Ouyang Hong can’t stand it anymore,She glared at Xia Jian and said:“Shame!“Curse this sentence,Stopped a taxi and drove away。

This made Xia Jiangi’s eyes wide open with anger,Overwhelmed for a while。The woman saw Ouyang Hong left,He quickly let go of the hand holding Xia Jian。
“who are you?Who made you come?“Xia Jian gave a cold drink,Looks a little scary。
Which woman smiled and said:“Don’t Xia be angry??I’m just kidding you,Do you have to be so serious?
“Is this a joke?You ruined my reputation,You wait,I will let the police arrest you”Xia Jian said,Took out the phone。
Which woman wants to call Xia Jian?,I became nervous now,She lowered her voice and said:“Don’t call the police,Boss Wang asked me to come over and make a joke with you,He said you two belong to the same village,And the relationship is very good,That’s why I came here,How else would I say such things”
Boss Wang?Grew up in a village。Xia Jian just understood,It turned out to be the ghost of Wang Youcai, This guy is too bad。Xia Jian looked around,Can’t see his shadow at all,He might have ran away by this time。
When Xia Jian turns around,I found a woman who ran away with high heels,As if afraid Xia Jian would beat her。Xia Jian, who understood it, had the intention to beat him up,He hurriedly called Ouyang Hong over,But the other party is always on the phone。Xia Jian understands,This woman has pulled him into the blacklist。
It’s almost time to look at the watch,Xia Jian stopped Di Di,I rushed back to the staff dormitory and started my own big run to Pingyang Town。But not as he expected,He didn’t see any welcome ceremony at all。
His car stopped at the town government compound,I saw Deputy Mayor Zhao and Secretary Wang greet me。The three of them shook hands,We were polite to each other for a while,So I went to Xia Jian’s office。
Xia Jian’s office is also on the second floor,Ouyang Hong’s office is just separated by a wall。But the layout inside,It should be the most luxurious one in the town government of Pingyang Town。
“This is arranged by Mayor Ouyang,She said you are the group boss,Used to sitting in a big luxury office,If we are like us,You will not get used to,So we spent some money”Secretary Wang suddenly smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jianyi listen,Suddenly under pressure,He laughed and said:“How can you get this money,Your office expenses are tight,I know this,So how much did you spend this time,Just give me all the documents”

That person is desperate,In this state,I can’t get out anymore,Especially now that he has been injured,I don’t know how many people are downstairs,

He started to regret,At first I thought that so many of them would just assassinate a woman.,And get a big reward,I didn’t expect that it would be a problem to survive now。
compare to,Yu Zhe didn’t think so much,He even produced a,It doesn’t matter if you die,But before that,He must see the living time again,There is no other wish。
He walks ahead,Open the door one by one,No one in the first few rooms,The more he pushes behind, the more nervous he gets,Thinking in case Twilight has been transferred,What to do then……
Murphy’s Law,In other words, if things are likely to go bad,No matter how small the possibility is,It always happens。
Just when Yu Zhe pushed open the last room hopefully,He is completely desperate。
There are people in the room,But it’s not time,But a room full of Qi family members wearing similar clothes,All equipped with weapons,It seems that I have been waiting here for a long time,As long as these people get orders,Kill them all right away。
And in the middle of this group of people,Sitting with a white temple,But the old man who looks tough,Yu Zhe thinks this person is familiar,But I can’t figure out where I saw it。
“Qi Xianwei……Why is he here……”The Cheng family with Yu Zhe was a little frightened,Whispered a word in his mouth,Can’t help but step back,
“sure,Just rely on a few of you,I can chase here。”Qi Xianwei stood up,I patted my palm and smiled,“But now the game is over,If you have the next life,Remember to stop taking this kind of task。”
The voice has not fallen,The door of the room was opened again,A group of relatives dragged a few bodies in,Thrown in front of Yu Zhe and the person next to him。
Those corpses are their companions,Different deaths,Sure enough, no matter how strong the single player is,Facing a siege of a group of people, there is still no advantage。
The Cheng family next to Yu Zhe has been panicked to the extreme,Facing a known death,Even such a seven-foot-zhuang is still afraid of tears。
“begging……Please don’t kill me……What if you want to know,I must tell you。”That man’s legs are soft,Kneeling on the ground,Throw the weapon aside,Crying for mercy。
“Tut,What use do i keep you?!I really didn’t know that you were all sent by the Cheng family?The spy you arranged with us has already explained everything,You are worthless to me。”
Qi Xianwei enjoys the process of begging him,Slapped and said。
Yu Zhe on the other side is very calm,The waist is straight,He is not afraid of death,Just a little unwilling,Everything he did was in vain,Shi Mu gave a glance at the end。
“and many more,You are not that……Yu Zhe?”Qi Xianwei suddenly looked at Yu Zhe and laughed,“Why would you take this kind of task?Was it fooled or deliberately??Are you thinking about saving Shi Mu Luo out,Don’t be stupid,Even if you stand in front of her, she might not know you anymore。”
“What do you mean?”When it comes to time,He got excited immediately,I took two steps to stand in front of Qi Xianwei,But was hit by people around the opponent with a gun and couldn’t move forward。

