Xia Jian drank the water in the cup,When I wanted to go back to Xiao Xiao’s bedroom to check my email,The dragon ball that suddenly went downstairs turned back。

“President Xia!A man came at the door,Said her name is Renan,Want to see you。And he said you know,Look at this……?”
“what!What renan?Why can’t i remember?I didn’t date anyone?”
Xia Jian frowned,I can’t remember it for a while。
Dragon Ball smiled and said:“Looks very young,Gauze wrapped around his head”
“Oh!It’s him!He is still a kid,Looks like he’s only nineteen years old。How did they find me here?You do!Bring him in”
Xia Jian shook his head helplessly。He helped him last night,Why is this kid still pestering him?。Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,Dragon Ball came in with Renan 。
“President Xia!Thank you for saving me last night。But i don’t have a job,Can you take me in?Do anything,I can clean the toilet and drive。I don’t want a penny,As long as you can give me food,In addition……”
“All right!What car are you driving?Don’t even have a certificate。How about this!Take care of the injury first,Then get the driver’s license,Can you come see me again?”
Xia Jian smiled,He didn’t expect to help others,Also helped out。
At this time,I saw Renan step forward,Kneeled in front of Xia Jian with a plop,He choked a little bit:“I want to learn a driver’s license,But no money,You should let me clean the toilet for you!You are a good guy,And his skills are so good,I’ll set you up in this life”
“Get up quickly!What is your child like?The man has gold under his knees”
Xia Jian stepped forward,Quickly helped Renan up。
Dragon Ball glanced at Xia Jian,And then said to Renan:“You kid can’t do this!President Xia saved you,You thank him,How can you burden him?”
“I followed Mr. Xia just to repay。And people like him,Worth it”
Renan raises his neck,Speak confidently,I feel that he does this really reasonable。

The strongest man,The strongest in the universe in the past three reincarnation eras,The creator of the virtual universe,Original ancestor!

Gentle original ancestor,Kind of easy going。By contrast,Chaos City Lord is too serious,And the giant axe is easy going to bold。
Li Ming looks at the original ancestor,The original ancestor actually observed Li Ming。
“Very short practice time,Strong sense of law,The will to reach the void。。。And the luck is amazing!”
In the eyes of the original ancestor,Li Ming, the Lord of Infinity, also gave him a great surprise。
This is the strongest rising star of the human race,In contrast, the Galactic Lord is also very good,But it’s worse。
“You are the Lord of Infinity,Disciple of Longxing?”The original ancestor’s every move is like a spring breeze。He looked at Li Mingwan as if he looked at an excellent child。indeed,to him,There are indeed few human races that are not‘child’of。
Is the founder of Giant Axe,Chaos City Lord was brought out by him。
“Yes,Original ancestor!”Li Ming bent over to salute。
As a great being that blessed the early stages of human development,The original ancestor deserves such respect。
“well,The messages you give to the race,I have seen it too,It is indeed a good guide for the Lord of the universe to break through to the strongest,And the Rhinoceros Bureau。。。If it becomes popular,It will certainly bring great benefits to mankind。”
Stop talking,Yuanzu shook his head,At least it’s not the time for popularization。The Lord of the universe of the human race can basically get absolute trust。But in the universe?Maybe there is an existence controlled by alien souls。
This is doomed,In a short period of time, these knowledge and secrets can only be passed on between the Lord of the Universe and a few venerables.。
“Great Axe、chaos,You come to me with unlimited,I have understood the specific situation。”
“unlimited,You have the right to inherit the secrets of that ancient civilization。。”

He pushed his partner hard,“Hi,Hi,Did you see it just now?”

“what?See what?”Companion drowsiness,Very at a loss。
“A red light under the Black Fire Cliff,Did that kid come out??”
“Brag you just,Is it dazzling??”Companion stretched his finger up,The colorful brilliance is in his eyes。
This is the night of the free world,The sky above the Five Elements Island is very lively,The dark sky is rendered by colorful fireworks,Looks very gorgeous,Especially near the main peak of the crater,Fireworks are extremely dense,Accompanied by thunderous sounds,Quite shocking。
“Ugh,I don’t know how the battle is going,Itchy,I really want to fucking fuck。”
“No complaint,Nourish the spirit,I have a chance to play。”
“Hey,Why do you think the chief executive is so optimistic about this kid?What if a mortal has been tempered?Can escape from the black fire cliff?”
“It’s not that I said cold talk,You really can’t see what’s inside。”
“how do I say this?”
“Don’t say that kid has quenched his body,Just like you and me,It only takes half a step to enter the realm of quasi-god,An dare to walk down here?”
“This is reasonable,Then tell me what I can’t see through。”
“Where did Master Liyun come from??”
“Holy Fire Hall,Tianzun’s nephew。”
“What caused Jinglihuo?”
“Isn’t it the same?”
“Isn’t that enough??”

