This is naturally Wright and Cecilia,Relying on the scent tracking of the Velociraptor,The two go deep into the desert。

The blazing desert is more than just intense heat and drought,Although the number of monsters is far less than the three Jedi,But the living environment is worse。Most of the warcraft in the desert like to hide under the sand sea,Later, when ignorant travellers or monsters pass by, they attack from the ground。
Even if the breath of the velociraptor radiates,Wright and Cecilia were also attacked several times along the way。Only then did Wright remember,Like walking through the sunset mountains,Often use various medicines to detoxify,To resist the miasma,Repel poisonous insects。In fact, it needs special items to drive away the warcraft in the desert.,Confused breath or something。Of course, the strength of the Beasts in the Burning Desert is far inferior to the Sunset Mountains,It’s hard to say whether there is a level 9 monster。
With the strength of their line of two beasts,Really not afraid。
But that is Warcraft,And the people they are after,But it must not be said that there is no threat。
“Whoosh~”Dozens of black arrows broke through the air。
“Be careful!”Cecilia glanced away,Knife in the hand,Just right to seal every arrow。
at the same time,Wright did not do any defense,Vindictive surging in hand,Several flying knives shone with dazzling red light,Burst in the direction the arrow came from。Soon,Several screams sounded。
The two faced the attack of Warcraft before,Several shots,Also have an understanding of what the other party is good at。Of course it is a means of showing。Although Wright has some good feelings for Cecilia,But he won’t reveal his cards。Although Cecilia is a little confused,But not really stupid。
In Wright’s view,Cecilia is good at swordsmanship,A machete is endless,Strong defense。As for the long bow behind her,But didn’t use it once。But what puzzles Wright is that Cecilia never showed a grudge。
What Cecilia saw was,Wright boxing is extremely strong,One punch is more powerful than her knife,But the moves are stupid and straightforward,Negligent,At the same time, a flying knife is also very powerful,Maybe the long-distance is not as good as your own longbow,But in the middle distance、Speed or power,All very good。
And the cooperation between the two,Also use Cecilia’s sword to contain the defense,Then Wright attacked with a flying knife。
General seven-level warcraft,With this level of cooperation, you can easily kill。Of course if it is a more powerful opponent,They still have holes。
It was not desert bandit who attacked the two。There are no big oasis in the burning desert,No human inhabitants。At the same time, the Burning Desert is on the southern edge of the mainland,Close to the South China Sea,Naturally it won’t be the place where the caravan must pass。Robbers live here when they are crazy。
In fact,The two have guessed that someone might sneak attack,Because a few minutes ago,Raptor Xiaobai quietly communicated with Cecilia。They are already close to the people who smell the same in the abandoned village,And not alone,But a group of at least hundreds of people。
And Cecilia naturally told Wright。Although there is a sense of crisis in Wright’s mind,But decided to get closer。
Actually,He is very,The organization that forged treasure maps has some speculation。
It should be a breeding red-tailed green scorpion collecting its blood,Organizations that manufacture and sell hallucinogens。
Notice,Although the two empires are very resistant to all kinds of addictive hallucinogens,Because once addicted,Will definitely destroy the future of warriors and magicians,But there are still a lot of corrupt nobles who like this kind of medicine。Wright once met in the underground black market of the Imperial Capital‘Angel dust’Is one of them。
Have requests,Naturally, people take risks。Breeding some monsters that naturally secrete hallucinogenic substances has become the first choice。