Beijing to open double hit 5.0 mode

  2020 pairs hit coming weeks, Beijing Beijing transcripts showed double hit double hit open mode from 2015 to 2019, Beijing has patents per million people grew by 130%, the daily number of new science and technology enterprises increased from 110 to 250, state-level high-tech enterprises increased from 10,000 to 10,000, the number of enterprises increased from unicorn 40-93 …… behind the numbers, it is Beijing’s booming double hit power.

Municipal Development and Reform Commission recently disclosed, driven by double hit weeks, Beijing has developed into eco-mode service covering the whole chain of innovation and entrepreneurship and enterprise development life cycle, the formation of Beijing Double-invasive mode, continue to lead the country’s double hit of the new trend.

  Boom: the birth of the world’s first quantum computer, the country’s first global leader in embedded artificial intelligence "Chinese core" 250 science and technology enterprises every day …… In recent years, a series of global par, leading the country’s ground-breaking innovations in Beijing emerged. "In six years, under the influence of double hit Week, led by Beijing continued to improve innovation and entrepreneurial drive.

"City Development and Reform Commission official said, the public highly entrepreneurial innovation has become an important carrier of Beijing implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, the construction of the National Science and Technology Innovation Center, and promote the development of high-quality capital.

  Data show that in 2019, Beijing invention patents per million people in possession of 132, an increase of 130% compared to 2015 levels for many years ranked first in the country, about 10 times the national average; demonstration area of Zhongguancun enterprises with international patent application PCT 4638, accounting for 1/4 of the national high-tech zones.

  On the other side, the main innovation is also growing, from 2015 to 2019, the daily number of new science and technology enterprises increased from 110-250, state-level high-tech enterprises increased from 10,000 to 10,000, the number of enterprises Unicorn increased from 40-93, the number of enterprises and the overall valuations are doubled. "Four score double brisk, growing double hit for the team ‘Beijing to create’ laid a solid foundation for growth." Relevant person in charge said. Vitality: high-tech services to lead the country sights Zhongguancun.

Last year, the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone created the leading publishing standards to 10313, the international standard 434 which is double the level in 2015.

  More and more international standard created by the dominant Zhongguancun, reflects the vigorous vitality of this land.

In recent years, "a three-city area" as the country’s main center of scientific and technological innovation platform construction full speed, 5 to gather the city’s science and technology enterprises, contributing 3 percent of the city’s GDP, 60 percent of the science and technology achievement awards.

Haidian, Tsinghua University, Baidu and other 20 pairs of Model base to support innovation and entrepreneurial strength of rapid expansion, accounting for 1/6 of the national total; the city has all kinds of public a platform more than 500 start-ups and service team nearly ten thousand, effectively promoted the sophisticated artificial intelligence industry, integrated circuits, medicine and health. "New technologies, new models, new formats, new services, new features for the booming economy, accelerate the transformation and promote industrial structure, accelerate the development of sophisticated industry." Municipal Development and Reform Commission responsible person revealed that in 2019, Beijing to achieve new economy increase value billion, up 57% compared with 2016, accounting for the city’s GDP accounted for% compared with 2016 upgrade points.

  In addition, when the city’s high-tech industry added value billion yuan, an increase of 6% compared with 2015, the proportion of GDP accounted%, compared with 2015 upgrade points.

High-tech service industry has become a pillar industry of the city’s service industry first, the added value of the city’s tertiary industry reached 29%.

High-tech services to lead the country, accounting for about one third of the income scale. Services: convergence 200,000 business services company established two years, attracted to the inauguration of Microsoft’s product planners; the establishment of three years, was named the national high-tech enterprises; the establishment of five years, to obtain four times 12 Sino-US investment institutions over 100 million …… yuan financing in Zhongguancun science and technology circles, the myth of the creation of a series of Chen Zhen was 27-year-old entrepreneur, has been six years when the CEO.

He took "quick sense of science and technology," the team broke into the visual field of artificial intelligence, to give the robot mounted on a pair of eyes.

  Innovation and entrepreneurship regardless of age, do not ask origin. "Beijing’s main innovation and entrepreneurship small congregation to the public, researchers, teachers, business executives, demobilized cadres, doctors, students and other broad participation of entrepreneurs, highly educated entrepreneurs become the main force.

