2021 Nationale netwerkbeveiliging Promotie Zhou Tong City-activiteit gelanceerd

Op de ochtend van 11 oktober nam het Municipal Party Committee Network Office de leiding, het Net Letter-kantoor van Yinan, de Party Comité Propaganda-afdeling, "Sweefing the Yellow Tap" Office, Municipal Emergency Security Center, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Federatie, Municipal Comité, Gemeentelijke Volksprocatorate 18 leden van het Municipal Justice Bureau, het Court of Naqu City, Municipal Transportation Bureau, Financial System, en drie operators, enz. Incompart het thema "Netwerkveiligheid voor de mensen, netwerkbeveiliging door Mensen "National Network Security Promotion Week Tucheng-activiteiten. Kameraden, de minister van Municipal Party Committee, het ministerie van Publiciteit en Kameraad Xikai, Municipate Party Committee, woonden het evenement bij en wezen erop dat er een goede publiciteit voor netwerkbeveiliging was, wat een belangrijke maatregel was om de netwerkbeveiliging van de meerderheid van het massa-netwerk en om de veiligheids-, gezondheidsnetwerk te garanderen. De noodzaak van de ruimte, de relevante afdelingen van de stad (medium) moeten zich altijd houden aan de gecentreerde ontwikkelingsgedachten, een netwerkbeveiligingsvolgorde op te bouwen. en promoten actief de implementatie van de Volksrepubliek China, promoten Netwerkbeveiliging Publicity en Education Normalisatie, Institutionalize, om netwerkbeveiligingsbevorderingsactiviteiten in gemeenschappen in te voeren, bedrijfsdistricten in te voeren, Townships in te gaan, de Temple in de Temple te betreden Kennis en vaardigheden, effectief verbeteren de netwerkbeveiliging bewustzijn en beschermvaardigheden van Netizens.

Changning this high-end fashion brand released new series, amazing full!

The series is the third part of the GRACECHEN brand 2021 Chinese culture year "Qin Chess", Chinese style ", designer Chen Yei will refine the emotional, spirit and aestheticity of Chinese calligraphy into the inner structure of fashion, with the word" shape "clothing "type". The series of costumes have both the high-level feeling of T station, and it is also in line with the daily sense of commuter scenes, balances the implementation of advanced fashion.

Chen Ye said that he has had a great impact on his aesthetic and design style from childhood practice calligraphy, and has always been ambiguous and affairing calligraphy for many years.

During the creation of the "book" series, Chen Ye has overthrew his thoughts many times, hoping to fully show calligraphy and aesthetics, so that more people can feel the people in Chinese calligraphy and the spiritual temperament of Chinese people. Behind a high-grade fashion of finished products, requires a professional team’s excellence. Through the exploration and exploration of nearly ten years, the Gracechen team has a deep experience in reflecting "book" aesthetics. The "book" series combines brand iconic elements such as weaving, tassels, which can reflect the atmospheric and intention of calligraphy.

What is worth paying attention is that the team also used a new process "handmade lace weaving", and the conspiciency of the handmade is also fitted with the brand to see the "Eastern Aesthetic High Quality Lifestyle".

Changsha: Strive to create a beautiful and happy and livable civilized city

  Wu Guining emphasized the creation of the National Civilization Model (expanded) meeting at all (expanded) meetings, and strictly striving to create a beautiful and happy civilized civilization (raising city civilization creation coordinating national civilization model On November 5th, Changsha Evening News (full media reporter Ling Qing Chen Tenghui) On the morning of the 5th, Changsha City held a whole (expanded) meeting of the National Civilization Planting Cities and the Municipal Civilization Committee, in-depth study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of spiritual civilization Important discussion, convey the spirit of implementing training courses in civilized cities in civilized cities, mobilizing the city, with the best mental state, and stronger responsibility to create the first national civilization model.

