The point is that what Xie Xiaoya did is a bit illegal,So there is no need to raise the alarm,I can only find a way on my own。The car runs faster and faster。The high-rise buildings of Bucheon are faintly visible in the distance,It seems that this place is not very far from Bucheon。

Xie Xiaoya has relaxed all over at this time,She closed her eyes slightly,Soon fell asleep。What makes Xia Jian a little uncomfortable is that the girl fell asleep,Actually leaned all over。
Suddenly,The driver whispered:“damn thing,What do you keep following me?“
Xia Jian was surprised,Turn your head and look back,I saw a white van closely following the car they were riding in。Xia Jian understood,These three people should have chased them out again。
Finally,The taxi finally drove into Bucheon。This Dongjiang Hotel is not far from the Venture Group,Why did Xia Jian come to this place,He himself is not very clear。
There are too many vehicles in the city,The taxi drives slowly。Xia Jian glanced out the car window,A little helplessly shook his head,Then he pushed Xie Xiaoya who was crawling on him to wake up。
Woman looks tired,She wiped her saliva,Asked awkwardly:“Reached?“
“almost there,It’s too early,Let’s stay in Dongjiang Hotel,Then make plans“Xia Jian whispered。
Xie Xiaoya heard what Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but lower my head:“I didn’t bring my ID,You figure it out!“Xia Jian understood it right away,Xie Xiaoya doesn’t want to leave information about her accommodation。It seems that this woman is still very careful。
The car just stopped at the gate of Dongjiang Hotel,Miss Welcome。Xia Jian took out his suitcase from the car,Then said to Xie Xiaoya:“You wait for me at the elevator entrance with my luggage,I’ll go through the immigration formalities“Xie Xiaoya nodded,He took over the suitcase in Xia Jian’s hands,Pulled away。
Xia Jian showed his ID,The house will be opened soon。But the staff asked Xia Jian twice,They just want to confirm that Xia Jian opened a standard room,Do two people live。But Xia Jian’s answer is,I live alone,Two beds switched to sleep。
Xie Xiaoya followed Xia Jian very smoothly into the house built by Xia Jian,Until this time,The two felt a little embarrassed。How long have we seen each other,Two people will live in the same room,This is kind of embarrassing。
Xie Xiaoya took off Xia Jian’s coat,Hung it on the hanger,Then said with a smile:“Xia Ge!Don’t be embarrassed,It’s a waste to sleep alone in such a big room“
“Do not make jokes,Hurry up and take a bath,Let’s go to dinner later“Xia Jian smiled and said。Actually Xia Jian was tired too,He just wanted to fall asleep。But the current situation does not allow him to do this。
Xie Xiaoya thought for a while and said:“Do it!I go out to buy a dress,How can I always wear your coat?,If I get you cold,My guilt is great“
“Damn!Stop twitching。I’ll go out immediately,Your clothes will definitely be bought for you,But if you go out, can you come back? I don’t know“Xia Jian said,Stood up。
Xie Xiaoya took a breath and said:“OK then!But you have to be careful。Call me when you come back and knock on the door,This is a secret sign,I won’t open the door if it’s wrong“Xia Jian nodded,Put on his coat and went out。

A more majestic voice sounded。

Leo knows who this person is without looking back,Lieutenant General Harder。
A high-ranking person in the navy。
His position comes from the world government,Is a high-level delegate from the world government,Have great say。
In navy official,Total rank of lieutenant general57A,Where the combat lieutenant general19A,Lieutenant Giant12A,Before was13One died ten years ago。
leftover26Lieutenant general。
Looking at blood in the previous life comics,I think the navy is responsible for fighting pirates,But being a huge organization is so simple。
personnel、logistics、Every aspect of scientific research needs people,These leaders are naturally lieutenants。
For example, the personnel department where Leo is now,There are two lieutenants。
Harder is the chief officer of the personnel department。
“Leo met Lieutenant General Harder!”Leo still luggage。
Reach out to not hit the smiley man,It’s not good not to tear the face directly, nor to go up and down,After all, the Navy has some rules。
“I dare not accept the gift of your genius,Even my men were almost brutally killed by you,If i receive your gift,I might die here later!”

