Everyone looked at him,Gong Daoming said proudly:“I know the gambler’s strategy。”

“He is studying movies《God of Gamblers》Fat brother centimeter’s classic bridge,Deliberately not follow,Kill Lin Han’s patience。”
“Wait until Lin Han gets angry and can’t control his emotions,Will be a stud。”
“One battle determines the universe!”
Everyone was said by him,Lin Han, who was looking at the top of the gaming table, was really blushed by He Rongsheng’s dozens of non-talking,Seems to be eating people,I’m afraid it’s on the verge of explosion。
“Not with。”
He Rongsheng folds again。
Lin Han bit the press“Creak”Make noise,Fist with both hands,Lift it high and knock it down,The fist stays in the air and suddenly stops。
Lin Han suddenly burst into laughter,Pointing at He Rongsheng and said:“Buck teeth,You yin,I almost fell on you again!”
“You angered me on purpose, right!”
“But I tell you,I can see through your heart,Yours doesn’t work for me!”
He Rongsheng smiled,Noncommittal:“is it?”
“Wait and see,Dealing by the dealer。”
Chen Xiu, who watched the battle, looked at Gong Daoming.。

Get along with people like Zheng Yu,I feel a lot less reckless。

“I haven’t thanked you personally for the silver azurites,Brother Zheng actually came first,I’m ashamed。”Zhu Minglang said。
Wutu mining should not take long,Zheng Yu sent so many silver green mines,It can be seen that a lot of energy has been spent in this area,Zhu Minglang is very grateful,Or that silver dragon armor,Maybe he and Da Hei Fang will suffer accidents。
“where,This is the rebate gift。I just finished mourning Master Ke Bei,But I don’t know where Master Duan Lan is,I want to thank and apologize in person……”Zheng Yu said。
Zhu Minglang thought Zheng Yu was just talking casually,I didn’t expect him to travel all the way to Zulong City State,Just to mourn Ke Bei。
Look at Zheng Yu carefully,I found out that Zheng Yu was indeed in the dust,There was a bit of tiredness on his face。
“Come to my room first。”Zhu Minglang introduced Zheng Yu to his house。
I poured a cup of hot tea for Zheng Yu,Zheng Yu’s lips are chapped。
He is really a weak scholar,Obviously you can sit and wait in the courtyard,But kept standing at the door。
“Teacher Duan Lan has been taken back to recuperation by her tribe,I also visited,But his people said she needs to rest,Unsuitable,I have not been able to meet。”Zhu Minglang said to Zheng Yu。
“I got some silver,Bought some ganoderma,I hope I can do my best。”Zheng Yu said。
“I brought it to teacher Xiaoli in the nursing home,She should be able to deliver it for you。”Zhu Minglang said。
Xiaoli seems to be familiar with Duan Lan,And as a woman,She will also see Duan Lan more easily than the two big men。

“That one,OK,No need to go,Work and rest,Go back and rest soon。”

Although these two people look tired,But still shaking his head,Ready to hoe the ground。
Jingpu is about to cry,I beg you two,You two go,OK,Go!!!
It doesn’t matter,Even if you dig a hole in the morning,That’s also helping Jingpu,Jingpu would like to thank these two people too。
But the problem is,What pit did these two dug?!
Just these seven or eight pits,Crooked,How to grow things?!
Jingpu discovered,These two people are not here to help at all,Is here to make trouble!!
Immediately,Jingpu quickly said:“Really no need,That’s it for today,That’s it!”
Stop here?
Ling Jing and Lie Chun froze for a while,Understand in the next second,Also,I’m so tired today,Really can’t hold it anymore,See the resolute meaning of senior,Today’s cultivation has reached the goal。
Immediately these two people looked at Jingpo Road respectfully:
“That senior,Let’s go first,Thank you senior,We come back tomorrow。”
Come again tomorrow??
Jingpu froze for a while,Look dumbfounded,Don’t come tomorrow either,Never come again!!
but,Jingpu hasn’t spoken yet,After the two worshipped, they helped each other away。
finally,Jingpu curled his lips,Helplessly prepare to clean up,The messy yard made by these two men。
After I almost cleaned up,Jingpu is really startled,Ok??

