Although there are many secret whistles inside Montessori Manor,Patrol tightly between,But Li Ming relied on Babata’s detection equipment and his own speed to surpass most domain owners.,Easily penetrated into the inner layer of the manor。

As Li Ming gradually penetrated,The secret of this manor is gradually revealed。
“Tut,Except for some ordinary people at the outermost periphery,Patrolling inside,The guards are at least constant star‘Musha’what,There are even more than fifty cosmic masters。”
“Ok~”Li Ming felt a wave of mental power,Sigh slightly。Although the spiritual training of Shenwu Continent has not formed a system,But this does not prevent some warriors from using mental power as a means of exploration。
Li Ming doesn’t have the ability to hide his figure in front of his mental power。
I only heard a few rapid sounds。
Several silhouettes shuttle in the dark,Directly surround the infiltrated Li Ming Tuan Tuan。
“what。。。Ah ah ah~”
Moyun vine divides six vines,Directly tie up these six high-ranking masters,Then be beaten madly—Even Li Ming thinks they are a bit miserable,I completely forgot that this was my order。
“Mo Yun、Mo Yun。。。”Mo Yun Teng is very excited。
Li Ming smiled and shook his head,The infiltration has not completely failed,After all, kill all the members of the killer building,I’ll sneak in successfully。
Li Ming holds the spear in his right hand,Seemingly random sting,The air is instantly ignited,Terrible power runs directly through the surface and underground of this manor。
“Boom boom boom~”Li Ming’s own strength is comparable to the fifth and sixth domain masters,If you consider the addition of Mo Yun Teng,Pure strength is almost the same as the first and second tiers of the world master。


First1136chapter Return
The afterglow of the setting sun reflects the entire Nanyuan,Looks really beautiful。
When Xia Jian appeared in Old Xiao’s office,A bright smile appeared on the old man’s face,He greeted the secretary to give everyone tea。Seeing Lao Xiao as happy,There is something warm in Xia Jian’s heart slowly rising。
“I’ll be fine when I come back,Haven’t suffered anything!”Old Xiao said,come over,I looked at Xia Jian from head to toe carefully。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“No,Everything is fine。How is your body?”Xia Jian rarely cares about people,Even my own parents,Although he has this affection in his heart,But he never wanted to say it so bluntly。Face Old Xiao today,He didn’t know where the courage came from。
“it is good!Can eat and sleep,Plus the air here is good,Quiet at night,So my body is much better than before,So I went back to Beishan less。You come back this time,Must visit,Stop being stolen”Old Xiao said,I sat back to my position。
Old Xiao’s secretary made tea for everyone,Then quietly retreated,Because she knows,These people who came today,Talk to Old Xiao,Most of the content will not be known to her。
“Who did this?It’s lawless”Old Xiao frowned,Asked coldly。
Xia Jian glanced at Xi Zhen,Xi Zhen took the tea and went out。Dragon Ball hesitated and left,Wang Lin and Xia Jian are left in the office。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“The one who did it is Zhu Hui,Which woman was Feng Tianfu before,But I don’t think it’s easy,Always feel that there is someone else behind her”
“You escaped?I knew it,These bastards can’t help you”Old Xiao asked。
Xia Jian nodded,Then put the whole thing back and forth,Tell Old Xiao in detail。Lao Xiao heard about Xia Jian’s narration,I couldn’t help but frowned and said:“This matter feels related to the Northway Group?But they should not be connected together!”
“I think so,When Zhu Hui got me into the mountain,She said very clearly,Just want to bring down the startup group,But at this time,The person who attacked us is really Beiwei Group,This matter has to be doubted“Xia Jian took a deep breath and said。
Old Xiao nodded and said:“Don’t talk nonsense about this,Because before things are inconclusive,Everything is possible。If you escaped,This Zhu Hui must have gone。Want to make it clear,Only wait to catch her“
“Ok!Leave this to the police!Mr. Wang will report on the work of the group recently to Mr. Xiao“Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Wang Lin nodded,And started reporting to Old Xiao。Old Xiao listened very seriously,While he is listening,Keep nodding,When he heard that Yunmao Group was financing the fruit industry base,Could not help but smile:“Is this Xia Jian’s handwriting again??“
“ Yes,It’s from President Xia,Only he can do this“Wang Lin smiled and said。
Old Xiao took a breath and said:“The venture group has undergone a capital restructuring,Vitality,Now it is the recovery stage, But after I changed my tone,In Bucheon City, it can be said that no one can rival,because of this,It attracted the envy of some people,So they have to attack you“
“This time it was revealed,I guess they will converge a bit,We want to take this opportunity,Make startup groups stronger and bigger in recent years。It seems that my original approach was incorrect,If you want to establish a foothold in Bucheon,,First, be strong,unstoppable,Instead of just forbearing”Xia Jian said softly。

