Gong Gong Zulong is now fighting against each other because of the power struggle。

In a fight,Gluttonous sudden attack,Swallow the floating Daozu directly into the belly,Isolate it from the outside world,Ultimately refining and killing the floating Taoist ancestor。
“Brother Zhulong,I’m going to Zeguo。。。I believe a war will break out soon!”
A sharp light flashed in Liu Xiang’s eyes。
Floating Daozu is not the first true god to fall,But he was the first Dao ancestor who fell from the power of Gonggong Zeguo。
The two forces are entangled and fought,The fall of a Dao ancestor,Enough to raise the intensity of the war between the two sides to another level。
Li Ming as a neutral chaos god,But not because of his relationship with Liu Xiang。
Only three years after Liu Xiang visited Li Ming,The second extremely heavyweight god and demon has fallen。
deceased,Daughter of Ancestor Dragon,Mock the phoenix。
Killer,The true god of blood and water under Gonggong,Styx!
Also recognized,The topmost true god power!
The Fall of Laughing Phoenix,Make Zulong angry!
The two sides finally broke out in a decisive battle。
Above the boundless world of Pangu chaotic world,Co-workers、The two great ancestor gods,More than 20 true gods and ancestors under his command,There are also nearly ten true gods and ancestors who came to help,The most terrible war broke out!
The ancestor dragon faintly is the head of the three ancestral gods fighting for hegemony,He is also the best fighter of the nine great ancestors today。
Above the North Ming,The two ancestors are fighting together,Sea water tumbling,Gong Gong holds a giant axe,Endless waves formed between waving,Annihilate everything。
Co-workers,Born to be in charge of the water of heaven,Control one yuan heavy water、Bloody Water、Nether Profound Water,Tianyi Real Water and other nine real waters,Form the Tianshui Great Array,Turn into a nine-color vortex to swallow Ancestral Dragon。
Zulong turned into an ontology,The dragon flows in the water,He has no weapons,The body is the strongest weapon。

Get along with people like Zheng Yu,I feel a lot less reckless。

“I haven’t thanked you personally for the silver azurites,Brother Zheng actually came first,I’m ashamed。”Zhu Minglang said。
Wutu mining should not take long,Zheng Yu sent so many silver green mines,It can be seen that a lot of energy has been spent in this area,Zhu Minglang is very grateful,Or that silver dragon armor,Maybe he and Da Hei Fang will suffer accidents。
“where,This is the rebate gift。I just finished mourning Master Ke Bei,But I don’t know where Master Duan Lan is,I want to thank and apologize in person……”Zheng Yu said。
Zhu Minglang thought Zheng Yu was just talking casually,I didn’t expect him to travel all the way to Zulong City State,Just to mourn Ke Bei。
Look at Zheng Yu carefully,I found out that Zheng Yu was indeed in the dust,There was a bit of tiredness on his face。
“Come to my room first。”Zhu Minglang introduced Zheng Yu to his house。
I poured a cup of hot tea for Zheng Yu,Zheng Yu’s lips are chapped。
He is really a weak scholar,Obviously you can sit and wait in the courtyard,But kept standing at the door。
“Teacher Duan Lan has been taken back to recuperation by her tribe,I also visited,But his people said she needs to rest,Unsuitable,I have not been able to meet。”Zhu Minglang said to Zheng Yu。
“I got some silver,Bought some ganoderma,I hope I can do my best。”Zheng Yu said。
“I brought it to teacher Xiaoli in the nursing home,She should be able to deliver it for you。”Zhu Minglang said。
Xiaoli seems to be familiar with Duan Lan,And as a woman,She will also see Duan Lan more easily than the two big men。

“Sick。”Bed bugs vomit thick sputum when they open their mouths,Scratch your head,The expression suddenly became weird again,“I took it down to the Wang Po and the others the day before yesterday,Many residents blocked the vehicles and did not allow demolition,It turned out to be with the people from the demolition office。These two have to run over to join in the fun,Got kicked。”

