De nieuwe kroon van nieuwe kroonziekten overschreed de secretaris-generaal van 5 miljoen VN drong erop aan de epidemische preventie

  Xinhua News Agency, 1 november (Reporter Shangxu) United Nations Secretary-General Gutrez Op de 1e van de nieuwe kroonziekte van de wereld waren er meer dan 5 miljoen gevallen van nieuwe kroonziektes, die een beroep hadden ingediend om de vaccinerveiligheidsverdeling te bevorderen om de wereldwijde nieuwe te verkrijgen Crown Vaccination Strategy Set. Het doel.

  Gutrez heeft een verklaring afgezien dat het aantal nieuwe kroonpati?nten 5 miljoen heeft overschreden, wat aangeeft dat de anti-V.curgy in veel delen van de wereld faalde.

De volledige vaccinatie van de nieuwe Afrikaanse bevolking New Crown-vaccin is momenteel slechts 5%, wat "globale schaamte" is. Hij zei dat het aantal nieuwe kroonziekten meer dan 5 miljoen heeft, die duidelijk voor ons wordt gewaarschuwd, en de waakzaamheid van de epidemie kan niet ontspannen.

Nieuwe oorzaken van overlijden, constante medische middelen, het fenomeen van uitputting van medisch personeel, en het risico op virale variabiliteit kan niet worden uitgesloten. Tegelijkertijd blijven valse informatie, vaccin hamsteren en "vaccin-nationalisme" en het gebrek aan globale eenheid de nieuwe kroonepidemie verspreiden.

  Hij zei dat het een vergissing is voor de grote populariteit. Met veel landen om de epidemische beperking te ontspannen, is het noodzakelijk om een ??vaccin te blijven toepassen tijdens het dragen van een masker en het handhaven van sociale afstand en andere beschermende maatregelen.

  Gutres riep de wereldleiders op om de Global New Crown-vaccinatiestrategie te ondersteunen die wordt gelanceerd door directeur Algemeen Tan Dee in de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie, en streven naar ongeveer 40% van de bevolkingsvaccinatie voor alle landen eind 2021, in het midden van de 2022, Aandeel van de bevolking wordt verhoogd tot 70%. Hij drong er bij de wereldleiders op aan om de financiering van gaten op te lossen en hun doelen te co?rdineren.

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Accounts receivable "live" green companies "stable"

  Original title: Guangdong Photovoltaic power generation industry first renewable energy subsidy authentic loan landed receivable "live" green enterprises "stable" Guangdong financial industry is accelerating green financial product innovation.

On August 13, Yangjiang Southern Brothers Industrial Co., Ltd. has not received the financial resources of the photovoltaic power generation project, and the 3 million yuan bank loan credit is marked with the first renewable energy subsidies of the Guangdong PV power industry. The loan officially landed.

  The reporter learned that in the future, Guangdong will also speed up the subsidy of the loan model in the province’s replication and promotion, strive to achieve the first province in the wind power industry as soon as possible.

  Innovative photovoltaic power generation enterprise finance "Yangjiang Nanfang Brothers Industrial Co., Ltd. responded to national energy conservation and emission reduction" in 2018, the construction of roof distributed photovoltaic projects in their own factory, 6400KW, and since July 2018, the accumulated receivables have not received Renewable energy subsidies have more than 6 million yuan, has produced certain funding pressures. "The relevant person in charge of the People’s Bank of China Yangjiang Province told reporters. How to solve the actual difficulties in the enterprise? Personnel Yangjiang Zhongjun Guided Industrial and Commercial Bank Yangjiang Branch to play 4 steps "combination of punches", carry out clean energy subsidies and authentication loans for corporate innovation.

  First, the renewable energy power generation enterprises are included in the national finance and related department’s audit list, and the renewable energy power generation enterprise is based on the purchase of electricity contracts signed by the grid company. The power subsidies confirmed by the grid company are based on the power subsidy statistics. And verify that enterprises should receive unbained financial subsidy funds.

  The company then determines the loan quota according to the proportion of no more than 80% in accordance with the proportion of no more than 80% of the mass ratio.