Tie Li panting,Already sweating。Silence is better than sound at this time,Everything is so fierce,So hot。Time seems to freeze at this moment。The two tossed endlessly。They forgot where today is,Also forgot their identities,Only the endless gasps mixed with women*sound,Filled this room。

It’s dark,Xia Jian went back to the hotel,When he goes,Tie Li didn’t get up,But Xia Jian saw Tie Li cry。This extremely strong woman cried sadly when he was leaving。
Back to the hotel, Xia Jian took a bath,Packed myself up,Went to bed。When he was sleeping soundly,Suddenly there was a knock on the door。
Xia Jian stood up,I looked at the watch and found that it was just past seven o’clock,In other words, he slept for less than an hour。Door opened,Gu Yue rushed up with alcohol。She hugged Xia Jian as soon as she came in,Her hot lips kissed Xia Jian randomly。
Men’s hormones are instantly stimulated,When Xia Jian picked up Gu Yue,Threw her on the bed,When you want to go further,Gu Yue shook her head disappointed and said:“No way!Auntie is here“
Xia Jian fell a little frustrated,The two of them hugged and fell asleep again。When the sweet phone ringing,Xia Jian just opened his eyes。It turned out that Gu Yue’s phone rang,After she got out of bed and found her phone,I said loudly after connecting:“Meeting cancelled,Time to be determined“
No loss is the boss,When will this start,When to open。
Gu Yue back on the bed,She glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“When did you come back last night?“
Xia Jian asked with a blank face:“what did you say?“
“Stop pretending,I already knew about you and Tieli,I just didn’t want to expose it last night“Gu Yue said,Chong Xia Jian smiled faintly。
Xia Jian suddenly fell over,He thought he did not leak,At least Gu Yue wouldn’t know,I didn’t expect she still knew,Fortunately she is not her girlfriend,Otherwise this will be a big trouble。
Things got to this point,There is no point in hiding,So when Xia Jian sent him to Yunmao Group to find her,I just happened to run into the recruitment matter and told Gu Yue from beginning to end.。
Gu Yue shook his head and said:“You!What a mess。Tie Li is a lofty and proud,The stubborn woman who ordinary men look down on,I’m afraid you hurt her this time“
“No way!We only get along for a few days,Not to mention that she is a woman from America”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Gu Yue didn’t like it,She sat up,Said with a serious face:“What happened to the woman who came back from the US?Is it the same as the book says,All of them are very open!Then you are wrong。Even a native of the United States,Also has a big difference”
“Hey!Who told you this?”Xia Jian asked in surprise。
Gu Yue smiled and said:“So many people in the group,I don’t have a lot of eyeliner, how can I go down?,Of course someone told me,Otherwise I won’t call you when I get off the plane”

Chu Deirers think he is a little awkward——Have you in touch with you,So the famous arrogance is fake,And my name is very true.,Means of……You feel that I am bad.?