Wu Guiying, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Civilization Committee attended the meeting and speaking. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the New District of Hunan, and Zheng Jianxin, the first deputy director of the Municipal Civilization Committee, attended. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the executive deputy director of the Municipal Civilization Committee, was promoted to the spirit of creating work training classes in civilized cities in the country, and made a work deployment. City leaders Feng Ziying, Zhu Dong, Chen Yu, Liu Yuming, Xia Jiaping, Zhang Zhiyong, Liu Ming, Zhou Zhikai, Wen Li Xia attended.

  Wu Guiying pointed out that the civilized model city is the "upgraded version" of civilized cities, and civilized creation is the "Happiness relative" of the majority of cadres. On the basis of good work, we must further take advantage of the good work, carry forward the strict stroke style, focus on the highlights of the masses, and close attention to the scratch-evaluation system to find weak links, one item grasp the improvement, catch the attack, create "upgrade version", Run "relay competition" and promote greater results in civilization creation.

  Wu Guiying emphasized that it is necessary to grasp the situation requirements and effectively create the responsibility and mission of creating a national civilization.

Be sure to stand in the strategy and global height, and the importance of the general discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping is fully implemented to the whole process of civilization, according to the deployment requirements of the 14th Party Congress of the city, use civilization to raise the quality of the urban quality, and use the people’s livelihood to highlight the development height. Building a happy city, happiness of the people.

It is necessary to dare to face the problem challenge, in the ideology, put an end to "two skin", do not exercise, resolutely abandon formalism, and truly bacon, cultivate the spirit of the belief; in the work, Changsi creation standard is high, combined with central tight Not tight, highlight key points, do a good job, enhance toughness; in the guide, close attention to the target, problem, effect, and break through, and exercise. Wu Guiying emphasized that it is necessary to accurately focus on the focus and key to creating a national civilization model. Highlight thinking, and create political directions created in accurate civilization. Firmly establish "four awareness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", in attacking hard, promoting the development, has always faithful, believing.

  Highlight the moral strength of the intersection of the heart and condense the creation of civilization.

Leading civilized practice with Lei Feng spirit, continue to polish "Lei Feng Hometown Lei Feng" brand, build a new era civilization practice center; build civilized highlands with moral construction, improve the public’s awareness, rule awareness, public moral awareness, lead to form Chongde to good , See the good fashion of the sage; build a new civilization with integrity, build a marketization, rule of law, international creative business environment, and deepen the construction of social credit institutions.

  Highlight development is the material foundation created by civilization. Consolidate the industrial foundation of high quality development, accelerate the development of the development of "large industries, large enterprises, large project integration"; improve the functional layout of high-quality development, and implement "Double Five" project; improve the management of high quality development Effectiveness, explore "Internet +" governance model, improve the anti-resolution of major risk instance mechanisms, and strengthen epidemic normalization prevention and control. Highlight the people’s livelihood temperature created by the people.

Do a good job in people’s livelihood, promote the study of party history and education, and accelerate the implementation of "Top Ten Minsheng Projects" to further enhance the sense of life, comfort, and convenience.

  Highlight the humanistic connotation created by Wen Runcheng and thick civilization. In highlight urban cultural traits, improve public cultural system, development of cultural and creative, cultural tourism industry, etc.

  Wu Guiying emphasized that it is determined to determine the confidence of "unfortunately, Creative defense must be", insist on innovation, and promote the formation of a national civilization model city. Atmosphere.

  Strengthen organizational leadership, based on current, focus on system planning, improve the party committee unified leaders, party politics, coordination of civilized committees, relevant departments, and active participation in the whole society.

  Improve the working mechanism, transform a good institutional measures into standardized, normalization mechanisms, and do a good job of creation and create a long-lasting battle. Innovative features, actively explore, continuous efforts, and create a "stand-in-life, screaming, high hard" in terms of urban quality, green development, public safety, grassroots governance.

  A strong creation of an atmosphere, to start the masses, rely on the masses, and do the creation of the process masses to participate, create a result of the masses.

