But this hurt Dayan,Go out if you can’t go back,His phantom cannot stay in the void for long,Although he knows that Li Tianzhen is a chaotic body,But I never thought that God Zang would be so powerful after being recreated,Completely reshaped a vast and boundless sea of stars,And this void space is also full of violent storms and even space debris,Terrible,If it weren’t for the light blue sphere not far away in his eyes,Dayan even suspected that he was thrown into the real cosmic void。

And Li Tianzhen is still in pain and struggle,The tissues in the body continue to decay、erosion、Die,But soon there will be a new organization、Flesh and Blood,The body is constantly changing,But won’t die,This is the extremely terrifying characteristic of Chaos Body,Unless it is an unimaginable powerful kill,Completely cut off his vitality in an instant,Otherwise it is the immortal body,Don’t say Dayan doesn’t know,Li Tianzhen doesn’t know it himself,Even the bloodwalker who lived for an unknown number of years can’t tell,Because there has never been a true god of chaos,Never heard of it。
Bloodwalker lost his true body,Only a group of spirits was saved by the river of blood,He is hiding in the depths of the shadow of the blood river,Watching the amazing changes in Li Tianzhen’s body in amazement,He suddenly realized that he was acting too aggressively,Or just not so tough,Don’t push this kid too hard,Maybe it’s possible to talk more,But now there will never be any hope。
Then,What are these useless guys waiting for?The old man looked at his companion at the center altar,Issue a killing order to all blood races,Kill Li Xiucheng,Kill this chaotic body that is rumored to be impossible to kill!
Roar of the river of blood,Any timidity is not the emotion and quality that a blood race should have,So the stunned blood race rushed forward desperately,But soon several supernatural powers screamed and flew out,But more kinsmen are missing,Suddenly there was a huge phantom head beside Li Tianzhen,Hideous and terrifying,Mouth slightly open,Blazing flames,Not only that,His nostrils、ear、The eyes are spitting out flames,Is obviously very angry。
There is a faint white shadow beside this head,Appears quite thin and weak,Shadow’s hand is holding a thick short rod,Some blood witnessed this stick flashing just now,A companion。
“Dayan,I thought you had a braid。”In the shadow of the blood river,The bloodwalker was frightened and angry,Dayan is not a concern,But the head below is a rare master,How could Li Xiucheng hide so many monsters in his body??
“I can’t die if you die。”Dayan look around,Consciously leaned against Sun Tiangang’s head。
“Since you can’t die,Why bother to come to this muddy water?”
“I healed inside him,If you don’t want to kill him,Why did I run out?”
Bloodwalker Silence,It’s hard to decide,There are Dayan and weird heads,It’s quite difficult to kill Li Xiucheng at this time,The rumbling from not far away indicated,The Holy Blood Array is emerging from the ground step by step,Have been out for a little and a half,Although the protective cover is seriously damaged,But in the case of the twelve elites offering sacrifices,Maybe sacrifice two or three more elders,Great formation will be fully present,Until then,Kindred is not afraid of any powerful enemies in the world,Just don’t know how long it will take。
Sun Tiangang has no scruples,Very irritable at the moment,I didn’t plan to leave the magic tower again,But Li Xiucheng is about to play with himself again,Since I can’t just watch,He has to vent,The clouds above his head and the talking old monsters make him extremely annoying,Suddenly rushed into the shadow of the blood river calmly,A mouth sprayed a blast of burning fire towards the bloodwalker hidden in the shadows。
Chapter one thousand and seven Shanhe Ding
Second lunatic!Bloodwalker never expected,This evil head actually dared to attack the Blood River Projection,Li Tianzhen is the first madman,He is the second,When the terrifying flame rushed over,The bloodwalker dived deeper into the blood river without even thinking about it,His spirit hardly has any defense ability,Even with the shelter of the blood river, I dare not face it directly。
The river of blood began to tremble and furious again,Today it has been furious three times in a row,I can’t tolerate any blasphemous actions by the tiny life,Besides, I met three lifeless things in one breath,Countless turbulences gather,Form a huge vortex,Whistling towards Sun Tiangang,There is a tendency to swallow him。
If it is a real river of blood,Sun Tiangang naturally wants to avoid his edge,But a projection can also have such a big temper,He really wants to be tough。
Sun Tiangang’s head suddenly grew ten times bigger,A big mouth full of black fangs,The overwhelming flames gushing away against the whirlpool,Two torrents of completely different attributes collide together,So big but no sound,Violent shaking between heaven and earth,Change the colors of the mountains and wasteland,Some fragile mountains in the middle section of the buried hill began to collapse,A blood-colored barrier hundreds of feet high suddenly rises in the sky,The blood mist produced by the river of blood burned by flames filled several kilometers away。
This lasted for about three breaths,Blood River began to go crazy,No wind makes a huge wave,A wave is like a mountain,Layers of waves are coming,Sun Tiangang eyes wide open,Secretly scared,Worthy of being the legendary river of blood,Just a projection is so scary。
I underestimated the enemy just now,The fire of the soul is difficult to suppress the opponent,But Sun Tiangang is naturally brave and cruel,Except for Li Xiucheng,Never convinced any gods,He polished his mind in the town magic tower for thousands of years without smoothing his edges and corners,The more bloody the river is, the more it will arouse his bloodiness,Sun Tiangang suddenly yelled up to the sky,Spit out something from the big mouth,Shaped like a square ding,This thing is simple and unpretentious,Dark,But there is a swallowing river、Power of the Heaven and Earth,Suddenly rise against the storm,Rush towards the blood wave。
“Shanhe Ding!”The bloodwalker hiding in the depths of the blood river yelled,As a long-standing old monster,He knows the origin of this thing well,Yell at yourself stupidly,Now that I know that Li Xiucheng has adventures as a new generation of God of War,I should think of who this evil big head is,Sun Tiangang!The spirit of the top grade artifact,The only weird thing that can cultivate into the golden fairy realm!Then I turned to Li Xiucheng。