Do you know how much do I know my friend??
“hehe,correct……What happened to Tong Tang??Why don’t you come??”Chu Deiren heard a sentence and asked a sentence.。
This kind of bears in the original,Earlier is the unbeaten hardcore supporter,Let me have not been in exactly.,Tong Bai Bear has saved the unbeaten life of the East,When the East is not defeated, I am going to do it.,Tong Bai bear hand blade a lot of opponents,However, after the incover of the East,Dething, Yang Lianting,The old brothers in the teaching are open to,Tong Bai Xiong only has contradictions with Yang Lianting,It is the unbeaten by the Oriental.!
But in the big rivers and lakes,Oriental is unable to fail《Sunflower》Later……
Although this kind of feelings are not fake,But this becomes direction,Different from the original。
After all, I can’t put my psychological metamorphosis.,And no domineering from the past。
Yang Lianting, no specially confident,There is no such expansion in the original,There is no soliracy、Exclusion,And Tong Bai bear is still still unbeaten in the East.。
There is an unbeaten earthquake,He and Yang Lianting can only say it.“Colleagues don’t have a good relationship?”,I haven’t coexisting pointless。
Shangguan Yunnan,Show some 愁,Previous steps:“Hey,Not,Tong brothers have come together with me.,How……On the road is the emergency,I have now alleviated,Resting in the shock,I want him to stay in the oasis town before.,But he is 脾,Lord’s difference,It is also necessary to complete,Don’t see Chu brother。”
“Oops!That Chu is really sinful,Now the children can wake up?Chu, I want to thank myself.,And Chu《God》Maybe it can be used。”Chu Deiren said quickly。
At the same time, I also looked at a certain soft car in the team.——Very conspicuous,Because……Tag fetal is also showing police,This seda,The most hostility for yourself!
And different from Shangguan Yun……
Although Shangguan Yun has a concealed hostility,But for yourself,No threats,And the people in the car,Even if you don’t have to make Chu Deire、Have the degree of life threat,But it also makes the understanding of the police。
certainly,Chu Deirers also understand,This is not a million——How is the worship??
In some special occasions,For example, if you are reluctant to reveal the name of the Yue Xiamen, the palace,Will fail to fail……
But since there is a show,Chu Deirers are particularly careful。
“Such very well,Chu brother please。”
Follow the official clouds to the soft depositor,Chu Deirers can hear soothing and some heavy breathing sounds,It seems that it is indeed a big illness,Still sleep。
Chu Deman greeting:“Children’s main,Chu’s rude。”Said that it seems like ignorant,Stretch your hand to the car……
as predicted,Chu Deiren just reached out,Immediately detail!
The appearance of the other party has no heart,Directly buckled the Chu Deirers’ wrist,Lucky goggles、Positive Valley of Chu Deeng wrist,then……A while。
The original Chu Deirers have six seven caves,It should be that I am tricking up the official cloud.,At this time《Plastic star Dafa》,I am sure when my heart suddenly!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 622 Hint
Let me know how to understand《Plastic star Dafa》,Even if the Chu Dee will also,but“Lap”It is the strong acupuncture point of the play star Dafa、“Yanggu points”It is a weak acupuncture point,In his opinion, this hand,Summer,Forced this small child to stand back……
However, he doesn’t know.,Chu Deirers are ready,And the strange merits have come to him.,Early open five right fingers“Tena”,Total as moved to Yanggu waiting for him.!
Chu Deiren“Chaotic work”,Can be somewhat,Make your own meridians as if“innate”Finally different from others——Pocket points,Show your wrist,That is here。
Let me feel the wrist of Chu Deirers.,In fact, it is sucking“Tena”、Equivalent to paws with palm!
The two are angry when they come to the time.,Just dissipating part,Push the crash,Four sunset disciples,It is quite faithful to me.,I am ready for a while, the Chu Deirers are preserved.,They have a strong,But the skill is not hi,Directly crucified four to vomit blood。
“Bold!”Mei Lan Zhuju,Pull the sword to the sneak attack。
“And slow……”Shangguan Yun also ate it,I didn’t expect to be a teacher who had no heart to be aware.?
However, he has already served the three corpse of our bank.,At this time, you must save it.,Even busy,The post-emergency block is in the Merlan bamboo chrysanthemum,Sweep four women’s long swords。
In fact, even if he does not shoot,Sijun’s martial arts,It’s hard to hurt me at this time.——Just just the strength of the Chu Deirers,It is not a general two-three-flow characters.。
Ten Xuan’s resistance,Naturally, it is not a ratio of Yanggu.,What’s more, Chu Deirers are now profound in pure skills.,I have exceeded the true level of our bank.!
《Plastic star Dafa》and《Dafa》different,Suiry,Not only there is a risk of self-conflict,And the internal force that is usually cultured with oneself,Also clear,Can’t equally——I have said that I have said that I have said.,Suckable internal force,Not smashed by self-cultivation,Even normally,Need special to run。
Although I am doing now,It is necessary to have a lot when it costs the oil in the dunge.,Especially for those years,He is absorbed by the outside air basics.,I have made a lot of time for this time.。
But let’s do the real skill,Not as good as Chu Dee,As for the external arrogance,He doesn’t play a dozen effect again.,The two people fight,He also still does not take up the wind!