  In addition, banks and renewable energy power generation companies are committed to the return path of the commitment, lock subsidies, and conduct fund supervision of subsidizable payment accounts. If the company receives subsidies in the loan period, the loan should be returned in time, such as the loan period The subsidy is not received to be a repayment source with comprehensive income. Finally, specific information such as a quality information and quality of the qualifications and the qualitative personnel have been determined to receive unpaid financial subsidy funds. Promoting the subsidy and authentic loan, the reporter learned that subsidy authentication is a loan mode that is launched by the National Policy Level to the renewable energy power generation project subsidy gap, a long problem, helping enterprises to live accounts receivable It is, that is, enterprises can apply for credit support to the bank through financial subsidy funds that have received unrecovered. In February this year, the People’s Bank of China and other five ministries and commissions were jointly issued "Notice on Guideling to promote the health and orderly development of wind power and photovoltaic power generation", which clearly puts forward the enforcement of financial institutions to innovate and subsidize the loan mode. In order to implement the notice requirements, the Guangzhou Branch combines the cultivation of the Guangdong coastal economic belt, the renewable resources of the northern ecological development zone, and focuses on the financial institutions to distribute financial institutions for the renewable energy power generation projects to distribute subsidies and authentication loans. Strive to promote subsidy and ensure loan landing. In recent years, Guangdong Financial Industry has continuously accelerated the pace of innovation of green financial products, and innovates the "renewable energy subsidies" "carbon emission rights mortgage" "carbon emissions" "light loan" "forest chain loan" and other green credit products, help to achieve carbon Peak carbon neutralization. (Southern Daily reporter Tang Liu Wen).

139 days! Too heavy coastal sea wind power project

Tang Dynasty Binhai Construction of the Datang South Australia, sea wind power boosting station, recently, from Tianjin Port Bonded Area Enterprise Taiwanese (Tianjin) Binhai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taisho Binhai"), the first sea 220kV full prefabrication Class block – Datang South Australian Maritime Wind Power Boost Station has successfully completed the construction of the upper group of blocks and sea installation projects, only in 139 days to complete all manufacturing processes, create the shortest work period for domestic prefabricated boosting stations .

  It is reported that the wind power boosting station refers to the facilities that the output voltage rises from the wind turbine to a higher level voltage and send it an important basis for the power generation of sea.

The wind power boosting station is approximately 40 meters long, 40 meters wide, 24 meters high, with a weight of 2550 tons. In an interview, the reporter learned that due to the large volume of the project, the manufacturing difficulty is high, and the construction faces many challenges. To this end, the Taiwanese Binhai Project Group strictly implements the "lean manufacturing" requirements, implementation "time-made" production, start construction, management, service, construction, construction, management, service, and construction in the main structure of the project, the main structure of the project manufacturing, the main structure of the boost station and the two working faces Many units such as delivery, closely cooperate, and finally complete all manufacturing processes with a record-breaking time limit. The relevant person in charge of Taishibin Sea said that Taiwanese Binhai will continue to vigorously develop the blue marine economy, with partner innovation model, seek more deeper, higher levels of pragmatic development, and help high-quality development in the Tianjin Port Bonded Area At the same time, we strive to promote the construction of Tianjin Ocean Strong City, and strive to accelerate the "too heavy force" of the carbon peak, carbon neutral strategic objectives. (Reporter Single Zhu Shaoxiang Wang Dingxin Photo Report) (Editor: Li Dan, Tao Jian) ??sharing let more people see.

2013 Hong Kong Weekyo at Taipei

Cheongsam News People’s Network Taipei November 4 (Reporter Wu Yaming, Ren Chengqi) 2013 Hong Kong Zhou will hold on November 29, at this afternoon, the director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Culture Office said in the speech. Hong Kong has Chinese and Western cultures, full of cultural sparks and vitality, I believe that this year’s Hong Kong Zhounene will show a multi-faceted Hong Kong culture to Taiwan.

This year, Hong Kong Zhou has "inheritance and innovation theme", in addition to the "100-year fashion: Hong Kong Braise Story", "Body" and other exhibitions, as well as Hong Kong Orchestra, Hong Kong Dance Troupe.