Gong Gong Zulong is now fighting against each other because of the power struggle。

In a fight,Gluttonous sudden attack,Swallow the floating Daozu directly into the belly,Isolate it from the outside world,Ultimately refining and killing the floating Taoist ancestor。
“Brother Zhulong,I’m going to Zeguo。。。I believe a war will break out soon!”
A sharp light flashed in Liu Xiang’s eyes。
Floating Daozu is not the first true god to fall,But he was the first Dao ancestor who fell from the power of Gonggong Zeguo。
The two forces are entangled and fought,The fall of a Dao ancestor,Enough to raise the intensity of the war between the two sides to another level。
Li Ming as a neutral chaos god,But not because of his relationship with Liu Xiang。
Only three years after Liu Xiang visited Li Ming,The second extremely heavyweight god and demon has fallen。
deceased,Daughter of Ancestor Dragon,Mock the phoenix。
Killer,The true god of blood and water under Gonggong,Styx!
Also recognized,The topmost true god power!
The Fall of Laughing Phoenix,Make Zulong angry!
The two sides finally broke out in a decisive battle。
Above the boundless world of Pangu chaotic world,Co-workers、The two great ancestor gods,More than 20 true gods and ancestors under his command,There are also nearly ten true gods and ancestors who came to help,The most terrible war broke out!
The ancestor dragon faintly is the head of the three ancestral gods fighting for hegemony,He is also the best fighter of the nine great ancestors today。
Above the North Ming,The two ancestors are fighting together,Sea water tumbling,Gong Gong holds a giant axe,Endless waves formed between waving,Annihilate everything。
Co-workers,Born to be in charge of the water of heaven,Control one yuan heavy water、Bloody Water、Nether Profound Water,Tianyi Real Water and other nine real waters,Form the Tianshui Great Array,Turn into a nine-color vortex to swallow Ancestral Dragon。
Zulong turned into an ontology,The dragon flows in the water,He has no weapons,The body is the strongest weapon。

But these palace masters,The main messenger is still very enthusiastic,Even if he didn’t get him to join the main deity he served,,It’s nice to be able to hold some relationships。

After Wright perfunctory,Relying on its own strength,Directly use gravity space to repel these gods,Fly away quickly,Disappear in the sight of the gods。
A few minutes later,Wright stopped。
“The Patriarch of the Ess Family of the Four Beasts,Mr. Pros?What do you want me to do?”
Although Wright doesn’t wait to see the four mythical beasts,But a patriarch of the other party specially went to the life god realm to find himself,How much to give some face。
“Mr. Lieshan,Things are like this。。。”White Tiger Patriarch Prolos is also a little embarrassed,But thinking that the opponent is a super power at Dzogchen level,So I sent Elder Bu to the Magnolia Continent,With Cecilia,The four mythical beast family wants to give away a material defense main artifact and main god’s power,I hope he can help deal with the eight major families。
Wright is indeed angry,But since Cecilia was not really injured,Not too angry。
He did not accept the main artifact and the power of the main god。It’s just that the four mythical beast families will imprison Elder Bu for hundreds of millions of years,He himself will no longer hold him—Just himself,As for Cecilia, he won’t be held accountable,That’s another matter。
Patriarch Baihu was left with a bitter face,Wright flies directly to his destination。
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Chapter Twenty Eight Return to Magnolia
Half a month later,Wright flew to the Ancient Cloud Continent in the God Realm of Life,Lianshancheng。
In a mansion in Lianshancheng。