At this moment,Marjun Sima Pan loungely rushed to the city wall,Then I handed a fire painted bamboo tube to Wang Lin.:“Leader,Gao Bao sent a letter to a letter,Now people are in the city gate。”

So fast?
Wang Lin is slightly surprised!
He knows Gao Baoyi,Because of the previous letter,Gao Biyi said that he will come to Jingjing after the autumn harvest.,I personally talk about Wang Lin and moved together to Huainan.。
Oh,There is also a proprietary noun in this kind of thing.,Call“Shine”。In fact, it is not just Wang Lin.,Also included in those“brother”,All waiting“Shining town Huainan”!
However,What you want to do,People don’t want you to do!
Wang Lin is very clear,Shining town Huainan,Those people in him and,Absolutely big welfare。Just relying on the big soldiers, the soldiers are Huainan people.,It is enough to see the thick road of this matter.。
Clothing also,Who doesn’t care?Jing Wei This place is not a hometown of them to raise their.,What is worth falling??
It’s problematic.,Do you want to pay a price?,Go to Huainan to enjoy,Is this possible Yangzhou??
Of course it is impossible。
So Wang Lin is urgent to talk to Gao Baoyi,Both sides openly,Not talking about the routine。If Gao Biyi is not open,Then Wang Lin is almost certain,Bring on the road to Huainan, the army,It will be surrounded by the Elite army of North Qi.!
“Where is the person?,Take me to see。”
Wang Lin frowned。
Pan Zhong, this is not strong,Others are coming,You should take at least to me.?Is it also worried that the other party assassinated me??
Wang Lin heart is slightly dissatisfied。
But when he saw it,The dissatisfaction in my heart disappeared。Because of this“messenger”,I really can assassinate him。
“Uh,Dare to ask the big name?”
Wang Lin’s body is highly sound,If it is only high,More than the barely guarded guards in front of the front。But the other party is really thin with a bamboo pole.,Is it not good to eat around Gao Bao??
Wang Lin’s heart,But it is a bamboo pole.。
“I will stay in Fuyang City a day.,You will pay it back to me.,I am handed over to the main public.,that’s it。”
Bamboo poles are pale,It seems that the halo is powerful.,But the middle of the sputum is still very。Wang Lin nodded,Have a few words with Pan Zhong。
Waiting for them,Wang Lin found a quiet room with no one,Dismantle,Look inside the letter。Take a while,He put the letter down。
This letter did not write,Just say he Gao Baoyi follows,Already come to Jingjing。Then ask Wang Lin to take his own ship.,See the Hanjiang River in Changshou County。
If it is talking,Then he Gao Bao will follow your Wang Lin to return to Yanyang City to celebrate.。
Don’t say that if you don’t talk about it?,Around left, it is all home,Let’s talk about it next time.。
after all,If you want to turn your face,Can’t commit crimes,Two costs to pay,For both parties,Have a little big。
go,Still don’t go,This seems to be careful consideration。
A thoughts,Wang Lin’s heart has decided。
NS1179chapter Lifetime(superior)
Hanjiang, Changshou County,Quite wide,Come and seek ships like shuttle,A lively scene。Gao Bao stands on a reef on the shore,Fault,It seems to think about what is very deepest issue。
Han River,In fact, in ancient ancient a river,The area flowing is extremely wide.,And it is a golden waterway。
Why is the ancient Xiangyang City that is very prosperous??
Because the first big trilut of the Yangtze River Hanjiang,Not only the river is wide,And the water depth is enough,Even more wonderful,Its water flow is still no longer,Very suitable for shipping。
Fuyang City,On the key node of Hanjiang,By the way, connect to the South and South。
Waterway and land must be ever passed here,Can you not bustle??