My boyfriend broke up with her for months,Because my boyfriend said,No other moves can be unlocked on Meng Jiao’s body。

The other party is still young,So he hopes to go around,To find people who can push each other’s limits。
obviously,Meng Jiao is not like this。
“Men don’t have a good thing,All big trotter。”
Meng Jiao is secretly thinking about it here,Then I saw a man walking towards this side。
This man is Wang Teng,Looks very handsome,A well-cut suit,It makes him different。
But don’t know why,The more Meng Jiao looks at it, the more disgusting it becomes。
Because of this man,Actually more handsome than Meng Jiao’s ex-boyfriend。
and so,Meng Jiao thinks more,Wang Teng is not a good person anymore。
Meng Jiao called out suddenly,This makes Wang Teng feel a little curious。
what happened,what is happening?
And it looks,This seems to be calling myself?
“what happened,You are talking to me?”
Wang Teng turned,Looked at Meng Jiao,Talking slightly curiously。
With Wang Teng’s words finished,Meng Jiao is even more angry。
She is more and more convinced,Wang Teng is not a good person。
“What are you doing here?”

Xia Jian glanced at the phone,Think about it:“Ask her to bring relevant materials to the interview at four o’clock,If it fails,I won’t give you any face”

“This natural,Work by strength,What face。Let me say hello to Mr. Xiao,I’m going back to Nanyuan too”Dragon Ball stood up,Say hello to Xia Jian,And left happily。
When Xia Jian finishes looking up some information on his hand,Found that it was past eleven o’clock。He quickly went downstairs,Drove Daben directly to the hospital。
In the ward,Old Xiao is better,He is talking to Aunt Ding,Aunt Ding saw that Xia Jian was here,Smiled and said:“Watch it first,I’ll bring him some food”
Wait for Aunt Ding to leave,Xia Jian busy crawling beside Old Xiao,Asked softly:“What exactly is going on,Tell me,Is there someone against you?”
“Hard to say,Don’t mention this for now,Because i don’t have enough evidence,Of course,through this matter,I will be careful,There won’t be another time“Old Xiao said,Took a long breath。
Look at Old Xiao like this,Xia Jian is not good to ask further down,He knows what Old Xiao is best,Things she didn’t want to say,You can’t ask anything。
The two chatted casually for a while,In the meantime, Old Xiao also mentioned what Wang Lin told him,Is to invest in apple planting in Pingyang Town。Now that Xiao asked,Xia Jian put his thoughts,Combine some information he has,Say it all to Old Xiao。
After listening to Old Xiao,Hehe smiled and said:“quickly!I will support you in this matter,You just let go!“
When two people are chatting lively,Aunt Ding has beaten the meal back。She smiled and said to Xia Jian:“You should go back,Can’t come again today,Mr. Xiao should rest,Otherwise the doctor will tell me“
Also,Mr. Xiao just recovered,Of course not too tired,Xia Jian got up and left。
He drives the car,I found a noodle restaurant on the roadside,Had a bowl of noodles。The boss looked at him and smiled while paying:“Eat bowl of noodles in Da Ben?“
“Just like this,The delicacies of mountains and seas cannot be replaced“Xia Jian laughed and said。