"The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission said.

  Innovation and entrepreneurship has become common practice, Beijing’s policy of double hit breadth, depth, continuous improvement, and institutional obstacles continue to get rid of the shackles of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Data show that as of the end of 2019, Beijing brought together about 200 000 business services company, nearly 20,000 angel investors, more than 670 venture capital institutions to form a "polymeric elements, body coordination, cultural integration, environment-friendly" eco-innovation and entrepreneurship system, the ability to attract innovative entrepreneurs are more affluent. More importantly, Beijing initiative to link global innovation networks, innovation and entrepreneurship international gene further energized, and gradually upgrade to a global type of innovation and entrepreneurship. In Beijing Fortune 500 corporate headquarters 56, for five consecutive years ranked first in the world in major cities, more than 560 foreign R & D institutions.

Zhongguancun establishment of 19 overseas liaison office in Silicon Valley, Israel and other places to set up branches overseas R & D and leader over 1000.

  "After a property, service-oriented, investment-oriented, value-based fourth generation transformation, Beijing has been developed to cover innovation and entrepreneurship whole chain and enterprise development life cycle of ecological services, the formation of Beijing Double-invasive mode, continuing to lead the country double hit of a new trend. "the official said. +1.

Along the river: 453 grids 12251 "Ten Yingjia" guardian peace and happiness

"I really didn’t expect, from the reporting situation to the problem properly resolved, only half an hour." On October 29th, the residents of the Huhuaqiao Community in Heping Street along the River Tujia Autonomous County, the residents, the social governance of the residents, the social governance Overhead.

In step by step, Zhuzhu has a special identity – joint petitioner. Last year, she graduated from her home to work in her home, and she was dedicated to the "head" of 12 households. The residents were looking for her. Just took office, Zhuzhu met with a tricky thing.

Two households have made up the garbage of the garbage in the door, persuading the no results, the first time reflects the net whistlers in the area, and the net whose official will feedback to the secretary of the Community Party Branch, and the grid Chang Zhou Xiling.

After receiving the news, Zhou Xiling contacted the first time of the building team of the building, the member of the building team in the building, and then he also arrived at the scene.

Due to the pre-reporting of the bamboo, I have a solution to the original committee. To this end, it is very likely that conflict conflict disputes, which is quickly resolved.

The flower bridge community is located in the central city of the county, is the most populous community in the county, and the floating population exceeds the population of the household registration, and the difficulty of management can be imagined. But unexpectedly, from January to September this year, the community administrative case, criminal issues fell by%,%, and there were no murdered cases, no level petition, no contradiction disputes.

The practice of the flower bridge community is a microcosm of the modernization of the city’s social governance system and governance.

Since this year, the river autonomous county has pushed the high-quality development along the city, continuously improve the contradictory dispute, the multi-decomposition mechanism, and the high position promoted the "one-center network ten joint house" grassroots governance construction, forming "party construction leads, The comprehensive management center is platform, with the grassroots governance service system, which is based on the linkage, with the net household, and the information is based on information, and strives to build a joint social governance pattern to achieve the minimization, service performance of the management unit. maximize.

It is reported that, at present, the county has divided 453 city and hural meshes, equipped with 2,625 special part-time nets, in the building, blocks, natural villages, will scattered residents according to 10 households to build "Ten Integrals" management, 12251 "Ten Towns", 620 solutions to the masses, the number of criminal issues, and contradictory disputes fell more than 30% year-on-year.

"I have opened the ‘last km’ of the service, let the party’s work is deeper and more and more and more." Wang Suzhou, the Standing Committee of the County Committee of the River Tujia Autonomous County, said Wang Suzhou, the "one center is one network ten" Since the promotion of the city governance work, the new model of the county, township, villages, groups, ten groups, the five-level linkage, the rapid response, the public response to the first time response and solved the contradiction between the masses It was found and resolved, and the people and party policies were collected and transmitted in a time. (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommendation reading.

Bazhou District Bazhong dang beams street demolish illegal structures up to 10 years of barns

Into the River Community Building, Riverside, unpleasant odor, greeted by a tarpaulin and wooden structures barns.

