Gong Gong Zulong is now fighting against each other because of the power struggle。

In a fight,Gluttonous sudden attack,Swallow the floating Daozu directly into the belly,Isolate it from the outside world,Ultimately refining and killing the floating Taoist ancestor。
“Brother Zhulong,I’m going to Zeguo。。。I believe a war will break out soon!”
A sharp light flashed in Liu Xiang’s eyes。
Floating Daozu is not the first true god to fall,But he was the first Dao ancestor who fell from the power of Gonggong Zeguo。
The two forces are entangled and fought,The fall of a Dao ancestor,Enough to raise the intensity of the war between the two sides to another level。
Li Ming as a neutral chaos god,But not because of his relationship with Liu Xiang。
Only three years after Liu Xiang visited Li Ming,The second extremely heavyweight god and demon has fallen。
deceased,Daughter of Ancestor Dragon,Mock the phoenix。
Killer,The true god of blood and water under Gonggong,Styx!
Also recognized,The topmost true god power!
The Fall of Laughing Phoenix,Make Zulong angry!
The two sides finally broke out in a decisive battle。
Above the boundless world of Pangu chaotic world,Co-workers、The two great ancestor gods,More than 20 true gods and ancestors under his command,There are also nearly ten true gods and ancestors who came to help,The most terrible war broke out!
The ancestor dragon faintly is the head of the three ancestral gods fighting for hegemony,He is also the best fighter of the nine great ancestors today。
Above the North Ming,The two ancestors are fighting together,Sea water tumbling,Gong Gong holds a giant axe,Endless waves formed between waving,Annihilate everything。
Co-workers,Born to be in charge of the water of heaven,Control one yuan heavy water、Bloody Water、Nether Profound Water,Tianyi Real Water and other nine real waters,Form the Tianshui Great Array,Turn into a nine-color vortex to swallow Ancestral Dragon。
Zulong turned into an ontology,The dragon flows in the water,He has no weapons,The body is the strongest weapon。