Li Tianchou nodded,Sure enough, something,But did not delve into the strange expression of the bug,“What about Wang Po and those nearby neighborhoods?”
“Wangpo doesn’t know。It’s a mess anyway,Almost killed。The demolition office didn’t know where they got the scum,Neighbors are not rivals at all。I saw the idiot named Dongnian at the opposite door sitting on the ground,Pour the whole bottle of gasoline on。Lao Tzu……Do not,I haven’t reacted yet,The flames have burst,Scared my legs and feet soft,Walking。”The bedbug tells of the tragic scene he saw with his own eyes。
Li Tianchou heard the blood surge,For a long time, a few vicious words popped from the teeth,“Son of a bitch!and after?”
“later……Then Erganzi was thrown down by a neighborhood holding a quilt,I didn’t die on the spot anyway。Many people came later,Police,Doctor。”
“go,Let’s go see the captain first。”Li Tianchou grabbed the bug,“What about the rest?”
“Jiu went to work in an Internet cafe in the city center,Sometimes come back,Sometimes don’t come back。Ahuang and Lan Mao are still in the salon,Can’t eat and starve。correct,Depp is back too,Do nothing like me。”
“Ok,Go there,Call him up,By the way, look at Ajiu and others,If in,Call all together。”Li Tianchou let go,Gave the bug a kick,“I’ll wait for you at the north road ahead。”
The bug got a cry,Gallop away,I can see that I am very excited,But it just gives people a weird feeling。Li Tianchou can’t figure it out,I don’t even think about it。Stroll down to the braised meat shop at Beima Road junction,Pork head、I bought a portion of the sauce beef,Made another roast chicken,Full of。Captain, this foodie likes meat,No Wisdom at all,What kind of Taoist research,Li Tianchou shook his head thinking about it。
Waiting for a cigarette,Bed bugs came with everyone,Are all except Ah Jiu。
“Ah Jiu didn’t come back today。”Bed bug panting,The people behind looked at Li Tianchou,All excited,Can’t speak for a long time。
“What happened?I didn’t say anything when I saw him?”Li Tianchou laughed,“Shake hands?Still hug?”
The bug was the first to pounce on Li Tianchou with open arms,Depp and others hug in turn。

“Why come back so late?Is the group busy??“Xia Jian asked softly。

Xiao Xiao yawned,Rubbed my temples。Then he lowered his voice and said:“I took you to Bucheon,Presumably Hu Huiru will know soon。She is a woman with a strong vengeance,I have to guard against her“
Xia Jianyi listen,It suddenly dawned on me,Why did he forget this??He went in this time,In all likelihood, Hu Huiru made a ghost。He came back from the provincial capital without a dime,This is the last thing Hu Huiru wants to see。
She will definitely do something,Then revenge on the startup group,It’s not impossible。Because he was picked up by Xiao Xiao,The other is Hu Huiru’s engineering company,Working with Hu Huiru,She wants to make an article,It’s easier for her to do it。It seems that Xiao Xiao is really mature,She already knows how to plan ahead。
“You think so thoughtful,Hu Huiru, this woman is very powerful。This time you helped me,She will definitely feel uncomfortable,So playing tricks on startup groups,Not impossible“Xia Jian whispered to Xiao Xiao。
At this moment,Old Xiao wears a coat,Came out of the bedroom。He is older,Sleep at night。May have heard them,He got up again。
“dad!Did our voice make you sleep?,How about Xia Jian and I go to my room“Xiao Xiao said,Stood up。
Old Xiao chong Xiao Xiao made a gesture and said:“Nothing,You sit down。I slept for a while,Feel much better。People are getting old,It’s like this。Don’t bother you,Wait for you to get old,You will know what I mean“Old Xiao said,So he sat on the sofa next to Xia Jian。
“Did you hear what we are talking about?So you want to come over and listen?“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Old Xiao shook his head and said:“old,I heard it for nothing,So it’s better not to listen。But I remind you Xiao Xiao,Xia Jian is here this time,You brought him to the group,Let him help you manage the affairs of the group,Then let’s go back quickly!Anyway,He is now the head of a town“
“dad!I don’t want him to go back。What’s so good about being a broken mayor,Working so desperately,In the end, it ended up like this,Really chilling“Xiao Xiao said,Played like a child。
Old Xiao Haha smiled and said:“Silly boy!What they did is not called Po Mayor。He manages the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people,Business,Better than any of us。So you can’t be selfish,Keep him in the startup group“
“dad!Who are you now“Xiao Xiao is a little worried。
Old Xiao stood up,Hehe smiled and said:“Go home early for something to eat!What’s going to discuss with the group tomorrow。Xia Jianzai,Don’t be afraid of anything“Old Xiao finished,Turned around and went back to the room。
Xiao Xiao looked at the back of Lao Xiao disappeared,Can’t help but mutter:“This old man,Don’t look at his old age,But he understands better than anyone“
Xiao Xiao’s voice just fell,Her cell phone rang。She grabbed the phone on the coffee table and took a look,Connected to the phone:“Oh!Mr. Guo!Xia is always in the group,I took her over“