Tong Xu saw from a distance,Asked:“Who is that?”

“Uncle Wu。”Gan Xiaoxiao casually replied,“The room has been booked for you,Go to the front yard to check in yourself,My mother is still looking for me。”
Gan Xiaoxiao leaves,Tong Xu went to the front yard in no hurry,But wandered to Gan Yifan’s house。
Brightly lit in the yard,The roar of the machine continues,Workers rush to work day and night,Come here early to start work,Generally, work will not stop until after ten o’clock at night。Remote yard,I didn’t disturb the people,The host wants them to work overtime to catch up,A lot of money,They are willing to work hard。
Tong Xu probed his brain and saw such a scene,I didn’t see the one who just came in“Uncle Wu”,The small building is lit,Should be in the building。Tong Xu observed for a while,No one noticed him,Just walk into the yard。
The yard is quite big,Much bigger than his grandfather’s single-family villa yard,Tusk in his mouth,Picked a bunch of grapes and ate,Eating and walking towards the small building as if inspecting the progress of the project,Don’t say,Thus,The workers only thought he had something to do with the master,All busy。
Tong Xu came to the small building like this,The small building door is closed,The windows are not closed,He is leaning against the window,Look like waiting,My ears stand up。
“Professor Gan,Blame me for this,I asked Wu Heng to bring them over to find Yifan,But don’t worry,They are not malicious,Just take a look at him……”
Living room,Wu Changan is talking to the old professor。
The old professor didn’t say a word,Just staring at Wu Changan,Those slightly cloudy presbyopia,At this moment, it reveals the awe-inspiring spirit cultivated by a wide teacher,Make it difficult for Wu Changan to face up。
Cough a few times,Wu Changan shook his head,Sincerely:“Professor Gan,I didn’t hide it on purpose,It’s a big deal,It’s not an exaggeration to use state secrets,Don’t make it difficult for me,Can’t say so clearly。”
“Drink water。”The old professor gave him a glass of water。
Wu Changan didn’t think much,Thanks,Take a sip。
Go on,His face changed immediately,Cold entrance,Entering the abdomen is with a unique warmth,It seems that taking this bite has warmed the body that has been tortured by the cold for more than ten years,I feel a lot more relaxed,This kind of experience has never happened before。
He took another sip,Feel more obvious,Take another sip……
No water。
A stream of heat flows through the body,Sweat wet his clothes,The cold that has tortured him for more than ten years seems to have disappeared without a trace,He feels full of vitality,As if back to the prime of life more than ten years ago。

Lu Haozheng smiled slightly,Watching her eyes gentle,“Can you say this?,I got some comfort in my heart.。”

Blue Xindao:“Sleep quickly,Staying up late to your body。”
Lu Haocheng sat up,“Wife,I suddenly can’t sleep.。”
Blue Xin smiled slightly,“That will sleep, sleep again.,I will take a bath first.。”
Lu Haozheng hugged her,Bathing with her,Two times,Lu Haozheng put her in a wheelchair。
“Blue,Have you got up??”
Mu Qing’s voice。
Blue Xin:“Mother,Woke up。”
Mu Qing’s two bowl porridge,Looking at their husband and wife laughing,“Your father makes people send you porridge that you like.,Hurry,A Cheng you also eat it in rest,Ok, I fell asleep.,After this, he will be fine after waking up.,The child’s disease is coming soon.。”
Blue Xinyi:“Mother,it’s all my fault,I shouldn’t give him so many things yesterday.。”
Mu Qing put the porridge on the table,road:“Of course you stick to you,You are not easy to accompany him to play.,How can he let go of those food?。
This disease is once,Of course, it will also feel very worthwhile.。”
Blue Xinyi helpless,I know what my son is thinking.。
“But this mother is very hard,Of course it is guilty。”
Mu Qing looked at the daughter’s distressed eyes,Like smile:“Mother is free,Not hard at all。
You drink porridge,I let Xiao Jun and Kiki eat it.。”
“it is good!”
Blue Xin laughs。
Mu Qing is leaving。
Noon,Le Yu and Mu Ziqi also come over to eat。
Le Yu,I originally wanted to ask about it.,But I’m still sick.,She didn’t ask again。
Four people sit in the living room,Lu Haocheng looked at Mu Zizi:“Muzi,Do you want to go back??
How have you been in Le Yujia?”
Mu Zi louted him with him.,Is this a friend??
How to say this?
He is now, I want to take care of it.,Although he is sitting on a wheelchair,But some things can,He still can do it.。
“I live in my wife’s home.,Not live in your home,What is your vinegar??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”Is he jealous??
Eating his vinegar?
His heart is about to collapse。
“Yes,My future husband lives in my house,is it not OK?”
Le Yu is also a straight look of Lu Haozheng.。
Lu Hao“He is more”Expression。
This is really thinking twice。
“Can,Can,You just didn’t say anything.。”
Lu Haozheng is close to his wife,Pulling her blink of her,Their husband and wife sing a song,What is his wife says??
Blue Xin also knows what he means,Just laughing,Not talking。