  Zheng Jianxin said that we must focus on the "coordinate system" created by a new round of civilized cities, the target target, the advanced table, compare the coordinates, and promote the creation of a new round of civilized cities; "Combined Boxing" created by civilized cities, tightly cutting and improving, tightly focusing on implementing, tight and effectiveing, achieving the city is outside to outside; struggling to run a new round of civilized city creation Acceleration ", responsibility should be shoulder, the action should speed, the atmosphere should be more strong, the guarantee is in place, create a civilized city of more lead power, radiation, and influence.

  At the meeting, the creation of CCTV news reports were watched, and the civilization created a secret interview piece. Kaifu District, Municipal Transportation Bureau, Municipal Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment made a statement.

Chuangcheng Huimin, make life more beautiful

  In the past, Ms. Wang went to Tianjiatun District Chaoyang Cuisine Market to buy dishes, it will be upset.Recently, she found a new "green parking space" on the side of the nearby road, and temporary parking became very convenient.It is a people’s livelihood problem in parking.Since this year, the city strengthens parking management, 983 "green parking spaces", and set up 480 "night parking spaces", but can turn thousands of vehicles in the day, effectively alleviate the problem of temporary parking.Get the praise of the masses.Temporary parking spaces, highlighting the work orientation of Chuangcheng as the people.

"Creating a national civilized city, you must adhere to the concept of creation as a civil society, create Huimin, create relying on the people, to change the ‘Chuangcheng’ to solve the problem, serve the masses, improve the people’s livelihood, this is not only the people’s livelihood The ‘people’ heart ‘is a’ must answer ".

"The Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government is responsible for comrades, and the" Trip Stone "of Chuangcheng as a" Tripite "of the Thought of Practicing the People’s Center, grasping the Rice Traffic Order, Damage, Overhead Things, Out of the Shop, Craft Market, Shop Store recruitment and comprehensive publicity, three packs in front of the door, the food and cigarette rectification "6 + 3" key work "Buzi" Built in the three small families of Datong Street in Datong District, Tatong Street in the 1980s, the previous hardware facilities foundation, especially the "Spider Web" inner and outer wires of the building, and it is shocking. With the promotion of Chuangcheng, The environment is quietly changed. Recently, the reporter came here, I saw several old people on the roadside chess, I was so self-reliant; the original mottled exterior is replaced with "new installation", the vehicle is placed in order, the ground hardening, environment Green, stream lighting.

"Party Committee, the government has installed the stainless steel public drying rack, which has dredged the sewer, has built electric vehicle charging piles, and completely rectified the ‘flying line’ charging problem.

"Zhang Guilan, Zhang Guilan, told reporters that the comprehensive rectification of the back street streets fully respect the public opinion, highlighting the road, the light, and the water is smooth, and the practical thing has been in the hearts of the people.

  The back street alley, the old community is transformed, updated, is the most difficult "hard bones" to create a livable civilized environment. Since this year, the city has promoted the old community renovation and rain-saving shunt renovation projects, and the 105 old communities have been transformed, and 294 old residential areas are transformed.

At the same time, the cable has been promoted by the rack of the air cable to the back street alley, the old community extension, Panji District Yellow River Road, Huainan High-tech Zone, Huainan High-tech Zone Sansha Road, etc. Little Liuzhuang began to cut out the taps.

Implementing the "Conditioning Project" along the street, focus on a batch of damage to outdoor advertising and private charring, clean the "psoriasis" small advertisement, repair the broken facade. Improve the level of sanitation cleaning, promote the environmental health governance around the back street alley, the old community and other key regions, and further eliminate the sanitary corner. Renovation to enhance the vegetable market, build a "vegetable basket" in the door of the house, the environment is good, the lives are comfortable, and the lack of large-scale farmers markets. The citizens will take food to the mountains and north, and the residents are looking forward to the door to build a clean. Neat vegetable market.

The wishes of the public are achieved this year, the center of Shannan Neighborhood, the Yuxiangshan Cuisine Market has opened the door, spacious and bright, partitioned, and the new market with a smart and smart, and is praised by the intersection of surrounding residents.

