Chu Deirers don’t care,When I arrived back to the light,Tiandu is already bright——Thereof“Treasure”,Chu Deirers don’t want to be discovered,No one can find it on top of the light。

only……Yang does not regret it in an early morning to visit Zhang Wuji,Want to ask how he broke through yesterday.,As a result, the situation will blocked Xiao Zhao in the room of Chu Deirers.!
“what!Who are you?kindness?You are……Small?”Yang did not regret Xiao Zhao and shocked。
Still from clothes,Look、Some small actions,Seeing the eyes,This is a confident that this beauty is Xiao Zhao.。
I ugly in Japan,Now actually……
Yang does not regret it naturally surprised!
“Miss,Xiao Zhengping is worried about being bullied by wicked people.,Deliberately dress up as ugly,I hope that the lady is forgiving.。”Xiao Zhao is busy with his head.。
If you find it early,Indeed, Xiao Zhao dark ghost iron,But now……
“You are already a child of Chu.,What is it?……Don’t call me, Miss!”Yang does not regret flat mouth。
Switch what I thought,Yang did not regret it and looked at Xiao Zhao.:“Then you now……Is it……”
Then why do you follow Chu too?,Return to your appearance right away?
it’s me“Bullying”Your probability、Still Chu Tai“Bullying”Your probability?
And why are you in the Chu Tai??
Yang does not regret it carefully,Xiao Zhao’s clothes,Have traces in a hurry!
“Chu Da Ge has not got up,Miss is as you want to see……”Xiao Zhao low head,The more the small sound。
“Alas……not see、not see。”Yang does not regret it, it is disappointing.,I will walk away from the space.。
Xiao Zhao is secretly tone,After all, if you were discovered by Chu Deirers.“Missing”,maybe……Do not,It will definitely have ideas.!
So she specially puts the same as a wide coat.,Disdduct Yang does not regret the idea。
Take a few steps,Yang did not regret his head and looked at her reminded:“The people of all majorists are coming up.,Although I said that I am too old.,But don’t do this time……What Chu is too old。”
Yang does not regret the prostitute,Even Xiao Zhao feels,She is suspect that she is deliberately in a way.,Reduce the fighting power of Chu’s big brother。
But I heard that Yang did not regret it.,Yang Zuo said“Don’t work too much”,Xiao Zhao also guessed,I am afraid of the high level of the education.,It’s still not willing to be a gap.、Don’t mention the meaning of alliance!
Xiao Zhao is also worried about exposure,Not saying too much,Enjoy the door。
Turn around……
I found that the Chu Deirers have already in the room!
“Chow、Chu Da Ge?When did you come back?”Xiao Zhao thinks that I have just don’t regret it.,Uncomfortable is a bit shame。
“just came back,what happened?”Chu Deirers looked at Xiao Zhao,I don’t know what she is embarrassed.。
Is it just hiding in my bed to steal salted fish??I didn’t bring it.!
“nothing……How is the Mongol??Did Church to see my mother??”Small open topic。
“seen,I also saw another person.……”Chu Deirers said,Signature Xiao Zhao first sit down,Listen to yourself slowly。
“That is Mingjiao.、Right,He actually lurked in the Fuyang Wangfu,and……Like Xiao Zhao,All are equipped with dumb、And deliberately get ugly appearance,Just right to make more cautious,He is really destroyed his face,After that, the hair was corroded with water.。”