at this time,A few women opened the chatterbox,Twittering and noisy。Xia Jian glanced at his watch,Found that it was over ten o’clock。

Guo Meili is very smart,When she saw Xia Jian, she looked at her watch,He immediately stood up and said:“President Xia!Your room has been arranged for you,On the eighth floor806,This is the room card,If tired,You can go up and rest first”Guo Meili said,And handed over the room card。
Xia Jian took the room card,Hehe smiled and said:“I’ll go now,You guys should leave soon, right!”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Wang Yihua sees it,Also stood up and said:“I want to talk to you“
“OK!Then go together“Xia Jian said,Looking back at Guan Tingna。
Guan Tingna said very wittily:“You go first, Mr. Xia,I want to have two glasses with Mr. Guo“She finished,I really went to see Guo Meili with a wine glass。
Xia Jian and Wang Yihua are here806room。He went to the bathroom,When he comes out,Wang Yihua has made tea for him。Xia Jian lay down on the sofa,Took a breath and asked:“Didn’t you say to talk to me about something??Then please tell“
“Our county leader was sued,This time led by the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection,Very fierce,May involve some companies“Wang Yihua lowered her voice and said。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“I was swimming at the resort the other day,Met Secretary Liu in your county,She mentioned it lightly,I thought there was no problem“
“Humph!That’s just the beginning,Now even County Mayor Liu is quarantined。I heard that it is the development of Beicheng District and Nancheng District,Someone accused these leaders of corruption and bribery in these two projects“When Wang Zhanhua said this,,Can’t help but shook his head。
Xia Jianyi listen,I couldn’t help but straighten up,He asked in surprise:“That means even our entrepreneurial group has punched in?“
“Correct!This person is very powerful,Seems to have produced a lot of evidence“Wang Yihua said,Looked at the pensive Xia Jian。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Fortunately, we did not fight for the development rights of Beicheng District,Otherwise it will be a bit troublesome this time。But those who are clear,This thing will have results soon“
“Correct!But it depends on how much you want to check this time,If you dig deeper,There will still be some problems“When Wang Yihua said this,Appear extremely unconfident。
Xia Jian stood up,Walked behind her,Patted her shoulder gently and said:“Whatever they are,Anyway, nothing can be done without us“Wang Yihua grabbed Xia Jian’s hand,Gently pulled into her arms。
The thread in Xia Jian’s heart*Suddenly came out。When his gaze swept across the two groups of babes standing tall on Wang Yihua’s white chest,He couldn’t help but kiss。

Dong Yixuan’s house,Very messy,What pictures of young and Dangerous boys are on the wall,There are a few more Kung Fu stars’ avatars。Apart from some exercise equipment on the ground,And messy clothes。

