How can young people do not like to change their mobile phones in this session?

  Data show that the current average conversion cycle of mobile phone users has exceeded 31 months. How can this young people not like to change their mobile phones? In addition to the upgrade of the processor and the renovation of hardware such as the camera, we have not seen a truly dazzling black technology for a long time, and the innovation of smartphones is touching the ceiling. How to continuously impress users to become a common problem facing mobile phone brands. The "Analysis Report on the Operation Analysis of the domestic mobile phone market operation" recently released by the Independent Analysts of Parksong Communication Industry China Information and Communication Research Institute shows that in February 2022, there were 10,000 mobile phone shipments in the domestic market, a year -on -year decrease of%; of which, domestic brand mobile phone shipments There are thousands of units, a year -on -year decrease of%. Today, smartphones are more expensive, but they are increasingly lacking change. Mobile phone nail households have spread from the elderly to the younger generation, and the golden age of mobile phone consumption has become memories.

  When the industry has entered a bottleneck in development, only major innovation can break the situation. The slowdown in the demand for smart phones is an indisputable research institution Konat report that since the first decline in China’s mobile phone shipments in 2017, it has fallen for 4 consecutive years; it was not until 2021 that the shipments increased slightly by 1%. A variety of factors are superimposed, and the slowdown in the demand for consumer electronics represented by smartphones is an indisputable fact. According to the data released by the industry analysis company Counterpoint, the average replacement cycle of mobile phone users has exceeded 31 months; market research institutions Strategyanalytics said that the average time -changing cycle of Chinese users is 28 months. Independent analyst of the communications industry, Bai Song, said: The smartphone industry is in a bottleneck period, and rational consumption is an important reason.

The continuous progress of the processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon has made the performance of mobile phones stronger and stronger, at least the mobile phone will not become stuck in one year.

Therefore, for many consumers, there is no reason for changing opportunities in the short term. The impulse to change the machine and the rational consumption rise, domestic and foreign mobile phone manufacturers began to cut orders, lower market expectations, and the mobile phone industry entered structural adjustments.

  Zhang Guobin, the founder of Electronic Innovation Network, said: Some analysts predicted that in 2022, 5G mobile phone shipments could reach 700 million to 100 million units, up to 800 million units.

However, the current predicted 5G mobile phone shipments are only 100 million units, and the market demand has fallen hundreds of millions.

I have a pessimistic view of the 2022 overall market. It is estimated that there will be mobile phone brands to disappear in the public’s vision.

  Even so, the flagship new products of each mobile phone company are still launching intensively. Netizens joked: There are too many new mobile phones, and young people are not enough.

  Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360 company, can most reflect the mobile phone industry that is currently rolled at the moment: the mobile phone industry is no longer the Red Sea, but the blood of the blood. Headlines are available every week, and satellites are placed every month.

Even if the CEO is not a talk show nine paragraphs, you have to hurry up to practice a rapper in his spare time, otherwise he may lose the attention of the masses. Why do you can’t stop the late -border mobile phones in the future? Luo Haoyuan, the founder of China -Guangdong United Capital, said: Driven by 5G, the people -centered all -things interconnected scenarios and experience are reconstructing products and services. Smartphones are still smart home, sports health, tablets, computers, VR/ VR/ The core remote control of smart life such as AR. Smart phone innovation is touched the continuous extension of the ceiling, allowing users to tend to buy a better mid -to -high -end mobile phone product with a better experience and a longer use. However, although domestic mobile phone manufacturers are constantly innovating in configurations such as folding screens, high screens, fast charge, and cameras, it is becoming increasingly difficult to arouse consumers’ desire to buy. Obviously, the micro -innovation of Xiaoxiu Xiao Bu has made it difficult for consumers to take out money.

  China’s mobile phone market is expected to decline in 2022. Honor CEO Zhao Ming admits that in such a market environment, mobile phone manufacturers need to find a suitable reason why I want to change the phone for consumers. Zhao Ming said: The hardware can only determine the lower limit of the product, and the synergy of algorithms and software and hardware can determine the real experience and value that consumers can get. In Bai Song’s view, in addition to the upgrade of the processor and the renovation of hardware such as the camera, we have not seen a truly dazzling black technology for a long time, and the innovation of smartphones is touched by the ceiling.

How to continuously impress users to become a common problem facing mobile phone brands.

  Vivo founder, president and CEO Shen Wei said in the "Speaking of the 2022 New Year": No matter what time, competitive orientation, cost -oriented, parameter -oriented, and efficient orientation must not be able to override the user orientation. The company that abandon users will eventually be abandoned by users and cannot be healthy and long. However, every step of wanting technological innovation is not so easy to step on the user’s heart. The most challenging year in the era of smartphones, even if a charging treasure is dragged every day, many fruit powder is unwilling to change the string more and invest in the Android camp.