“Why come back so late?Is the group busy??“Xia Jian asked softly。

Xiao Xiao yawned,Rubbed my temples。Then he lowered his voice and said:“I took you to Bucheon,Presumably Hu Huiru will know soon。She is a woman with a strong vengeance,I have to guard against her“
Xia Jianyi listen,It suddenly dawned on me,Why did he forget this??He went in this time,In all likelihood, Hu Huiru made a ghost。He came back from the provincial capital without a dime,This is the last thing Hu Huiru wants to see。
She will definitely do something,Then revenge on the startup group,It’s not impossible。Because he was picked up by Xiao Xiao,The other is Hu Huiru’s engineering company,Working with Hu Huiru,She wants to make an article,It’s easier for her to do it。It seems that Xiao Xiao is really mature,She already knows how to plan ahead。
“You think so thoughtful,Hu Huiru, this woman is very powerful。This time you helped me,She will definitely feel uncomfortable,So playing tricks on startup groups,Not impossible“Xia Jian whispered to Xiao Xiao。
At this moment,Old Xiao wears a coat,Came out of the bedroom。He is older,Sleep at night。May have heard them,He got up again。
“dad!Did our voice make you sleep?,How about Xia Jian and I go to my room“Xiao Xiao said,Stood up。
Old Xiao chong Xiao Xiao made a gesture and said:“Nothing,You sit down。I slept for a while,Feel much better。People are getting old,It’s like this。Don’t bother you,Wait for you to get old,You will know what I mean“Old Xiao said,So he sat on the sofa next to Xia Jian。
“Did you hear what we are talking about?So you want to come over and listen?“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Old Xiao shook his head and said:“old,I heard it for nothing,So it’s better not to listen。But I remind you Xiao Xiao,Xia Jian is here this time,You brought him to the group,Let him help you manage the affairs of the group,Then let’s go back quickly!Anyway,He is now the head of a town“
“dad!I don’t want him to go back。What’s so good about being a broken mayor,Working so desperately,In the end, it ended up like this,Really chilling“Xiao Xiao said,Played like a child。
Old Xiao Haha smiled and said:“Silly boy!What they did is not called Po Mayor。He manages the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people,Business,Better than any of us。So you can’t be selfish,Keep him in the startup group“
“dad!Who are you now“Xiao Xiao is a little worried。
Old Xiao stood up,Hehe smiled and said:“Go home early for something to eat!What’s going to discuss with the group tomorrow。Xia Jianzai,Don’t be afraid of anything“Old Xiao finished,Turned around and went back to the room。
Xiao Xiao looked at the back of Lao Xiao disappeared,Can’t help but mutter:“This old man,Don’t look at his old age,But he understands better than anyone“
Xiao Xiao’s voice just fell,Her cell phone rang。She grabbed the phone on the coffee table and took a look,Connected to the phone:“Oh!Mr. Guo!Xia is always in the group,I took her over“

