China Science Association held a "National Science and Technology Worker Day" symposium

Wan Steel pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping is rich in reply, love is meaningful, praising scientific and technological workers’ contributions to the national feelings and the prevention and control of the epidemic, encourage everyone to build a strong struggle for the construction of world science and technology, fully reflecting the Party Central Committee for Science and Technology Attach great importance to the care of science and technology workers. The Science Association system should quickly set off a boom that implements the important reputation of General Secretary General Secretary, and the overall development of normalized epidemic prevention and economic and social development. In order to achieve a comprehensive completion of a well-off society, it is unremitting efforts to deal with the goals of the decline. Wan Steel emphasized that science and technology workers should have a strategic orientation of the new era, accurately grasp the historical orientation of the new era, and do a good job of ideological preparation and work preparations for external environmental changes, and focus on building a new development pattern of domestic international double cycle mutual promotion. Promote the construction of national innovation systems that are compatible with the modern economic system, and support high quality development with high quality technology. We must carry forward the fine tradition, the heart is big, to the spirit of the new era of patriotic, innovative, truthful, dedication, collaboration, and educating people, to strengthen the strong spiritual power for the construction of science and technology. We must firmly innovate and confidence, and determine the ambition of the world, courage to challenge the scientific problems in front of the world, and to climb the world’s scientific peak, grasp the strategy of global science and technology competition, and contribute Chinese wisdom for the construction of the people’s fate community.

To work hard, write the paper in the land of the motherland, use the scientific and technological achievements to modernize the construction practice, promote the depth of production and research, promote collaborative innovation, service economic and social high quality development, in order to achieve "six stable" "six guarantees" Make a solid contribution. When Huai Jinpeng emphasized that the importance of the General Secretary of General Secretary Xi Jinping was integrated into all aspects of the Association of Congress into the Association, the careful care of the General Secretary was the powerful energy of the development of progress. As the "home of science and technology workers", the China Association of Science and Technology Association should always be aware of the mission of "the country", accurately grasp the positioning of "four service" duties, adhere to the focus of the target, service center, and condense the heart, and unite the majority of scientific and technological workers. Innovation and creation in practice.

A science and technology worker who wrote to General Secretary Xi Jinping, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Space Technology, Academician Key Laboratory Director Li Lanjuan, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering, President Huang Yuqi, Chinese Academy of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Military Medical Research Institute Chen Wei, Shandong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman Tan Xuguang; Enterprise and University Science Work Representative, Chairman of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. Wu Yan Sheng, Academician, China Academy of Engineering, deputy director of the Science and Technology of China Aviation Industry Group, Tianjin University professor, vice president Gong Jinlong, Baidu Chief Technology official Wang Haifeng, Beijing 视President of Technology Co., Ltd. Paying Yingbo; college students represent a focus on the reliability and systematic schools of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The representatives of other science and technology workers were free to speak. In the statement, the scope of the scorpion, focusing on the important repartite of General Secretary Xi Jinping, combined with the actual situation, talks about the experience, and exchanges.

Everyone believes that the reply is fully reflected in the Care Care of the General Secretary and the Party Central Committee to the scientific and technological workers. It is both a huge spiritual encouragement, and it is a spur. Everyone focuses on the basic research, solves the key core technical problems of "card neck", promoting the theme of innovation and entrepreneurs, and supports the modern economic system in accordance with the technology to support the modern economic system, leading high quality development, and suggests advice and suggestions. Everyone has said that we must keep in mind that the tutorial, not negative mission, relaxation spirit torch, and enter the era journey, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of world science and technology.

The vice chairman of the China Science and Technology Association, and the academician of the West Lake University, the academician of the Xihu University, read the advocacy of "remembering the retrieval, in the innovation and creation of the establishment of the establishment". Party group, deputy director of the scientific and technical department, Wang Wei, Vice Chairman of the China Association of Science and Technology, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, He Huawu, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice President of China Academy of Engineering, Chen Zuo Ning, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Science, China All the party groups of the Science and Technology Association, all comrades of the Secretaria, the 2nd National Innovation Square Award Winners, participated in the "Science and Technology Workers" of "Kechuang China" construction service innovation, creation of the scientific and technological workers, representatives of young science and technology workers, college students and other 120 people Participate in the symposium.