  At present, the moat established by Apple with technology, experience and brand, other brands are temporarily difficult to cross.

Bai Song said that although the powerful brand effect left in the Jobs era has always been the biggest help of Apple products, it cannot be ignored that when the homogeneity of mobile phone products is becoming more and more serious, it is decided to change the user to change the mobile phone. The core is to experience or habits. Once used and operating habits are developed, it is difficult to change. Apple is still the most profitable consumer electronics manufacturer. The iPhone only accounts for about 15%of the world’s market share, but it has taken nearly 70%of the profit in the industry. Only Huawei can really enter the high -end market to compete with Apple mobile phones.

Even if Huawei fades out of the smartphone market, the market’s expectations for it have not weakened, and the brand influence is still promoting consumers to continue to buy.

As a product released in the mid -2021, Huawei P50 has still sold amazing sales in the past more than a year and a half, becoming a classic case in the field of domestic flagship machines.

  Whether it is to catch up with Apple, or to accumulate high -end enlistment, the folding screen is regarded as an important innovative category of high -end market transformations by various mobile phone manufacturers. As of now, major domestic mobile phone brands have launched folding screen mobile phones. However, there are still differences in the industry’s views on folding screen mobile phones. Some people think that folding screens are important milestones in the field of mobile phones and even the technology field. However, the current user experience at this stage is like a chicken rib, and its impact may only appear after a few years.

The manufacturer is obviously confident, because although the domestic folding screen market has a strong user demand and the contradiction between the choice of new products and the high pricing, the new products generally have the capacity climbing cycle, and the prospects are more optimistic. Today, the key development directions of major domestic mobile phone brands have locked the mid -to -high -end mobile phone market.

  20182021 is the first round of exploration of domestic mobile phone brands to impact high -end. Almost all domestic brands choose the flagship to replace or directly launch new series or even sub -brands.

  In 2022, the major domestic mobile phone brands basically completed the re -sorting of the flagship strategy. Vivo chose the main attack X series and divided it into three products: image (X), business (xnote), and folding screen (XFOLD); OPPO launched the launch搭载自研影像NPU的新FindX5系列;荣耀新发布的Magic4旗舰系列斩获了全球DXOMARK影像冠军……  在量跌价升的趋势下,今年中国手机高端市场销量或将再次触底,却也将Welcome important breakthroughs and differentiation.

  Shen Wei will call 2022 the most challenging year in the era of smartphones.

Luo Haoyuan said that the Chinese mobile phone market has fallen into the worst competition cycle in 10 years. The mobile phone companies must find the real needs and functional pain points of users in order to highlight the siege.

“fine,Not early today,I will go to tomorrow.。”