“is it,Your flower fort,Is it also in the territory of Qiyefu?。Within my jurisdiction,Naturally manage!”Another figure,Like a black wind,Appeared beside the weirdo,The same gritted teeth。

“Lord Palace!Our flower castle has absolutely no meaning。”The purple-haired youth appeared beside the fat round god,Said with a smile。But his appearance made【Palace Lord Seven Nights】with【Worms】Yedila is very alert。
“Your Flower Island could hold an auction that year,Is also supported by us。Blocked auction of Godhead weapons,You must give us an account!But before that,By the way, please go out first.。”Another young man with a temperament as dazzling as the sun appeared on the side of Palace Master Qiye,Even stronger than the purple-haired youth
“right now,Everyone, please leave the flower castle immediately。The previous guests who bought the auction item will receive the auction item within three days,Just pay the source stone at that time。”A loud voice rang in the minds of the guests in the auction room。
While talking,Is a serious middle-aged man with a pair of corners on his head,Patriarch of the Bard Family。
Facing the sudden arrival of these palace master-level powerhouses,The guests in the auction venue were scared a long time ago。It is a pleasure to watch these top powerhouse bids in peace,But watching these top powerhouses get off the court and prepare to fight,That would be too difficult for them,The little aftermath of the battle between the palace master and the strong can easily kill ordinary high-level gods。
Heard Bud’s words,The guests were relieved,And several other Palace Chief level powerhouses did not stop。
Wright didn’t intend to mix in,So he took Cecilia and Eclair and left the flower castle。
Once leaving the castle,The three of Wright met another team head-on,Headed by the direct descendant of the East family。
Chapter 33 The Strength of Cecilia
“It’s you!”Edward·East sees Elek,Hideous。
he,Edward·East,Is the most direct descendant of the great East family,His father is a six-star elf,His grandfather was the patriarch of the East family,Lord God Messenger!
Half a month ago,He is walking around with his pet Ji on the second floor of the Flower Castle,His pet girl fell in love with a dress,Although the price of this dress is quite high,Over 100 million source stones,But since he agreed,Naturally bought for this pet Ji。
did not expect,There is only one piece of clothing left in this style,And this one was bought by an upper god。
He ordered the butler to buy this dress from the upper god at twice the price,I thought it was easy,But that high-ranking god actually refused!!!
He doesn’t really care about the dress that he promised to favor Ji,But his own authority cannot be challenged,The upper god thought that the soldiers on Huahua Island could【Justice】,But on the flower island,Edward·Master East is the master,Those soldiers are nothing but servants。If it’s not for the butler to dissuade,It is said that killing in the flower castle is detrimental to the reputation of the family,He killed the upper god at the beginning。of course,Family reputation is still very important,So he let go of the upper god。
Even so,Didn’t kill the upper god,It’s a shame to him。
Flower Castle holds auction,The last auction item turned out to be a legendary weapon,And this godhead weapon actually led to three palace-level powerhouses。。。With his eyesight,Naturally can’t tell what level the opponent is.。But can stand against the patriarchs of their five major families,Naturally a strong master。
The collision between the palace masters,He naturally took his bodyguards and escaped。Unexpectedly came out,I met the upper god who humiliated him。

Listen to him,Yushi relaxed instantly,Responded:“Then I can’t call you Chairman Ji,Should call you uncle!”

