Dim lights at night,Li Tianchou didn’t pay attention to what ward is on this floor,The layout is similar anyway。As soon as I slipped into the ward area, I heard a soft tink in the elevator,Immediately there was the sound of messy footsteps,It’s bad in my heart,The other party followed up so fast,Forcing him to flee deep into the ward,Maybe Old Xiao has taken control of the monitoring room of the building。

The east-west corridor is thirty meters long,Back to the elevator,Li Tianchou quickly discovered a spherical probe,Just above the head,He took out his handkerchief and covered it。I didn’t find an emergency channel while walking fast,But there were rapid footsteps from the two diagonal fire exits,Helpless,He found an empty ward and quickly flashed in。
Now I can only climb through the window,I really regret that I somehow ran to such a high floor,If it was the seventh floor just now,The problem is much simpler。Fortunately, there are many places where you can get hands on the outer wall,Many horizontally staggered stone decorations are an excellent borrowing point。The only thing you need to fight for is time,Don’t be found after climbing halfway,I can only blame myself for bad luck。
In the night,The lights downstairs are very sparse,Stars and dots have limited lighting effect,So the environmental protection effect is very good。Li Tianchou’s location is east of the north side of the building,The main entrance and exit just downstairs just diverged,He turned out the window without saying a word。
Climb a straight wall without any protective measures,This is the first time Li Tianchou has done this,The rock climbing training in the army for nearly two years has laid a solid foundation for him,despite this,He is still a little nervous。After all, it has a height of six or seventy meters,Falling down is not a joke。
After climbing a few floors,Li Tianchou gradually let go,I also know the layout of decorative stone strips,So use both hands and feet,Boost。He is now not too worried about the group of people chasing upstairs,After all, it takes time to find rooms one by one。
Arrived at the top of the podium smoothly,Li Tianchou was relieved,Look up at tall buildings,Can’t help but sweat。After the night wind blows, my body is cold,Only then did he realize that his whole body was already through,It is not clear whether it is due to physical exertion or fear。
Li Tianchou dare not stay,I quickly found the location of the emergency passage I saw during the day,Go downstairs cautiously,There are no people outside as I imagined,This time Lao Xiao is probably a hundred secrets.。
But such a lucky thought only flashed in my mind for half a second,The side door on the right turns around four or five figures,The opponent’s flashlight suddenly emits a dazzling glare,Li Tianchou has no chance to return to the building。
“who?Stand still!”With the shout of the other party,One or two police officers rushed over quickly。Li Tianchou turned around and ran away without answering,On the right side of the inpatient building is a three- or four-storey small building,I can’t talk about roundabout and hiding,Can only run forward desperately。That direction is the back door of the building,Dozens of meters further ahead,Passing through the flower bed is the wall,And the only way to run。
Li Tianchou is in a hurry,Throw the opponent far away in the blink of an eye,The warning and noise behind him are loud,In this way, I was completely exposed。With Xiao Yadong’s adaptability,Just a moment,All police forces will be concentrated at the back door to surround him。So every second counts,Several figures flashed out from the back door at this time,Obviously got notified to participate in the containment。
Li Tianchou has nothing to worry about,Force under your feet,Rush towards each other。The besieged police officer was surprised,Obviously insufficient preparation,The opponent’s momentum is extremely fast,The one in the front has forgotten to call out the warning,He shot into the sky with a bang。
But Li Tianchou’s speed is too fast,The reverberation of the gunshot has not gone away,The police officer who fired was hit by him well fit,The dumb work of several other police officers,Li Tianchou has passed them like a gust of wind。Everyone finally realized,Drew guns to warn。
“boom”Another shot,It’s not a warning,A police officer finally couldn’t hold back shooting at Li Tianchou’s leg。Although missed,But it scared Li Tianchou into a cold sweat,These people really dare to start,It seems that today is a lot of bad luck。He weighed quickly in his mind,It doesn’t seem to be a good way to climb the wall,I’m afraid people will be sifted before they climb。

“Sick。”Bed bugs vomit thick sputum when they open their mouths,Scratch your head,The expression suddenly became weird again,“I took it down to the Wang Po and the others the day before yesterday,Many residents blocked the vehicles and did not allow demolition,It turned out to be with the people from the demolition office。These two have to run over to join in the fun,Got kicked。”