627 Blood of the Eighth

Chen Xiu listened to Li Jiaju’s report,Frowned and asked:“Only these?”
Li Jiaju oozes some sweat on his forehead,Opportunity and challenge are one,Once things are done, I will be promoted to the next level,But it seems,This one in front of me“Chen Shao”It’s not a fool to fool the past。
“another……The other is that we found blood stains of eight people on the mountain……”
Chen Xiu stood up suddenly,Asked:“Blood stains of several people?”
Li Jiaju analyzed:“Seven of the blood samples collected match the dead seven,We initially suspect that the bloodstain of the eighth person is probably left by the suspect。”
628 Kidnapping
“Female doctor!”
I heard Li Lili is a doctor,Still female doctor,O Sheng smiled knowingly,There are only three races this week:the man、Women and women doctors。She doesn’t think Chen Xiu would be interested in a female doctor。
Chen Xiu did not notice the relaxation in her speech,It reminds him of Li Lili,Clap your hands and say:“I’ll call Li Lili to ask,She is a biologist,Should be more professional than those of the police。Let me see if there is any new discovery for Wei Kai’s blood sample!”
I quickly took out my mobile phone to find out Li Lili’s number,Dialed out。
629 Faster than a car
The remaining four have a meal,Seeing Chen Xiu’s extraordinary feet,Even dare not come forward easily,To spread out to block Chen Xiu。

“It seems that Boss Li is determined to win this time,But before the cards are opened,The possibility of everyone winning”“Boss Lin looked at Li Sanqiang,Said as if it hit him a little。

Everyone shouted for Xia Jian to open the cards,They also want to see who is the winner of this hand?
“Dare not open it!Then it depends on me“Li Sanqiang laughed wildly,Slammed the card in his hand on the table。
Everyone exclaimed,Someone shouted:“Three9of*what!“
One listen is three9,Xia Jian’s heart jumped wildly,He thought this guy had very big cards,Just three9That’s it。Li Sanqiang smiled,He reached out and hugged the banknotes on the table。
“slow!Is this money yours?Don’t think about it,This9There is10,MoreJAKA,It’s hard to be so confident that my hand is not as big as yours?“Xia Jian suddenly spoke,And the voice is cold,Without losing domineering。This made the atmosphere in the basement solidify again,Everyone waited silently for the moment Xia Jian flops。
Not after the cat catches the mouse,Usually play it first,I didn’t eat it until I got bored。Xia Jian wanted to play with Li Sanqiang again,But then think about it,forget it!Not just tens of thousands of dollars,Don’t hurt people’s self-esteem。Thought of here,Xia Jianmeng turned his card over。
“what!This articleJwhat!“The person watching,More excited than Xia Jian,Could not help but yell out loud。Li Sanqiang’s outstretched hand,I shuddered back。
The fat man following Li Sanqiang,Came over without believing it,He turned over every card and looked at it。Whispered in his mouth:“Really hell!He wins every time“
“Boss Xia is lucky,Hurry up and collect the money!“Boss Lin laughed and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian just stood up,Took the money back from the table slowly。This one is quite fat,No thanks to him for a while。
“I have an opinion!“Li Sanqiang suddenly yelled。
Boss Lin glanced at Li Sanqiang,Said a little displeased:“Boss Li,Willing to bet,This is the rule on the poker court,I don’t know what your opinion is?This hand just now,Anyway, everyone is watching,No one can tell what’s wrong!“
“I understand this,I want to say,The next house should be a rotating house,Instead of sitting to the end by yourself,It’s not fair to us“Li Sanqiang suddenly asked this question,Obviously he attributed Xia Jian’s luck to boss Lin,He might suspect that Xia Jian’s good luck was caused by Boss Lin。
The atmosphere in the basement freezes again,Everyone knows this,Licensing right is a privilege that Boss Lin has always had,Can she really let this privilege out??
“can!“Boss Lin unexpectedly agreed。Li Sanqiang,A triumphant smile appeared on his face。
In fact, who will deal the cards,For Xia Jian, he doesn’t care,Because he has the mentality to play,Not like these people,I want to win money when I come。The card arrived at Boss Lin’s home,Let him deal the first card。
Xia Jianyi changed his tactics,Once the cards are dealt,He sees and sees,One thousand yuan directly。This virtually raises the point,Put him under a lot of pressure。
Lap down,Three folds,Finally there are four people left,Xia Jian saw Boss Lin’s rise,But it went up five hundred at a time,I know her card is not small,So he turned the card and took a look。small2Correct,Is obviously the card to be discarded,To support Boss Lin,Xia Jian shot another two thousand。
Xia Jian’s next family bite the bullet and followed two thousand,Once I get to Mr. Lin,,She is three thousand。Now it’s Li Sanqiang’s turn to feel uncomfortable,It seems that this guy has something。