This hidden in the downtown district for 10 years sheds, residential property owners become pain in my heart, though repeatedly renovation, but so far there is no cure. In this regard, dang beams streets and package insurance units Municipal Development staff in-depth visits to the masses, who learned to build sheds is an old man suffering from leukemia, usually by picking up waste and poultry livelihood, the family more difficult. To this end, the beam dang neighborhood offices and Bazhong Development and Reform Commission of personnel repeatedly come home, and patience with the old man, listen to the demands of publicity illegal structures, policies and regulations to create a civilized city. Meanwhile, relevant departments to coordinate a fight for subsistence allowances for the elderly, serious illness relief and other policies to address temporary relief capital of 10 million yuan. After repeated propaganda policy, an old man offered to demolish illegally built sheds.

September 3, dang beams neighborhood offices and Bazhong Development and Reform Commission, the River Community organizations and city inspectors, sanitation and other units started demolition work.

After nearly three days of work, illegal structures demolished sheds are smooth, white trash site, thoroughly clean up pollutants, heart problems surrounding residents for many years to cure. Next, dang beam Street office will work with a package insurance unit, to the old district and padded short board Beijiexiaoxiang basis of damaged roads, wall repair, concentration and control the fly line and the "three lines" to do normal good hygiene cleaning, creating the text ongoing publicity, build and create a universal, shared by all people to create atmosphere, creating the text work together to win the battle. (Ho ceremony, Hong tall) (Editor: Luo Yu, high Hongxia) share to allow more people to see.

2014 we have chased the Japanese drama together

"Firstclass" Fuji TV April 19th Starring Starring: Zeyi Yinglong Huazhong Pills Xiong Zuoi Mu Hi Cuisine Working at the 26-year-old Girl Ji Chengqi Qian Na Ni Mei (Ze Ying Yinglong Hua), there is natural love for fashion . At the accident, she introduced the editor of the top fashion magazine "Firstclass", Dawu, Dawu, Dawu, Dawu (Bo Valley, into the summer), and entered the editorial department of her dreams of her dreams. However, under the appearance of the stylish circle, the cruelty of weak meat and food is what she begins.

From the editorial of the cold, the full-scale meat, the deputy editor, the vice editor, the sea, the sea, the sea, the black female editor, Sichuan Rui beautiful, and the vegetable wikuo) to the gradual superior contractor Wooden Village White Snow (Tian Yu Zhi Ziji), from the flattest model Mina (Sasaki Hiji) to the popular rich family female + famous model erena. Focusing on this magazine, smoke and warfare are not in progress.

In order to out, Qiai Mei seems to have only choosing to fight, put into mounting’s brutal killing.

Chongqing: Tour Tribunal Solo Migrant Worried Zama Mountain Office

In recent years, Jiangjin District People’s Court in Chongqing combines the characteristics of the jurisdiction to innovate judicial convenience initiatives, innovative judicial convenience initiatives, and launched "Tour Tribunal", "Holiday Tribunal", "Bidding", etc. Measures, the maximum convenience is convenient for the people to handle the lawsuit. Jiangjin District People’s Court Second People’s Court jurinated 6 townships and towns, including Sijia, Zhongshan, Jiaping, Si’an Mountain, 940 square kilometers in the jurisdiction, with elevated drop of more than 1,000 meters.

In order to facilitate the masses, we also lapse the legal service, climb the roller, hiking over the river, and take the village to enter the house. In the work, the grassroots judges in the rooted mountainous area tried to help the parties to fade, abpatient, speaking, and find contradictions, and then resolve contradictions. Through innovative judicial convenience initiatives, the grassroots judge moved the court to the field, moved to the land, moved to the party’s home, change the words of French to the Chinese language, and sent the judicial service to the people.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Wei photo.

Changzhi a village to go out of the revitalization of the village.

Original title: "The Road" of the revitalization of the village "Revitalizing the Road" "with the village", the new rural construction, the new path, the new, the new life, the new life of the peasant, from February, the Spring Festival of the Spring Festival in March, to the ancestral culture in April Tourism Festival, then go to the "May 1" Run Carnival, Changzhi County Zhenxing Village has become the most lively place in the party. Only in the first quarter of this year, tourists have exceeded 200,000, and the comprehensive income of the tourist area is more than 10 million yuan.

