“Here,Flowery。”Li Xinghua slowly moved away his tender palm,Revealing the silver coin with ginkgo flower pattern。
“what do you mean,We will have good luck on this trip?”Zhu Minglang looked at this cute sister-in-law,Said with a smile。
“Ok,Can only count so much。”Li Xinghua nodded。
Everyone said http://www.108dy.cn so,Zhu Minglang can’t go?
It’s rare that Li Xing’s paintings show such interest in something,Probably this ancient relic really fits well with her identity as a prophet,She can start from a thousand years、The secrets of this world are found in the ruins thousands of years ago。
“Or you throw it again?”while walking,Zhu Minglang suddenly turned his head and asked。
“It won’t work the second time。”Li Xinghua said。
“correct,Take the petals to calculate whether the other person likes himself or not,Does it really work??”I wish Minglang while walking,Jokingly。
“it http://www.headcq.cn works。”Li Xing Painting Road。
I wish Minglang immediately make a respectful look。
Li Xing painted an understatement:“If the person you like really loves you,No matter how dull you are, you will get the answer in each other’s words and deeds。Not sure about the other’s affection,That the other party http://www.yangfanlawyer.cn didn’t care about you。Pick up the petals,The moment of doubt and anxiety in my heart,The result has been negative。”
Zhu Minglang opened his mouth,I looked at Li Xing’s painting in surprise。
So my sister-in-law,Still a calm emotional master。

Chen Linzhi also specially for this,Quietly consult the company’s operational law。

Fabi-An carefully thought about it,Similar fog,I don’t want to be stared at so many peers.,especiallykksPrivate Equity、Black Stone Group,I didn’t have a handle before。
When you find yourself did not do something wrong,Chen Linzhi feel comforted,I feel that those companies are small families.,I have no time to someone.。
Since the joint private equity fund is no problem,There is a problem, it is the helpless wolf.,Guess is in red,OrkksThe female executive is menopausal in advance.,Brain is closable,Only by others。
If the joint private equity fund company is still holding,Chen Linzhi may worry about their useful means,Handling the stock market、Telling investors together to settle their own army,The real situation is that the position of the position is only more than 70 million US dollars.,The cash flow of holding coins is up to seven billions。
If you add Chen Linzhi, the small gold library is spread all over,The total amount of available is not much,Ten billion in cash flow。
Use this money,Enough in the Nasdaq market,Buy dozens of small-scale listed companies。
So when he repeated three re-executions,Found that except for yourself,I didn’t find it at all. Where is it?,I thought that the group is planning to be siege.,Occasionally I think more,They are simply disgusted,Playing a means to snatch intentional investors。
Investors withdraw more than 20 million US dollars,Negative rumors have been transferred to new funds。
If it is really just a small action,Just to press the rising momentum of the joint private equity,Then this guy is indeed successful.,Can speak for Chen Linzhi,Don’t say hurt the bones,Even the baked skin is not。
Looking at management is increasing,Chen Linzhi also worked in how to invest,Later, I bought Wal-Mart.、Microsoft、Berkshire Hardair and other companies,Recently, I don’t know that the wind is wrong.,Also 甩 手 分 批 清。
How to reflect how to get anger,I still didn’t find the head.。
Leave and right think,I found that there is no need to sit,It is better to find the door to explore the wind.,Alt, there is a preparation。
therefore,On August 13th this day。
Chen Linzhi shakes a big big way to Goldman Sachs Group San Francisco Office,Location is not far from Union Square,I have rented a whole nine-story high building.,Investigate、fund、Consultation and other departments are all concentrated in this small building。
San Francisco is one of the most prosperous cities in the United States,Don’t look at Los Angeles with Hollywood,Fame as bigger,Can be average annual income、gdp、High net value population,City of Angels in California, Los Angeles,All-round by San Francisco Rolling,The headquarters of many of the world’s five hundred companies is here,It belongs to the most developed financial gathering of the West Coast of the United States。/
Goldman Sachs Group offers a full-scale financial service,Normal,Many employees in San Francisco office,Chen Linzhi often with Goldman Sachs Group’s brokers、consult、Visit department and other departments,I have been a few times before.,Determine or head。
Global financial practitioner,Almost no one knows Goldman Sachs Group,This company already has more than 100 years of history,Chen Linzhi, I heard that in recent years, Chen Lin is a Goldman-owned enterprise merge department.,The profit is as high as 300 million US dollars.。
Enterprise mergers and acquisition projects,Description is in an exciting period,History has happened several mergers and acquisitions,Each time is accompanied by the financial crisis and the arrival of the big bull.,In the past two years, the news of the acquisition and anti-malware acquisition is constantly,Before because the dollar is too valuable,The next thing is because listed companies have money。
Find the acquaintance of Goldman Sachs a few days ago,The opponent’s inside the mountain forest,Don’t say the cross-department,Recommend the senior partner,It is really weak。
For Goldman Sachs’s Enterprise Architecture and Operation Mode,Chen Linzhi, I have heard.,It belongs to a relatively special existence http://www.calmbuy.cn in the industry,And law firm、Business and other enterprises such as accounting firm,Adopted partner system。
Prepare before coming,Goldman Sachs Consultation Department from the Lord,I bought the money to buy a detailed information of Kris.,It seems quirious transaction,Finally finally completed。
More than 200 Goldman Sachs Partner,Leading partners also divided into three six nineteen,California’s richness,Alonegdp,He can take the top ten in all countries in the world.,Since the competent fund business in California,Chris is undoubtedly in the middle of the company.。
This guy holds Goldman Sachs award stock.,However, the annual salary is 560,000 US dollars.,Still good performance,Under the premise that you can get a lot of rewards。
This is why Chen Linzhi first looking for him.,Put the other party as a soft http://www.365meiling.cn persimmon,I want to pinch one。
I am going to put a lot of time and energy on the joint private equity.,The future and profit prospects are good,Suddenly being inexplicable,Total to figure out the cause。
Mortar,There should be the discouragement of the scene。
Chen Linzhi with a lot of people,I will ask the way from time to time.,Asking the head of the fund department is called Chris,Where is the office?。
Behind five bodyguards,Assistant、Secretary,Plus several lawyers,It’s not good to see it.。
Goldman Sachs divided into labor,Furthermore,I will ask the fifth person.,Someone came to find trouble, has spread quickly,It is a rare news in the boring work.。
Finally there is security,Come and ask Chen Linzhi what I want to do.。
Chen Linzhi began to smoke,Standing in place, there is no movement,In one sentence:“In http://www.shujiuhong.cn the first half of the year,I contributed to you Goldman Sachs.,Last year,Add up to six or more million dollars,Customers are heard of this sentence。Smoking in the elevator is not good,Tell me Ryan Chris in the fund department……”