And Zhao Sikang himself,I don’t care about it at all。

See these,Zhao Sikang smiled:“Don’t talk about anything else,But this matter,We still have to solve it as soon as possible!”
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty One
These things,For others,It’s nothing。
But what about Wang Teng,Actually it’s very calm。
“Lord,You seem to be concerned about these things,I’m not so nervous at all。”
slowly,With the people around you talking to Wang Teng。
At this moment,Wang Teng is very indifferent。
Wang Teng waved his hand,Don’t forget to talk here。
“in fact,None of these,I already knew。”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,obviously,It’s totally unexpected to other people。
Such a thing,What will it represent,Actually this,It’s still obvious。
And beside Wang Teng,Others are a little surprised。
After all now,If Wang Teng doesn’t talk about it,,So how could they possibly know?
But now,As Wang Teng finished,This feeling,It’s like Wang Teng has already mastered all this to the fullest。
Even the people around,When seeing here,But don’t know,How should I answer this matter now?。
“The lord,Let’s now,How to do?”

Pu Shiming has been working with Zhu Xuehen for some time,I remember her mood changed last time,It’s also because I met Zhu Minglang。

Pu Shiming did some investigations,Found that Zhu Xuehen is Zhu Minglang’s master,They lived together in the forest of abandoned swords of Mianshan Jianzong for ten years。
Is it just because the other person is a relative??
He has seen Zhu Xuehen face Zhu Men’s other relatives,And relatives in the royal capital,I have never seen her mood swings like this。
“Bless you,Isn’t it unusual for you?”Pu Shiming showed a gentle smile,Ask like a friend。
“Clue?”I wish Xuehen didn’t bother to deal with this topic provoked by Pu Shiming,Asked coldly。
“To the forest to the west,But it should be just a river fairy,Or Senxiangui。”Pu Shiming said。
“Leave it to you。”Zhu Xuehen said。
If it’s just a river fairy and a forest fairy,Zhu Xuehen has no need to shoot。
What she is looking for is the earth fairy and the mountain fairy。
Especially the mountain fairy,An existence that can wipe out Guangshan Zizonglin,Must be extraordinary,And this is too extraordinary and holy creature,It often has the meaning of sharpening the sword。
Wish Xuehen leave,Nowhere。
Pu Shiming frowned。
He walked towards the inn,Seeing that the two swordsmen of Mianshan Jianzong were picked up by Zonglin’s people,And Zhu Minglang is also standing in front of the inn,Watch them leave。
“Zhu Minglang。”Pu Shiming called,I stopped Zhu Minglang who was planning to leave。
“Pu Shiming?”Zhu Minglang is rather puzzled。
“I just asked about something,There is a river fairy here that was killed by you,I can’t see that your cultivation level has improved so quickly。”Pu Shiming smiled,Showing a friendly conversation expression。
“I learn everything fast。”Zhu Minglang said。
Pu Shiming smiled stiffly。

After Chen Xiu ran into the valley a few miles,What you see is a huge world。

There is a looming mist floating in the air in this world,Various trees grow in the mist。These trees have a common feature,That’s big!
999 Psychic
The smallest tree,Ten people can’t hold me,Up to tens of feet。And the tallest tree,Zhang Ye suspects that a hundred people may not be able to hold it。Its canopy stretches into the sky,Chen Xiu raised his neck and couldn’t see its leaves。
Huge trees,Just stand in front of you,Extends to the far invisible。
The trees are so tall,Even the stones are big。Not far in front of Zhang Ye,There is a huge stone,This stone is dozens of feet high,Looks like a hill。
And the distant mountains,It’s very tall,It’s like a huge barrier blocking half of the sky,By sight,Chen Xiu can’t see how tall it is,How big is it。
Chen Xiu rushed all the way to look at this weird world,Suddenly noticed something:That is in this world,Look up,Are huge skeletons,The skeletons of these dead animals have no flesh at all。Not only the dead animals that have been dead for a long time,Even those who look at the skeleton are still fresh!
“The way these beasts die is too weird,Looks like it was gnawed by some ferocious beast, leaving only bones!”
“No way,I need to throw away the two old guys behind as soon as possible,leave here!”
When Chen Xiu was thinking about how to get rid of Ma Zhaoyue and Zhang Zhiliang,Zhang Zhiliang, who was chasing after him, watched Chen Xiu get closer to the center of the forbidden area.,I am also very anxious,But there is nothing to do。
Chen Xiu passed through the depths of a huge tree,Suddenly looked up,There is a towering tree in the distance。
It is expected that this mountain that looks like a tree,Actually it is a mountain。And its height,Even higher than any mountain,Extend straight up,Disappear into the mist。
“If it wasn’t for me to run,I was also surprised that I was a piece out of the earth。It’s really unexpected that you can see alien scenes like those in science fiction movies on Earth!”

“This thing wearing a boss already knows,I heard that I have no relationship with you.,He hopes that you will go through it.!As long as you don’t delay your business!”