his words,Amused a few people who eat noodles。Just out of the restaurant door,A woman with a very enchanting dress came up,But his every move,Still attracts men’s attention。Xia Jian didn’t hold back, so he glanced twice。

“kindness。”If there is no such thing as a small dragon,But nothing。

Chu Dee,First turn the stone door,Along with the sound of Shimen agency,Chu Deiren saw that the little dragon woman was shaking slightly slightly.。
I don’t know because of pain,Still because。
But neither talk,I have not moved。
Chu Deirers also clearly understand,Most small dragons are also wanting to move,I want to be shy……
certainly,Chu Dee people still feel that they can better,After all, the little dragon can’t lose consciousness.,Maximum is installed,And Chu Deirers will adjust to“Tire”state,There is no surface consciousness!
“Dragon,I will help you practice.!”Chu Deee said。
Little dragon girl:???
“Cough,I mean,I will later‘Tire’To cooperate with you,But I am in the state of the tire.,Unable,Need to be a dragonware door。”
Chu Deirers finished,Nothing around the front,Sit down behind the small dragon girl,Later……Double eyes、Close up。
Because Chu Dee is used“Taoism”,To cooperate with the small dragon《Jade》,So the Chu Deirens did not have any clothes restrictions.。
After three hours,Chu Deman“exactly”Wake up——Although there is no surface consciousness,But when will I end?,Chu Deirers’ tires are clearly clear。
Also specially waiting for a moment。
Sure enough, the little dragon girl has been reopened.,But some are expected to be expected by Chu.,Xiaolong female is not red face、Low head,But it is sturdy、Note clearly at yourself。
Instead, the Chu Deirers can be easily red.、Lower……
“You still call me the head?”
“what?That……aunt?”Chu Dee people also wondered,Nowadays, there are also this good?
Little dragon girl:???
Why did he suddenly learn a little red??
Chu Dee people reacted,Transform:“I mean……Dragon。”
Obviously I only need to do one time,Why is the little dragon have three times?
In addition to the Chu Deirers will not move,Need a small dragon girl to make a styling,It is also because of its inner fluctuations.,So a lot of time consumption。
“kindness,Temporary。”The tone of the little dragon is still cold,However, there is more than the eyes.。
“After that, I will take you to Daxue Mountain.,Also go to the cold blood,Can eradicate your cold poison。”Chu Deirers say that the little dragon girl is very relaxed,As if the blood is there,Waiting for yourself to reach out。
“kindness。”Small dragon girl did not question,And change yesterday,Nothing to mention what you can’t leave the ancient tomb,Just nod to promise。
“That……I am going to prepare。”Chu Deirers said they stood up。
What is the little dong?,But it is active,Thoughtful helped him open Shimen。
Come out,Chu Deiren found that Li Mozhen did not be far from the corner。
“Isn’t it just a time to do it??Different two hours, what are you doing??”Li Mozhen questioned the Chu Deirers。
“Dragon……Yourself,Naturally inconvenient。”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake

“Be right,The teacher is not dead.,Then there is a small and two places.,They have not come back for more than 20 years.,Naturally retreated!”Chu Deirers have very proud to say their own reasoning.。