The revitalization of people strive to make a rural revitalization, and strive to be more confident to be more confident.

Zhenxing Village was originally known as Guanjiacun, which was still a backward hill village 10 years ago. In the past 10 years, under the leadership of the party organization of Niu Zeng, the village, Xing Enterprise and Mad Village, the village enterprises, the village enterprises share, realize the country to the city, from agriculture to the industry, from farmers to the public The transformation, got out of a rural revitalization of "The Road".

The local urbanization is the distinctive feature of revitalization in the construction of new rural areas. In 2007, Zhenxing Village opened the new rural construction.

The village invests billion yuan, building 569 villa residential buildings, 95 sets of newly residents, and achieve overall relocation, new construction.

The village is also equipped with schools, health institutes, hotels, supermarkets, parks, squares, halls, and realize academic health care. Everyday meal gasification, winter heating is heating, electricity photolithography, garbage treatment and harmlessness and Road hardening, greenery, brightening, unified heating, unified air supply, unified water supply, unified power supply, network broadband, pass-related television, and pass control phone. At present, the green coverage of the whole village reaches 72%, forming a beautiful scenery of "Spring has a hundred flowers and autumn, summer, and the snow, and the snow".

"Building a village, Xing Enterprise, Mad Village, Village Enterprise, Sharing the Village Enterprise" is the development path of revitalizing the construction of new rural construction. Coal mines is the basic industry of Zhenxing Village. In 2004, the root of Niu Zeng was pressing, and completed the company’s shareholding system, the villagers became a shareholder, and the red revenue per household was more than 100,000 yuan; at the same time, the company also developed into a coalgon coal. Coating, building materials, transportation, trade as a modern multi-enterprise group of total assets worth Yune.

In 2009, Changzhi County will visit the village and Yizhen Village, and the third village branch of Xiangyang Village is peeled off from the party committee of Xihu Town, and the party committee of the revitalization group has achieved the merger of the company and the village party organization.

In 2010, Changzhi County established urban and rural coordinating test area, developing scale, greening and arranging mountains, construction attractions, improved the environment, achieving farmers into the city, labor in place, children in situ Pension, industrial development, the happiness index of residents continues to improve. Revitalization also established employment, medical security, education free, pension guarantee, social welfare, five major social security mechanisms.

All employment in the young and middle-aged, the old man over 60 years old, issued 1200 yuan per year. In the past 10 years, the total investment of "three rural resources" is 20 times; the village collective income has reached 30 million yuan; more than 3,000 yuan in the jurisdiction and the surrounding villages, the per capita income of the village is 4 times, reaching 10,000 yuan; 3 villages have been combined from the original hillivay, and the per capita income of corporate employees has turned 15 times, reaching 10,000 yuan.

Zhenxing Village has also won a series of honors such as national civilized villages, national beautiful rural demonstration villages, China Top Ten Xiaowang Village, New Age’s revitalization development example. After realizing the local urbanization, the city and county approval, Changzhi County Urban and Rural Coordinated Revitalization Test Area changed its name to Zhenxing Country Ecological Cultural Tourism Area in Changzhi County in 2017. Revitalizing people are fully relying on their own natural ecological resources and industrial basic advantages, with "special" as the first, "Wen" as the soul, "Travel" is trail, and fully promote the beautiful leisure rural construction.

China Life issued the "Guidelines on national regional development strategy of service"

Original title: the stock of investment has reached the scale trillion! China Life Insurance Services National Regional Development Strategy and endless relaxation Recently, China Life issued the "Guidelines on National Regional Development Strategy of service" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"), on the implementation of regional development in the new period fall fine series of major strategic plan, service optimization regional economic layout, promote balanced regional development and make a series of work arrangements. "Opinions" based on a new stage of development, implementing new development concept, to play a comprehensive financial advantage, put forward specific service initiatives for different regional development priorities, help build a free and orderly flow of factors, the main function of effective restraint, equality of basic public services, resources and the environment can be the coordinated development of the region hosted a new pattern.