Yuan Zhonghua’s calm,Some are more than everyone。Don’t she be out??No matter what is true,Yuan Zhonghua is a brave person。
Obviously know that the ocean is not good,I can still bear the shame to rescue my son.,This mother love is worthy of praise。
Although there is no good result, it is。
Just as Li Zhire said to Gao Baoyi,Once the woman is falling into the quagmire,Make a bad breath,Just wash it again.。Never reply to the original state。
It is like this for the Today’s Li Zuyu.。
Or today’s Yuan Zhonghua。
NS832chapter Emperor syndrome
In order to deal with the phenomenon of saving the bumper in the city,Gao Biyi raised two buckets in the Bohai Gongzhigan。A small red,A small white,Both are spread in the yard。
Since it is a bucket,Then they fight often things.,If you are in the house, you will like to watch two buckets.,Often see you like。
this day,The people in the house are watching two chickens,And Gao Biyi is with“Geese king”Chang Sun Wei,Climb to the towers around the house looking at the scenery。
Two promotion,Big households have such defensive tower,I haven’t seen it to the Shanxi Wangjia University, I know what urine is。
“Why don’t Master wanted to watch??”
Chang Sun Hao is a strange question。Taking the cockroach should not be a play,Gao Baoyi is taking the night to the evening.,Iron people also have to rest。
“Geese king,Master asked you,You said the emperor of a country,Who is his friend?,Enemies who are?”
Gao Baoyi asked some emotion。
Chang Sun Wei didn’t want to say it.:“His enemy is the enemy’s monarch。”
I heard this,Gao Baoyi moon laughter,But didn’t say anything,It’s just a smile looks at the distance.。
“Do you feel that it is wrong??”
“People are expensive,Community,Jun is light;Water can be boat。This is right,But there is a prerequisite。”
Don’t say preconditions,In front of this sentence,Just succumbing to Yang Yunyi!
“Master, this is a good time,Apprentice admire。”
Chang Sun Hao is solemn to give Gao Baoyi。Some children,I have understood the truth of being a human being.,But there are still some stupid and cute.。
“Emperor’s enemy,Can be the monarch of his country,It can also be the family of the country.,bureaucracy。Only a farmer who is not possible to face the land。”
Gao Biyu turned his body and said to Chang Sunyi:“Everything of the emperor,Both come from farmers。The peasant is the emperor’s food and clothing parents.。so,Volunteers are gentle。If there is no peasant,Emperor has no income and power。
But the problem is,This world is too big.,The emperor will manage at all。
He needs the bureaucrats at all levels to manage。Inside county,Is the world’s world。Emperor even again,Also not capable。What is afraid of the Fair Full,I can’t let every farmer every farmer everywhere.,Do you understand this truth??”
Gao Bao’s emphasis on the heart。
Chang Sun Hao suddenly realized a little bit:“It turned out that this is the origin of the mountain high emperor.。”
This is very rough,But the reason is not rough。
Throughout the top five thousand years,Dizon tyrants, even if you leave,Also encourages the grief,Will not take the farmers to open the knife。Even if you are brutality, like a stone tiger,There is no such thing as doing。
But this world is still a sustained collapse and rise,Come back to the complex cycle,Can’t walk this cycle。
After the high ocean is not a person,Blocking in front of Gao Biyi,Suddenly opened,His vision,Also become more,His gaze,Also become more profound。
Today’s Gao Bo Yi,More to observe this country with the great perspective of the emperor,Observe the direction of this era,Full of people are not from the rivers and lakes。
“Leader,The lady told you to eat!”
The tower of the bamboo pole is called,Interrupted Gao Baoyi’s idea。
There is a disease called“Emperor syndrome”,Now Gao Biyi is dyeding such a disease.。Haven’t got the world yet,Even in North Qi,He has already felt the faint roaring from the family.。
The family invests in you.,Are they doing charity??They send the daughter of the closed moon shame to your bed to let you play,Is it just to ask you?They organized the house in the house to help you fight.,Is it just because you are handsome?
This year is only wrong, there is no mistake.,Human invested a penny,In the later stage, it will earn a hundred times.!If you will lose money,Is it not fragrant??
Gao Baoyi feels waiting for him to sit in that position.,Now the family supported by him will start tossing.。

Micro Video | Live up to Shaohua’s nation

    One hundred years ago, when the mountains and rivers were broken and the wind and rain were shaking, a group of Chinese youths faced the test of life and death. In the past 100 years, when the New China was founded, when it was abolished, a group of Chinese youths suffered the test of suffering and joy. When the curtain of reform and opening up opened and the spring tide surged, a number of Chinese youths defeated the test of gains and losses. In the new era, Chinese youth sincerely pursued has never been changed, and loyalty has never changed.

  They practiced their promises in the motherland; they came forward at the crisis; they played a mission at the grassroots level; they challenged the limit in the Olympic Games; they lived in the vast space; they glowed in their respective positions … they have ambitions; they have ambitions; They have bones; they have confidence.

  From them, people have seen the vigorous weather of China in the new era: full of vitality, toughness, dare to take responsibility, open and inclusive, and strengthen self -reliance.

  One hundred years ago, the youth created a new era; one hundred years later, the new era summoned youth to develop. "Please rest assured, the strong nation, me!" Through the century of the century, the youth in the new era is just right. (Source: Xinhua News Agency).

“You are the young man named summer.?”

The old man does not dare to pay attention,I took out the cautious,“Now it seems,You may have the ability to kill my brother。”
“Is that ancient martial art??”Summer did not continue to shoot,“So to say,He and you are all people of Tiantongmen.?”
“you……I don’t know what we are in the door.?Who are you?!”Bald old people,A bad feeling。
“I also know,What you just used is Tianlong Eighteen,hehe,Name is very mighty,Unfortunately, you will be in the ancient martial art.,Only one last flow。”
The face of the bald elderly changes,The dry finger does not stop,Night 枭,“It seems that you know a lot.,Small generation,Who are you?!”
“I?”Summer mouth is a touch of cruel and cold,“You really want to know?”
“I am you?”
“you……What did you say?”
“I am not you.,You let me say I said.。”
“A good boy!”Bald old face,Murderous,“I don’t have to spare!”
Talk,His figure,It turned out to be a black fog,Look very shocking,桀桀 桀桀 中,It is impact。
“I have to practice you into a detrition today.,Let you be born like death!”
His hands like a corpse,Go up and down,Every time,Will be a flush,Along with pungent。
“So to say,You are the celestial ghosts who are good at poisonous doctors.?”
Summer and other high-speed attack,Rapid collision,Those poisoning did not have half,The older, the more shocking。
“Who are you?!”
In the heart,Both hands don’t dare to neglect,The area of the two people is completely covered by a dust.,Continuous flutter。
“Leave you this kind of person in the world,I don’t know how many innocent people will be delivered.,So you still die.。”
Voice is just,The dust is suddenly rumored in the dust。
Sound into the old ear,His face is instantly pale。
“Tiger leopard thunder!You actually practice the most difficult thunder.!”
He sees,Sweep around the face。
And this leg seems to be in detonated air,Leave a rapid contraction and blowing turbulence in the void!
“至 罡,You are actually awkward……”
Old man,I don’t want to think about it.,Stomach。
In ancient martial art,The title of the realm is not the god in the Western underground world.,sky,land,mysterious,yellow,