Zhier is better than his father。What is the virtue of own son,Does he know?Doctor Lu knows clearly,Lu monkey does this,Must be purposeful。He was instructed by an expert,No fight no trouble,Huairou strategy。I’m hiding a knife in my smile,Can still kill。

“Damn!I bought it back, it can be taken away。It’s noon in a while,You have the right to have lunch!Since I’m busy,I’m leaving。Sister He remembers,I will urge my dad”
Lu Monkey finished,Really turned away。
Wang Youcai couldn’t help but sighed。He has been tossed by this shameless guy in the past two days,Come today,He thought Monkey Lu was going to make a moth,I didn’t expect people to do their filial piety。But he always feels that this is not so simple。
He can only think about it for himself,Can’t say it in front of Doctor Lu,After all, the relationship between Caiyang’s biological father and son。
Wang Youcai helped Julan for a while,Then I drove to the Municipal People’s Hospital。When he went to see Liu Ying,This woman is getting an injection。
Liu Yingyi saw Wang Youcai,Then he laughed and said:“I told you,My little injury doesn’t require you to run back and forth。The doctor said,I can leave the hospital after changing the medicine tomorrow”
“Not in a hurry,Go back after raising it。Which side of the base is supported by Yao Cunchunni,Don’t worry”
Wang Youcai said,I twisted my butt and sat on Liu Ying’s hospital bed。This woman is really not easy,One person abruptly propped up the whole sky at home。
Liu Ying heard what Wang Youcai said,She asked hurriedly:“You don’t want me anymore!”
“What nonsense?Yao Chunni stayed at the base for ten days and a half month.,Long time,Not in my house。Parents are old,I have to take care of myself”
Wang Youcai smiled,Gave Liu Ying a bottom line。This woman,Smile on my face。
Wang Youcai stayed in the hospital for a while,Seeing that there is nothing wrong with Liu Ying,So he hurried back to the small clinic。Because Lu Monkey’s behavior today is a bit abnormal,He can’t help but guard。

Xia Yunze wakes up to eat even at night,No matter how sleepy you can get up and breastfeed,Sometimes pooping,Have to get up in the middle of the night to change diapers,Without mom’s help,She can’t figure it out by herself。

Looking at that little child,Don’t dare to change his pants,I’m afraid of breaking the doll’s hands and feet。
There is no name of Cen Cheng in the list of this event,She has clearly felt that her classmates are isolating herself,Even if Yang Yong doesn’t say,Classmates should always tell themselves,But no one told her,She is sad,Also feel a lot of pressure。
She walked wildly on the street after she went out,I want to find the right store quickly,Must be better than the classmates,Make them regret,She wants to be the boss too much,And must be the big boss。
“What do you think of this shop?”Cen Cheng took great pains,When the foot is about to break,Finally found a shop that I am satisfied with,Call Ye Boping right away to see。
Ye Boping is here,Walked around the shop,nod,“I think it can,High enough,Location is also good,It should be bigger,This scale is not enough。”
Cen Cheng said,“It’s hard to find no matter how big。”
“What’s the rent?”Ye Boping asked。
“Haven’t asked,I fancy this place first,If you are satisfied,I’ll talk to the boss again。”
“can,Talk to your boss,See what the rent is,If it’s too expensive,the cost is too high,Stressful to do,Can’t make much money。”
“I know,rest assured,I will try my best to talk,”Cen Cheng looked at Ye Boping,I feel he is really satisfied with this shop,Just say,“Are you sure you want this shop,I’m ready to resign,Set up shop。”
“You want to resign?”Ye Boping wanted to use Cen Cheng to disrupt Xia Shuyue’s business,Pull a few people out,Cen Cheng will be worthless if he resigns。
281 Dress nicely
Of course Cen Cheng didn’t understand that he was fooled by others,nod,Answer very seriously,“Yes indeed,Since we are going to open a store,Resignation is a matter of time。”