"Opinions" clear, by 2025, China Life will initially be built high-quality financial and insurance services system of regional development service, regional service capacity of the national development strategy of significantly enhanced. According to "Opinion", China Life will play the advantages of integrated financial services area of high-quality development, according to "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" a new concept of development, are focused to promote regional industrial upgrading, urban and rural areas, environmental protection, and internal and external linkage livelihood security.

In the area of industrial upgrading, will support the construction of science and technology innovation system, help improve the industrial chain of modern supply chain level, service development and growth of strategic emerging industries; urban and rural areas in co-ordination, will serve the regional urban agglomeration, metropolitan and large urban construction, urbanization construction information service as an important carrier of the county, helping to consolidate and expand the results of tackling poverty rural revitalization effective convergence; in the regional ecological environmental protection, will support and enhance the quality of ecosystem stability, help fight pollution control tough fight, serving regional economy green social transformation; in terms of interaction within and outside the region, will strive to promote cross-border economic and trade cooperation, support "along the way" infrastructure interoperability, opening up new power center construction; livelihood security in the region, China Life will actively participate in multi-level social security construction system and gradually improve health care service system, a full-service modern social governance.

In addition, the "Opinions" clear focus on supporting the development of different regions, in Beijing, Tianjin and support collaborative development, service ease Beijing non-capital function, focusing on Beijing, Tianjin and boost economic structure and spatial structure optimization; male high standards of quality service New construction safety, and regional utilities and civil engineering construction; Guangdong and Hong Kong in support of building a large Bay area, a key service area interconnection infrastructure, global innovation center construction and cross-border cooperation; support for integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta aspects, combined with the development of new tasks, integrated services regional areas of priority, to build advanced services Kechuang and industrial system, free trade zone development services and other places such as Shanghai, Jiangsu and Anhui.

In addition, the "Opinions" also support the development of the Yangtze River economic belt, ecological protection and development of high quality Yellow River Basin, the western development, Northeast China, central China, the modernization of the eastern region, and old revolutionary base areas, areas such as ecological degradation clear direction and support initiatives.

To guarantee the implementation of the "opinions" from supervisors also strengthen organizational leadership, improve the implementation mechanism, increase investment of resources, capacity-building, strengthen co-ordination on track to do five to convey to learn, study and plan, implement, inspection and supervision, assessment evaluation and other arrangements to promote national and regional service strategy work put in place. As of the first half of 2021, China Life support national development in key areas of investment in the stock trillion yuan of bonds to invest in regional and local traffic, shed change, subway and other major livelihood projects, the depth of integration into the regional coordinated development; social security supplementary medical insurance underwriting covering 19 provinces, about 4710 people, long-term care insurance covering a total of approximately 1970 people in 16 provinces, the first (set) equipment, insurance, and focus on new material for the first time application of more than 150 insurance companies provide risk protection to about 90 billion environmental liability insurance coverage to provide risk guarantees about 1160 companies over $ 2.1 billion boost regional industry and livelihood security; Group member units of Guangdong development Bank Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay area, the Yangtze River Delta and the Yangtze River economic belt, Beijing, Tianjin and so on regional infrastructure development, industrial transformation and upgrading, environmental protection and other projects approved restructuring credit line of nearly 110 billion yuan, the project ground to help a large number of regional focus. (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Zhangjing Qi) share to allow more people to see.

China Nieuwe Tianjin Eco City Taxation Bureau Promoot Feesthistorie Leren Onderwijs in de Hersenen

Onlangs kwam China’s nieuwe Tianjin Eco-City Taxation Bureau Discipline Inspection Team naar Honghai aan de Party Tak van Hanyu belastingkantoor, met het thema van "sorry en eenzame tovenaar" van de partijgeschiedenis, het Partij-lid van het Partijlid, het Partij Lid van de onderwijstak, onthoud aan de initi?le missie, ambassade-integriteitsinstelling. De klasse van het onderwerp heeft de kracht van de studenten gewonnen, het erven van het rode gen, het erven van de nieuwe ideale overtuiging, voerde de kaders van de partij naar de intentie van de partij, voor de mensen en maak een buitengewone bijdrage aan de gewone positie en benadrukte de praktijk Eerlijkheidsmissie, houd de bottom line van de schone overheid, hecht aan een goede stijl, strikte werkdiscipline-vereisten, 叮 Partij-leden en kaders leren van het QUAL-Summation-voorbeeld in de partijgeschiedenis, gecombineerd met hun eigen werk, verbeter de historische missie en verantwoordelijkheid en het bevorderen van belastingwerkzaamheden realiseren hoogwaardige ontwikkeling.