Xia Jian was taken aback,Eyes widened and said:“I am married now,Don’t make jokes like this in the future”

“You really married?No wonder Guan Tingna is so angry when I talk about you,I want to tear you up”Lu Wanting said,A little relieved smile。
Xia Jianyi listen,Asked quickly:“Have you met Guan Tingna?Where is she?”
“What do you mean?Isn’t she looking for Guan Tingna?!”Lu Wanting looked puzzled,Asked a little surprised。
When Xia Jian heard Guan Tingna’s whereabouts, he was a little browful,So he quickly opened Lu Wanting’s car door and sat in。Then asked seriously:“Where is Guan Tingna??When did you meet?”
“Why are you so anxious?What the hell happened,You have to make it clear to me”Lu Wanting is also serious。
Xia Jian took a breath,So he left out where Guan Tingna worked,Tell Lu Wanting from start to finish。Of course,His marriage,He dare not miss it,Anyway, it’s a foregone conclusion,It’s time to let more people know about it。
Lu Wanting took a breath and said:“It’s no wonder。I want to ask you,Is there anything between me and Guan Tingna??I mean you should understand”
“No!”Xia Jian answered very decisively。
Lu Wanting said with a cold smile:“Pneumonia was prevalent in Bucheon during this time。My mother got this disease,Live in the women’s hospital。When I went to see my mother the other day,I didn’t expect Guan Tingna to live next door to my mother。Because everyone knows,So I went in and said hello”
“Of course,I want to pass her,Find out about your recent situation。I didn’t expect me to mention your name,She’s on fire。It made me inexplicable。Later I thought,I think there should be something wrong between you”
“what!You mean she also got pneumonia?Does anyone at home take care of her??”Xia Jian was anxious when he heard it,Whatever,Guan Tingna came back because of him。
Lu Wanting thought for a while and said:“She has pneumonia for sure。It’s just that no one else is around,Because she lives in a single room。I didn’t find anyone else when I went in”
“Oh!Thank you then。If I didn’t meet you today,I really can’t find her”Xia Jian said,Open the door and leave。

“Jia Chou and that big toad both died in battle。”

“This is not an exchange,He should show enough sincerity for his declared responsibility。”
Li Tianzhen has left the ruins of the underground palace at this moment,Or maybe he didn’t really leave,‘Magic Box’The fireflies in became his eyes,He has established a connection with every little bug,He didn’t believe that the blood clan great supernatural powers just escaped like this,But it won’t be consumed in this place,A lot to do。
Since the kinsman has no consciousness of being a guest,I want to make waves in the mortal world,He smashed it,In order to rush back to the Wuming Mountain Palace,The blood gods and demons who were once marked by him had two chances to escape,Or no time to kill,Now there are new blood gods and demons in the divine consciousness,He needs to give Shen Wenyu some warning。
Overnight,Li Tianzhen traveled thousands of miles back and forth,Kill the seven blood gods and demons with your own hands,Catch three alive,So far,The blood gods and demons marked in the gods are all destroyed,‘Magic Box’middle‘Bloodthirsty fly’All consumed clean,He can’t find Shen Wenyu who has the blood totem,For the time being, there is no way to take the blood gods and demons in the ruins of the underground palace,Only return to guard。
“Why can’t it open?”Li Tianzhu held the irregular sphere that looked like a silver ruby and looked at the morning sun,Try to experience something deeper in it,The spirit of the blood is weird,Also very tyrannical,Can’t use Soul Search,This makes him feel bored。
“You and I can’t control him now,Or blew up,Or run away,Not good results。”
“How can I control him?”Li Tianzhi warm and angry。
“You have to think clearly,Blood River can barely reach the level of a great god,The strength of cultivation is not weaker than we are now,Want to control him,At least let the soul wake up。”
Chapter nine hundred and sixty five Controversy with Dayan
Li Tianzhen no longer makes unnecessary efforts,Put away Xiao Yanda’s soul,He must re-examine the new situation facing him,Kinship replaces space rifts and becomes the biggest hidden danger right now,Must be removed as soon as possible,Otherwise it is difficult to explain,He doesn’t mind being misunderstood by Old Man Dong,But the dazzling blood in Liuyun Guan made him suffer,unbearable。
The other is Panmang,This demon can be said to be‘Nirvana handkerchief’The most powerful god and demon outside,On strength,Li Tianzhen is not his opponent now,And as the big boss of the Demon World,Looking down on sentient beings like ants, that kind of arrogance will make him act unscrupulously,In addition, there are old hatreds and new hatreds with Li Tianzhi,This thing will surely cause terrible storms after being injured。
Cannot be cloned left and right,Must come first,Li Tianzhen desperately needs allies,Although Old Man Dong will unswervingly have a common goal with him,But the two sides have different ideas,Different styles,It’s hard to keep in step,Fighting separately may be a common situation in the future,So no matter what Dayan had to do,Li Tianzhen must meet up with him。
There is still a day left in the agreed time with Old Man Dong,One round trip is enough,As for the great blood gods and demons that may be hidden under the ground,Skynet formation of war puppets,Li Xiucheng’s golden body host,He is quite relieved,He ordered the black unicorn to carefully guard the space rift,And left enough medicine to recover from the injury。
Dayan still entertains Li Tianzhi in that mysterious stone house,A tea stove,Two tea cups,The tea is still the worry-free tea unique to Yuanjie,Slightly light,But sincere。