  Tianjiatun District Dongshan Street, the military and civilian community did not have a standardized vegetable market. This year Tianjiatun District will put the Nanshan Village Cuisine Market.

A few days ago, the Nanshan Village dish market was officially put into use, the vegetable market area is about 2,000 square meters, setting more than 130 stalls, and the business hours are 6 pm until 8 am.

New vegetable market, comfortable shopping experience, the public is happy to close the mouth. "This vegetable market is close to my home, the variety, the type, and the clean and orderly, the environment is very good, the shopping experience is also good." Mr. Wu said.

  Small vegetables, big people’s livelihood.

This year, the city issued a three-year work program (2021-2023), "in the Huainan City City, Civilization", focusing on the principle of "land management, industry guidance, strengthening supervision, cooperation", with the standardized vegetable market It is planned to complete 64 urban vegetable market transformations in three years. In 2021, the planned construction was rebuilt 21 dishes. At present, the neighborhood of High-tech Zone, Yu Xiangshan Cuisine, Nanling New Village, Xiejiayuan, Nanshan Village, and Xiejia Jixi, Nanshan Village. , Clean, sanitary, neat, comfortable environment, to create a happy "vegetable basket" for the public. Building an ecological park, let the city more ecologically livable every morning, Ms. Dong, who lives in Huaihe New Town Community in Tianjiatun District, will choose to go to the Huaihe Park morning. "In the past, here is a low-lying wilderness. In order to create a livable environment, the municipal party committee, the municipal government will become a spring flower here, the summer is shade, the autumn fruit, and the green ecological park has been favored by many residents, here Everyone will exercise and leisure! "Ms. Dong said that an ecological park is" happy password ", because it is not only the environment, and there is a sense of happiness! General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "The city is the city, the people’s city is the people." In the process of creating a national civilized city, the city coordinates the planning ecological park, the street garden construction, so that the city is more ecologically livable. The Datong District belongs to the old town, and the residents’ casual fitness place is relatively lacking. This year, the district committee and district government put more than 3 million yuan, and built a music park, the ring railway tour, and the city street, Tian Da Road, and 4 street gardens in the central city. It is better to meet the daily leisure of the masses. Fitness demand. In Huainan High-tech Zone, Central Park, Zhou Ji Dam Park and other parks, the people’s park sinking square, and became a business, entertainment, and leisure.

The original site of Tianjiazhuang District, Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government was transformed into urban ecological parks.

Whether during the day, or the night, it is always a good place to be in the daily leisure fitness of the public.

  Ecological park, street tourism construction, both expanded the space of the public, and also enhanced the quality of the city. The public said that living in Huainan City, "seeing the green space, opening the door" is gradually become a reality! (Reporter Zhu Qinglei).

2022 economic policy will adhere to steady

[] It can be seen through the successful central political bureaus, 2022 economic work will adhere to the total number of work, complete, accurate, fully implement the new development concept, and accelerate the construction of new development, fully deepen reform and opening up Adhere to innovation and driving development, promote high-quality development, adhere to the structural reform of supply side, coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, coordinate development and safety, continue to do "six stable" "six insurance" work, continuous improvement People’s livelihood, focus on stabilizing the macroeconomic market, maintaining economic operation in a reasonable range, maintaining the social overall situation, welcoming the party’s 20 victory.

Specific ideas, more prominent stability, stable growth is still hard requirements, the money fiscal will be stable, expand domestic demand, promote consumption, and investment is an important starter, and the construction of affordable housing is also expected to advance. Policy master base should highlight the steady character, and steady growth is still hard requirements.

Looking back in 2021, my country has responded to a big change in the past 100 years, and struggled to complete the difficult task of reform and development, and achieve the "14th Five-Year Plan".

Looking forward to 2022, the domestic and foreign economic situation is still complex, "focusing on the stable macroeconomic market" and "maintaining economic operation in reasonable intervals", pointing to my country will grow stabilize.