Party-leden hebben gezegd dat dit onderwerp van het onderwerp partij is dat het alleen een diepe toegang is van de partijgeschiedenis en het leren van onderwijs. Het is ook een schoon en eerlijk onderwijs van de ziel. Het is duidelijker verantwoordelijk voor de partijleden en kaders. Forward, in goede staat, worden de belastingkrachten van hoge kwaliteitsbijdrage bereikt.

(Editor: Tang Xinyi, Cui Xinyao) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Beiqing Bao: Why should we complain willow catkins

These days, some areas of the capital was "snow" all over the sky, and this "snow" nor snow, "snow" the protagonist is the willow tree.

Beijing Fei Xu weather generally start from early April, mid-May to the end of the peak of about 20 days, now is the second peak, Piaoxu main tree species are poplar and willow.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape has been made clear every spring "snow" and "hero" – the number of female plants willow and conditions.

Long-time female plants willow catkins, spring to life the people of the capital to bring trouble is obvious.

People walking, cycling fans eyes, many people on the street wearing sunglasses, masks, Fei Xu is to avoid being intrusive.

Flammable Yang catkins after rolling into a ball will be a great deal of pressure in the fire.

Beijing Forestry University, Professor Zhang Zhixiang introduction, Fei Xu is actually a derivative of seed and female willow trees, they are making babies to spread, every spring, on the "send" fluff these white flocculent, carrying seed to the wind for the media , scattered all over the sky. This time of year, willow Fei Xu together, it has been proposed to Willow logging of all female plants, but also the capital of a public no Fei Xu spring.

This agenda properly No? Feasible? Poplar and willow as a native species, with Beijing suitable soil and climate, easy to breed survived, fast growing and low maintenance cost a lot of natural advantages such as planting trees Beijing to become the main green.

At present, accounting for Jin Yicheng poplar forest area in Beijing, the willow tree forest reserves is accounted% of the city’s total volume. If you give all Fachu willow female plants, will greatly reduce the forest area and forest stock volume of the capital, which Beijing is at the peak of construction ecology, this is obviously not a wise move.

If there is no female plants willow, Beijing will arrive late in the spring, winter will come early. Garden experts, willow tree willow especially female plants are Beijing newspaper Murakami.

Equinox solar terms start, the first green shoots emerge, declaring that winter is past willow trees. The willow female plants than male plants turn green even as early as 10 days to about a half months.

Ching Ming gas, willow tree has green leaves Thriving, while other species are still dormant.

People are willing to embrace the green of spring, let yellowish brown monotony of winter is replaced as soon as the green, willow female plants if there is no rendering, the capital will be late spring each year.

Willow is the longest of the capital of green trees.

Entered in December, when the dying trees, switchgrass still swaying throughout the capital. It delayed the winter, spring Morning Post, if they are Fachu, although people do not tolerate harassment Fei Xu, but to be plagued by a long winter and short spring. Not only willow trees grow fast, low maintenance costs, but also water-saving pioneer. One or two decades old willow tree basic "relying", you do not have separate watering, which is rare to repeat itself for the water shortage in Beijing? Further, willow trees further having oxygen releasing fixed carbon, cooling and humidification, sterilization reducing bacteria, absorb toxic substances harmful ecological functions.

Studies have shown that a 20 cm diameter poplar, 172 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year can absorb and release oxygen 125 kilograms, 16 kilograms of dust stagnation; a diameter of 20 cm willow, 281 kg a year can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, 204 kg Absorbed dust 36 kg. Beijing is fighting a battle to control air pollution, dust has a strong hysteresis carbon sequestration willow tree, it is a rare "reinforcements." Willow trees as shading effects can not be ignored. 20 meters to 30 meters of the "height" so that Beijing poplar become irreplaceable "green skyline."

Crow, magpie, mandarin ducks and other birds have chosen a particular habitat willow tree, if part of the female plants are Fachu, not only affects the ecological benefits of trees to play, will be on local ecosystem damage.

