[Can lentils be eaten with eggs]_Food & Drink_Diet Conditioning

[Can lentils be eaten with eggs]_Food & Drink_Diet Conditioning

Lentils and eggs are relatively common foods with high nutritional value. The lentils are glutinous, and the texture is soft. As long as they are cooked, they will become delicious. Eggs are distinguished from egg yolk and egg white, and have high nutritional value.There are many ways to eat, lentils and eggs can be eaten together, and you can also put a dish, you only need to prepare two ingredients of lentils and eggs, without putting too many ingredients.

Eggs and lentils Ingredients: lentils 300g eggs two onions 10g ginger 5 salt 3g raw soy sauce 5ml sesame amount corianderAdd the lentils to the pan and stir-fry until the lentils are discolored and softened thoroughly. 3, pour in egg cubes, add salt, stir and stir-fry for a while, and sprinkle the top with cilantro and cooked sesame seeds.That is, preserved eggs, lean meat, tofu, scallions, ground ginger, a small amount of salt, 1 box of thick soup pot (pork bone, sold in supermarkets), 1 box of tofu, 1-2 preserved eggs (depending on personal taste),Pepper flour, moderate amount of starch, 1 method of egg 1. Cut the boxed tofu into 1 cm cubes, cut the preserved eggs, the eggs are beaten, and the water starch is ready for use; 2, thick soup and three or fourAdd the bowl of water to the pot. After it is boiled and melted, add the pork stuffing, minced onion and ginger, and break up; 3. When the minced meat changes color, add tofu and diced egg, add a drop of soy sauce, and taste salty, depending on the situationDetermine whether to add salt; 4. Pour the beaten eggs into the pan, stir quickly, then pour in水Starch, starch thickens, add crushed pepper pan; 5, filled into a transparent container more beautiful?
Tip # 1: Million millimeters of pepper, too much is not tasty.

2. If you want beautiful color, sprinkle chives or parsley after the pan.

3. If you don’t add soy sauce, the white ones will look good too, follow my personal preferences.

Beef Bean Egg Fried Rice Ingredients Beef, Beans, Eggs, Rice Practice 1.

Beef shreds, then cut into diced, use raw soy, raw flour and a little bit of water to stir and marinate.

Diced beans, diced eggs, mix well with rice, pickled rice ~~~ 3.

Put oil in the pan (multiple points), heat up, add the diced beef, stir up the color with chopsticks, and put in 4 first.

Add the remaining oil in the pan, stir fry the beans for a while, and season with salt 5.

Add rice and stir fry until the egg liquid is solidified.

Finally, stir-fry the diced beef and mix well.