“It is also the person of the special affairs department.!”Rui Rui pretended to know,
“There are not many people who know her identity.,You also pretend, don’t know.!”Zheng Yao said first,
“Six brother!I still want her to make me money.!”
“I can’t manage this.,You discuss with her.!”
“it is good!Six brother!I still want to ask you to help me.!”
“I still have such a mother-in-law mother.,Have something to say!”
“I need a moving group yourself.!Because some actions are not reported!Zhuang Xiaoman is already one of them.,I also need Su Wenqian to join!”
“You want me to talk to him?”Zheng Yao first asked,
“Do not!I want to let six brothers so this is……”Qi Rui’s ear and Zheng Yao said a few words.,
Su Wenqian’s personality is more embarrassed,Must be tuned to teach,His biggest shortcoming is that the overall situation is too bad.,Rui Rui wants to use him to change his problems。
“It seems that you are really planning to cultivate him.!”It is very useful to see that Rui Wenqian is very careful.,Zheng Yao is also a strong interest in him.,Because this little nine eyes can be very good,Blue carp and von Manna is the best example。
“Six brother!He is a no-party person,But finally is used by people!So have the opportunity to follow the truth,Let him know what is bright road!”Laughter,
Zheng Yao first knows that Rui is to develop Su Wenqian,Don’t say that you have this idea.,Asked:“Does the jellyfish don’t work??”
“This person of the jellyfish can be aimed.!Doing anything is a strong purpose!Talent is definitely!But this person is not as good as Su Wenqian Sunshine!I don’t like the inner dark people.!”
“Row!I will do as you say arrangements!”
“correct!Six brother!Do you have a message??”
“Stare in secretly!But there is no discovery!”
“Six brother!The threat of the attendant room is too big,Slightly some wind blows can be shocked to,It is better to catch directly!”Ritual,
“Direct arrest!?”
“Correct!I just met Mountain Yurui.,He asked his twin case,He said that four doubles are now safe.,I think we will move one of them.,Perhaps you can affect other twins!It may not be able to get the desired effect.。”
“I have to talk to the director.!”
“It is necessary to move to the secret,This news must be told Manyi Yugui!If they know this double child in advance,Then prove that there are people in the attendant room.!But I hope they are this news from my mouth.!”Ritual,
“I understand what you mean!But this may have actions,We want to find the other two even harder。”
“Six brother!Is there a clue in the two??”
“No clue!We can only be found in that year police child disappearances!”
“The domestic turmoil,Maybe they change the name of the!Six brother!This move is a twin room attendants to see the reaction Dobunshoin!”
“I understand!This is still what you want to watch!Small nine!Do not thinking about anything!After all, a person’s energy is limited!”Zheng Yaoxian distressed to persuade,
“Six brother!The harm of the doubles is too big.!I can not be thinking about how!”
“Let it be natural,I believe there will be opportunities!At that time grasp on the line!I believe your ability!”
“Six brother!And then told them a!They only open a shot!Evacuate immediately after the finish gun,Because I should be in a long pool Shunsuke Inoue identity around Zhao’s Day,So according to my ability, I will take the gendarmer to two sniper points.,If they are likely to be caught slow step!”Qi Rui still not assured exhortations Road,
“You are so confident that their marksmanship?”
“Six brother!I believe in animal husbandry, fish and jellyfish marksmanship!To be safe I just let each of them fired a single shot!I believe that with their marksmanship Akira Inoue day die!”Ritual,
“Small nine!Matheson returned from a source to get through the night I sent the information and intelligence compiled,However, there are basically doing business accounts!Not a useful,I will let me lose people.!”
“no!?”Ruorui is very unexpected,Because I have found it.,According to Changzhijing, there must be a lot of intelligence in the Hand of the day.!
“Be true,There are many money,I am not all divided.,Half you left you!I have existed you Jinxin Bank.!This is the key of the safe!”Zheng Yao is not a total of half of it.,Instead, I left two-thirds,He has gone to some,Give Song, each of them, five thousand fs,This is already very much for them.。
Qi Rui, the six brothers, this is what makes it a lot of meaningful things.,There is no resignation:“Six brother!I am leaving!I will call you something.!”

