[Food to repair brain nerves]_Brain nerves_Repair_What to eat

[Food to repair brain nerves]_Brain nerves_Repair_What to eat

If you want to make your child smarter, you should first give the child more food with higher nutritional value, which will make the child’s memory better. However, some people have brain damage.Sufficient nutrition requires some methods to accelerate the local repair of the brain nerves, so that they can be slowly relieved. What are the foods for repairing the brain nerves?

Nutritional brain foods 1, blueberries.

An excellent source of antioxidant “anthocyanins” helps brain cells fight toxins, promotes the use of glucose by the brain, and enhances the conversion between brain cells.

2. Pumpkin.

Pumpkin is an excellent source of p-carotene. Vitamin A content in pumpkin is better than green vegetables, and vitamin C, zinc, potassium and cellulose.

Chinese medicine thinks.

Pumpkin tastes sweet and flat, has the effect of refreshing the mind and refreshing the brain, and can treat dizziness, upset, thirst and other yin deficiency and fire.

3. Fish.

Both saltwater fish and freshwater fish contain a large amount of high-quality protein and rich calcium, especially unsaturated fatty acids, which can catabolize and make the cerebral vessels open.

In addition, the potential DHA in fish also contributes to brain health.

4, fungus.

Contains relatively rich nutrients such as phospholipids, sterols, which have a nutritive effect on brain cells and nerve cells. At the same time, a substance contained in it can delay blood coagulation, can unblock blood vessels, prevent cerebral thrombosis, and prevent cerebral thrombosis.Prevention of myocardial infarction and other diseases.

5. Peanut butter.

Groundnut and peanut butter are rich in vitamin E, which contains antioxidants that protect nerve membranes and thiamine, which supplements the glucose needed for nerve energy in the brain.

6. Milk.

Protein 100 per 100 grams of milk.

5 grams, 125 mg calcium.

Calcium in milk can regulate nerve and muscle excitability.

Drinking a glass of milk after breakfast every day will help improve cognitive abilities and ensure that the brain works efficiently.

7, walnuts.

Because of its saturated unsaturated fatty acids, it is widely recognized as a traditional Chinese brain health food. Children must eat it.

It is advisable to have 2-3 walnuts per day. Perseverance can nourish the brain through nutrition, enhance memory, and eliminate brain fatigue.

However, you should not overeat, as you may experience dry stool and nosebleeds.

8. Eggs.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, and the choline released from the lecithin in the egg yolk can synthesize acetylcholine, which helps to enhance memory.

In addition, the content of iron and phosphorus in egg yolk is high, which is particularly beneficial to brain development.