It took Zhang Zhiqiang a lot of effort to find this person,It was in the basement of a residential complex,This thing has begun to transform in the mound,Is a monster with a lion face,See this figure,The old devil was surprised,The Great Blood Seal Heart Demon Sutra of this thing has been repaired to the fourth level of the first heaven,Fast,Quite rare,So Divine Consciousness came forward to surrender this thing。

The spirit of the old demon in Zhang Zhiqiang’s mind is not a clone,But a strand of essence,Inherit the old devil’s will and part of his memory,And extremely powerful mental power,Far beyond those clones,One third of the old demon’s magical powers are spirit、Astral spells,This strand of essence is inherited,So they have innate control over these clones,It’s a pity that Zhang Zhiqiang has no cultivation skills,Unable to exert the power of these spells,Otherwise, he won’t be fooled,Hide from him。
After Wang Xiang was surrendered,Follow the old devil,The appearance that has turned into a monster quickly returned to human appearance,But his mind doesn’t seem to be clear,Except for bloodthirsty,Just sit there,Not sensitive to other reactions,But the old demon knows,This is just appearance,This thing is never willing to be controlled,Since it’s his own clone,The inherent arrogance and tyranny cannot be changed,Being obedient and demented is just a disguise,Only a few days after he found the host, he had such a kind of intelligence and cultivation.,Should be the best of the six clones。
Right now is the occasion of employment,And observe,Once Wang Xiang shows bad signs,The old demon will kill the killer without hesitation。But it can do,Others can’t,I just sensed the death of another clone,This makes the old demon furious,Clamoring to go back,Find revenge for the murderer。
Can’t help but be angry,Only three days,Half of the six clones of the old demon are removed,One loses sense,Both were reimbursed within the same day,Only Wang Xiang has been found so far,Although the other two still have induction,But according to this trend, I’m afraid it’s not long before,Where is the sacred energy?Is there a master in this world??
Zhang Zhiqiang will naturally not agree,Seeing to leaveSZcity,He doesn’t want to be troubled,Anxious to retrieve the Amethyst Profound Ring,Then go north to find the secrets of the family。It turns out that the two guys quarreled all the way to fight for control,Use all kinds of flickers、Fraud and threats,Exhaustion,In the end, the old magician gave way,It’s a cooperation agreement。
But now there are differences,The old demon insisted on finding both the remaining clones before leavingSZcity,But Zhang Zhiqiang disagrees,With a guy who looks like an evil spirit,Enough trouble along the way,If you add two more,If the old demon can’t control it anymore,Isn’t that a dead end??
Zhang Zhiqiang banged the wall with a headache,Seeing the blood flow,The Wang Xiang next to him could not help swallowing in a dull state,The old devil is quiet now,It has become a whole with Zhang Zhiqiang,If this little baby really killed herself,The old demon’s wisps of spiritual consciousness will be over,Jingyuan’s inability to find the host again is the biggest flaw。
The stubbornness and stubbornness of this baby makes the old demon a headache,Have to go back,You don’t need to find the other two clones,But you must go to the place where the clone died,It has a secret method to restore the scene at that time,Find the villain who destroyed the clone。
You make one step,I also make one step,How could Zhang Zhiqiang really treat himself to death?,Just to deal with this old demon,Must show unstoppable courage,Must be tougher,Otherwise, it will never turn over,The old demon’s essence can only parasitize and cannot take away his spirit and soul,This is according to Zhang Zhiqiang’s reading notes,Coupled with the constant struggle with the old demon, I realized it,This makes him completely relaxed,To have the courage to compete with the old demon。
Deliberate decision,Go to see the scene at night,If you can find this villain, you will naturally wait for the opportunity to retaliate,If it is difficult to find temporarily,It’s not too late to find this person after you go north。
Li Tianzhen was locked in a strange place,Because of being blindfolded,I can’t see the surrounding scenery along the way,So it is impossible to determine the specific location,But the estimated distance should stillSZCity。
This is a small house made of special materials,Double jail door,The first floor is a grid-like fence made of stainless steel,Then came the heavy electric door,The walls are dark,No windows,Only one closed point light source。The furnishings are also quite simple,A bed,A writing desk,a chair,A toilet,Nothing else,According to Li Tianzhi’s understanding,This should be a temporary detention place,He will be transferred soon,So his expediency is quite short-lived。
Although Liu Qiang has repeatedly fought,Li Tianzhen’s treatment is not good,I was stripped all over,And took a cold shower,Later, he was forced to change into a tights of unknown material,The only advantage is that you don’t have torture equipment,In this process,He had several impulses to overturn the guards and escape from here,But I forcibly held back several times。
Li Tianzhen feels obligated to inform the upper echelon of certain things through Liu Qiang’s mouth,Don’t deceive yourself and treat these monsters as mutant species infected by the virus,They are also a creature,Even older than humans,From another world,If not treated with caution,The consequences could be disastrous,The mortal world may already be in a very unstable state now,Some things and phenomena that only exist in myths and legends have appeared one after another,Like purple garden、Xi Lao Secret Realm is a proof,And the white jade finger held by Zhang Zhiqiang is not something that the mortal world should have.,Once the Zhang family secret in the instructor’s mouth is discovered,I’m afraid it will cause a shocking event。
Liu Qiang is too complicated,Li Tianzhi’s impression of him is getting worse and worse,But except this guy,He couldn’t find anyone else to trust and talk to,The instructor disappeared,Old Xiao can’t reach either,But Xiao Yadong’s performance still somewhat comforted Li Tianzhen,In the afternoon,Lao Xiao and Liu Qiang had a big fight in front of so many people,I’m almost done,Facts proved,There are still many reliable friends in the past。
When I just squatted in,Li Tianzhi and Liu Qiang had a few simple conversations,But the timing is wrong,Big things can’t be explained,Can’t talk deeply,Liu Qiang left in a hurry,Li Tianzhen has no idea to spend a long time,He will leave tonight at the latest,He will definitely be another guinea pig,Although all the babies on her body were found,But Li Tianzhen doesn’t think it’s difficult to leave here。
Fortunately, Liu Qiang promised to find a chance to come over again this afternoon,While no one disturbs,Li Tianzhen meditated,He hasn’t had the opportunity to carefully experience the changes in his body after his cultivation,What magical powers are you practicing now?What state have you reached?He never knows,Except for the starry silhouette in my head,I can only follow Wen Xin’s statement,I think I am slowly awakening。