  Macroeconomic policies should be robust and effective, continue to implement positive fiscal policies and robust monetary policies. The currency end, the meeting requested that "the steady monetary policy should be flexible, maintaining the liquidity is reasonable"; the fiscal end, the meeting requires that "active financial policy should improve efficiency, pay more attention, sustainable", 2022 deficit rate level and special The scale of the debt may be considerable this year. Expand domestic demand, promote consumption, and investment is an important starting.

"Implementing the expansion of domestic demand strategy, promoting consumption continued recovery, actively expanding effective investment, and enhancing the development of life" is placed in the next year’s work, indicating the steady growth of the next year to stimulate consumption, expand investment, pay attention to coupons , Public consumption, automobile home appliances, etc. refinement initiatives, but also pay attention to infrastructure, including traditional infrastructure and new energy, rail transit and other new infrastructure. The construction of affordable housing is expected to accelerate. This meeting puts the "promotion of affordable housing construction" in the first year of the real estate policy, indicating that the affordable housing is expected to be the focus of the real estate investment next year. The meeting also requested that "The Commercial Housing Market is better to meet the rational housing needs of the buyers," promoting the healthy development of the real estate industry ", and then combined with the recent SMS Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission" focus on the first suite, improve the housing mortgage demand, reasonable distribution of real estate development Loan, M & A loan, etc.

  In addition, structural policies, scientific and technological policies, etc. also have new requirements. The meeting pointed out that structural policies should focus on smooth national economic circulation, enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing, and enhance supply chain toughness; the scientific and technological policy should accelerate the landing, continue to do a good job in key core technical research, strengthen national strategic technology, and strengthen the status of corporate innovation. Realize technology, industries, and finance. Overall, do a good job in economic work next year, and the parties need to better play the initiative, creative, condensed, and meet hard, and meet the party’s twentieth victory in the excellent results.

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China @ 四 川 | "Wandering Village" turned into

  Xinhua News Agency, August 11th: "Wandering Village" changed to Xinhua News Agency reporter Kang Jinqian Sichuan Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Ganzi Tibet Trick Village is located near the 318 National Road, which was a "wandering village".

  The most beautiful season of the Sichuan Plateau, Gesang blossoms, cattle and sheep.

In the courtyard of Chakak Village, "Happiness Spa Leisure Vacation Vacation", there were more than 10 cars. 49-year-old people looked at people and didn’t live laugh.

  From the self-study of Wu’s self-discipline, he fell around around him, and finally settled in the spa of Chakak Village.

Like the home of Ho, 8 administrative villages in the village Gobi have wandered here, slowly develop 15 households to 100 households. In 1995, Chakacun Village was formally established.

  "In Tibetan, check card is the meaning of hot springs." Taguku Village Committee director tribute to tell reporters. In 2014, Chakak Village was determined as a poor village. Because it is "wandering village", the villagers have no yak, and the road to develop a farm industry is not available.

How to lead the villagers to get rich? "Do not develop, the folks will have been poor." In 2015, the secretary of the Village Party Branch decided to use the ready-made spa resources in the village. After many efforts, a simple hot spring home with 4 pools has worked in the village.

Because the cold and cold water is not good, it has been unfold after doing it.

"Fortunately, in addition to hot springs, there is also a tent city in 2017, plus planting labor income, etc., everyone’s income is still increasing.

"There is a lumps in the heart. With the support of the national poverty alleviation policy, 2018 Checkham Village withdraw from the poor village.

Wu’s home enjoys Huimin funds and villages, plus son’s workers’ income, and lives to nourish. "The previous TV, refrigerator, washing machine, and electric tea machine are used.

"Wu said. But the failure of the hot spring project is always the heart of the whole village.

  In 2018, Li Tang County proposed to create "hot spring towns" in the village Gobi, encouraged and multi-part of the work players in the village, and the villagers of Chakak Village also ignited the ambition of "Hot Springs Tourism Village".

  In September 2018, under Multi-Party Support, Characted Village collective hot spring renovation project was officially launched, and the villagers joined their obligations and workers.