“Oh?That Lu Zhuang is now re-covered?”Li Mozhen is half a saying that I will ask a sentence.。
But the radix is some regret,In case he doesn’t know that he is a joke.,I really thought I want to be with him.……
“kindness?Why do you mention the land??”Chu Deirers asked,Also added:“I have already moved away.!”
Li Mozhen:……
I always feel that Chu is so mistaken, it will be very subtle direction.。
“I have nothing to do recently.,Heaven before the hero meeting!”Chu Deirers a pair of August 26 this year,Don’t you want to go?。
And Li Mozhen just slammed。
The Chu Deiren also took Li Mozhen,Going from the bottom of the crane,Sure enough, Lin Chao Ying and Wang Zhongyang are also,The brother of Wang is still sorry.。
Lin Chao Ying also said:“Yi Qing,Yes, you are joke.,Divided into the martial arts,Come and make your own.!”
“Yes Yes Yes,You are the most powerful。”Wang Zhongyang said and brought some pet.。
Chu Deirers and Li Mozhen did not work……
Be right,As a mature and comprehensive rivers and lakes,Chu Deiren just became the spacious situation of the coffin,Long story、Let the following hear。
Otherwise, what if they are cultivating?
After finding two people in gredy,Chu Dee people I still want to find a small dragon girl.,By the way, how long can I come back?,But just at this time,Just listen to gold“Whisper”scream!
This name is very urgent,One is an urgent matter,Chu Deirers quickly launched a light job,Shutong hair towards the cold jade bed。
Just close,Chu Deirers were noticeable——temperature,Too much!
When the door is rushed to the door,I am afraid that there is already zero three or 40 degrees.,The indoor can make ordinary people with a few more than a few tricks.。
at the same time,I saw that the little dragon girl fell to the ground.,Golden, expanded to the height of only a slightly ordinary person,Still very strong,A hand grabbed small red,Put the hair with a small dragon girl——Yun Luo will be familiar with this posture.……
Chu Deirers also helped handles,Take the house,Just feel that she is cold,Obviously the cold body,Even busy——Chu Deirers are not afraid of this low temperature,Can Xiaolong women are not big!
Quick to a safe place,Live treatment……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 873 Chill
Ancient tombs,With the Chu Deirers,Chu Deirers and Dragon Dragon in front of,The golden light on the body is extinguished——Oh,There is a small red next to it.。
“How about it?”Li Mozhen quickly asked。
“The frostbite of the body and meridians has been alleviated,but……Do not know why,Real gas is still stagnant。”Chu Deirers a burst of eyebrows。
At this time, the little dragon girl is nothing.,Just true, but stagnation,Blocking in all parts of the meridians,Temporary is not to endanger life,But continue,Not only martial arts,And will soon!
Lin Chao Ying also busy,Dragon female diagnosis——On-the-efficacy,Their husband and wife are added together,It is better than you don’t sleep.,But I am so widely wide.、And understand medical skills。
However, Lin Chao Ying’s expression is also a dignified,No opening,Obviously the situation is somewhat not。
Xiaohong, I stood up at this time.——Its freighter is also stagnated,But it is gradually resolved.,Obviously people and birds are different!

