianchou has done this,The rock climbing training in the army for nearly two years has laid a solid foundation for him,despite this,He is still a little nervous。After all, it has a height of six or seventy meters,Falling down is not a joke。
After climbing a few floors,Li Tianchou gradually let go,I also know the layout of decorative stone strips,So use both hands and feet,Boost。He is now not too worried about the group of people chasing upstairs,After all, it takes time to find rooms one by one。
Arrived at the top of the podium smoothly,Li Tianchou was relieved,Look up at tall buildings,Can’t help but sweat。After the night wind blows, my body is cold,Only then did he realize that his whole body was already through,It is not clear whether it is due to physical exertion or fear。
Li Tianchou dare not stay,I quickly found the location of the emergency passage I saw during the day,Go downstairs cautiously,There are no people outside as I imagined,This time Lao Xiao is probably a hundred secrets.。
But such a lucky thought only flashed in my mind for half a second,The side door on the right turns around four or five figures,The opponent’s flashlight suddenly emits a dazzling glare,Li Tianchou has no chance to return to the building。
“who?Stand still!”With the shout of the other party,One or two police officers rushed over quickly。Li Tianchou turned around and ran away without answering,On the right side of the inpatient building is a three- or four-storey small building,I can’t talk about roundabout and hiding,Can only run forward desperately。That direction is the back door of the building,Dozens of meters further ahead,Passing through the flower bed is the wall,And the only way to run。
Li Tianchou is in a hurry,Throw the opponent far away in the blink of an eye,The warning and noise behind him are loud,In this way, I was completely exposed。With Xiao Yadong’s adaptability,Just a moment,All police forces will be concentrated at the back door to surround him。So every second counts,Several figures flashed out from the back door at this time,Obviously got notified to participate in the containment。
Li Tianchou has nothing to worry about,Force under your feet,Rush towards each other。The besieged police officer was surprised,Obviously insufficient preparation,The opponent’s momentum is extremely fast,The one in the front has forgotten to call out the warning,He shot into the sky with a bang。
But Li Tianchou’s speed is too fast,The reverberation of the gunshot has not gone away,The police officer who fired was hit by him well fit,The dumb work of several other police officers,Li Tianchou has passed them like a gust of wind。Everyone finally realized,Drew guns to warn。
“boom”Another shot,It’s not a warning,A police officer finally couldn’t hold back shooting at Li Tianchou’s leg。Although missed,But it scared Li Tianchou into a cold sweat,These people really dare to start,It seems that today is a lot of bad luck。He weighed quickly in his mind,It doesn’t seem to be a good way to climb the wall,I’m afraid people will be sifted before they climb。

“I finally went to the hospital.!Central battlefield!”Xu cool excited。

His voice is just,The nurses of the nurses in the hospital door, I walked over:“Please show your health code,Extender。”
The medical department of the Wuhan People’s Hospital on the car is also a big bar.,Stretching the lower limbs。
Although he wears a mask,But after all, it is one of the main leaders of Wuhan People’s Hospital.,So the nurses’ sisters are also very politely asked him.。
This bus is also exclusive to Wuhan People’s Hospital.。
Therefore, a health code check and body temperature monitoring is carried out on the person.,Also routine operation。
“Lao Xu,You have something wrong with this.。”Fang Royi is also no shelf,The finger slides out the health code on the phone screen。
Then he reached out and prepared to make the nurse sister to measure the temperature.。
Xu Liangqi has been measured by the nurses sister.,He looked like a ice,Not explain:“I am wrong.?”
Wuhan People’s Hospital。
With the bus door of the bus,Xu Liangqi is the first to rush down the car。
Chief,Simply urchin!
He rushed into the car this time, it was losing behind him.。
“I finally went to the hospital.!Central battlefield!”Xu cool excited。
His voice is just,The nurses of the nurses in the hospital door, I walked over:“Please show your health code,Extender。”
The medical department of the Wuhan People’s Hospital on the car is also a big bar.,Stretching the lower limbs。
Although he wears a mask,But after all, it is one of the main leaders of Wuhan People’s Hospital.,So the nurses’ sisters are also very politely asked him.。
This bus is also exclusive to Wuhan People’s Hospital.。
Therefore, a health code check and body temperature monitoring is carried out on the person.,Also routine operation。
“Lao Xu,You have something wrong with this.。”Fang Royi is also no shelf,The finger slides out the health code on the phone screen。
Then he reached out and prepared to make the nurse sister to measure the temperature.。
Xu Liangqi has been measured by the nurses sister.,He looked like a ice,Not explain:“I am wrong.?”
Wuhan People’s Hospital。
With the bus door of the bus,Xu Liangqi is the first to rush down the car。
Chief,Simply urchin!
He rushed into the car this time, it was losing behind him.。
“I finally went to the hospital.!Central battlefield!”Xu cool excited。
His voice is just,The nurses of the nurses in the hospital door, I walked over:“Please show your health code,Extender。”
The medical department of the Wuhan People’s Hospital on the car is also a big bar.,Stretching the lower limbs。
Although he wears a mask,But after all, it is one of the main leaders of Wuhan People’s Hospital.,So the nurses’ sisters are also very politely asked him.。
This bus is also exclusive to Wuhan People’s Hospital.。
Therefore, a health code check and body temperature monitoring is carried out on the person.,Also routine operation。
“Lao Xu,You have something wrong with this.。”Fang Royi is also no shelf,The finger slides out the health code on the phone screen。

Gong Gong Zulong is now fighting against each other because of the power struggle。

In a fight,Gluttonous sudden attack,Swallow the floating Daozu directly into the belly,Isolate it from the outside world,Ultimately refining and killing the floating Taoist ancestor。
“Brother Zhulong,I’m going to Zeguo。。。I believe a war will break out soon!”
A sharp light flashed in Liu Xiang’s eyes。
Floating Daozu is not the first true god to fall,But he was the first Dao ancestor who fell from the power of Gonggong Zeguo。
The two forces are entangled and fought,The fall of a Dao ancestor,Enough to raise the intensity of the war between the two sides to another level。
Li Ming as a neutral chaos god,But not because of his relationship with Liu Xiang。
Only three years after Liu Xiang visited Li Ming,The second extremely heavyweight god and demon has fallen。
deceased,Daughter of Ancestor Dragon,Mock the phoenix。
Killer,The true god of blood and water under Gonggong,Styx!
Also recognized,The topmost true god power!
The Fall of Laughing Phoenix,Make Zulong angry!
The two sides finally broke out in a decisive battle。
Above the boundless world of Pangu chaotic world,Co-workers、The two great ancestor gods,More than 20 true gods and ancestors under his command,There are also nearly ten true gods and ancestors who came to help,The most terrible war broke out!
The ancestor dragon faintly is the head of the three ancestral gods fighting for hegemony,He is also the best fighter of the nine great ancestors today。
Above the North Ming,The two ancestors are fighting together,Sea water tumbling,Gong Gong holds a giant axe,Endless waves formed between waving,Annihilate everything。
Co-workers,Born to be in charge of the water of heaven,Control one yuan heavy water、Bloody Water、Nether Profound Water,Tianyi Real Water and other nine real waters,Form the Tianshui Great Array,Turn into a nine-color vortex to swallow Ancestral Dragon。
Zulong turned into an ontology,The dragon flows in the water,He has no weapons,The body is the strongest weapon。