Li Ji were all taken aback,Looking at Chen Xiu who was madly attacking Liu Fengxing in disbelief,How old is this kid,Even from the mother’s womb, it’s only 20 years,Actually has reached a state they haven’t touched for hundreds of years。

Zhang Laoba looked surprised when he saw everyone,Asked with an unclear face:“What is the state of no move you said?”
Everyone looked at this simple-minded guy with contempt,Fortunately, he is still as famous as himself,Really ashamed of him,“No move”Never heard of。
Zhang Laoba likes to talk straight,Doesn’t mean he is stupid,I also saw the contempt of everyone,Said carelessly:“What do you think of me,I don’t know why。I will ask you,Can Old Liu beat this kid??”
Everyone shook their heads,Xie Zhou said:“Not only old Liu can’t,If all of us here are heads-up, none of this kid’s opponents!”
Zhang Laoba made a loud noise,Holding a hammer and flying towards Chen Xiufei,Shouted loudly in the air:“Not together yet,Watch a play of wool!”
Everyone was taken aback,Come back soon。
Since no one is Chen Xiu’s opponent,It’s better to take advantage of Liu Fengxing’s loss of combat effectiveness and rush to solve this kid。
Right now Li Ji was carrying his two short guns and chasing Chen Xiu in the back。
“Old Xie,We too!”
Chai Rong’s sword was given to Liu Fengxing,A palm broke a small tree next to it,Remove branches and leaves and use it as a spear,Also join the war。
“Lao Chai,We are the masters of the Five Seven Stages of Consummation,Five people besieged an eighth-stage hairy boy,If the rumors go out,Where to put our old face!”Xie Zhou is still somewhat ashamed of the other four。
“Old Xie,When do you still want this!”
Chai Rong is a long stick shaken,Said with a mockery:“If this kid dies,Who knows that we are deceiving less!”
Added:“Nei Dan is still on this kid,Don’t you want it anymore?”
Although the inner alchemy of Tier 3 fierce beasts is not as good as Qianye Guo,But it also contains the perception of the laws of heaven and earth,It’s a shortcut to break through the seventh stage realm and enter the ranks of second-rate masters。

But these palace masters,The main messenger is still very enthusiastic,Even if he didn’t get him to join the main deity he served,,It’s nice to be able to hold some relationships。