In the future,Able to cultivate above the emperor,Also a possibility。

Above the emperor,Xianyu at the moment,There are only three。
These three,Are the three elders who manage the Holy Land。
but,Usually these three,Won’t come out。
Are practicing in retreat。
Every time,Are all in the Fairyland Genius Conference,Will appear。
of course,Attend the genius conference,Also limited。
otherwise,Everyone go in,Very unfair。
Plus,The inside is only for geniuses to practice。
What is a genius,Just very young,To cultivate to a certain level,or,Invincible existence at the same level,Is a genius。
As for,Like certain immortals,I don’t know how old I am after practicing,Xianzun cultivation base,Is not qualified to enter。
because,Past age。
but,These people can’t get in。
Does not mean,Descendants of these people,Or apprentice,Can’t get in。
these people,Will cultivate some descendants or apprentices。
Strive for,Enter this holy place。
Three days later,When the Holy Land genius war started。
Because of this one,Mozun,Only then will I ask my daughter。
“As for the reason,I do not know either。”
“but,You must get this time,Enter the list of fairyland holy land。”
Heard what my daughter said,Demon Zun said seriously。
“Do not worry,father,I fight for。”
“Say again,I practiced the highest technique of our Demon Sect,Demonization,Can perform skeleton skills,As long as the same level。”
“No one is my opponent。”

Not only didn’t let go,On the contrary, he said very seriously:“Humph,You took away the treasure we saw first and you want us to get out。”

“Give you a chance,Hand over the treasure now,if not,a while,The supreme leader of my school came,You must die。”
“Yes,Wait a while, the master of my martial arts comes,You must die。”
“The master of my school,Has entered the Seven Stars cultivation base。”
“cut,Your seven-star cultivation,Dare to say here。”
“I tell you,The master of my school,That’s the cultivation base of the Eight Star Peak,Almost,Also entered the nine-star powerhouse,Become the pinnacle of this world。”
“Humph!The master of my school,It’s still one step away,Also entered the nine-star cultivation base,Don’t think that only your school has,My school also has。”
Another person,Not convinced,Also followed。
These people at the scene,The cultivation base is all four-star cultivation base。
Because of this one,and so,Everyone dare not do anything to Lin Yu。
Just dare to be here,Threatening Lin Yu。
Lin Yu,Hear everyone’s words。
Raise hand,Slapped it。
Boom!These people were photographed like this,All shot flying out。
As for the cave,Also at this moment,Keep collapsing。
because,Lin Yu’s power,It’s too powerful。
This cave,Just can’t bear it,Lin Yu’s wave of power。
“court death,Dare to do something to my disciple。”
Shoot these people in Lin Yu,While walking out of the cave。
A strong man with seven-star cultivation,Suddenly coming with sword。
“Supreme Master,You finally came?”
“it’s him,He got the treasure。”
“That treasure,Is chaos stone。”
I don’t know,Is that chaos stone。
But Lin Yu said this,Say the same myself。
“what,Chaos Stone?”
Obviously,I thought it was too high,I also know what Chaos Stone is。
Hearing this,Shocked for several seconds,This is the reaction。
then,Look at Lin Yu,Cold road:“Hand over Chaos Stone,I can spare you,if not,today,You must die。”
“Humph!You a seven-star cultivation base,What kind of thing?”
“Dare to snatch me?”
Just when this person’s voice fell,An eight-star powerhouse,sudden appearance。
“Supreme Master,You finally came。”
“fast,Snatch the treasure back。”
“That treasure,In the hands of this man。”
I thought,This chaos stone,It has nothing to do with your own school。
But did not expect,Supreme Master,At this moment,Critical time,Rushed。
“It’s not just that you are too in charge,I’m here too。”

Such a strong,How could it be a refugee in the wasteland,It is clearly more than one class more than the little dragon masters who have entered the dragon gate!

Yin Yaozu and Bai Jun’s cheeks have turned blue and red,Like being beaten repeatedly by wicker!
Chen Leilao didn’t even dare to speak。
And beside them,The person who was bitten by the soul is still roaring,Every sound is like giving them these and“Soul Backlash”The students who passed by were struck by their hearts!
Don’t say anything about defeat,They will be disgusted and rejected by other classmates,Because they used despicable means and they were defeated。
and,Zhu Minglang finally stopped Bingchen Bailong from slaughtering the dragons,Leave room for these troublemakers……
Character and integrity,Judge!
Among challengers,Many were instigated by Yin Yaozu and Chen Lei,They don’t have a place for themselves at this time!
“Academy battle,Nothing more than youthful,I wish Minglang students can distinguish right from wrong,The teacher is very pleased。”A voice came from the mud pit。
Zhu Minglang was taken aback,Turned around,I saw a person crawling out of the mud sand pit not far away,That man’s face is dirty,The clean clothes are also a bit messy。
If it weren’t for him there was a trembling bird pseudo-dragon next to him,Zhu Minglang can’t recognize this person。
“Teacher Bai Yishu,Student is rude。”Zhu Minglang said to this teacher a little sorry。