Xia Jian took a look,Frowned and said:“You clean up the room first,Let’s talk again”
“Good brother,You sit on the sofa for a while”Dong Yixuan politely helped Xia Jian sit on the single sofa beside his bed,And then started,Cleaned up the room。
Heating in the room,Lie down on the sofa,Really comfortable。Under the influence of alcohol,A burst of sleepiness hit my heart,Xia Jian couldn’t help closing his eyes。
Suddenly,He felt as if something suddenly tightened on his chest,He opened his eyes subconsciously,Seeing a very thick rope has tied him up。The rope passed through his chest,Just wrapped around his two arms,Xia Jian couldn’t move for a while。
Dong Yixuan holding a towel in his hand,Said coldly:“You better be honest,Otherwise I will stuff you”
“I do not shout,What are you doing?Didn’t we say something? Let’s talk?”Xia Jian found that the situation was not good,So deliberately lowered his posture。He knew,Since this guy can tie him up,He can do something terrible than this。In case of resistance,Anything on this earth can kill him。
“Ha ha!You are too self-righteous!Do you really think I, Dong Yixuan, convinced you。Tell you the truth,Trick you into my house,I just want to clean up you at home”Dong Yixuan gritted his teeth,It feels like Xia Jian hates him very deeply。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“You are not a man,Not convinced,Why use this way,Don’t you know,What you do will hurt your family?”
“I hate them”Dong Yixuan was a little excited。
Only then did Xia Jian understand something,This kid seems to have transformed all the hatred of the family on him。Must not stimulate him,Just let him have a vent,Xia Jian thought silently,Looking for a solution。
“do you know?My family is rich,But I hit classmates last year,When the police station came to arrest me,They can settle it with money,But they didn’t want to spend money for me,Let me stay in it for a few months,You said,Can i not hate them?So i don’t want to use their money,I go out and do it myself”Dong Yixuan said,Grab the barbell on the ground,Waved up and down。
“Hahahaha!ignorance!Pathetic!”Xia Jian couldn’t help laughing。
Dong Yixuan came over,Sat on the armrest of the sofa,He asked with a sullen face:“Are you laughing at me?If so,Why would you be miserable”
“You are such a coward,I knew you were so incompetent,I can completely let you go at the door of the Internet cafe,Then make another110,But i didn’t do it,Because i want to give you a chance”Xia Jian lowered his voice and cursed coldly。After thinking it well, he doesn’t stimulate this guy,But he still couldn’t bear it。
Dong Yixuan smiled and said:“I am a coward?The days I stayed inside,You can’t think of it”
“Shut up!This matter too。Just a week ago,I defeated four guys holding daggers empty-handed,You can pull up my clothes and take a look,I was hurting and fighting with you today”Xia Jian sternly scolded。
Dong Yixuan pulled up Xia Jian’s sleeves,A knife wound four or five inches long came out very conspicuously。

“Ha ha,You think I need to lie to you?”Leo laughed。“And you think you are qualified to let me deceive?”

Talking,Leo’s eyes glowed red!
Double suppression of overlord color and surgical space!
moment,Frankie lost control of his body,Completely immobile。
Leo quickly sliced Frankie with a knife。
In Frankie’s horrified eyes,Leo got Pluto’s drawings from Frankie’s body。
Frankie’s self-detonation device is effective for others,It’s of no use to him。
Leo shot too fast,Less than a second before and after,Pluto’s drawings have appeared in Leo’s hands。
The subordinates staring at the door didn’t even have time to react。
And the next moment,Frankie returned to his original appearance,As if nothing happened。
Many of Frankie’s little brothers kept rubbing their eyes,I want to make sure if I’m dazzled。
So fast they can’t accept it。
Even Frankie himself thought if he had a dream just now。
If it weren’t for Leo’s hands, he’s really holding Pluto’s design,He must feel that he has hallucinations。
but,Leo’s design drawing told him,He has no hallucinations,What happened just now is true。

Without those half-government military officers,Yu Wen returned to Changan,There will be an unusual difficult day。Don’t say that it is the trouble of finding Qi State.,Can stabilize the country,It is not easy.。