Li Tianchou nodded,Sure enough, something,But did not delve into the strange expression of the bug,“What about Wang Po and those nearby neighborhoods?”
“Wangpo doesn’t know。It’s a mess anyway,Almost killed。The demolition office didn’t know where they got the scum,Neighbors are not rivals at all。I saw the idiot named Dongnian at the opposite door sitting on the ground,Pour the whole bottle of gasoline on。Lao Tzu……Do not,I haven’t reacted yet,The flames have burst,Scared my legs and feet soft,Walking。”The bedbug tells of the tragic scene he saw with his own eyes。
Li Tianchou heard the blood surge,For a long time, a few vicious words popped from the teeth,“Son of a bitch!and after?”
“later……Then Erganzi was thrown down by a neighborhood holding a quilt,I didn’t die on the spot anyway。Many people came later,Police,Doctor。”
“go,Let’s go see the captain first。”Li Tianchou grabbed the bug,“What about the rest?”
“Jiu went to work in an Internet cafe in the city center,Sometimes come back,Sometimes don’t come back。Ahuang and Lan Mao are still in the salon,Can’t eat and starve。correct,Depp is back too,Do nothing like me。”
“Ok,Go there,Call him up,By the way, look at Ajiu and others,If in,Call all together。”Li Tianchou let go,Gave the bug a kick,“I’ll wait for you at the north road ahead。”
The bug got a cry,Gallop away,I can see that I am very excited,But it just gives people a weird feeling。Li Tianchou can’t figure it out,I don’t even think about it。Stroll down to the braised meat shop at Beima Road junction,Pork head、I bought a portion of the sauce beef,Made another roast chicken,Full of。Captain, this foodie likes meat,No Wisdom at all,What kind of Taoist research,Li Tianchou shook his head thinking about it。
Waiting for a cigarette,Bed bugs came with everyone,Are all except Ah Jiu。
“Ah Jiu didn’t come back today。”Bed bug panting,The people behind looked at Li Tianchou,All excited,Can’t speak for a long time。
“What happened?I didn’t say anything when I saw him?”Li Tianchou laughed,“Shake hands?Still hug?”
The bug was the first to pounce on Li Tianchou with open arms,Depp and others hug in turn。

“Not bad,The old man is one of the guards。”

Li Tianzhen nodded and stopped talking,Many things Dayan don’t need to be explained,Entered the temple,I’m afraid many secrets will be revealed。
The two started to climb their heads,Dayan changed the old man’s way,Actually took out the rope like a professional climber,Can climb much better than climbers,Rope like spider silk,Body like a spider,One jump,Climbed tens of meters in an instant。
Li Tianchou was dumbfounded,Secretly this old man has supernatural powers,I want to climb like Fansheng,Isn’t it wordy?Since it is a guardian,It’s quite inconvenient to go up and down every time,Could it be troublesome for myself?But after he picked up the rope dropped by the old man and started climbing,Fang knows the weirdness of this holy mountain。
This mountain has a strong adsorption capacity like a magnet,On the mountain,Feel the pressure immediately,It’s like going to Nantian Gate in God’s Treasure earlier,No matter the soul、The flesh is not immune,Li Tianzhen, who has tasted bitterness, had to learn Dayan,Use the flying claws at the front of the rope to fix the position,Then climb honestly,Can’t use magical powers to speculate。
I just wrestled for a while,The old man’s figure has reached the cloud,Can only see a small dot,Li Tianchou should catch up,Non-stop,It also took more than two hours,Li Tianzhi and Dayan finally stood on the top of the mountain,The feet are as smooth as a mirror platform,The huge pressure disappeared without a trace,The platform is very wide,Extends to the temple in front,And as a whole,I can’t even find a gap,Not a natural shape,I just don’t know what material it is。
The temple is bigger and magnificent than imagined,Very similar to the shape of the mountain,Also conical,On closer inspection, it is actually a nine-sided body,There is a tall arch on each side,Nine sturdy ridges like a giant dragon form the dome skeleton of the temple,At the very center of the top is a huge golden ball,Blooming with dazzling brilliance。
All arches are closed,There is a simple and clear pattern above each arch,Very special,Like the row of stone houses where Dayan lives,Different patterns,Go around,Dayan stopped at the arch directly opposite。
Li Tianzhen looked up,The pattern above the arch has a sense of deja vu,I just glanced at it casually and didn’t think so,At this time, the more I look, the more my heartbeat,A fierce lightning on a platform,It’s like that place of punishment。
“It’s not early,Let me go in。”Dayan said,Take the lead in waving robe sleeves。
Strange,When I was three feet away from the arch,The massive stone gate opened slowly,A forcing golden light rushes toward your face,The palace is magnificent,Dayan is unmoved,Still flamboyantly,Stride,Li Tianzhen had to follow。
Enter the temple gate,The golden light has disappeared,Replaced by a crystal clear and round milky white,Reflecting the whole hall is transparent,A wide gray curtain wall lay across the hall,Only left and right gaps like a tunnel are left,Besides,There are no other furnishings within the visible range of the main hall,Clean and clean,Spotless。
Take a closer look at this curtain wall,Li Tianzhen was taken aback,The wall is made of square boxes of the same size.,Each square box has a nameplate,It is engraved with the divine text he is familiar with,Like a urn,Densely packed,Could this be a real tomb wall?
To be fixed and take a closer look,Li Tianzhen’s scalp tingling,He looked directly at the nameplate in the center,It turned out to be the name of Luo Tiandang, the sixth emperor,On the nameplate of the next grid is the ninth emperor alone Yingxue,He also saw the names of many palace owners in the 36th Heavenly Palace,I even found Yuwen from the Huoyan Temple。
Li Tianzhi sweats like rain,The chaos in my mind is like the sky turned over,All the fragments of memory began to surge wildly,The world of God hidden in clouds,Stormy,The ups and downs of those memory fragments are spliced,Then broken,Stitch again afterwards,Finally a relatively complete fragment,Li Tianzhen tried to stabilize this segment,But after a strong wind broke again。
“Fellow,This is the former God Realm。”Dayan’s faint voice came from my ear。
Li Tianchou’s eyes are red,Suddenly turned around and grabbed Dayan by the collar,Viciously,“What is your intention to make up such a fantasy?”
“This is the sealed land of the Temple God Realm,How i made it up?”
“You talk nonsense,Which one of the above is not a prominent supernatural power?What power can turn the capital into a casket?”
“Who told you these are urns?”