Liang Zhiren said that in the past, there have been a cultural desert that Hong Kong is a monetary monk, but Hong Kong has actually have rich cultural resources and excellent artistic performances and Condu talents. Hong Kong has Chinese and Western cultures, full of cultural sparks and vitality, hoping to use Hong Kong Zhou, presented Hong Kong cultural multi-face and characteristics to Taiwan people, let Taiwan more recognize Hong Kong.

Mao Junhui, a member of the Hong Kong and Taiwan Culture Cooperation, said that on the basis of this year, Hong Kong Week is based on "Inheritance and Innovation". It is hoped that Hong Kong has a deep local historical culture, but it is also constantly innovating.

He said that Taiwan and Hong Kong are the Chinese cultural circle, but they all have integrated and innovation. It is hoped that the cultural cooperation committees of Taiwan and the Hong Kong Parties will be more active and strengthen the various cultural exchanges.

Building a network security sharing network civilization

This event is closely around the theme of "network security is the people, network security by the people" theme, through learning to share network security knowledge, compare network security knowledge skills, etc., comprehensively set off the boom of Xinjiang Internet enterprises to learn to promote network security knowledge. The event is hosted by Xinjiang Tianxin Health Information Security Evaluation Technology Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Shenxin Technology Cooperation Base Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Zhixiang Technology Co., Ltd., and set up two venues in Tianxing Jian Company and Shenxin Base, respectively. The event site, the district public security bureau online security brigade combines the characteristics and working examples of Xinjiang, mainly for the key articles such as the "Network Security Law" "Network Security Review", "Personal Information Protection Law"; network security protection technology, enterprise The knowledge of cybersecurity standard management, daily network security, etc. Personal information protection, away from the network rumors, prevent malware and beware of the safety awareness of the rule of law in telecommunications network fraud. Online security knowledge competition, participants surroundings around the must-answer questions, rush questions, and risk auns. Li Hongqin, director of the Party and Administration Center of Xinjiang Shenxin Technology Cooperation Base Co., Ltd., said: "This network security preaching enterprise activity has a great understanding of network security through listening to the lecture and participating in competition. In the future work and life, it will actively participate in network security promotion activities, as party members will take the lead in the Internet security knowledge.

"Water Holly District Net Letter Office, the public security bureau network, the members of the network, will continue to do all the work of network security publicity week, further publicize the network security law and related laws and regulations, continuously improve the network security awareness of the Internet enterprises , Effectively enhance the key information infrastructure protection skills, create a healthy civilization, harmonious network environment in the whole zone, escorting the Nets to the Net Service.

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China European class helps relieve global supply chain tension

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Wei, the head of the Hamburg Harbor Market Marketing Association, Axler, recently received an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter in Hamburg, and China plays an important role in the global industry chain supply chain.

As a reliable logistics alternative, China-European class is helpful to alleviate the current supply chain tension. Marten said that the global industrial chain supply chain has been highly related.

From a global perspective, Asia occupies an important part, China is clearly played a key role. China’s economy is huge, producing and exporting a large number of products worldwide.

China’s economic development situation is not only worthy of itself, but also important for European suppliers.

  In view of the predicament of the global industry chain supply chain, Martin introduced that the sea begins to appear in the beginning of 2020, and some product delivery does not hinder the production chain downstream production. In his opinion, these difficulties are new crown epidemics, epidemic prevention measures lead to the harbor closure, "long gift" wheel is stranded to cause multi-factors of Suez canal, marine delivery delays and many other factors. Affected by the shortage of supply and the epidemic, the German federal government and authoritative economic research institutions have downgraded German economic growth expectations this year.

The German Federal Economics and Energy have previously predicted that this year’s German economic growth is expected to be%, which is lower than in April. Marthen also pointed out that the recent shipping price rose all the way, and the price of railway transport is almost flush. In this case, customers will consider railway transportation because of the sea, rail transport is usually more reliable and rapid.

  He analyzed that predictability is very important for customers, such as the upcoming Christmas season, customer needs accurate and reliable logistics information. Therefore, in the case where the shipping will remain in the normal state, the China European class is a reliable logistics alternative. The transportation time of China European class is generally compressed to about 2 weeks, saving half of the sea time.