After Wright perfunctory,Relying on its own strength,Directly use gravity space to repel these gods,Fly away quickly,Disappear in the sight of the gods。
A few minutes later,Wright stopped。
“The Patriarch of the Ess Family of the Four Beasts,Mr. Pros?What do you want me to do?”
Although Wright doesn’t wait to see the four mythical beasts,But a patriarch of the other party specially went to the life god realm to find himself,How much to give some face。
“Mr. Lieshan,Things are like this。。。”White Tiger Patriarch Prolos is also a little embarrassed,But thinking that the opponent is a super power at Dzogchen level,So I sent Elder Bu to the Magnolia Continent,With Cecilia,The four mythical beast family wants to give away a material defense main artifact and main god’s power,I hope he can help deal with the eight major families。
Wright is indeed angry,But since Cecilia was not really injured,Not too angry。
He did not accept the main artifact and the power of the main god。It’s just that the four mythical beast families will imprison Elder Bu for hundreds of millions of years,He himself will no longer hold him—Just himself,As for Cecilia, he won’t be held accountable,That’s another matter。
Patriarch Baihu was left with a bitter face,Wright flies directly to his destination。
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Chapter Twenty Eight Return to Magnolia
Half a month later,Wright flew to the Ancient Cloud Continent in the God Realm of Life,Lianshancheng。
In a mansion in Lianshancheng。

“That one,OK,No need to go,Work and rest,Go back and rest soon。”

Although these two people look tired,But still shaking his head,Ready to hoe the ground。
Jingpu is about to cry,I beg you two,You two go,OK,Go!!!
It doesn’t matter,Even if you dig a hole in the morning,That’s also helping Jingpu,Jingpu would like to thank these two people too。
But the problem is,What pit did these two dug?!
Just these seven or eight pits,Crooked,How to grow things?!
Jingpu discovered,These two people are not here to help at all,Is here to make trouble!!
Immediately,Jingpu quickly said:“Really no need,That’s it for today,That’s it!”
Stop here?
Ling Jing and Lie Chun froze for a while,Understand in the next second,Also,I’m so tired today,Really can’t hold it anymore,See the resolute meaning of senior,Today’s cultivation has reached the goal。
Immediately these two people looked at Jingpo Road respectfully:
“That senior,Let’s go first,Thank you senior,We come back tomorrow。”
Come again tomorrow??
Jingpu froze for a while,Look dumbfounded,Don’t come tomorrow either,Never come again!!
but,Jingpu hasn’t spoken yet,After the two worshipped, they helped each other away。
finally,Jingpu curled his lips,Helplessly prepare to clean up,The messy yard made by these two men。
After I almost cleaned up,Jingpu is really startled,Ok??

at this time,A few women opened the chatterbox,Twittering and noisy。Xia Jian glanced at his watch,Found that it was over ten o’clock。

Guo Meili is very smart,When she saw Xia Jian, she looked at her watch,He immediately stood up and said:“President Xia!Your room has been arranged for you,On the eighth floor806,This is the room card,If tired,You can go up and rest first”Guo Meili said,And handed over the room card。
Xia Jian took the room card,Hehe smiled and said:“I’ll go now,You guys should leave soon, right!”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Wang Yihua sees it,Also stood up and said:“I want to talk to you“
“OK!Then go together“Xia Jian said,Looking back at Guan Tingna。
Guan Tingna said very wittily:“You go first, Mr. Xia,I want to have two glasses with Mr. Guo“She finished,I really went to see Guo Meili with a wine glass。
Xia Jian and Wang Yihua are here806room。He went to the bathroom,When he comes out,Wang Yihua has made tea for him。Xia Jian lay down on the sofa,Took a breath and asked:“Didn’t you say to talk to me about something??Then please tell“
“Our county leader was sued,This time led by the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection,Very fierce,May involve some companies“Wang Yihua lowered her voice and said。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“I was swimming at the resort the other day,Met Secretary Liu in your county,She mentioned it lightly,I thought there was no problem“
“Humph!That’s just the beginning,Now even County Mayor Liu is quarantined。I heard that it is the development of Beicheng District and Nancheng District,Someone accused these leaders of corruption and bribery in these two projects“When Wang Zhanhua said this,,Can’t help but shook his head。
Xia Jianyi listen,I couldn’t help but straighten up,He asked in surprise:“That means even our entrepreneurial group has punched in?“
“Correct!This person is very powerful,Seems to have produced a lot of evidence“Wang Yihua said,Looked at the pensive Xia Jian。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Fortunately, we did not fight for the development rights of Beicheng District,Otherwise it will be a bit troublesome this time。But those who are clear,This thing will have results soon“
“Correct!But it depends on how much you want to check this time,If you dig deeper,There will still be some problems“When Wang Yihua said this,Appear extremely unconfident。
Xia Jian stood up,Walked behind her,Patted her shoulder gently and said:“Whatever they are,Anyway, nothing can be done without us“Wang Yihua grabbed Xia Jian’s hand,Gently pulled into her arms。
The thread in Xia Jian’s heart*Suddenly came out。When his gaze swept across the two groups of babes standing tall on Wang Yihua’s white chest,He couldn’t help but kiss。