Two people look at each other,All laughed。
Look at Ji Wenchang’s Attitude to Poems,Ni Huizhen and Ji Yunfeng,Including Ji Yunye are very surprised。They are a family,Know him well。He is always serious,Seldom be so kind to juniors、kind。
Ji Yunfeng even captures the rare intent to please his father’s face。
Ni Huizhen secretly smiled,It seems that the husband is very satisfied with this daughter-in-law,I don’t care about the relationship between Hengneng and Carnian’s competitors anymore。
of course,she does not know,All these changes are due to Yu Shi alone coming to Carnival Estate to find Ji Wenchang。
Yushi’s deep affection for his father,Ji Wenchang was deeply moved by his persistence in exploring the truth.。
What’s more, her move to resolve the crisis for Hengneng Real Estate has become a good story in the industry。Many people know that Han Yushi, the general manager of Hengneng Real Estate, is not very young,But a courageous and strategic、A powerful character who dares to do!
In Ji Wenchang’s opinion,Son Ji Yunfeng will inherit his business sooner or later,His daughter-in-law doesn’t need to go to the kitchen,But must be in the hall。
There is competition and cooperation between companies,If their two married,Undoubtedly a strong alliance,Invincible。
The banquet ends before midnight,Send the last batch of guests,Ni Huizhen’s Comments on Language Poems:“Poetry,I stayed with us for so long tonight,Let Yunfeng take you home first。”
“Not hard,I am happy to be with everyone。”Polite and polite,While talking, her wrist was gently held by Ji Yunfeng next to her,She knows what he means,Turned around and smiled at Ni Huizhen,Say:“I’ll go back first,Aunt。”
The intimate behavior of the two fell in the eyes of Ni Huizhen,Satisfied her,She waved her son to send Yushi home quickly。Watching the two get in the car,She just returned to the hotel。
Ji Yunfeng did not drive the car in the direction of poetry,Instead, drive to the observation deck near the hotel。

Zhanchuan Dragon is now fighting alone with the gilt fire dragon,The end will not be much better than the Eagle Beast Dragon。

“come back。”Duan Lan opened the picture again,So that Zhanchuan Dragon can return to the spiritual realm。
But the gilt fire dragon has arrived,Luo Xiao saw the blue call back print at a glance,Immediately order the gilt fire dragon to hit the printed position。
“Teacher Duan Lan,Be careful of his attacking pictures!”I wish Minglang see you,Quickly reminded。
Zhanchuan Dragon didn’t mean to come back,Duan Lan didn’t even close this life,I saw the body of the gilt fire dragon hit the picture,The print is completely disintegrated in mid-air like glazed glass。
Spit out blood,Duan Lan suffered a severe soul shock,The whole person has completely lost vitality,Almost falling from Bingchen Bailong’s back。
Zhu Minglang hurriedly caught the fluttering teacher Duan Lan,Seeing her red with blood,Take another look at Zhanchuan Dragon, desperate to fight with the golden fire dragon……
Zhanchuanlong’s judgment is correct。
At Baiqi’s limit speed,They can’t reach the Dragon Academy。
But why bother Duan Lan and Zhan Chuanlong?,One for keeping alive,Do not take back the image in the face of the enemy,Knowing that this will hurt my soul,Zhanchuan Dragon has become the savior,I left the spiritual realm,Willing to use the body to resist the gilt fire dragon……
Bingchen and Bailong did not pause,Continue to fly towards How to Train the Dragon Academy。
Its wings are so sore that it cannot vibrate,Can only glide by the wind。
Every dragon pet has its own ideas,Even Zhu Minglang has to choose to fight,It won’t listen。

and also,What Fang Yu said,Is it true!

quickly,They have expressed their views。
A western doctor thinks,Dr. Cai is overworked,It’s okay to take a little rest。
Another ancient doctor felt,The so-called overwork is only one aspect,On the other hand, Dr. Cai’s physical weakness。Physical weakness,To supplement nutrition!
then,Everyone started to argue again!
Doctor Zhang got the pulse too。
He agrees with western medicine,But I also feel that what the ancient doctor said is unreasonable。
He has always advocated the combination of ancient medicine and western medicine。
but,Everyone is hard to adjust!
right now,Can Fang Yu break this situation??
“Doctor Fang,What you said is true?”
Dean Chang asked curiously。
“You think i’m talking nonsense?”
Fang Yu smiled。
Dean Chang,I also have concerns!
“Nor is it……Just this case,More troublesome!”
Dean Chang shook his head。
He is not denying,But feel,It depends on the curative effect!

“You can call Ye Lao now to confirm,I just said that!”

