Bao Lao Chuan Wang and Master Yuqing looked at each other,The two turned their sights to the south by coincidence。

Just south is a blue sea,I saw a huge ship in the distance,Is slowly sailing towards the port。
The huge ship is at least kilometers away from the dock,From far to near,Coming slowly。
suddenly,A white line appeared from the front of the giant wheel,Rush to the dock。
The speed of this white line is so fast,cleave through the waves,Getting closer。
At this moment,People on the dock can see clearly,Turned out to be a huge wave,Pounced like a white wall。
This huge wave is so weird,There is not even a trace of wind on the sea,How can there be waves?And it’s still a huge wave up to several meters。
This scene stunned those who have been on the beach for a long time,Has completely violated their understanding of the ocean。
In a blink of an eye,The huge waves have rushed to the vicinity of the pier。
And at this moment,Many people can’t help but exclaim。
Because they saw the head of this huge wave,On the top of the waves that are constantly surging with white waves,There is a figure。
This man is sitting cross-legged,Floating like a god on the top of the tide,The meaning of worshipping the invisible center student。
Wow!A huge wave a dozen meters high hit the pier,Shocked the crowd backing。