Shandong Qingdao issued 10 measures to support female scientific and technological talents

  The nine departments of the Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau and other departments jointly released the "Measures for Qingdao City on Supporting a greater role in supporting women’s scientific and technological talents". Ten measures including scientific and technological talent care programs have further stimulated the enthusiasm of Qingdao women’s science and technology talents innovation and enthusiasm. The "Measures" proposes that in the implementation of the city science and technology plan and talent plan organization, creating conditions to absorb more female scientific and technological talents to participate; encourage female scientific and technological talents to participate in scientific and technological decision -making consultations, and the number of female experts in the municipal science and technology expert database increasing the number of libraries will increase on the existing basis 20%; Improving the international influence and activity of high -level women’s scientific and technological talents, choose to choose the training of women’s science and technology talents (border) to support more female scientific and technological talents to visit abroad and participate in international conferences; strengthen various types of incubation carriers者创业咨询、创业培训、投融资对接等服务支持力度,培育更多女性科技企业家;鼓励高校、科研院所等设立女性产后科研回归基金,帮助女性科技人才生育后顺利重返科研岗位;孕Federation of female scientific and technological talents can extend the one -year account, acceptance, and assessment in the aspects of undertaking scientific research tasks, talent engineering, job employment, etc.; Women’s scientific and technological talents with high -level talent services "provide green channel services in medical care, children’s enrollment, and talent housing. (Wang Muyuan Wang Wenjuan) (finished).

“Not yourself??”

Buy a coming dish on the other side of the table, no one,They eat,They are all bought by the restaurant.。
“no way,How to practice is not good,So these ingredients,Can only bud buds。”Eight severe shrug,Actively acknowledge your shortcomings。
Look like,She and the relationship between the two people of the buds is still very good.。
Say,The personality of two people is almost,Are the big lady,Talking is normal。
Eight is very good for friends who haven’t met yet.,I took out my usual favorite clothes.。
Go back and sent a dress after,Han Jiang was called the laboratory。
The flag of the laboratory is busy in the test bench.,A small ecosystem that is surrounded by a cage in the corner,There are several rabbits size monsters,嗷 想 想 出。
“What is these things?,Are you undergoing a biological experiment??”Han Jiang entered the door and saw a long-faced rabbit,I heard the messy voice.。
“I am good at technology.,Weapons production and advancement,Biological experiments are only occasionally doing,Academic garden, don’t like it too much。”
“As for why biological experiment,Because you gave me the sample sent yesterday。”
Hanjiang sorry:“What,What can I need to say it in the future?,I tried my best to get you。”
“Give me ten kilograms soul steel,I want to make my body for love sauce.!”The flag of the flag。
“Uh,I tried my best。”
“How is the experiment?,And what happened to these rabbits??”Han Jiang put his eyes on the rabbit,Close to squat down。
Chapter 261 Obviously I first
“And the blood samples have been related to yesterday。”
The flag of the flag is just beginning to react,Then nodded:“Yes,I have cultivated her blood quantity,After the body of injection into the bunny became this monster。”
“Is the general trial not used to use a small man??”
“Small white mouse is too small,After the injection is dead,I have to use a rabbit。”The flag of the flag starts to shout,“You don’t know how hard I am looking for a rabbit.,Or is it too busy?。”
“Love sauce?She is a battleshipAI,How to help you?”Hanjiang is a bit curious。
“Hiss!”The flag of the flag is put on the mouth,I saw no one in the left and right.,Say:“She helped me check the school where I can find the rabbit.,Then 玉 丸,Help me stole from the canteen farm。”
Han Jiangzhi,“You can be very powerful。”
“Still not to help you?”File wings, one eye, Hanjiang。
“Say conclusion。”
“Cough!”The flag of the flag is deliberately coughing,I don’t know when I changed a white coat.,Black frame glasses,It looks very professional。
“Lily’s blood has a very strong bacterial collapse,Can destroy various cells in other life blood。”
“Using ordinary people’s blood test,Just combine the blood of Lily,Soon will be assimilated,Just like these rabbits,Will become a collapse。”
“But your blood is different。”Fanwing wings pointing to Hanjiang。
The flag of the flag is holding his hands.:“Your blood can be good in neutralization of Lily,Her blood is injected to normal people,Or in the normal organism,Will turn the injection body into the monster in front of you。”
“But,Inject to enter your body,Not variation,Can also suppress these bacterial collapse。”
“anything else?”Han Jiang let the flag of the flag continue。
Fanwing wings,“There is no experimental funding.,This only day,I didn’t sleep last night last night.,Do you want me to make more conclusions?,Some of these is already the result of me.。”
“that is,that is,Black heart boss,Black heart boss!”The sound of the love sauce appeared in the laboratory speaker。
One computer screen lights up,The virtual image of the love sauce appears,Refiguited at Hanjiang and the Wings of the Fans。
“Love sauce,You come again to steal it again.。”Han Jiang said:“All said that San Fu Raoya School is shortage,It is because the school leader used to buy combo books and bitter gourd juice.,I have a lot of money you use.。”
“Well,I still have something,I’m leaving!”The computer screen is black,Love sauce is not known。