And at the same time,The other side,Wang Teng is boring。

“Ugh,You said,Why no one?”
What Wang Teng said,It makes Jiang Ya a little curious。
“Why do you say that,what are you waiting for?”
Jiang Ya always feels,Wang Teng said so,It’s not simple。
It’s here,Wang Teng is very calm。
I won’t talk about other issues for now,But these problems,Actually, Wang Teng didn’t take it seriously。
“All right,these questions,Actually, there is no need for us to continue to struggle。”
“As for other things,We should still have this. It is the kingly way to deal with it first.。”
When Wang Teng was talking here,At this time Jiang Ya realized something was wrong。
“There are people around here?”
After Jiang Ya’s remarks,Wang Teng nodded。
Indeed,And these people,Actually came to Wang Teng。
But now,In fact, Wang Teng doesn’t care much。
After all, from now on,Such a problem,What should I do,this matter,Actually very important。
“All right,Now words,There is no need to entangle these。”
“If you don’t come out again,Then i’m leaving。”
Wang Teng’s eyes narrowed slightly,Looked straight ahead,He suddenly spoke。
With Wang Teng’s words finished,at this time,The few people in the dark,They realized the problem。

Just I didn’t expect to expose so soon.……

“Cough,That is the weight of power……”
“In short, you can’t practice a boy.!”Yunlo seems to be more interested in this。
“I said just try,Didn’t want to completely change the boy,And from martial arts theory,Stealing salted fish can also calculate half a boy,As long as there is no real yin and yang,Just a boy is deficient,Extra difficult,But not completely unable to practice。”Chu Dee people from professional perspective,Explain Yun Luo。
Yun Luo didn’t say any more,A push him:“Going to the gate of the palace,Hurry out,The people who have a child have been worth!”
Chapter 279 I have to have a mistake in admitted
“Going to the gate of the palace,Hurry out,The people who have a child have been worth!”Yunlo urged。
Unfortunately, Yunlo said that it was a late step.,Ingenious,Chu Deiren out this palace this time,I hit it on the provincial official.——In fact, the time has been much earlier than last time.,Just in the evening,But the last time is overtime,This time is the normal value。
See Chu Deirers,Indeed some officials,For those who are in the middle of the rivers and lakes,Just because I know Chu Deirers have“Assassinate”Savings,So nothing to say。
Chu Dee people come out from the palace,The heart is in the heart of this time, although there is a danger of being eye-catching.,But not only full load,Also further pressed a wave of rollerus hills,I am awkward in my heart.——It’s really me,smart people!
certainly,Chu Deirers are not ready to help and Linan,Just silently expecting the East Factory to force some,Cao Zhengyu is the main force of suppressing the ruling mountain。
This time, Cao Zhengli lanted、Returned to the sea,It can be said that it is on the face of the roller mountain,A knife,God Hou should also hate this old eunuch、Especially the biggest stumbling block of himself as yourself,As for the Chu Deirers……Just ordinary“hateful”Yet。
This dog bits the dog,Chu Deirers favorite!
But the Chu Deirers don’t know what,Be on the night,After the ceremony, the ceremony is returned.,Put your own ninth room small,Neiyun, the main and“Ridge spine”when……