“I finally went to the hospital.!Central battlefield!”Xu cool excited。

His voice is just,The nurses of the nurses in the hospital door, I walked over:“Please show your health code,Extender。”
The medical department of the Wuhan People’s Hospital on the car is also a big bar.,Stretching the lower limbs。
Although he wears a mask,But after all, it is one of the main leaders of Wuhan People’s Hospital.,So the nurses’ sisters are also very politely asked him.。
This bus is also exclusive to Wuhan People’s Hospital.。
Therefore, a health code check and body temperature monitoring is carried out on the person.,Also routine operation。
“Lao Xu,You have something wrong with this.。”Fang Royi is also no shelf,The finger slides out the health code on the phone screen。
Then he reached out and prepared to make the nurse sister to measure the temperature.。
Xu Liangqi has been measured by the nurses sister.,He looked like a ice,Not explain:“I am wrong.?”
Wuhan People’s Hospital。
With the bus door of the bus,Xu Liangqi is the first to rush down the car。
Chief,Simply urchin!
He rushed into the car this time, it was losing behind him.。
“I finally went to the hospital.!Central battlefield!”Xu cool excited。
His voice is just,The nurses of the nurses in the hospital door, I walked over:“Please show your health code,Extender。”
The medical department of the Wuhan People’s Hospital on the car is also a big bar.,Stretching the lower limbs。
Although he wears a mask,But after all, it is one of the main leaders of Wuhan People’s Hospital.,So the nurses’ sisters are also very politely asked him.。
This bus is also exclusive to Wuhan People’s Hospital.。
Therefore, a health code check and body temperature monitoring is carried out on the person.,Also routine operation。
“Lao Xu,You have something wrong with this.。”Fang Royi is also no shelf,The finger slides out the health code on the phone screen。
Then he reached out and prepared to make the nurse sister to measure the temperature.。
Xu Liangqi has been measured by the nurses sister.,He looked like a ice,Not explain:“I am wrong.?”
Wuhan People’s Hospital。
With the bus door of the bus,Xu Liangqi is the first to rush down the car。
Chief,Simply urchin!
He rushed into the car this time, it was losing behind him.。
“I finally went to the hospital.!Central battlefield!”Xu cool excited。
His voice is just,The nurses of the nurses in the hospital door, I walked over:“Please show your health code,Extender。”
The medical department of the Wuhan People’s Hospital on the car is also a big bar.,Stretching the lower limbs。
Although he wears a mask,But after all, it is one of the main leaders of Wuhan People’s Hospital.,So the nurses’ sisters are also very politely asked him.。
This bus is also exclusive to Wuhan People’s Hospital.。
Therefore, a health code check and body temperature monitoring is carried out on the person.,Also routine operation。
“Lao Xu,You have something wrong with this.。”Fang Royi is also no shelf,The finger slides out the health code on the phone screen。

Li Ji were all taken aback,Looking at Chen Xiu who was madly attacking Liu Fengxing in disbelief,How old is this kid,Even from the mother’s womb, it’s only 20 years,Actually has reached a state they haven’t touched for hundreds of years。

Zhang Laoba looked surprised when he saw everyone,Asked with an unclear face:“What is the state of no move you said?”
Everyone looked at this simple-minded guy with contempt,Fortunately, he is still as famous as himself,Really ashamed of him,“No move”Never heard of。
Zhang Laoba likes to talk straight,Doesn’t mean he is stupid,I also saw the contempt of everyone,Said carelessly:“What do you think of me,I don’t know why。I will ask you,Can Old Liu beat this kid??”
Everyone shook their heads,Xie Zhou said:“Not only old Liu can’t,If all of us here are heads-up, none of this kid’s opponents!”
Zhang Laoba made a loud noise,Holding a hammer and flying towards Chen Xiufei,Shouted loudly in the air:“Not together yet,Watch a play of wool!”
Everyone was taken aback,Come back soon。
Since no one is Chen Xiu’s opponent,It’s better to take advantage of Liu Fengxing’s loss of combat effectiveness and rush to solve this kid。
Right now Li Ji was carrying his two short guns and chasing Chen Xiu in the back。
“Old Xie,We too!”
Chai Rong’s sword was given to Liu Fengxing,A palm broke a small tree next to it,Remove branches and leaves and use it as a spear,Also join the war。
“Lao Chai,We are the masters of the Five Seven Stages of Consummation,Five people besieged an eighth-stage hairy boy,If the rumors go out,Where to put our old face!”Xie Zhou is still somewhat ashamed of the other four。
“Old Xie,When do you still want this!”
Chai Rong is a long stick shaken,Said with a mockery:“If this kid dies,Who knows that we are deceiving less!”
Added:“Nei Dan is still on this kid,Don’t you want it anymore?”
Although the inner alchemy of Tier 3 fierce beasts is not as good as Qianye Guo,But it also contains the perception of the laws of heaven and earth,It’s a shortcut to break through the seventh stage realm and enter the ranks of second-rate masters。