Since the end of October, with the first "Shanghai No." China European class, the "China European class – into the exhibition", the "China European class – into the exclusive", which is equipped with the 4th China International Import Exhibition Exhibits. Shanghai, Shanghai The Chinese European class line between Hamburg has achieved two-way operation. Marten said that in the context of global supply chain, it is especially important between Hamburg and Shanghai, which is especially important, and is a new milestone in cooperation between the two parties. Xinhua News Agency, Germany, November 10th.

Alles is afgeleid van "My Chinese Heart" – een bekende zanger Zhang Mingmin anti-hypog sang

  "Vechten tegen de epidemie, we kunnen! Chinese natie, we can! Ik heb me, we kunnen! Ik ben Zhang Mingmin, China Kom op!" Op het kleine video, de zanger Zhang Mingmin sterk sprak deze woorden. Nadat het lichaam, een heldere blauwe winter sigaar is geopend, en een kalligrafie werk "van een" clear-hearted sensatie "in de muur lijkt te sprakeloos voor de eigenaar. "Dit is de promotie woord van" een warme mensen, we zijn samen "het algemeen welzijn songs over 61 radio-uitzending activiteiten, ben ik in de familie."

Zhang Mingmin vertelde verslaggevers dat in het geval van de mobilisatie van het hele volk, "de mensen in het hele land hebben geld, krachtig, mijn kracht is iets, maar er is nog spraak kan bijdragen." "Zhang Mingmin, dit jaar," My Chinese Heart "is bekend, met een zanger die wordt geleverd met een Chinese hart, nu is het een jaar van bloem armor, maar het is uiteenspatten van drie anti-vagmptural liedjes in een week." Ik ben oke?" "Hij vroeg zich af om de verslaggever te vragen, vroeg het verdriet. Een week van de drie anti-vaginus songs" Op het einde, is er niet alleen, en de gemeenschappelijke is sterker, de hele weg, de moed.

"De anti-vloys en OCMW songs in het Centraal Radio en Televisie Terras gelanceerd" Ik geloof in de liefde "Cantonese versie, Zhang Mingmin heeft deze vier solo teksten.

"De vier teksten, heb ik twee dagen oefeningen en opnemen." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

Zhang Mingmin gezegd.

Er is geen spoedige benoeming, en de speciale periode van de epidemie is de speciale periode van de epidemie. Waar is de opname studio? Met de hulp van de oude vriend, Zhang Mingmin vond een studio. "De omstandigheden zijn zeker niet zo goed, kan de productie relatief ruwe, maar de epidemie is niet gelijk, net als vechten, de grijper is tijd." Zhang Mingmin zei hij eindelijk de taak voltooid op tijd, en gaf het netwerk Source en het scherm worden naar de kop.

  Na de "cloud samenwerking" van alle zangers en de "cloud productie" van het centraal station, dit "vaste liefde zal winnen" is de snelste en zingen. Sindsdien Zhang Mingmin zong en nam twee solo songs "we kunnen" en "de stad van de Yangtze-rivier". Op het kritieke moment van de bestrijding van de epidemie, zijn warme lied zong een grote Jiangnan Noord, met meer mensen te bewegen en macht.

  Het is zeer tevreden met de staat van de Lente Festival Gala in 1984. Tijdens de voorbereiding van de CCTV Spring Festival Gala, het Chinees en het Engels regeringen over Hong Kong kwesties waren in volle gang, en de directeur-groep hoopte een Hong Kong acteur vinden toetreden tot de partij, de overdracht van Hong Kong landgenoten. Patriottisme.

In het proces van het zoeken naar vier, een toevallige kans, de directeur groep in de cassette gespeeld door een taxichauffeur, hoorde Zhang Mingmin’s "My Chinese Heart", dat werd aangeraakt.

Op deze manier, Zhang Mingmin werd de eerste Hong Kong acteur die op de Lente Festival Evening podium liep, een "mijn Chinese hart" gekookte Shenzhou aarde, en hij ook wel ‘s nachts.

  Sindsdien Zhang Mingmin telt talloze in het vasteland, en de voetafdrukken hebben bijna overal in het moederland, en elke plaats, het zingen van "My Chinese Heart" is het meest verwacht en welkom.