Night Ji is sitting in the host,Look surprises,“summer?

How come you come。”
Yunchui and Liu Qing have not responded。
Come on the way,Summer has explained it clearly,Everything listens to him。
“Star,I just came back from the wild.。”
Summer,Also,“But I heard,Our brothers of our black movie are hit.,So come over and want to see it.。”
Night Jiyi,Glance。
Nine people on the seat,It is an amazled http://www.sushidelivery.cn that it is awkward.,Continue。
They all transponder powerful momentum,Qi Qi traffic in summer。
Summer standing on the ground,Dark dance,Clothes hunting,A pair of eyes blooming cold light,Similarly, the breath fluctuations。
http://www.hdjeans.cn “Who are you coming to fight with me?。”
“Ha ha。”
“It’s really ridiculous。”
“You a small long life,What qualifications challenge us?”
Nine people laugh,Sound of the sound,At the same time strengthen the momentum again,Summer。
One of the bald a big man is standing up,The eyes are full of overlooking。
“Night star,I know that our conditions are a bit high.,But you don’t have to use this poor means to use this poor means.,Do you have a banquet?,Is our performance not enough??”
The rest of the people smile。
There is another person to play,“Yunshan,Can’t say this,Since the night star is trick,Why do we have to accompany?,No cold,Be better than this,Let’s play a way to play.,If this little guy can catch us each person,Conditions,Not you can talk about。”
Talk,Bombard,The http://www.jtyybz.cn momentum of his body has become a pressure。
“Ha ha,I like。”
Annual response immediately,boom,It has also released powerful energy fluctuations.。
“boom、boom、boom……”Follow,The remaining sever also simultaneously put energy。
Mission Office,There is a strange‘Domain’。
With nine people join,Domain instantly violent。
Conference room,Thoroughly become dark,As if the night is coming。

“picture,picture!so similar!You must be a cloud!Cloud,Cloud,I am you.!Cloud,I finally found you.!”