More importantly, cut down the prime of life willow tree is not difficult, but planting new trees need two or three decades to a forest, where "eco accounts" need to go very carefully.

Calmly say, the impact of urban living willow catkins female plant is not uncontrollable.

Beijing area gardens, water supply, municipal, transportation departments have formed a special class governance willow catkins, catkins are continuing to carry out the governance of the high incidence areas, its effectiveness should be actively looking.

Must not be grounds to avoid Fei Xu, willow placed beneath the ax! (Editor: Dong Xiaowei, music source).

Concentrateren en sluiten De ontwikkeling van Chengdu Chenghua Shuangshuijin duwt de Geest van Party-generaties

Onlangs heeft Chengdu Chengua District Shuangshui Street het Partij-werkcommissie (uitgebreide) vergadering, de orgaankaders en personeelsamenstellingen, speciale leervergaderingen, micro-lectaties, enz., De Geest van het Achtste Partijcongres in het studiegebied, en Doe de achtste partij de geest van de conferentie verenigd, conjunctief, geleidingsactie, die krachtige garanties bieden voor het bouwen van ecologie en leefbare, harde kern, innovatie, welvarende beschaving, veiligheidstaar, gemeenschappelijke welvaart, socialistische modernisering.

Diep het leren van de inhoud van de vergadering, het leren en verteren van het harde werk.

Het Achtste partijcongres in het district van Chenghua implementeerden "Een goede blauwdruk, het selecteren van een goed kader, uitgerust met een goed team, met een goede ori?ntatie, het vormen van een goed weer", enz. Streven naar de Demonstratiezone van het Park City City Worstelen om een ??nieuwe situatie in modern China te cre?ren, die wetenschappelijke richtlijnen en sterke garanties biedt.

Serieus bestuderen van de geest van het Achtste partijcongres in het gebied, is een belangrijke politieke taak in de huidige en toekomstige periode van de Double Water Rolling Street.

De straten begrijpen de geest van de Algemene Vergadering, nauwkeurig begrijpen de werkvereisten van de Algemene Vergadering, en verenigen de idee?n en exemplaren snel aan de besluitvorming van de achtste partij in het district Chenghua en leren om diep te leren en te leren en De intensiteit zal ervoor zorgen dat het leren en implementeren. realiteit.

Verbeter de stationair nauwkeurige greep en verdiept het begrip van doorbraak. Het Achtste Party Congress-systeem in het district Chenghua heeft een grote blauwdruk opgericht van de toekomstige ontwikkeling van de komende vijf jaar, die de toekomstige richting van de toekomst aangeeft, met name het verslag van de partij, vermeldde de promotie van de promotie van Rongbei Business District de uitgebreide ontwikkeling van het District is nauw verwant aan de ontwikkeling van de Double Water Rolling Street. De Double Water Rolling Street zal het politieke station verbeteren, diep begrijpen, de geest van het Party Congress nauwkeurig begrijpen, de strategische en toekomstgerichte, diepgeleiden, de sleutelpunten begrijpen, een combinatie van doorbraakpunten vinden, de wereldwijde verbetering met de sleutel met de sleutel op de hoogte is doorbraak en blijven de jurisdictie economische en sociale ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit bevorderen. Het is gebaseerd op de daadwerkelijke focus op het gebruik van transformatie. Ik heb een diepgreep "om voor mensen te werken", focus op de verbetering van het levensonderhoud van de mensen, en doe goed werk in street socialezekerheidssteun.

Alle grassroots Party-leden en kaders, community (dorp) personeel, alle grassroots party-leden en gemeenschap (dorp), alle grassroots party-leden, community (dorp) personeel om hun bewustzijn te versterken, focussen op de implementatie van de implementatie van de partij, gecombineerd Met het werkelijke werk van de straat, implementeer de verantwoordelijkheid van het volk, de kwantisering, maand en maand onderzoeken, het stuk wordt op de hoogte gebracht en alles is haak "vijf belangrijke initiatieven", die de resultaten van het partijcongres zo snel mogelijk bevorderen, de effectiviteit bevorderen van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van dubbel water. (Zhangke) (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.