There are not many time left to Liao Wenjie.,Cheng Wenjing has to add a force,Take it as soon as possible。

“Ager,Which one is smashing today?,Why give me a flowers??”
Just into the assistant office,Liao Wenjie encountered Tang Judi,The latter is happy to pick up the rose,Smell the flowers,Haohe gave Liao Wenjie a hug。
“First said,Spending,But I don’t think about you.,Making a brother is very good。”
Very good。
Liao Wenjie,Raise your hand to take the rose back:“Jude sister,You think too much,Flower is not for you。”
“Who don’t give me?,Does anyone prefer than me??”
“Sister of sister,Her single,I am also single,Just make up a pair。”Liao Wenjie,Not lying,He is now a single。
“Be no early,Harm me。”
Where to say, what come to make a gift?
Liao Wenjie wrapped around Tang Judi,Just Cheng Wenjing in front of the desk,He sent flowers,A chance of cold and warm,Just just one step away。
Pooh,Slag male!
Tang Judi flips over white,Let Liao Wenjie enter the office,Discuss the shares of ghost companies。
She thinks,Liao Wenjie pursues Cheng Wenjing is a play to see her,Therefore, steadily sitting on the Diaoyutai,Do not panic。
Cheng Wenjing,Some are quite favored,Holding a rose, I don’t know how it is good.,Waiting for Liao Wenjie into the office,I found a vase to put it.。
Ghost,She put a vase on her desk,Bite,Staying this bottle of roses。
Cheng Wen Jingmei women,Compared to Tang Judi personality,And there is a woman,Her quiet and elegant workplace is more popular,So from the shortage of pursuit,It’s not a back of the flowers.。
These people are destined to fail,Cheng Wen Jing’s hobby is the same as they,Plus the following awareness reluctance,How many flowers are not used。
but,Liao Wenjie sent flowers……
She feels that everyone is a colleague.,I don’t look at it down.,Directly throw trash can to make Liao Wenjie very face,Sorry find a vase to raise。
Be right,That’s it。
the other side,Liao Wenjie quickly ended the conversation with Tang Judi,One person is willing to play a wish,Tang Judi is 20 million,Buy the shares of the ghost company,Waiting for the documents.,Check the contract。
Secret,Hanging in Liao Wenjie,The same is that Liao Wenjie is reselected to Tang Judi to Tang Judi.,Although she holds shares,But her words are all in Liao Wenjie.。
Only penalty,Can provide suggestions,Do not participate in management。
The company’s business shareholder has only three,In addition to holding the most shareholding Liao Wenjie,Leaves left and clocks。
These two people,Lyon has experience in management parking spaces,Clock has experience in grocery store,so,Liao Wenjie did not intend to let them participate in management。
Really tube,also,After all, it is a partner.,Board,Can’t give face。
One person hangs a title of a logistics manager,Casual。
Go out of office,Liao Wenji took Cheng Wenjing’s sight,Look at the head,The other party serious face review,Look,Meticulous。
His mouth hook,Go back to your desk,Leave Cheng Wenjing alone suffers from loss。
Put on,Chasing women, I can’t eat hot tofu,Wash two days,Inlet,Taste better。