“Do not……No need to,We naturally believe in Mr. Chen’s identity,I’m going to be kind to the captain!”
Death for money、Birds die for food。
For a bonus of 50 million,The captain naturally wants to blog。
Soon the captain’s voice came from the cabin,Let them roll their seat belts,The plane is about to forcibly land。
Hesitating without the cooperation of ground staff,The captain made the plane circle a few times at low altitude,Open to understand the situation of the airstrip。
When flying at low altitude,Zhang Yuantu’s nose twitched again。
“Chen Xiu,There may be dirt on the ground!”
“what’s the situation?”
“I asked about the strong smell of blood in the air!”
Chen Xiu gasped,He had only seen Zhang Yuantu’s nose sensitive two hours ago,Now he speaks so confidently,I’m afraid I can’t go wrong。
“You suspect that the bottom of the airport is occupied by zombies?”
“Very likely!”
Zhang Yuantu probably frightened the front captain and deputy pilot,Said in a low voice:“Such a strong smell of blood makes me smell it at an altitude of hundreds of meters,At least 50 people died on the ground,This is definitely not one or two zombies can do it。I conservatively estimate,At least no less than thirty zombies came!”
Chen Xiu leaned against the airplane window,Staring at the ground,The airport 100 meters below seems like a big mouth in the night,Just wait for their plane to land and take it to your mouth。
“Thirty zombies!”
Chen Xiu smiled bitterly and said:“The best case is to hope that there are no three generations of zombies。If only four generations of zombies,I should be able to deal with twenty,Do you have any problems dealing with ten!”
“If you just use the previous air gun、water gun,There is no chance of winning against three!”

Sun Jiaxing’s car is not driving fast,It didn’t take long to stop at the door of a supermarket,Ji Yunfeng stops immediately,The two quickly took off their seat belts and got out of the car and followed。

It was a woman who got off the car with Sun Jiaxing,Yu Shi met her once,Have an impression of her。She is Sun Jiaxing’s wife,Ma Wanqiu。
They quickly walked a few steps,Stop in front of Sun Jiaxing and Ma Wanqiu。
For the sudden appearance of poetry,Sun Jiaxing was obviously extremely surprised,But it’s not just as simple as being surprised,There is a trace of panic,But the latter is fleeting。
He pretended to be surprised,It’s like meeting the deceased’s daughter in a foreign country that makes him excited、Very happy。
“Poetry,Why are you?Why did you come to uk?Why don’t you tell me?I pick you up at the airport!”
Yu Shi doesn’t want to make senseless greetings with him,Go straight to the topic:“Sun Ge,I’m here to find you,I have something to ask you,About my father。”
Listening to the poem mentions Han Honglang,Sun Jiaxing’s face is different,But that subtle change was quickly replaced by sadness。
“time flies,The chairman has been away for more than a year。Ask what’s the matter,I must know that everything is endless。”
Yu Shi didn’t expect him to be so cooperative,But from his look,Yu Shi thinks he is acting。
First39chapter Full of lies
A bad feeling came to my heart。
She has no evidence for some things,Just guess,If Sun Jiaxing doesn’t want to say,Tai Chi with her,Or perfuse her,She can’t help it。

“Uncle Wang,You fool me。”Ye Fuming looked at Uncle Wang with a look like a woman。

“All right,I won’t tell you,Hurry up,Oh, right。And this halberd!”Uncle Wang stuffed the iron box to Fuming,There was a halberd wrapped in cloth to Fuming。
“Uncle Wang,How do I feel that you are confessing to the funeral。”Fuming with a halberd and smiled。
“Ha ha,Explain the funeral?Perhaps。”Uncle Wang laughed at himself,He waved to let Fuming leave。
Fuming feels strange,But didn’t think much,Said goodbye,Turned away,Uncle Wang looked at the back of Fuming and muttered:“Brat,If you can get out of this city,Maybe we still have a chance to meet,Ah。”
Walking down the road holding the halberd and the iron box,The more we think about it, the stranger it gets,What’s wrong with Uncle Wang today,Inexplicably stuffed myself a bunch of things,Don’t say why。
Thinking about,Already walked to the door,Ye Zhengtian is chopping firewood in the yard。
“Stayed,Hurry in and eat,What are you holding。”Ye Zhengtian asked。
“Nothing,Uncle Wang gave it to me。”
“Ok,Since your Uncle Wang gave it to you,Then keep it。”Ye Zhengtian heard that Uncle Wang left,Didn’t care,Keep chopping wood。
“Why come back so late,The food is cold。”Fuming mother Lin Lian complained。
“Nothing,mom,I’m not hungry,You save it for breakfast。”Talking into the house,Closed the door。