De meest memorabele één, een land jongen met spoed naar de provinciale stad stadion voor twee dagen en drie nachten, ik wilde Zhang Mingmin, brak de kleren, de bewaker liet hem niet in te voeren, en tenslotte haalde hij 6 appels uit de rugzak. Zhang Mingmin gestuurd 6 appels. "De aard van de eenvoudig en oprecht, ik kan het niet vergeten voor een mensenleven." All the way "My Chinese Heart" kwam, Zhang Mingmin getuige van de grote veranderingen in het vasteland, en zijn "China Heart" werd meer enthousiasme.

Nadat de nieuwe kroon longontsteking epidemie, deed hij iets in Wuhan thuis, iets voor de immuniteit te doen. "God weet waarschijnlijk dat ik deze wens vervullen me.

Zhang Mingmin zei met een glimlach, een jonge man uit de unpigmally maakte zijn oproep te zeggen dat door de "My Chinese Heart", de heer Wu Zhiqiang, kwam ik er achter aan zijn contact informatie te vinden. Het bleek de Henan Radio en televisie Music Broadcast Planning en leidde tot 61 radiostations te organiseren in het land om gezamenlijk lancering van de "Warm Human Heart Wij zijn" algemeen welzijn lied uitzending activiteiten, wil ik Zhang Mingmin vragen om "we kunnen" deze originele anti-vlasty lied te zingen. "Kijk, wat is afgeleid van" My China Heart "! "Zhang Mingmin is vol van dankbaarheid," "Ik kan iets doen voor het land, ik ben zeer tevreden in mijn hart, heel erg bedankt voor het geven van mij deze kans.

"Wees moedig in termen van terugkerende sociale epidemie, hebben veel prestaties sterren ge?vacueerd, sommigen creatie nummers, wat deelname aan het algemeen welzijn optredens, een aantal gedoneerde geld te doneren, en hun sociale invloed te gebruiken om positieve energie te verspreiden.

"Ik ben erg ontroerd, ik ben ook zeer tevreden.", Zegt Zhang Mingmin, "Het publiek figuur moet een gevoel van maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid, moedig, terugkeer samenleving.

Zhang Mingmin deelgenomen aan de investering in Hunan om te investeren in een medische benodigdheden bedrijf. Na de epidemie, schonk de onderneming 10 miljoen nano ontsmet producten. Naam Als Zhang Mingmin werd gepropageerd, Zhang Mingmin niet mee eens. Na de epidemie, kunt u overwegen mijn naam wordt bevorderd, maar nu is het niet mogelijk is, kan ik alleen maar doneren in de naam van het bedrijf.

"Je kunt niet bekend om je plaats te zijn, is dit niet.

Hij zei stevig.

  Voor en na de Nationale Dag van vorig jaar, werd de gehele China te zingen: "Ik en mijn moederland".

Zhang Mingmin is een vier-jaar-oude nummer en vervolgens vele malen gezongen, en nam ook deel aan verschillende "flash" activiteiten. "Ik denk dat dit ‘het late voorjaar’, waarom dan niet je vroeg leerden dit!" Hij glimlachte. Sing "My Chinese Heart", Zhang Mingmin eens voelde dat er geen nummer beter dan dit te zingen, zodra ik wilde niet nog eens zingen. Echter, toen de epidemie komt, zie de staat is sterk en de mensen wederzijdse hulp, is hij diep ontroerend. "Ik denk dat, zolang mensen mijn lied, zal ik zingen.

"(Volgens Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong Electric) (Editor: Liu Jie, Yang Mu) Sharing meer mensen laten zien.

Baishan City National Health Information Platform Test

  Recently, the National Health Information Platform of Baishan City, Jilin Province, provides "Internet + Medical Health" Convenient Huimin Service for the 950,000 people in the city. The health information platform will become the basic hub of all kinds of medical and health institutions at all levels in Bai Mountain, and the basic hubs of various medical and health institutions. In order to deepen the reform of medical and health system, optimize medical and health resources allocation, innovate health services, improve people’s medical treatment lay the foundation. In recent years, Baishan City has focused on building "Healthy Bai Mountain", deepening the reform of medical and health system, perfecting basic medical and health system, basic medical security system, and quality and efficient medical service system.