The point is that what Xie Xiaoya did is a bit illegal,So there is no need to raise the alarm,I can only find a way on my own。The car runs faster and faster。The high-rise buildings of Bucheon are faintly visible in the distance,It seems that this place is not very far from Bucheon。

Xie Xiaoya has relaxed all over at this time,She closed her eyes slightly,Soon fell asleep。What makes Xia Jian a little uncomfortable is that the girl fell asleep,Actually leaned all over。
Suddenly,The driver whispered:“damn thing,What do you keep following me?“
Xia Jian was surprised,Turn your head and look back,I saw a white van closely following the car they were riding in。Xia Jian understood,These three people should have chased them out again。
Finally,The taxi finally drove into Bucheon。This Dongjiang Hotel is not far from the Venture Group,Why did Xia Jian come to this place,He himself is not very clear。
There are too many vehicles in the city,The taxi drives slowly。Xia Jian glanced out the car window,A little helplessly shook his head,Then he pushed Xie Xiaoya who was crawling on him to wake up。
Woman looks tired,She wiped her saliva,Asked awkwardly:“Reached?“
“almost there,It’s too early,Let’s stay in Dongjiang Hotel,Then make plans“Xia Jian whispered。
Xie Xiaoya heard what Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but lower my head:“I didn’t bring my ID,You figure it out!“Xia Jian understood it right away,Xie Xiaoya doesn’t want to leave information about her accommodation。It seems that this woman is still very careful。
The car just stopped at the gate of Dongjiang Hotel,Miss Welcome。Xia Jian took out his suitcase from the car,Then said to Xie Xiaoya:“You wait for me at the elevator entrance with my luggage,I’ll go through the immigration formalities“Xie Xiaoya nodded,He took over the suitcase in Xia Jian’s hands,Pulled away。
Xia Jian showed his ID,The house will be opened soon。But the staff asked Xia Jian twice,They just want to confirm that Xia Jian opened a standard room,Do two people live。But Xia Jian’s answer is,I live alone,Two beds switched to sleep。
Xie Xiaoya followed Xia Jian very smoothly into the house built by Xia Jian,Until this time,The two felt a little embarrassed。How long have we seen each other,Two people will live in the same room,This is kind of embarrassing。
Xie Xiaoya took off Xia Jian’s coat,Hung it on the hanger,Then said with a smile:“Xia Ge!Don’t be embarrassed,It’s a waste to sleep alone in such a big room“
“Do not make jokes,Hurry up and take a bath,Let’s go to dinner later“Xia Jian smiled and said。Actually Xia Jian was tired too,He just wanted to fall asleep。But the current situation does not allow him to do this。
Xie Xiaoya thought for a while and said:“Do it!I go out to buy a dress,How can I always wear your coat?,If I get you cold,My guilt is great“
“Damn!Stop twitching。I’ll go out immediately,Your clothes will definitely be bought for you,But if you go out, can you come back? I don’t know“Xia Jian said,Stood up。
Xie Xiaoya took a breath and said:“OK then!But you have to be careful。Call me when you come back and knock on the door,This is a secret sign,I won’t open the door if it’s wrong“Xia Jian nodded,Put on his coat and went out。