After nearly one year, the pool from 4 increasing to 10, the first-year-old bath center was officially opened in July 2019. After the opening of the business, the business income reached 400,000 yuan.

  Taking advantage of a good momentum, the second phase of the hot spring project also puts into construction.

On August 5, 2020, the "Happy Spa Leisure Vacation" in Chakka Village, which covers an area officially opened.

Hot Spring Mountain Villa sets natural hot springs Tibetan medicine bath, indoor swimming, catering snacks, homestay reception, leisure goods, and the reception can reach 1200 people.

Opening this day, the whole village people run over. Introduction, after the completion of all the projects of the village collective hot springs, it is expected that the annual income can reach 1 million yuan, and the whole village can enjoy the project dividend.

  Wu’s also in the hot spring mountain.

As the income continues to increase, this once "wandering" has lived in more than 120 square meters of Tibetan home, and a six-mouth finally has a happy home.

  As the villagers are rich, the name "Wandering Village" is no longer mentioned.

De twee afdelingen hebben de publicatie uitgegeven van het gebruik van lijstsysteem in het landbeheer om systematisering van de afdelingsoverzicht te voorkomen

Ministerie van landbouwplandelijke gebieden, het National Rural Revitalization Bureau gaf de "Mededeling over het bevorderen van werkzaamheden in plattelandsbeheer" (hierna aangeduid als kennisgeving), vereist alle plaatsen om de last van dorpsniveau-organisaties te verminderen, de effectiviteit van het plattelandsorganisatie te verbeteren, en zich te houden aan Partijgebouw leiden, volgens de wet, het probleemgericht, het beginsel van de wet, en de toepassing van de verklaring in landelijk bestuur. De kennisgeving is duidelijk en onder leiding van de Partijcommissie en de overheid, versterking van de begeleiding en ondersteuning van de vermelding van de vermelding, en speelt u de rol van de partijenniveau-partijenorganisatie, zodat de implementatie van de lijst wordt gegarandeerd De rechten en interesses van boeren, waardoor de last op de organisatie op het dorpsniveau wordt verminderd en de mensen het vermogen van het vermogen bevorderen, voorkomt effectief de lijst met formulieren. De kennisgeving vereist volgens de wet volgens de wet.

Bepaal de inhoud van de lijst om te voldoen aan wetten, voorschriften en beleid en om systematisering van departementale discussie-taken te voorkomen in overeenstemming met de wetten, voorschriften en beleid.

Het is noodzakelijk om het probleemgericht te benadrukken en het lokale systeem moet worden voorbereid, de kleine stroomlijst voor dorpsniveau, de lijst met transacties op dorpsniveau en de lijst met openbare service. Om een ??lijst met dynamische aanpassingssystemen vast te stellen, standaardiseren de aanpassingsprocedure en wijzigt u de afgifte in overeenstemming met beleidsregels en het werkelijke werk, tijdige verandering. De melding benadrukt dat de lijst met regelgeving wordt bevorderd.

Om een ??duidelijke voorziening voor het lijstitem, de aanpassingsprocedure, implementatie, toezicht en beoordeling, vrijwaringsmaatregelen, enz. Voorbereiding van het vermeldingsschema, wis de lijstnaam, het werkproces, rechtsgrondslag, door middel van overheidsinformatie, de uitgifte-proces Map Handleiding, het dorpscomité Publiciteit, enz., Laat de mensen in de harten, volgens de foto, de kaders heb een ringplicht.

