Although there are many secret whistles inside Montessori Manor,Patrol tightly between,But Li Ming relied on Babata’s detection equipment and his own speed to surpass most domain owners.,Easily penetrated into the inner layer of the manor。

As Li Ming gradually penetrated,The secret of this manor is gradually revealed。
“Tut,Except for some ordinary people at the outermost periphery,Patrolling inside,The guards are at least constant star‘Musha’what,There are even more than fifty cosmic masters。”
“Ok~”Li Ming felt a wave of mental power,Sigh slightly。Although the spiritual training of Shenwu Continent has not formed a system,But this does not prevent some warriors from using mental power as a means of exploration。
Li Ming doesn’t have the ability to hide his figure in front of his mental power。
I only heard a few rapid sounds。
Several silhouettes shuttle in the dark,Directly surround the infiltrated Li Ming Tuan Tuan。
“what。。。Ah ah ah~”
Moyun vine divides six vines,Directly tie up these six high-ranking masters,Then be beaten madly—Even Li Ming thinks they are a bit miserable,I completely forgot that this was my order。
“Mo Yun、Mo Yun。。。”Mo Yun Teng is very excited。
Li Ming smiled and shook his head,The infiltration has not completely failed,After all, kill all the members of the killer building,I’ll sneak in successfully。
Li Ming holds the spear in his right hand,Seemingly random sting,The air is instantly ignited,Terrible power runs directly through the surface and underground of this manor。
“Boom boom boom~”Li Ming’s own strength is comparable to the fifth and sixth domain masters,If you consider the addition of Mo Yun Teng,Pure strength is almost the same as the first and second tiers of the world master。