Elevator 1st to 5th floor,These people sent Xia Jian and Zhu Hui into the room,They just closed the door and left。Zhu Hui who can’t wait,Like a fire,She swooped over,Hug Xia Jian,A stormy kiss。This woman is worthy of a love veteran,Some down,Xia Jian can’t stand it anymore。

The clothes on Zhu Hui slowly drifted down like snowflakes,And the more drifting, the less,Seeing that there is only the last one left,Xia Jian suddenly hugged Zhu Hui’s neck with his arms,His two hands quickly groped the acupuncture points on Zhu Hui’s neck。Sweat came out of Xia Jian’s forehead。
Xia Jian vaguely remembered that Master Ziyi told him,There is this acupuncture point on the back of the forehead,If the hit is accurate,Can cause a coma in a short time。
The impatient Zhu Hui is like a poisonous snake,Wrapped tightly around Xia Jian’s body,She twisted,Both hands frantically tore at Xia Jian’s clothes。Fortunately, I wear a lot of clothes in winter,If this is summer,Xia Jian has long been naked。
When I was naked when I saw myself,Xia Jian touched the acupuncture point on Zhu Hui’s forehead,Two fingers together,Hard poke。Xia Jian hasn’t learned acupuncture skills。
But he understands,Ancient book let record,Acupuncture is not something ordinary people can practice,Not only need to be accurate,The shot is going to be ruthless,No effect,It may even kill people if it is heavy。
Xia Jian was forced out of this trick just now,Just in case,That would be a big trouble。Just when Xia Jian was worried about this problem,I saw Zhu Hui’s mouth,Roll your eyes up,Slid down from his arms。Xia Jian was both surprised and happy,Hug Zhu Hui and put it on the bed,Then touched her nose with her hand,Found that Zhu Hui was still breathing,This means he is fine。
How to do?Just rush out?Xia Jian thought of this,Can’t help but shook his head,He learned from Zhu Hui,She brought a lot of people,Want to push outside,It definitely won’t work。Zhu Hui brought so many people here,Must be prepared,He can’t take such a risk。
I can only ask for help now,Xia Jian thought of Gao Deju again,No way,They just separated,And her mental state is very bad,Besides, they just helped him yesterday。Xia Jian has no suitable candidate,Call the police。Seems to be insufficient,He doesn’t even know the boss behind Zhu Hui。
Xia Jian left and thought,There is really no way for a while。As soon as the police arrive,These people scattered,Zhu Hui comes here again, he got her here,This matter is hard to argue with。
Time goes by,Once Zhu Hui wakes up,This opportunity won’t happen again。Xia Jian is desperate,He suddenly thought of Fang Fang,Immediately took out the phone,Want to call Fang Fang,He was afraid that Zhu Hui would wake up at this moment,Or heard by someone guarding the door。
Xia Jian slipped,Back on the edge of the bed,Then he sent Fang Fang an urgent message,The effect is to let him quickly notify the police station near Lishui,Come here for rounds,Then take him away。Thus,Zhu Hui wouldn’t believe that he did this,He wants to bring out the big boss behind Zhu Hui,Solve this matter completely。
As soon as the message is sent,Xia Jiancheng deleted the manuscript。And put the phone on the bedside purposely,He covered Zhu Hui’s attractive body with a quilt,He got in too。