Chen Xiu hides in the grass and looks far away,There is also a sudden wave in my heart:“So this is the inner alchemy,I feel the energy contained in it is so majestic after being so far away!”

Neidan and flame meet in the air,The flame seems to be frozen all at once,No matter how hard it is。
Liu Fengxing shouted,The left hand is pinching the right wrist,Pointing at the flame,But let him raise his breath,Flames are hard to get in under the suppression of Neidan。
The black ape roared again,The inner alchemy suppressed the flame and slowly retreated,Liu Fengxing suddenly felt the high temperature of the flame burning to him,Sweat came from his forehead,I don’t know if it’s too hot or too nervous。
At the end of the Liu Family’s Zhenqi cultivation base, the weakest ones are Qi Qi spitting out some blood.,
“Li Ji,Attack the black ape,Now his inner alchemy spit out,When the body is the weakest!”
Liu Fengxing is shouting,At the current speed,Less than a minute,More than a dozen people in the Liu family must be baked into charcoal by the flame suppressed by the inner alchemy。
“Lunatic hold on,We regrouped and launched an offensive soon!”
“……You are fast!”
“fast,We are already speeding up,Give us three minutes!”
In Liu Fengxing’s heart, ten thousand grass and mud horses rushed past,After three minutes,A gust of wind,More than a dozen people in my own Liu family are not left behind。
But he also understands,Just now, I deliberately delayed the time and caused the people of Qijia to suffer heavy losses,These people see through,Now it’s their turn to retaliate。