Shengjia is said,That is a emotional excitement,high,Sound tremble,It seems that a loving father who has been loving to love.。
In the heart,But it is not intentionally,If you don’t use the old housekeeper,He also used it to go to the horse personally!
this‘Not filial piety’,Waiting for the http://www.emkir.cn ticket,Do you want the lady to teach her?‘Hundreds of good filial piety’!
“Pooh!Stinky!What is the relatives who ran out of crazy??!Do you think that Laozi is a specific?!”
Listening to the words of the master,Fenyi immediately understood,In front of this person,I am afraid it is the owner’s irresponsible father.!
Humph,Well playing,Who knows,This person is actually a person who will be abandoned by three years old.?!
Think,Fenyi is more cautious to stare at the master and housekeeper,I am afraid that the two will give Yun Qin.‘Pounce’!Yunqin stabilled Dangdang stood behind Fenyi,Not anxious to open。
The housekeeper saw that Yunqin did not have any expression.,I know that Yunqin is not going to be accepted by ordinary execution.。In front,Survival supports the master。
Look at Yunqin apologies will be ready,Surprised http://www.cyyzb.cn emotions。
“Miss please forgive this,Our grandfather is looking for a woman。Yesterday I saw the mother of the lady and the first wife.,Surprise,I can’t help but have a lot of mouth.。I don’t want my family to be embassy.,Miss is a young lady who is missing for many years.,I have to come to see you all.。”
“Miss is really the same as the first wife.,Master is some lost,Forgive。”
“Take the liberty,I don’t know if Miss is?Can have parents?”
And the master,Team with the housekeeper,Looking at Yunqin, exciting, looked at Yunqin,It seems that Yunqin is his beloved daughter.。
This long period of says,Unworthy,Probably improving the housekeeper and grandeur。
Just a pity,The two meet Yunqin。
Yun Qin’s heart is clear,Look at the tricks of the two people and the housekeeper。
‘Look for women’This is conveyed out,Sheng master is a good father,Repeatedly‘Shengfu’It is not low to reveal that the status of two people in the seven flames,Famous world,Then I naturally detect news。
This is a common man,Maybe look at the status of the family in the seven flame city,Maybe you will think about it wrong.,Take this‘Shengfu Miss’identity of,A variety of servants‘Before you swim’Life!
Look at the people around zero,Refers to this point of this,Speech,Obviously, a woman who is looking for a woman is quite a good job.。
Fenyi blocked two people,I haven’t spoken again.。Next,I want the master to have a plan,She is not casually interrupted.。
Fenyi is so thinking,Yunqin has stepped forward,Stand out,Laugh:“This old Bo is known,It should not be asked casually.。”
“But since I asked,Answer you too。”
“Little female flesh and blood,Naturally, there is parent,only,Parents early,Leave a legacy to the little girl,so,The days are still a comfortable。”
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS329chapter Master29
“As for the little girl, why and this,Well,Old Boke’s first wife”
Yunqin’s mouth,Due to the eyes of the eyes。
“I don’t know where the two are learned.,The little girl has a ticket for the Black Auction?!”
“So many years,Because the heritage left by the family,I want to see a lot of little girls.,Like this longitude,It is http://www.jlcmy.cn also a lot。”
“but,The little girl is a presence,so,You should be a ticket for the Blackwich Auction on my body.?!”
Sheng Hao came to the inn to wait for such an early morning.,I don’t know if she will do something.,This seems to be,Last night’s assassination,Not a grandist!Then there is only the woman of the family.!
Yun Qin’s heart is clear,So many years have passed,The extent of this current lady is not reduced!

vice headmaster’s office。

Xu Chao looked at his father,Bitter face。
Everything he prepared carefully,But Fang Yu slapped her face severely。
it’s good now,His future is ruined now!
Although his life is still good,But this is not what he wants!
“You can’t come back here……I know an old friend,He is the director of a private hospital。Even if you were fired,But not a big problem!”
Xu Zhilin said solemnly。
that matter,Actually it was an accident。
what a pity!
The offending http://www.shzhabeiqulvshi.cn person is Hu http://www.hrbzgyxy.com.cn Yongchang,Even if he is in the http://www.shuatuliao.cn hospital, he has some right to talk。
But this matter above,He can’t interfere!
“father,Blame that kid this time……To drive me away,I don’t even have the chance to come back!You have to help me clean him up!”
Xu Chao depressed。
Suffocated in my heart。
What Fang Yu was like yesterday,He still remembers clearly。

See the sealing and fading red rope,Think of what to scare,咋 咋 咋 道:“Who have such a big hatred?,Digging people’s bone gray?Good for you,This thing is posted on the table,How can I eat peace of mind?。”