This unexpected battle,Dongfang Ruiqing suffered a big loss,Lost two clones one after another,There is also a ray of divine soul being swallowed by the little red dragon incarnate as a red thread,Made him seriously injured,Repair base,Not only has no results, the boy,And didn’t force the mysterious alien monster,Or even ruin thousands of subordinates,So costly,Almost no results,Make him lose face,Embarrassed。

But when Dongfang Ruiqing escaped,The golden sea of fire urged by the Five Elements Base Armor suddenly converged and quickly retracted,The huge and terrifying sea of fire soon became only a fire group of Zhang Xu Fang,Blink again,Disappeared without a trace,And the surviving gods and soldiers looked at each other as stupid.,Stop the call sign and dying madness。
They looked around and the sky in horror,I can’t believe that I seem to have escaped death,There is only a flame burning in the center of the open land,Fierce and hot,Like a bright red flag,That’s the body of a teenager,Healing wounds with sky fire at the moment,Hit by Dongfang Ruiqing’s punch,Almost all the bones in his chest were broken,Temporarily unable to move。
“Exit Five Elements Island immediately!Otherwise, you will not wait!”The sound comes from the burning man,But it resonates with the golden square in the sky,Instantly spread all over the corners of the Five Elements Island,The coalition forces are unbelievable,But suddenly I found a companion next to him jumped up and ran,So I don’t care to follow suit,More and more people join the ranks of escape,In a while,The previous aggressive coalition forces retreated to the main peak of the crater like a tide。
Because there are no clouds,The escaped soldiers and generals are extremely embarrassed,But did not dare to delay,Just bury your head and run wild,Because the big screen made up of the golden squares above my head has been watching,It’s not only Fan who is a god,Escape is like an infectious disease,There are allied soldiers and horses quickly retreating from all sides of the island,Flock to the main peak of the crater together。
The flame on the boy slowly went out,So dangerous just now,Very brief encounter with Dongfang Laoer,He almost didn’t control the scorching sun Jinzhu,Otherwise, burning yourself outweighs the loss,And it will detonate the great altar set for the coalition forces,Unimaginable consequences,Fortunately, he first suppressed the idea of killing in his heart,Otherwise, everything may fly into ashes and annihilate。
And at the moment,The golden cubes floating in the sky suddenly move and arrange quickly,The flat screen has been rolled into several huge speakers,It’s like a few morning glory hanging in the sky,One of the horns faces the top platform of the main peak of the roundabout。
A white figure suddenly appeared on the platform,Suddenly saw the big speakers appearing above,Look a little flustered,Know that I have been discovered,He suddenly accelerated towards the ruins of the temple not far away,The huge debris vortex above the ruins is the foundation that supports the movement of the five elements and armor,Destroy it,Naturally, the five elements will no longer exist。
The youth’s cultivation is not enough,More importantly, there is no pure skyfire tinder,So this huge vortex has always been in such an extensive state,After the collapse of the Five Elements Temple, all the ruins are wrapped in it。
If all the conditions are ripe,This maelstrom will converge into a five-element temple hanging upside down,Although the majesty and vicissitudes of the past are no longer,But still has the ability to shelter the inheritance of the Five Elements Island,This is the biggest wish of the Holy Spirit when he leaves。
The white figure flew into the air,The body suddenly stiffened,As if stimulated,Suddenly turned out an incredible angle,The body is wrapped around a broken line like a broken,Then quickly twist straight and continue towards the vortex。
Click with a thunderbolt,The giant trumpet in the sky threw a golden lightning,The white figure repeats the old trick,The body was folded to ninety degrees again,Just avoid lightning,Then turn out an incredible broken line,Continue forward,The figure’s perception ability is very strong,The anticipation and reaction to danger has exceeded the strength of ordinary gods。
And the other three big speakers in the sky are aimed at the northeast,Three directions: southeast and west,As the clicking sound keeps ringing in these three directions,There are golden lightning falling,Then fell silent,Obviously use chaos,The coalition forces also launched targeted destruction,Including the flame of the torch and the vortex of ruins。
The teenager sitting cross-legged suddenly disappeared,The huge ring lurking on the surface also disappeared,The boy is hot underneath、The land that was about to turn into magma finally calmed down。
The white figure avoided two golden lightnings again and finally rushed to the front of the whirlpool,Raise one’s hand,Throw a shiny silver object,This thing turned into a huge silver pot in the air,The spout is aimed at the middle of the whirlpool,That figure is about to do it,Suddenly a golden light flew from the trumpet in the air。
The white figure thought it was lightning again,I had to fold and avoid,Unexpectedly, this golden light made a very strange turn,Hit the silver pot,To be exact, it was split on the silver pot,A black line in the golden light is fleeting,The silver kettle was split with a big opening,Planted in circles。
White figure furious,Drew a short stick from his waist,Reach out,Became a spear that was several feet long,He will destroy the annoying loudspeaker above,But the gun has not been thrown,The golden light that destroyed the silver pot suddenly stopped in front of you,Into human form,But a teenager。
The teenager is pale,But the eyes are piercing,Behind a round of blazing sun and golden light,He doesn’t answer at all,Flicked at the white figure,The blazing sun behind him skyrocketed,A ball of golden fire hits the white figure。
“Little Bunny……”The white figure yelled,Throw guns at will,Retreat rapidly,But the golden fireball is chasing like eyes,The white figure had to retreat,Seeing that it is getting further and further away from the whirlpool。