In the development of "Internet + Medical Health" development, Bai Mountain City adapts to digital healthy development trends, and it can be fair, and the masses benefit as the starting point and foothold, accelerate health information layout, and build a health and health information basis. Bai Shan City National Health Information Platform is the "healthy brain" of the city, which is loaded with large amounts of data including medical services, health files, disease management, health checkup, maternal and child health care, forming the city platform as a hub, electronic health file and electronic medical record as the core. Basic architecture of integrated applications such as public health, medical services, business management. With the continuous improvement of the application level of Bai Mountain’s national health information platform, local people can view inspection reports, query or print electronic medical records, health profiles directly on their mobile phones.

Bai Mountain City National Health Information Platform stores all kinds of health information of the city. After authorization, the hospitals with this platform can check the patient in the medical workstation in the city, the province’s different hospitals, so that the doctor is accurate Diagnosis, symptomatic treatment.

  Recently, Bai Mountain City National Health Information Platform will focus on the docking Unicom of the city’s second-level and above public health care institutions, and give full play to the value of health and health, and constantly enhance the masses to gain feelings and happiness. (Zhao Dandan) Editor: Huang Wei.

De eerste batch van gebieden met een laag risico in Erlianhot Retentie Hotel Passagiers keert terug

Volgens de evaluatie van het epidemische preventie en het controle van het hoofdkantoor, 6 november, de eerste batch van 688 low-risk-gebieden van de stad, keerde hotelpassagiers terug. Huang Zhiqiang, vice-voorzitter van de autonome regio, leverde een retourpassagier.

Om 07:30 in de ochtend, in het Erlinte City O’Lian International Hotel, werden 44 zelfrijdende retourvaren gepost, wachtend op het vertrek. "Let op de veiligheid op de weg." Huang Zhiqiang houdt zich bezig met passagiers.

Vervolgens vertraagde het team langzaam onder de escorte van de politieauto. Iemand schudt het raam zwaaien, sommige mensen maken dankbaarheid, sommige mensen hebben duimen omhoog, drukken de dankbaarheid en zegeningen van deze hete grond uit, deze scène werd de mooiste foto in de vroege sneeuw.

Vóór het rendement dienen passagiers spontaan de gemeente van Elderjahot Municipal Party, de gemeentelijke regering naar de banner, en trok de banner op van "Thased of the Trike" en ondertekende de naam.

Liu Wei, die al meer dan 20 dagen is gestrand, is de lokale overheid zeer dankbaar voor zorgvuldig zorgvuldig voor het dieet.

"We hebben de regering gekleed, de regering co?rdineert ook katoenen jassen, laat ons de algemene warmte voelen." Het is duidelijk dat de rest van de retentiepassagiers verenigd zullen worden volgens het epidemische preventie- en controle-hoofdkantoor van de Hohhot. (Reporter Chen Chunyan) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

Shenzhen entrepreneurial incubation base reaches 50

  Xinhua News Agency, April 24th (Reporter Zhouke) reporter learned from the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau on the 24th that the first batch of 34 have been identified since the introduction of "Shenzhen Entrepreneurial Incubation Base Management" in May 2017 City-level entrepreneurial incubation base. Plus the original 16, the current number of Shenzhen-level entrepreneurial incubation bases reached 50. Among them, there were 7 incubation base hosted by colleges and 43 incubation base hosted by the enterprise. Enterprises entering the base mainly involves electromechanical, electronic, computer, logistics, international trade, e-commerce, cultural and creative and other fields.

  Zhang Hong, director of the Shenzhen Public Employment Service Center, said that in recent years, Shenzhen has introduced a series of entrepreneurial support policies, covering loans, entrepreneurial subsidies, entrepreneurial tutors.

Entrepreneurs can apply for a personal guarantee loan up to 3 million yuan, with a total of 3 million yuan of entrepreneurial guarantee loans, and entrepreneurs receive a full 3 years of full loans.

Entrepreneurs can also apply for all kinds of entrepreneurial subsidies, including entrepreneurial security subsidies, start-up enterprises subsidies, entrepreneurial rent subsidies and entrepreneurship.