This ninth house,It is actually a torrent of the Taoism.——For the safety of the big Song、For the royal family,What should he do?,Even if you don’t go to the front, you don’t want to recruit Chu is too old.,You can also propose and pro,The county is the old age.,Solver what scandal。
Obviously, you are a technical woman.,Now that you are worried about the name of the main owner.?
Tao Dado didn’t want to,But he heard“As a result,Dynasty Middle Erman and Li people,I will always feel the adult、Noble product that is not afraid”Rear,Heart also moved。
at the same time,East Factory Cao Zhengqi is listening to the head of the hand:“Supervise,Has been arranged!According to your instructions,Dark mid-to-order internal response、Strategy them together to enter the county and pro……There will be a group of ministers to enter tomorrow.!”
“Hehehe,Those idiot one by one,It is still not to be commanded by us.?”Cao Zhengzhen can’t help but smile,In the heart:Humph,It’s uncomfortable guys that make you a nasty.!I want to see this supervisor and God’s dog bite dog?You still have a tender!
Advise the emperor to ask the main and pro,There is no risk,It can be said that it should be something,Earn a reputation,Cao Zhengyi can understand these civilians“Blanket”。
certainly,If the Chu Deirens really retaliate,That’s better!
I am,Favorite to watch dog biting dog……
However, Cao Zhengqi doesn’t know,Also at the same time,A black man in the secret room,神 神 侯:“God,The little man has secretly convinced Cao Zhengyu.、Utilize the East Works,Come to the strategy of the ministers and relatives。”
Zhao no appearance nodded……
kindness,Zhao ignores the left and right sights,Repeated experience——In short, no matter what the emperor will be angry,I don’t think of myself.,Will be more than those of the midstances,If you can further,It’s even more wonderful to see the conspiracy of the East Factory.。
Dog bite dog,It could not be better!
Chu Deiren got the scorpion boy,There are also three major martial arts.,Chu Deirers stayed in Lin’an a few days,Waiting for a late harvest——《Plastic star Dafa》!
Ren Yingying really trustworthy,In the end, I still persuade my bank.,will《Plastic star Dafa》Give the Chu Deirens。
When the Chu Deiren paired the jade,Be invited in the interior,I only see peace of peace.,This time is a light gauze.,The melodious sound came。
The Chu Deiren heard it first.,Followed by reaction——This is the sound of Ren Yingying!
Not anyone“Clear curse”,Can have the effect of treating internal injuries……
Before the front of the prince and the hardening eight,Chu Deirers were indeed injured,At this time, through the healing music,Relaxing sitting down。
A song,Chu Deirers are not heavy injuries,Already good seven seven eight eight。
“It’s also to drive the holy girl to take this one.,Be ashamed、Be ashamed。”Chu Deng said heshammed,But people have been sitting half a day next to the table.。
Ren Yingying,A waving directly blows the gauze,Thereafter, the mouth:“Take someone to take a trip, what is it?,Chu Chuzi does not blame the little girl.。”
“I blame you.?《Plastic star Dafa》Not get?”Chu Deirers have worriedly asked。
“Chu Chuzi said,If it is good《Plastic star Dafa》,I haven’t come from my father.,How do you come to see the son??The son really still remembers the day before the day.。”Ren Yingying said a complaint。
This“So”The extent is just right,It is aware of“So”of“So”。