Now it’s time to start the conference,The guests have already entered the venue。

No one has appeared on the podium yet,The staff are busy installing two air conditioners through steel brackets on the left and right sides of the rostrum。
The compressor is placed on a high bracket,Below the bracket is a bucket for catching water,The two vertical air conditioners are quietly placed on both sides of the rostrum。
See this scene,Almost everyone has a row of question marks in their heads。
and so——What is this?
It’s too hot on the podium?So temporarily install air-conditioning to keep the kids cool?
482 Crazy battery
Obviously this is not the case,Because after the air conditioner is installed,The air outlet is facing the guests below。
Basically, the important guests sitting in the first row should feel the cool breeze blowing from the air conditioner after the air conditioner is turned on.。
After that, the master hasn’t come on stage,But the staff has carried two long batteries to the center of the podium,Then weighed。
Soon the weight of the two elongated batteries was revealed to everyone。
Each battery only weighs1.5KG!
Commonly known as China3jin。
The equipment immediately after being put on the podium by the staff is220Volt inverter,With a voltage regulator,Then connect。
Now a group of people sitting in the front row know how to understand what these two air conditioners do.。
Generally speaking,battery、The batteries are all direct current,But in daily life everyone uses AC。
Inverter is a kind of conversion device that can convert direct current into alternating current。
Sitting in the front row is basically a car boss,Even if it’s not technical,I can probably understand what technology this is to demonstrate。

Little Crocodile Ling has a bitter face,Although it is always bitter。

It was sleeping in the back of the house, it never thought that it would suddenly become a bait。
People are crocodile,Big crocodile!
How can you take a crocodile fishing!!
“rest assured,The hundred-year-old water monster is not very strong,But it has a very sensitive sense of smell,Every time I call out Zhanchuan Dragon,It got into the rocks at the bottom of the pool,It’s also easy to forcibly destroy it with profound art,It’s just that it hurts other creatures in the pond easily。”Teacher Duan Lan said to Zhu Minglang。
Duan Lan trains the waterfall dragon under the waterfall,After a long time, I found a monster that threatened the fishermen.。
As a teacher at Lichuan College,This kind of thing should be done even without appointment,It’s a pity that handsome guy bullies the soft and afraid of the hard,Know how to survive,It’s hard to catch it on weekdays……
The dragon is bigger,It is more difficult to search in the rocky forest at the bottom of the lake,So Duan Lan saw Zhu Minglang,I remembered that he had a small crocodile spirit。
The crocodile spirit is at the right level,That is weaker than the century-old water monster,It’s the opponent’s predation standard,Ordinary big fish simply won’t be in the eyes of this century-old water monster!
right now,I wish Minglang just understand。
Let your crocodile spirit make the bait of the century-old water monster is the real reward, right?!
The creatures in the world have not transformed the dragon from beginning to end,Called a demon spirit in a hundred years。
Called the devil for thousands of years。