“Your sister’s ash,I am treasure hunt.,Not a tomb。”
Chen Linzhi is full of black lines,Live a small jar and gently shake,Tell the metal after hearing the metal collision:“Look at,Remuneration after doing things,A few days ago, the man was cut an ax outside.,Losing the food, money, I haven’t given you yet.,I will call Amiang.,Let’s eat together.,Celebrate。”
About Baijiang,These days have always been next to him,It is inevitable to be seen。
What is the cause of things,Chen Linzhi has already explained in Yin Rong.,Because he knows it, it is not too clear.,So just say a probably。
Besides,Chen Linzhi also wants to wake up,Solve yourself suddenly,I am so letting the police have an investigation direction.,It is not ying that it will be yin.。
That guy looks together,Unfortunately, not normal,It’s aware of it.。
Take a plastic bag。
The first time the first time probe looks in,I only see a bunch of gold coins,I haven’t seen light for a long time.,Both,Thirty ten pieces in full。
There are also a few rings in it.、silver、Small gold bars,Chen Linzhi could not help but,Thinking of Wang’s old man is http://www.mosashop.cn really thick
NS14chapter public Library
Pour out the objects installed in the small jar。
After discovering in the clear point,There are forty-three gold coins inside.,Six silver coins,Three rings,A gold necklace。
No wonder I always feel that the little jar is a bit sinking.,The light is the necklace.,The ring is also inlaid in the green gemstone,Look at the seemingly worth of money。
Combined with Wang Yaodou’s imprisonment year,Considering the United States1933The year is prohibited from circulating as a legal currency.,And merged a large number of gold coins in the capital,The gold coins on the market in that year are quite a lot.,Therefore, Wang Yao is young when you are young when you look back.,Not unrest。
Most of them are1932Year of the year,Equivalent to the ten dollar denominations at the time,One side http://www.deifj.cn is an Indian avatar,The other side is the ethnic pattern,More than ten grams。
There is another size slightly larger.,1900$ 20 in the year,The rest is some small gold coins,Needle the denomination from one dollar to three dollars,Poster on the table。
Simply say something,Chen Linzhi felt:
“This seems to be,My old priest is young.,The days are also more ample.。
These things are put in more than 40 years ago,May not worth money,Simplely calculated in gold prices,Put it now should be considered,I am like a favorite buyer.,Maybe you can sell a good price。I don’t understand the market.,Have you want to ask,Can you know how much specific value?。”
“Wow,Your luck is also very good.,Others enter is guilty,You can make money in actually?I am outside a few months,The money earned, it is estimated that you have no more http://www.com-htm.cn than you.,Don’t talk nonsense,Please。”
Yin Xiamen,I have a little difficult situation in the near future.,So I specially left a few dollars a few days ago.,Let Chen Linzhi take it to eat and buy smoke,Solve too much。
Invited Chen Linzhi from the home earlier,It is also afraid that he is good.,Finally fell a lower end of the street。
In fact, some people want to rent a room.,Monthly rent can have seven or eighty knives,Still a young girl who is willing to help clean the health,Work in the nearby garment factory。
However, in order to let Chen Linzhi can live in a place,Yin Hua gives up the earnings,Improving the idea of renting an audio。
How is it?,Yin Huguo has played for many years with Chen Linzhi.,It is really very good.。
Money-payment,The taste is of course excellent。
Chen Linzhi is busy with the small den,Gold coins that look worth much money,Laugh:
“rest assured,I am sure please ask,I want to eat anything.。
If you have nothing to do,Go to the library with me,These things have been with you.,Ear wall、Piracy is difficult,If you can find a place,To change some cash,I am always eating more than you.。”
“You only have a few days.,Don’t count this account,I know that I know that I am not equal to playing my face.,I used to be less than you.。”
Yin Rong said,After this, I found later found,Actually go to the library,His fox:“Recently, you are looking at you.,It will not be true,Ready to read and go to the community university?Don’t think,The local tuition fee is still not learning,Now has a computer,When the secretary does not need to practice typewriter,Neighbor Zhang Xujia daughter white studies three months,Taking it for half a month.。”
“I am going to find a book.,Check out the collection value of this batch of gold coins,There is no number in my heart, I will go to sell.,Don’t you rush to someone else?,狠 宰 我 一。”