Shanghai set up a "big white" repair team to ensure citizens’ water use

Faced with the severe situation of the epidemic situation, Shanghai Qingpu District Water Company insisted on fighting on the front line of water supply guarantee. The key areas such as water supply and water plants under its jurisdiction strictly guarded the defensive and strictly guarding the water supply and stable operation of water supply in the cabin. Water supply "lifeline".

There is such a special "big white" repair team, which mainly guarantees the safety of water supply and water supply safety of the squares and isolation points.

Daily arranging a special person to monitor the square cabin, water supply, water pressure, and water quality of the isolation point, for 24 hours. At the same time, the "Bai Bai" repair team is always vigilant, ready to go, attack at any time, shuttle at various emergency accidents, go forward bravely, fully guarantee the safe and stable operation of the square, isolation point, and do a good guarantee for urban operations during the prevention and control of the epidemic. Essence

The reporter learned that the water supply volume of Qingpu central urban areas has gradually increased, and the demand for water use has also continued to grow. From the lowest daily factory water 200,000 tons, it has gradually increased to 220,000 tons per day. At present, the water volume has reached four or five days in a row. More than 240,000 tons.

During the operation of the sealing operation period, the Qingpu Second Water Plant’s epidemic prevention and control and water supply protection should be grasped, strictly implement the epidemic prevention measures, clean and maintain and sanitary disinfection of the water supply facilities and production areas every day. Pump rooms, sedimentation tanks, sand filters, secondary pump house facilities and other key positions are inspected every day, and inspection work accounts are established to ensure that the equipment is operating normally and stable water quality, ensuring that the water pressure is stable in water pressure, and the water quality is safe and high -quality.

It is reported that Qingpu Second Water Plant undertakes the water supply in Qingpu City and the central region, serving about 750,000.

During the prevention and control of the epidemic, the water plant quickly launched the "Emergency Plan for the Period During the Epidemium", selected a group of employees for closed management, strengthened equipment inspection and maintenance, and the spare equipment was used. The upper limit is stored and ensured that the material reserves are sufficient, and the amount of usage can be reached more than 2 weeks to ensure that the water pressure from the factory is sufficient. In addition, Qingpu Tap Water Company has also strengthened the management of water purification process process, pay close attention to the changes in raw water quality, adjust the operating parameters at any time, strictly implement the quality control standards such as concrete, precipitation, filtration, and disinfection , Continue to meet the standards.

At the same time, increase the frequency of water quality monitoring during the prevention and control of the epidemic. With the help of the water quality comprehensive online control system, keep an eye on the dynamic changes in water quality, set up 45 artificial monitoring points of the pipe network, 129 online water quality monitoring points, and ensure that the epidemic prevention and control period is fully ensured Safety with water.