Dong Yixuan’s house,Very messy,What pictures of young and Dangerous boys are on the wall,There are a few more Kung Fu stars’ avatars。Apart from some exercise equipment on the ground,And messy clothes。

Xia Jian took a look,Frowned and said:“You clean up the room first,Let’s talk again”
“Good brother,You sit on the sofa for a while”Dong Yixuan politely helped Xia Jian sit on the single sofa beside his bed,And then started,Cleaned up the room。
Heating in the room,Lie down on the sofa,Really comfortable。Under the influence of alcohol,A burst of sleepiness hit my heart,Xia Jian couldn’t help closing his eyes。
Suddenly,He felt as if something suddenly tightened on his chest,He opened his eyes subconsciously,Seeing a very thick rope has tied him up。The rope passed through his chest,Just wrapped around his two arms,Xia Jian couldn’t move for a while。
Dong Yixuan holding a towel in his hand,Said coldly:“You better be honest,Otherwise I will stuff you”
“I do not shout,What are you doing?Didn’t we say something? Let’s talk?”Xia Jian found that the situation was not good,So deliberately lowered his posture。He knew,Since this guy can tie him up,He can do something terrible than this。In case of resistance,Anything on this earth can kill him。
“Ha ha!You are too self-righteous!Do you really think I, Dong Yixuan, convinced you。Tell you the truth,Trick you into my house,I just want to clean up you at home”Dong Yixuan gritted his teeth,It feels like Xia Jian hates him very deeply。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“You are not a man,Not convinced,Why use this way,Don’t you know,What you do will hurt your family?”
“I hate them”Dong Yixuan was a little excited。
Only then did Xia Jian understand something,This kid seems to have transformed all the hatred of the family on him。Must not stimulate him,Just let him have a vent,Xia Jian thought silently,Looking for a solution。
“do you know?My family is rich,But I hit classmates last year,When the police station came to arrest me,They can settle it with money,But they didn’t want to spend money for me,Let me stay in it for a few months,You said,Can i not hate them?So i don’t want to use their money,I go out and do it myself”Dong Yixuan said,Grab the barbell on the ground,Waved up and down。
“Hahahaha!ignorance!Pathetic!”Xia Jian couldn’t help laughing。
Dong Yixuan came over,Sat on the armrest of the sofa,He asked with a sullen face:“Are you laughing at me?If so,Why would you be miserable”
“You are such a coward,I knew you were so incompetent,I can completely let you go at the door of the Internet cafe,Then make another110,But i didn’t do it,Because i want to give you a chance”Xia Jian lowered his voice and cursed coldly。After thinking it well, he doesn’t stimulate this guy,But he still couldn’t bear it。
Dong Yixuan smiled and said:“I am a coward?The days I stayed inside,You can’t think of it”
“Shut up!This matter too。Just a week ago,I defeated four guys holding daggers empty-handed,You can pull up my clothes and take a look,I was hurting and fighting with you today”Xia Jian sternly scolded。
Dong Yixuan pulled up Xia Jian’s sleeves,A knife wound four or five inches long came out very conspicuously。

“Not bad,The old man is one of the guards。”