Bovendien worden de meldingsvereisten vastgesteld om geluidsteunende maatregelen vast te stellen. Promoot het Versterking Township Administrative Center, Rural Integrated Service Site hardware en softwareconstructie. Het "recht op lopen" "Fee" -systeem implementeren, het is noodzakelijk om te gaan met de onderliggende organisatie, het is noodzakelijk om de decentralisatie, de bron van fondsen te verduidelijken en ervoor te zorgen dat de garanties overeenkomen met de taak. Promoot de "Internet + Governy Service" om uit te breiden naar het grassroots-niveau, breidt u de dekking uit van intelligente serviceplatforms in townships en dorpen en verbetert de effici?ntie van de landbouw. Versterk de kwaliteitscapaciteit van Cadre, stel een positief stimuleringsmechanisme en een fouttolerantie-foutcorrectiemechanisme in en moedig de grassroots cadres aan om actie te ondernemen. Geachte gebruikers, "Chongqing" -klanten hebben officieel herzien om te upgraden naar "New Chongqing" -client.

Voor later gebruik scant u de bovenstaande QR-code en download de nieuwe versie in de tijd.

Meer kwaliteitsinhoud, meer handige ervaring, we wachten op u in "New Chongqing"! .

350 households to make a family of public rental houses

  The public rental ceremony of the public rental housing.

Reporter Su Yunhua photo Yesterday afternoon, Guangzhou 2020, the public rental housing lottery rental ceremony was held in the city real estate building. 350 household workers have acquired public rental housing.

The Municipal People’s Congress representative, the CPPCC member, the application for family representatives, news media, and the Guangzhou notary office public witness to witness the collection process.

  This total of 2334 households came to the spikers to the acceptance department to submit public rental housing applications.

The Municipal Housing Security Office, the Municipal Sino-Si Personal Services Administration announced on the website from March 18th to April 6th to publicize public rental housing application review, while accepting objection complaints.

During the publicity, 132 objections were accepted. After verification, 16 households’ objection were not established, and 116 households were established.

After public notice and review, he finally participated in the family of 1950 households.

  The public rental housing launched in this time has a total of 350 sets. This time, the public rental housing distribution of the spike workers shall be distributed according to the principle of family population and the principle of rental, and the order of multi-list selection principles. Live the system random allocation, with a shake number, 350 households with public rental housing. Today, the Municipal Housing Security Office will meet with the city to announce the public rental housing lottery. (Reporter Quanjie correspondent spikes to build Xuan).

18 major projects in Heng County were completed

Concentrate on the completion ceremony. Huang Yide took the completion ceremony to divide two venues, with 18 major projects, total investment billions.

There are 6 projects in Jasmine, and there are 6 projects, and the total investment is about 100 million yuan.

Among them, Fujian Chunlun Group Co., Ltd. Jasmine (Flower and Grass) Tea Project, Guangxi Xiangru Yisi Co., Ltd. China and high-end Jasmine Tea and Beverage Tea Production Project, Guangxi Tea Zi Tea Co., Ltd. Modern Jasmine Tea Factory Production Project 3 Jasmine Tea Production The project was completed.

In recent years, Heng County actively explores the development model of Jasmine Industrial Clusters, guiding jasmine (tea) enterprises to settle the jasmine collar.

By promoting the gathering of the jasmine, the concentration of talents, supporting services, etc., forms a new pattern of jasmine industries in scale production, processing transformation, brand marketing, scientific and technological demonstration, cultural tourism interaction.

At the same time, improve the company’s support mechanism and support the implementation of technical transformation in the enterprise. A total of 12 projects in Nanning Sixth Industrial Park will focus on completion, with a total investment of billion yuan. Among them, there were 8 start projects and 4 completed projects. The full-time deputy secretary of the Party Crafts Committee of Nanning, the party committee secretary of the Sixth Party Committee, the project is mainly concentrated in new materials, equipment manufacturing, biomedicine and other industries, will drive traditional materials, agricultural products, etc. Industrial transformation and upgrading, cultivate development of emergency industries such as assembly buildings, biomedicine, and accelerate the improvement of infrastructure and other infrastructure and other infrastructure, which have strong promotion of the county’s economy and strong bones and expansion.

Nanning Sixth Industrial Park, which will fully exert the industrial park industry, talent advantage, investment ecological advantages, continuous optimization of business environment, and fully optimize the business environment, fully serve the construction, start, put into production, and achieve effectiveness. Entering enterprises provide the best service, the best policies, the best resources.