There are so many saplings of pepper,All the people in Shuijing Village go to battle,Mayor Zhao mobilized some people from other villages,Joined in。A completion rate of hundreds of acres in one day,This makes Xia Jian very happy。

These days,He and Lin Wei ran a few times in Donglin Township,Unexpectedly, the situation here is also exciting,Freshly planted walnut sapling,Some have begun to spit buds。
Xia Jian took Lin Wei to several villages,Let her feel what poverty in the true sense is,Let her in the city understand,Why do venture groups engage in agricultural investment。Making money is not the only purpose,Poverty alleviation is also an important part of it。Few days down,Lin Wei worships Xia Jian even more。
this day,Xia Jian, Guo Meili, and Lin Wei,While working on follow-up work in Gaoliangshuijing Village in his office,His phone rang,He saw that Wang Yihua from Qingshan County was calling,Can’t help but be surprised。Busy with work here during this time,Little contact with Qingshan County。
Wang Yihua suddenly called,Is there anything wrong。Xia Jian hesitated,Connected to the phone,Wang Yihua on the phone said anxiously:“President Xia!Come to Qingshan County,Something happened here”
“what?problem occurs,What happened?”Xia Jian stood up in shock。It seems that his heart is quite strong。
Wang Yihua took a breath and said:“You better come over and talk!I can’t tell this on the phone,Besides, it’s not good for others to hear”
“Damn!I am all my own people,You just talk about it first,I’ll come over again,Or I keep holding it in my heart,How uncomfortable you say?”Xia Jian said anxiously。
Wang Yihua lowered her voice and said:“Someone wants to intervene in Qingshan County’s investment,Upset you,So you hurry to Qingshan County,Let’s think about the countermeasures”
“Ok!We will start,You are waiting for us in your office”Xia Jian said,Hung up the phone。
Guo Meili looked at Xia Jian like this,Asked softly:“What happened, President Xia?”
“Mistake!We did not consider the problem properly,Someone wants to spoil the situation in Qingshan County,It seems that it is impossible for us to stand out in Qingshan County。You guys get ready,Let’s go to Qingshan County immediately”Xia Jian said,Started to organize things on the table。
Guo Meili winked Lin Wei,The two went quickly。
On the highway from Pingdu to Qingshan County,A big black car honked its horn,Constantly overtaking the car ahead,Speed up and up。
Xia Jian sitting in the car,Eyes slightly closed,He is thinking about countermeasures。Qingshan County is a virgin land,Their entrepreneurial group is already on this land,Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort was developed,And in the most prosperous part of the county,Built a landmark commercial complex in the county,This is the highest building in Qingshan County so far。
In fact, Xia Jian’s next goal is to fully blossom throughout Qingshan County,He wants to take over the overall construction of Qingshan County,several years、Or within ten years,He wants a different Qingshan County to appear in front of the people。
It’s a pity that during this time,I devoted all my energy to the agricultural investment and construction of Shuijing Village and Donglin Township.,I overlooked Qingshan County,I didn’t expect to be taken advantage of by others。
The car is driven by Guo Meili,She understands Xia Jian’s heart at this moment,So keep overtaking the car,I want to get to Qingshan County as soon as possible。
The original 40-minute drive,Today, driven by Guo Meili,Less than half an hour,Da Ben stopped under Wang Yihua’s office building。

Bath blood Changjinhu Danzhong wrote loyalty

Chen Shili was interviewed.

Chen Shili’s old photos.

Text/Tu Hubei Daily All -Media reporter Wang Jikai Correspondent Chen Jinjin Lu Youming Deng Xiaoyun Modeling Business Category Chen Shili, born in 1928, was former secretary of the party branch of the Huangzhou area flour factory. He participated in the revolution in 1948 and joined the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s 27th Army 80 Division directly under the gun battalion. In September of the same year, he participated in the Huaihai Campaign.

In April 1949, he participated in the Crossing River Campaign with his troops. In October, he participated in the Battle of the Central South China South and South.

He joined the Communist Party of China on December 5, 1949. He joined the DPRK in 1950 in 1950, retired in 1957, and retired in 1981. Not long ago, he went on the list from January to February 2022, a monthly figure in Jingchu model.

He participated in the Huaihai Campaign, crossing the river, and went to the North Korea to fight; in the Korean battlefield, he participated in the famous Changjin Lake Battle; in the ice and snow, his 10 toes were frostbite and removed … His name was Chen Shili, 94 years old. A retired veteran.

On May 19, the reporter of Hubei Daily face to face with the elderly in Huanggang and listened to his story.

"Do you remember the number of the troops in the" not afraid of death "?"

"Chen Shili, who couldn’t hear any sound, saw the reporter written on the cardboard and blurted out.

Chen Shili was born in May 1928 in a farmhouse in Guanfeng County, Tuanfeng County. In 1948, he joined the army into the gun camp and participated in the Huaihai Battle and Crossing River Battle. During the liberation war, Chen Shili was in front of him, and he took three grades twice. So far, a shot of shot in his buttocks and bones. On December 5, 1949, Chen Shili joined the Communist Party of China with great performance in the battle.