“Attack with alloy flying sword,The speed of the flying sword is only twice the speed of sound,But with this Duntiansuo flying knife,Speed up to three times the speed of sound,The air resistance is less than one-tenth of the previous one!”Li Ming’s happy thought,At the same time the flying knife flashed。

“puff!”Light gray knife,A strange bird with dark feathers was cut off!
“The flesh and bones of monsters are actually not weaker than ordinary steel,Cutting with an alloy flying sword is quite laborious,But use this“Dun Tissot”Just like using a normal knife to cut tofu,Resistance is also minimal.How sharp is this weapon?”Li Ming was happy and surprised,Happy,This weapon in hand,It’s not too difficult to kill the fish monster。But the surprise is,Such a powerful weapon,From“Remains of Ancient Civilization”Dug out,That ancient civilization,Or how powerful is the alien?Does it still exist??If it has disappeared,How did that die??Something is really scary。
Li Ming shook his head,Drive away these thoughts,How ancient civilization has little to do with him,Now whether it is an individual or a country,The first task is to eliminate the monster’s disaster!
Have Escape Tissot,Li Ming can let go and kill monsters,Even at the bottom of the water, he is sure to kill that knifefin ghostfish。
A strong murderous intent flashed in Li Ming’s heart,Spiritual power radiates,Searching the bottom of the lake inch by inch。
“found it!”
at the same time,In the bottom of the lake,Rolling water waves。
Roar!”A silver-white scale,White fish monsters with wide fins walk through the bottom of Pohu Lake,Like a king traveling,Other monsters at the bottom of the lake avoided。
But such an arrogant and powerful fish monster,A pair of muddy fish eyes flashed a trace of anxiety。Thinking,anxiety,This is a symbol of wisdom!
It is not a simple monster,Its life is even longer than most humans。
As early as a hundred years ago,It’s already born,Pohu Lake was much bigger than it is now,Those creatures called humans rarely enter the depths of the lake。Occasionally humans go deep。It will often attack,To show its place。

“Little brother,Scared?”A Huo smiled,Seeing that Li Tianchou is weak,Dance the stick again。

But unexpectedly this time Li Tianchou did not hide,Not being stimulated by the old bald man,But the physical strength is really bad,Fly again,I’m afraid I’m going to be on the ground,At this time I have to blog。
Meet the old bald,Li Tianchou shouted,Just lift a stick,Didn’t even parry,Kill it,Who the hell is afraid of,I have an iron guy in my hands。
Chapter Seventy Unexpected turn
Li Tianchou’s sudden and desperate play made Ah Huo unexpected,At this critical moment,The stick in my hand has been swiped out,It’s impossible to stop and parry,And the iron rod has arrived with the sound of the wind,Even if you beat the opponent,I have to get close to a guy sturdily,Still iron guy!
A Huo is the old Jianghu after all,This is absolutely not a gambling,He can’t control the other party,I have a wife and children to feed,There is also the second、Mi……smallNTo take care of。In desperation,Swiftness,Not ashamed,Release the stick in your hand and roll it on the spot,Although very embarrassed,But I can’t escape the iron rod,Secretly applaud risk。
Li Tianchou is not only determined to hurt both sides,And it takes a lot of effort,But I didn’t expect it to be empty,A staggered foot almost didn’t stop,This is the result of physical exhaustion,He stood in a hurry,Gasp and adjust your breathing。
And all the thugs saw the boss so desperate,Still embarrassed,Frozen for a while and dare not take it easily。
“Paralyzed,Don’t froze,Get started,This kid can’t stand。”A Huo can no longer care about his face,Wiping the sweat on his forehead and shouting。
The red hair at the door knows the situation is not good,Immediately squatted and picked up a wooden stick and ran to Li Tianchou,“I drafted grandma’s!”Depp、When Ah Jiu saw this, he was bold enough to find someone to follow him,Even bed bugs came over with a piece of brick in hand。The captain made a few stops at the door, but didn’t take any steps,I don’t know what I’m talking about。
The scene was suddenly tense,It’s going to be a gang fight this time!Watch the riot,Timid retreat,There are also curiously squeezing forward,But everyone’s eyes are throbbing with excitement。
The thugs no longer hesitate,Carry the guy and rush up,Li Tianchou is already at the end of the crossbow,A few and a half-year-old children should not exist。
The muscular sweating who rushed to the front did not dare to touch Li Tianchou,Specially pick and check soft persimmons,He rounded the stick and smashed his head down as Depp with a look of astonishment。
Depp rarely goes through such scenes after all,Reluctantly rushing up is only for a momentary mood,Was frightened on the spot,Completely forgot to dodge。Li Tianchou was shocked,Shot in time and opened the opponent with an iron rod,But a distraction,A heavy stick on the back of the shoulder,Hot pain,Fortunately, I just slanted my shoulders a bit by instinct,Otherwise it will definitely be rammed down。
The red hair behind him is not so lucky,Was hugged to the back by a beater with a stick,Fell directly to the ground and said nothing。I don’t know when,Ajiu can’t afford it,The most flexible is the bug,Throw a brick,Turn around and run,I jumped into the crowd in a few seconds,Caused a commotion。
Li Tianchou was furious,Staring at the muscular man just now,Whip up the iron rod,Totally ignore it,The muscular man’s face was stiff and frightened,Finally I was forced to turn my head and run,The scene begins to chaos,Gang fight turned into chase。
“stop!”Shout out,A round man appeared from the crowd,Suddenly appeared in front of a muscular man,Extremely fast side kick,A kid’s foot,“Snapped”’S hit the muscular man’s face。Scream,Muscular man covered his face with his hands and fell to the ground。
This change is very sudden,Li Tianchou couldn’t keep up,Almost bumped into the opposite guy,“Haha,Is it a big loss??”The man stretched out his hands to support Li Tianchou,Actually laughed。
“Master Peng?!”Li Tianchou calmly took a look,Cry out in surprise。The person here is Peng Weihua,He kept his smile,“I said you take time off and don’t go to work,What are you doing??Gang fights are so addictive?”