During this time,He naturally heard some style。

That is the hoe of the monarch,It seems to be intentionally,Both parties have frequent contact。
A surprise staff also revealed。
When the color of the color scale is suddenly a layer of pink,Shame,I can’t laugh again.。
Thousands of pine is a bright light,Come to the color scale,Gentle,“Color scale,what happened to you,Why is it a look?。”
Color scales are barely smile,Say,“A friend also has to walk with us,It’s going to look at it now.,He has not http://www.ihumor.cn yet appeared,I am worried。”
Thousands of loose,It’s just that the smile on your face is getting rich.,“What you said,Will n’t it be the sclerman called summer?。”
Colorful scales,Do not conceal。
Moreover,She is nothing with the summer.。
Thousands of pine nodded,Alert,In the end, I finally looked at the car seal.。
He is straightforward,“Car owner,IMHO,In fact, you don’t have to explore the mountain.。”
Bamboo!Fall into the voice,Car seal and all his face。
“What is the Thousand Songge??”
Tense,“I am a bit straight.,But what is the fact,What is the 5th mountain?,There is a crisis,Finally become a compartment,Have a life and death,For the treasure,Memathers can brother,Six pro does not recognize。”
Toned,Also,“Everyone is a practical disclier master,In the chamber of commerce,Every identity is noble,Is our chamber of http://www.dylsbz.cn commerce,Nika Mountain,After all, it is necessary to rely on strength.……If you have an accident,That is the loss of my chamber of commerce.。”
I heard this,The color of the repair and a refinerie have become difficult to look。
From a certain extent,What he said is the fact。
But in this yin and yang strange language,How to listen to a contempt。
Make people feel uncomfortable。
“Since the Thousand Song Pavilion is a drag,Self-separated。”
The temper of the car is not very good.,Do not give a pair of aspects。
Thousands of laughs,“The car seat misunderstood,I am a monk,Self-protection security,But people outside the chamber of commerce,I am not working hard.……”He is bent around the day,For summer。
The color of the color scale suddenly,Just talk,Suddenly stop,Eyes become bright。
Everyone is looking http://www.baby201314.cn forward to watching,I saw that the long street walked around。
People are young people,Tsing Yi,Thick long-haired random disappears behind the chest,Move with the wind,God,Facial lines such as knife chisel,Sword eyebrow,Knife,Nose,Double-eyed is like a sea。
Distinguish a vigorous life,But it gives people a deep feeling。


“Humph,I tell you who is the girlfriend.!”lt;/Pgt;
http://www.qkwng.cn Gao Bao is half a half in Yang Yao’s ear.。This child has been squinting, and it suddenly hesome,Hand shaking up!lt;/Pgt;
“high…Tall brother,You are true。”lt;/Pgt;
Yang Hua said is unfavorable.。lt;/Pgt;
“if not?As your main public,I naturally say a word of Jiing!”lt;/Pgt;
Yang Hui was scared,Not a goggy introduction, the girl is too bad.,But the family is too good.,His big brother Yang Su is not worthy of!lt;/Pgt;
“Tall brother,What if you have anything?,I am with my big brother, these two are yours.!”lt;/Pgt;
Yang Ji excited。lt;/Pgt;
Come with him and his big http://www.guangzhou86.cn brother,There is no more important thing than to revitalize your family.。lt;/Pgt;
How is Gao Boyi’s main public ability?,Sincerity is still,Very four seas,looks great!lt;/Pgt;
Anxger, Yang, is really a reliable person.。lt;/Pgt;
Yang Yao is dark。lt;/Pgt;
Come to Dongcheng City,Gao Baoyi Huajin made a few sets of charms to Yang。I went to the West Market to buy a lot of ancestors like a rare woman.。lt;/Pgt;
He is excited to Yang Yao Road:“Let’s go to the teacher to learn in tonight tonight.。”lt;/Pgt;
But what do I don’t want to learn?!lt;/Pgt;
Yang Yao is hard,I don’t dare to violate Gao Baoyi’s kindness。lt;/Pgt;