The old man said that joining the army is the most proud of his life. In June 1950, the Korean War broke out. The 27th Army where the superiors ordered Chen Shili would immediately go north to fight against the United States and aid the DPRK to protect the country. In an interview with reporters, the old man kept rubbing his knees with his hands.

"This is the sequelae left in the ice sky and snow in North Korea, and it will hurt when it changes." Chen Shili’s youngest son Chen Jun said.

North Korea in November 1950 was frozen in cold, and the outdoor temperature reached minus thirty or forty degrees Celsius. In the battle of Changjin Lake, when the attack was in emerging emerging, the marching, fighting, and snow water were poured into the shoes of the soldiers, and many people’s feet were frozen. After a few days, Chen Shili took off his shoes to find out that his toes were frozen. After the battle, North Korean villagers transported Chen Shili and another wounded soldier to go down the mountain with a sled car. Suddenly, the U.S. aircraft shouted and dived, and Chen Shili rolled down from the sled to the ravine, and his comrades -in -arms died on the spot.

Chen Shili forbearing his grief, climbing out of the ditch with the power of his elbows, climbing for a whole night.

After that, he was sent to the Battlefield Hospital for the vehicle that transported the supplies. Because of his severe injuries, he was sent back to the northeast and removed the frozen toe. "We had only one thought at the time, that is, to win the enemy!" Speaking of which, Chen Shili slowly took off his cloth shoes to reveal the only feet. After more than 70 years, Chen Shili’s footsteps have shrunk a little, and the support ability is getting weaker and weaker. Walking needs to turn around or borrow a walkner.

Chen Jun said, "For so many years, he has never heard his father shouting.

"In 1954, the custodian of" not home "was recuperated in the Southwest Military and Political Sanart Institute for three years. After the body recovered, Chen Shili was arranged to study at Hubei Rongjun School for three years. In 1957, Chen Shili returned to the place and was in the Grain Management Office of Tuanfeng County. Work. Speaking of his work in the local area, Chen Shili summarized with "a few times".

In 1959, Chen Shili received an order to go to Huanggang County Grain Bureau at that time. The family came to Huanggang with his luggage. Just as he was working in the food bureau’s work, in 1971, Chen Shili was transferred to the Huangzhou Rice Factory Processing Factory as a custodian. From the cadres of the government to the factory workers, he did not say a word and put it in a new post. Looking at the archives of Chen Shili, the reporter saw that his work changed frequently: the archives of the Food Bureau of Huanggang County, the custodian of Huangzhou Grain Storage and Transport Station, and the custodian of Huangzhou Rice Factory, and retired at Huangzhou Rice Factory in 1990. The frequent changes in posts did not affect Chen Shili’s dedicated work pursuit.

As a custodian in the rice noodle factory, the factory is produced for 24 hours. He must manage the packaging bags, equipment, etc., but also be responsible for buying wheat and rice, producing flour and rice.

"No home" is the common feeling of Chen Shili’s wife Sun Shuhua and his younger son Chen Jun. Sun Shuhua said that because he is usually busy with grain, he often "can’t see anyone in ten and a half months." "I remember when I was more than two years old, my mother was busy with work, my father had to travel, and no one cared about it at home. In desperation, my father had to take me a business trip." Until now, Chen Jun still remembers that he followed his father for the first time. Bit bit. In the local area, Chen Shili adhered to his post for decades, and he never cared for his fame and gains and losses. After retiring from Huangzhou Rice Noodle Factory in 1981, Chen Shili also kept in mind the identity of his Communist Party members.

Over the years, he tried his best to participate in organizational activities and never made any requirements to the organization.

Chen Shili, the father of "not help", is a small yard built in the 1980s. In the living room and room, it is full of simple and simple furnishings -for decades of sofas, wardrobes, tables, rattan chairs, etc., the most valuable LCD TV, which was purchased by her daughter a few years ago. "The yard was later paid for it.

"Chen Shili’s wife, Sun Shuhua, recalled that she has lived with Chen Shili for more than 60 years and moved her home several times. Although there are difficulties, Chen Shili never spoke to the unit. One year, Sun Shuhua’s kindergarten worker dormitory should be demolished. Can return.

At that time, Chen Shili still did not speak to the unit.

"He always said that he could not bother the organization.

Later, the leaders of the rice noodle factory knew the difficulties of our home from other channels and took the initiative to arrange housing for us. "Sun Shuhua said that the later welfare housing policy was canceled, and Chen Shili told her to buy it as required.