“it is good,I……promise you。”
Yu Wenzi deeply sucks a sigh of breath,Try to suppress induction of the inner anger。After all, the situation is better than people.,What can you do?。
“Originally, I want you to take the jade city.,But I will not agree to you.,Not difficult for you。I have so much demand.。”
that is all?
Yu Wen wants to think,It feels like a bit wrong。
It is Gao Bo Yi to have too much.?
Do not,Contrary,Gao Baoyi is too low.,Low to a doubt, is he there?。
But now this situation,He plays a conspiracy,Very large,Harvest is a small poor。As for the siege, you should die.,Yu Wenzhen feels that this is not a problem。
Or only if it is,Will consider this seriously。Catch the temptation of the enemy emperor,This is an uncomfortable general that it is difficult to refuse.。
“You can promise you these。but,You also have to answer a few questions,You have to know that there is no unfair。”
Yu Wenzhao said with Gao Baoyi’s eyes。
“Can,Despite asking,As long as it is not a confidentiality,I can say,Don’t care about you know。”
Gao Boyi hugged his arms on the big tree,Unconscious appearance。
“I ask you,Why do you want to go back?,What are you in the case??Caver,Those words that are afraid of dead people,Your three year old children are okay。If you can’t say something,So, I just promised you to be invalid.。”
Yu Wen 邕。
“If you die,Or you are captured,Yu Wenxian will become the emperor of Zhou Country。Honest,I think Yu Wenxian can make Zhou Guo to govern better.,He also will fight。
Let him be an emperor,Not a blessing of Qi。so,I think you go back as the emperor is better.。”
Harm,But the insults are extremely strong!
Let you go back,Just because you are a hand defeat,And a relatively weak chicken!
Yu Wenzi is angry and shaking,I want to blame Gao Boyi,But I don’t know what to say.?
What can he say??This is a typical provocation,So you can not listen.,You can be used as a counter.,you can……Brothers and friends!
But the kind of fear from the heart,what happened?
“so,What is this reason??”
Yu Wenzhao sucks a breath。
“if not,What is your reason?。Oh,correct,In fact, there is still a small reason.。”
Gao Bo Yi is sighing and said:“Yu Wenxian violates your order,Bringing the county in Han,Take the boat in the south of Hanshui,Sir hit the Fuyang success。”
No way?
Yu Wen!
Yu Wenxian actually has such a thing?
This is a high level of yourself.!
His inner falls into unprecedented fear and worries。
“Yu Wen constitutional writes to me,If I don’t let you,Then he will kill the solitary city in Xiangyang City.,And I am two children in Xiangyang。
You know,I am my heart.,It is impossible for the macro map,Send your own woman to death,so,I have to cheaper you.。”
turn out to be……Is this reason??
Introduction to Yuwen,Full of doubts and urge!
If this test is,Yuwen’s constitutional test is a hundred points,So Yu Wenzhao feels that you can do the most.,Can’t reort。
As a result,How will Zhou Guodian’s ministers look at themselves?,How to see Yu Wenxian,Will you feel,This emperor retreats to let the sages,Let Yuwen Constitution to sit better?
One time,Countless thoughts flash in your mind,The cold wind of the late autumn,His rear of a burst of cool。
Yu Wenyi thought of an extremely terrible prospect。Will not,Zhou Guo,Many people don’t really want him to go back.?

First0847chapter Rumors

Gossip is extremely lethal,But it depends on who is right。
Chen Xiaolan heard what Chen Guiping said,Can’t help but smile and say:“I have a leg with Xia. What’s wrong??Whatever they do?Really。Who are the tongue chewers you think I don’t know who it is,I don’t want to join our fruit industry base,I didn’t choose and started to scold me with these words“
“As long as you know,I’m afraid you are not happy to ignore Mr. Xia’s food。You say our village,Except in your house, it still looks like that,Other people Xia always didn’t want to go in,Let alone eating“Chen Guiping said,Can’t help but sigh。
Xia Jian walked out at this time,He laughed:“Village Chief Chen is too polite,Actually I am also a rural person,Not so picky“
“Ouch!Quarreled you。What you said is not all right,I’ve been to Xiping Village,that guy,Every family’s home,All cleaned up,In addition to color TV and washing machine,Some people even bought a refrigerator,I really envy people“Chen Guiping sighed and said。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Your village is coming soon,Waiting for the successful trial of our fruit industry base。Your whole village uses all the land to grow apples,Three or five years later, I will have the same life as the people of Xiping Village“
Chen Guiping heard Xia Jian say this,There was a simple smile on his face。at this time,Chen Xiaolan’s rice is ready,Her parents also returned from the field。Chen Haiping sees it,Hurried away。Chen Xiaolan’s dad chased him so far,They didn’t keep Chen Guiping。
Naturally, I ate in two rooms again。Chen Xiaolan, this woman is really not easy,Her cooking skills are awesome,It suits Xia Jian’s appetite anyway。
“Hey!Live here,It really puts you a bit wrong,If you take off this suit,Much more beautiful than the women in the office in the city“Xia Jian is talking about rice,Sincerely sigh。
Chen Xiaolan smiled,Lowered his voice and said:“Pay attention to words when speaking,I should change this outfit,Instead of taking off,Don’t you women in the office wear clothes??“
Chen Xiaolan’s words,Made Xia Jian laugh,He didn’t find out until now,This Chen Xiaolan turned out to be a cheerful personality,Very naughty woman。It seems that her previous deepness,All pretend。
This meal is very interesting,Two people talking,From time to time, Chen Xiaolan also made two funny sentences,Makes the atmosphere in the house very lively。
Finished eating,Chen Xiaolan pointed to her bed and said:“Go to bed and sleep,I will call。But you can rest assured,I’ll go to sleep in our parents’ room,Won’t sneak into your bed“
“Nothing!This bed is big,Another woman can sleep“Xia Jian smiled,Also made a joke on Chen Xiaolan。