Each of them holds half a wooden stick in his hand,Looks very fierce。Xia Jian feels a little familiar to these people,But he can’t remember for a while。

“beauty!Nice car!Come out for a hundred dollars!To keep you safe on this road,No one will come out to trouble you“This person speaks,Low tone,But a bit cold。
First0699chapter Gunshots on the edge of the forest
Xia Jian’s brain suddenly buzzed,Feel like being hit by something,He suddenly remembered who this person is。Did he bring a group of veterans,Do you often run here to make trouble??
Xia Jian can’t sit still in the car,He pushed the car door and jumped down。When Mao Sen saw Xia Jian getting off the car,I couldn’t help but have a look,But he calmed down immediately。
“Yo!Isn’t this President Xia of the Venture Group??We are really enemies on a narrow road,I can meet you wherever I go”Mason speaks first。Dragon Ball couldn’t help but glance at Xia Jian,Obviously she didn’t recognize this Mao Sen。
Xia Jian approached Dragon Ball,Only then smiled slightly:“Maussen,Why haven’t you entered?Ran here again to mess around,You seem to want to make people feel peaceful, right?!”
Dragon Ball lowered his voice,Ask Xia Jian in a low voice:“Which Mausen is he?”
“Ok!it’s him,Always run out to make trouble。If i guess right,This guy tied me once”Xia Jian deliberately raised his voice high,He wanted to tell Mason。
Sure enough, this guy laughed and said:“Young people are really smart,But for 60,000 yuan,Feng Tianfu almost turned my face with me,It’s a pity that this guy went in,So don’t talk about it”
“Don’t mention it,Are you not afraid that Feng Tianfu will do all the tricks inside?”Xia Jian’s voice is also very high,He wanted to give this person a shock,This is called mind attack。
Mason shook his hand and said:“Not afraid,I did it for him once,He won’t be foolish even to say this”
“Hard to say!So I advise you to take your people to go further,Don’t just hang around here,Shake off,It’s hard to swing in and out”Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but sneered twice。
Maussen laughed and said:“What brothers do is the life on the tip of a knife,Nothing terrible,Don’t be alarmist,Otherwise I will turn my face,That would be a big trouble”
“Humph!I’m the one going to turn my face,How dare you come here to mess around,Don’t you want us to do business?!”Xia Jian said,Also his face changed。
Mao Sen glanced at Xia Jian,Said with cold eyes:“Where can I get the money,Where we go,I don’t care whose site this is,What annoys me,I don’t accept the account of Lao Tzu”
“Are you a little too arrogant,If you take your people away from here right away,I won’t mention the past,Otherwise you know who you are,I just need a phone,You might not be able to get out”Xia Jian raised his voice very high,He wants some of Mao Sen’s men to listen。
Mao Sen shrugged and said:“OK!Even if i go in today,I want you to lie here too”Mason said,The half of the wooden stick in his hand swept over according to Xia Jian。
Facing such an opponent,Xia Jian didn’t dare to care,He pushed away the dragon ball,The whole body fell backwards suddenly,The wooden stick in Mao Lin’s hand,Wiped his belly and swept over。

