But these palace masters,The main messenger is still very enthusiastic,Even if he didn’t get him to join the main deity he served,,It’s nice to be able to hold some relationships。

After Wright perfunctory,Relying on its own strength,Directly use gravity space to repel these gods,Fly away quickly,Disappear in the sight of the gods。
A few minutes later,Wright stopped。
“The Patriarch of the Ess Family of the Four Beasts,Mr. Pros?What do you want me to do?”
Although Wright doesn’t wait to see the four mythical beasts,But a patriarch of the other party specially went to the life god realm to find himself,How much to give some face。
“Mr. Lieshan,Things are like this。。。”White Tiger Patriarch Prolos is also a little embarrassed,But thinking that the opponent is a super power at Dzogchen level,So I sent Elder Bu to the Magnolia Continent,With Cecilia,The four mythical beast family wants to give away a material defense main artifact and main god’s power,I hope he can help deal with the eight major families。
Wright is indeed angry,But since Cecilia was not really injured,Not too angry。
He did not accept the main artifact and the power of the main god。It’s just that the four mythical beast families will imprison Elder Bu for hundreds of millions of years,He himself will no longer hold him—Just himself,As for Cecilia, he won’t be held accountable,That’s another matter。
Patriarch Baihu was left with a bitter face,Wright flies directly to his destination。
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Chapter Twenty Eight Return to Magnolia
Half a month later,Wright flew to the Ancient Cloud Continent in the God Realm of Life,Lianshancheng。
In a mansion in Lianshancheng。