Lei Ling is a master,Let her enjoy the happiness that has never been。

The second time, there is no better resistance.。
Le Yu looked at her distressed,I know that she doesn’t want to happen.,She advised:“Think,Emotional things can’t be reluctant,You should also think about it yourself.,Can’t be bound by your child,Kids can raise themselves,As for you and Rayling,You still have to consider clear。”
after all,Feelings,Really can’t be reluctant,Even if she and Muzi have the same,Mu Zizi is not willing to be with her,Then she would rather collect this feeling.,I won’t force Mu Zizi。
“I know。”
Lu Si is unfortunately standing up。
Looking at her http://www.jhyamy.cn pale,A face guilt:“Gather,I have been to take care of you.,But let you worry about my things.。”
Le Yu shakes,Laughing is gratified:“Good sister,You share this thing with me,I am very happy.,This thing is in a hurry,Hello, think about it.,Decide again,We all support your ideas。”
Lu Si smiled nodded,“I am this old.,Regenerate a child,Tired。”
but,Is my beloved man,She is also willing to be affected。
“I will feed you and drink some porridge.,You look very weak,My mother stewed ribs porridge,But the best,Xiao Yi has been lying on the little girl who is not awake.,It should be a bad time.。”
Lu Si’s words,Let Le Yu are deeply stabbed.:“Damn!What do you don’t work in recent??”
Lu Si helpless laugh,Laughing,Bitterly:“Gather,Life is everything,Is that still a life??
Don’t think so much,Take your body well,There must be a road to the mountain,Even afraid of the mountain to take the car to sell,Also find the direction of your life,We can’t make this way.。”
NS963chapter:She is pregnant with his child
Le Yu smiles:“You are very told,See you like this,I am relieved.。”
Constims to bear the pressure,Strong than the general,After all, the family’s changes,Let her learn strong。
Lu Sisi bites a bit of lip,Say this,Don’t want her too worried。
She is like a fire now.?
Her belly,How can there be an unexpected little life??
How should she say to everyone?,Now this era,Unmarried students don’t have anything?
Can still be uncomfortable。
Le Yu wants to think,Say:“Think,Just come to the hospital today.,Not as good as,check,See what the child is not in the palace,So you can rest assured。”
One said,Le Hao thinks the blue child,If your child is good, you will hit your own ideas.,What else is there now??
sometimes,Really look at。
Land:“I’ll listen to you。”
Lu Si was fed to Le Yu.,Send it to Lu Haoheng and Lin Deman to eat,When doctors who go to work at noon,I went to the obstetric examination.。
And Lin Damai does not trust someone to take care of Gu’s grandmother.,Always take care of yourself。
Friendly,She also understands this age.。
Although you are young, you will be noisy.,But there is no special misunderstanding,Now she is very grandmother.,Also understand a lot,Family is really hard。
Some people will be guilty,Don’t lose something,I don’t know if they are expensive.。
http://www.cwj-dj.cn Le Yu arrived at noon,Can already walk slowly,Just there is not much strength.。
She walked out in the ward,Door is not related,In the ward,Suddenly a new guest。

I have a touch of brush。

Summer depth,“Everyone is going out.,This store is going downstairs。”
Guests facing,Unknown。
And several women’s shopping guide came to come,Sorrowful,“guest,you……”Not finished,Look at the look。
They saw the city wearing a black armor holding the shoulders at the door.,A look at the lively。
Guests in the store also realize that the atmosphere is not strong,Go away。
At this time,A cold voice,“Who is here,Winal luck。”
With the sound,Accompanied by 咚,Staircase corner quickly rush down three people。
This is three men,All body,The breath fluctuate is very strong。
Appear,They stared at the summer.,Then see the black cat under the summer foot。
One of the guys smiled,“It turned out to be this kitten.,how?
Find alive,He……A weak chicken in http://www.zldq888.cn the late stage?
Ha ha ha ha……”Speech,Three people go a sharp step,Wrap the summer in the center。
“喵 喵……”Black cat is tightly leaning on summer legs,Surse trembling。
Summer eyes swept three people,“It’s you smashed my store.?”
“Boy,Can’t talk about,Don’t be a good person。”
A guy,“We didn’t enter your store.,It’s just out of control.,Want to apologize,OK,sorry。”
Summer lookless,Faint,“No matter what you are interested or unintentionally,The things in my store are damaged.,You have to compensate。”
Ha ha ha ha。”
Three people are unscrupulous,“Boy,Do you want to eat?,Our elemental out of control,Who let your store die is not dead?。”
“right,Hurry,Our store doesn’t welcome you.。”
One of them,Scatter,“Although private hits are prohibited in the city,But you dare to make trouble http://www.weizhenyifang.cn in our store.,Kill you too kill!”
“roll roll roll!”
Summer nodded,Turned out,Black cat one step。
Three men are smiling,Open mouth,Abundance,Same as followed by。
They are also worried that the summer is coming to a moral failure。
Go to the door,I encountered Wang Yuxin, who is about to enter.。
“Brother……”Wang Yuxin is concerned。