Huge shock wave,Crush everything you touch to pieces,Feng Xichuan sitting in a fashionable Internet cafe、Zhang Song、The computer screens of the three Zhao Ping are accompanied by shaking sound effects,All turned into a red death screen。I can only make a sigh of dying in the safe house.!

And the Black Wind Mountain Legion,The ringing horse who was fighting Shunzi was burned to death by a pillar of fire in the field……
Shunzi glanced at the mountain king who was still at the bottom,But found him missing。
In chaos,system hint:“Blackwind Mountain Sergeant‘Trigger an explosive device to kill’FP.Ermapingchuan、FP.Songzi、FP.XiaoZ、Blackwind Mountain Racer,Deathmatch mode score2:3!”
“Hahahaha!I did it!I killed everyone who was hiding in the birthplace!”The sergeant smiled triumphantly,Reveal the dark side of my heart。
Only the ringing horse beside him expresses helplessness,Obviously we will kill Shunzi soon,Why is it always hurt……
The army’s laughter has not disappeared,I saw my blood volume was emptied suddenly,It turns out that the giant crocodile that followed him to the birthplace just now was not killed,Instead, the attack succeeded,I bit off the general’s head in a clean bite!
system notification:“Ancient Giant Crocodile#0441‘Kill’Blackwind Mountain Sergeant!”
The military teacher has never expected that he would have been tricked by this animal,Infinite regret。
“Deserve it!”Seeing the ringing horse of the Shishibao cursed。
“Reincarnation,Who has God spared……”Even the monkey who missed the big bang because of being the first to die in battle would make up for it。
“Deathmatch mode:score3:3!”
Anna Cao took a wash from the bathroom,I went back to the computer and found that I was missing something……
“Is this still a arena??Why is it a thin red oil shortbread??!”
Prelude-newborn Chapter One Hundred Two Fight black wind again(fifteen)

The light in Yushi’s eyes gradually disappeared,Give him a glance:“cut,It’s okay to come to me this night,Unless you want to be beaten!”

Zhu Boyu received her sharp gaze,Smiled:“Boss,Or you know me,It’s okay, I really dare not find you。I have news from Sun Jiaxing,He came back from abroad,Now in shenzhen。”
“Really?Where is he,Take me to find him!”Suddenly news of the key person she was looking for,Yushi doesn’t want to delay for a moment。
“His home is in Dapeng New District,It’s too late now。Boss,Let’s go tomorrow,I accompany you。”Raised his hand to check the time,Zhu Boyu suggested。When he got the news, he came to Yushi excitedly,Not paying attention to time。
Yushi’s lips trembled,Tears in the eyes,“Accompany me now,I don’t want to delay every minute!”
The firmness in her eyes moved him,So he can’t say another one“Do not”word。
Yu Shi quietly went upstairs and changed clothes,Go out with him and get on the car parked at the door。
The wind of summer night blew in through the car window,Tickle the sensitive nerves of poetry。
She found Sun Jiaxing for a long time,Thinking of meeting him,Except for her excitement,More nervous and uneasy。She wants to know the truth,But afraid that the truth is as unbearable as she imagined。
She is worried that she is not strong enough to deal with the stormy waves that may emerge next。If someone could calculate her father silently,Why not be afraid of a young girl like her。
but,Recalling the purple face when my father died,She added endless courage。Nothing is more important than investigating the truth。
Korean poetry should not be in the dictionary“fear”Two words!
a long time,Poems withdraw thoughts,My eyes are calm and watery。
The car galloped on the wide street,Like a behemoth in the dark night,Roaring,Getting closer to the villa in Dapeng New District。
The phone in the bag rang untimely,Yu Shi thought it was her mother,Busy opening the bag and taking out the phone。Don’t want,The caller ID on the screen is Ji Yunfeng’s name。
this late,Why did he call?
With doubts,Yushi pressed the answer button。