Li Tianzhen nodded and stopped talking,Many things Dayan don’t need to be explained,Entered the temple,I’m afraid many secrets will be revealed。
The two started to climb their heads,Dayan changed the old man’s way,Actually took out the rope like a professional climber,Can climb much better than climbers,Rope like spider silk,Body like a spider,One jump,Climbed tens of meters in an instant。
Li Tianchou was dumbfounded,Secretly this old man has supernatural powers,I want to climb like Fansheng,Isn’t it wordy?Since it is a guardian,It’s quite inconvenient to go up and down every time,Could it be troublesome for myself?But after he picked up the rope dropped by the old man and started climbing,Fang knows the weirdness of this holy mountain。
This mountain has a strong adsorption capacity like a magnet,On the mountain,Feel the pressure immediately,It’s like going to Nantian Gate in God’s Treasure earlier,No matter the soul、The flesh is not immune,Li Tianzhen, who has tasted bitterness, had to learn Dayan,Use the flying claws at the front of the rope to fix the position,Then climb honestly,Can’t use magical powers to speculate。
I just wrestled for a while,The old man’s figure has reached the cloud,Can only see a small dot,Li Tianchou should catch up,Non-stop,It also took more than two hours,Li Tianzhi and Dayan finally stood on the top of the mountain,The feet are as smooth as a mirror platform,The huge pressure disappeared without a trace,The platform is very wide,Extends to the temple in front,And as a whole,I can’t even find a gap,Not a natural shape,I just don’t know what material it is。
The temple is bigger and magnificent than imagined,Very similar to the shape of the mountain,Also conical,On closer inspection, it is actually a nine-sided body,There is a tall arch on each side,Nine sturdy ridges like a giant dragon form the dome skeleton of the temple,At the very center of the top is a huge golden ball,Blooming with dazzling brilliance。
All arches are closed,There is a simple and clear pattern above each arch,Very special,Like the row of stone houses where Dayan lives,Different patterns,Go around,Dayan stopped at the arch directly opposite。
Li Tianzhen looked up,The pattern above the arch has a sense of deja vu,I just glanced at it casually and didn’t think so,At this time, the more I look, the more my heartbeat,A fierce lightning on a platform,It’s like that place of punishment。
“It’s not early,Let me go in。”Dayan said,Take the lead in waving robe sleeves。
Strange,When I was three feet away from the arch,The massive stone gate opened slowly,A forcing golden light rushes toward your face,The palace is magnificent,Dayan is unmoved,Still flamboyantly,Stride,Li Tianzhen had to follow。
Enter the temple gate,The golden light has disappeared,Replaced by a crystal clear and round milky white,Reflecting the whole hall is transparent,A wide gray curtain wall lay across the hall,Only left and right gaps like a tunnel are left,Besides,There are no other furnishings within the visible range of the main hall,Clean and clean,Spotless。
Take a closer look at this curtain wall,Li Tianzhen was taken aback,The wall is made of square boxes of the same size.,Each square box has a nameplate,It is engraved with the divine text he is familiar with,Like a urn,Densely packed,Could this be a real tomb wall?
To be fixed and take a closer look,Li Tianzhen’s scalp tingling,He looked directly at the nameplate in the center,It turned out to be the name of Luo Tiandang, the sixth emperor,On the nameplate of the next grid is the ninth emperor alone Yingxue,He also saw the names of many palace owners in the 36th Heavenly Palace,I even found Yuwen from the Huoyan Temple。
Li Tianzhi sweats like rain,The chaos in my mind is like the sky turned over,All the fragments of memory began to surge wildly,The world of God hidden in clouds,Stormy,The ups and downs of those memory fragments are spliced,Then broken,Stitch again afterwards,Finally a relatively complete fragment,Li Tianzhen tried to stabilize this segment,But after a strong wind broke again。
“Fellow,This is the former God Realm。”Dayan’s faint voice came from my ear。
Li Tianchou’s eyes are red,Suddenly turned around and grabbed Dayan by the collar,Viciously,“What is your intention to make up such a fantasy?”
“This is the sealed land of the Temple God Realm,How i made it up?”
“You talk nonsense,Which one of the above is not a prominent supernatural power?What power can turn the capital into a casket?”
“Who told you these are urns?”