“I am Hephaestus!Possess exceptional forging skills!Is the god of fire in your mouth、God of Forge、God of Stone Masonry、The god of sculpture and craftsman!”Although his tone of voice is constantly being emphasized,But it did not scare Guo Yinzhe back。

“Got your affirmation?What good?”
“People who got my approval,You can successfully transfer to a mechanical pioneer,Or great country craftsman!Extraordinary technician,Are you ready to change jobs??”Hephaestus asked。
“I’m afraid of my physique like this,Can’t stand the work of forging……”Guo Yinzhe hesitated。
“young people,In fact, when I was young, my body was a hundred times weaker than you,Plus ugly、Disability……That’s why she was thrown down Olympus by the queen Hera when she was born……Raised by the sea goddess Thetis……”Hephaestus feels。
Guo Yinzhe had no time to learn Greek mythology and interrupted the words of the God of Craftsman,He asked:“Isn’t there another advanced profession of mechanic‘Master Yanjia’What?Can I transfer to which profession?”
“Can’t!That profession is controlled by an Eastern god,You are not his favorite!and,Your skill level‘Great country craftsman’There is still a certain gap……As your guide,I think‘Mechanical pioneer’Is a career tailored for you!As a bonus,After successful transfer,You can take away all the crystal energy stones you just dug in the crystal mine……”
Guo Yinzhe looked at the various crystal ores left in his backpack not too much,So I regret。
“young people,I know what you are thinking,Every week from now on,You have a chance to enter the crystal mine,It can provide lasting energy for your professional skills!”Hephaestus promised。
Guo Yinzhe listen,Overjoyed immediately,But still suppressing the excitement,Speak lightly:“Ok,Since you are so kind,I will save you from becoming‘Mechanical pioneer’Bar……but,If you don’t do well in the future,Don’t blame me for being bad,Blame it on your career guidelines……”
Hephaestus was so angry,Unexpectedly, the kid in the hat in front of me got cheap and sold well,In that case,Just give him another severe test!
“Wait a minute!young people,I think you are courageous,Finally please do me a favor,will‘This thing’To my wife Aphrodite,We quarreled,She hid alone in the temple and refused to come out,As long as you will‘This thing’Give it to her,I believe she will understand me my heart……”Speaking of it,Hephaestus’s voice became a little softer。
Guo Yinzhe took a look
A beautiful ring floating down from the sky,Questioning:“A ring?”
“This thing was originally called‘Ring’?Ok,Then I will name it‘Ring’!But it’s not an ordinary ring,It’s a ring made of the rock of the holy mountain and the flame of Olympus!I engraved the rose representing beauty and love on the ring,Then it was engraved with thorns full of spikes,It means that love requires a price and responsibility。”
Guo Yinzhe stretched his hand into the holy light shot by the temple,Found that Hephaestus built a piece called“Thorn rose”’S ring has appeared in his hands。
“Thorn rose ring——Gift of Hephaestus,Golden god,Task item(long),Attributes:After the user wears,All acquired armor skills,Will get a rebound3%Ability to fix damage。”
“Artifact!In other words,Machinist use“Mechanical armor”The armor generated after the skill can reflect the damage of the enemy!In other words, hitting my fellow is equivalent to hitting yourself again?It’s so suitable‘Gou’s play’Up!”Guo Yinzhe was very excited,Although it’s the e-sports club and flower team that I joined to pursue Cao Anna,But after entering the game,It’s the first time that he has a sense of gain。
“young people,You must take good care of this ring,We will count on you in the future for our happy life!correct,I’ll send you another word,Although a person’s intelligence is very important,,But the most important thing is his soul!I hope you are not only smart,But more passionate,Sometimes protecting others is more important than achieving yourself。like me,Blacksmith as the gods,Forged countless weapons for the gods、Tools and artwork……”