In addition, in terms of adjusting wages, housing and other welfare benefits, Chen Shili never argued with others, and gave the indicators to other colleagues. Chen Shili’s youngest son Chen Jun was very filial, and Chen Shili loved him.

After graduating from technical secondary school, he saw many classmates entering the organs. He also wanted his father to help arrange. He did not expect that his father was unwilling to say love. In 2013, Chen Jun had a sudden illness and went to Wuhan for an emergency. After discharge, he cannot do it and live and live, and he needs to take medicine every day.

Some people suggested that Chen Shili asked the organization to report "care and care", but Chen Shili was still unmoved. "To be honest, there was actually some resentment of him (Chen Shili) at the time, and then slowly understood him.

"Chen Jun said.

Nowadays, the smoke is scattered, and Chen Shili cherishes his current life: take a walk after getting up in the morning, read a book at home in the morning, go to the nearby park after lunch, and watch the news broadcast after dinner. He said: "I am not a hero, and those who sacrificed their comrades -in -arms are heroes.

Compared with them, I just lost my toes, and I was lucky enough. "From Chen Lao, I saw that the Chinese soldiers were in their national feelings, their faith was firm, unknown, and rooted at the grassroots level.

I am also a retired soldier who has been a soldier for more than 20 years. I want to take Chen Shili as an example. Inherit the red gene with actual actions and make new contributions to my country’s national defense construction.

——Whenchu ??modeling, Huanggang Fire Rescue Detachment clerk Xu Pucha Chen Shili is an excellent Communist Party member who always adheres to his ideals and beliefs. It is a glorious model for the Chinese Communists in the new era to not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, and always struggle.

At present, we especially need to promote Chen Lao’s at critical moment, to obey the family feelings with the country and not be afraid of sacrificing, ordinary posts are loyal to the dedication of their duties, regardless of fame, and forgetfulness. Great revival adds bricks. ——The reporter Yan Hongqi reporter Yan Hongqi, a first -level investigator of Huanggang City Shi Zhi Research Center, has experienced life and death many times on the battlefield. Although he lost 10 toe, Chen Shili was calm in an interview with Hubei Daily’s all -media reporter.

For more than 70 years, he has never been proud of himself, never showing in front of others. Many old colleagues learned his fighting story after his retirement.

In the face of family difficulties, he never requested any requirements to the organization.

"I joined the army to join the party is the most proud of my life." "I died on the battlefield, and I don’t regret it." "I am not a hero, those sacrificed comrades are heroes" … During the interview Everyone present. For decades, Chen Shili used his own words and deeds to practice the original intention of an old party member and a veteran.

For a long time。

He slowly slowed on the double,Face,Simulation of self-calling out a sentence。
“It turned out to be Bamboo……”
First1846Chapter Break through
A kind of mysterious and mysterious feeling。
Night,Summer eyes are getting brighter。
Simply,He reaches such a realm with this age,In addition to talent,Not completely, it is reaching it.。
His degree,With an external force。
That is, the mysterious energy of the respect。
As a result,Maybe you can make him power in a short time.……
Just like him16When you leave when you leave,Just in just eight years, I reached the people’s contest.……This is the achievement that others can’t reach a lifetime.。
It can be,There must be lost。
He is too smooth.,No need to worry about it at all,Almost no bottleneck。
Since the short-term, a powerful force。
Long-term,This kind of mentality has become his shackles。
Just like today,His gas sea has become a pool of water。
Most importantly,In today’s realm,It’s not hard to repair.。
Also in the individual’s strength,Myself。
Summer seems to be the magic disease,Repeated self-calling these vocabulary。
His eyes are suddenly,Sometimes,Sometimes……Ultimate,Strivered by a firm。
“My road,Go on!”
He is like giving yourself,It is like a firm belief,“Maybe the early promotion is too fast,Be too smooth,So form a shackle,Changed into a pool of death,But this doesn’t mean that it can’t break through,If it turns into the flood of the dyke,Definitely break the so-called shackles and 桎梏……”
In his opinion。
The so-called shackles and 桎梏,Just like a unfailed river embankment,Optimism with your current situation。
Unable to call end,Is equivalent to cutting the flow path of the river,Have the river dam。
If you have been don’t think about this,I am afraid that I have no inhabit in this life.,Even a wasteman。
If it is,With its own belief,Constantly impact river dam,And the accumulated river will definitely break through a gap。
At the time,The river is rolling down,It will be unstoppable。
And his mental force,Tools that dig excavations。
Summer eyes are getting brighter。
He has already caught the trace。
A deep breath。
Forced yourself calm down,Re-slow closure。
This time,There is nothing in the middle,Or until the second day of the morning。