Summer faceless expression,Take a big step。
Second night, hurry up。
She can feel the anger and killing of the summer eyes。
……“Hoot……Hoot……”The siren is in the vicinity of Taiping Mountain,A police car whistling,Quickly rush to the top park。
Under the foot of the foot,Tourists who have taken the fire before the fire,I finally seriously。
But they look to the top of the mountain,Still have a lingering。
Just the size of the gun battle,Even in the film and television http://www.jllongda.cn is not common。
And those who don’t know,They have listened to the dragon to go to the pulse.,Then quickly spread。
Not only the three water gangs have a gun,It’s even more dead and many people.。
And there are many innocent tourists suffering from innocent disasters.。
Gangster!This is the idea of everyone in everyone’s mind.。
This matter,Determined to conceal。
People don’t know,For some people,This matter is not late.。
Just starting。
……The harbor of the peninsula is located between the Jasper Peninsula and Port City,It is one of the main container terminals in Hong Kong.。
At this moment, there is a row of containers on the port.,The crane keeps working。
I can see the busy figure of the worker everywhere.,And a variety of sounds。
A ship ship or cruise ship is frequent and http://www.qmxsg.cn entering and exits,Rogue continues to thoroughly。
Port in a warehouse in the port。
White is sitting on a chair,Embrace a cigar。
He is cold and cruel。
Interrupt the limbs。
Cut off your tongue。
How to retaliate http://www.emkir.cn in his mind。
There is also the second night of the little man……Can’t let her die,Be sure to smash and humiliate!He is already can’t wait。
……Pm,Summer and the second night arrived in the peninsula。
Just parking,I have seen four wearing a suit far away.,The cold youth with headset is coming over the ear.。
“Take it in the plane。

Leisurely sitting in a cafe,Enjoy in a warm cafe,Tasting ice latte fun,Although he can freely control temperature,However, the ability is not universal,If it is not necessary,Qingyou prefer to enjoy this original warm feeling。

The clerk on the side looked at this teenager.,Although the teenager’s face can be said to be some excessive,However, in this season, I choose Ice Latte in the season.,The taste is really unique。
“cut,A group of people who don’t understand the fun of ice cream in winter。”The eyes of the clerk are obviously hidden in the Qing Dynasty.,But he just smashes his mouth.,Not intended。
after all,His ability,To some extent,It can be said that it is quite convenient.。
but,If you really have a cup of ice cream,The clerk’s expression will come very interesting.?
Just when the Qing Palace really wants to try this idea.,His eyes suddenly stayed in front of a post office opposite the café。
daytime……The post office will close the door?
and,How……Start gathering people?
Idea,Qing Dynasty stands up,Xun quickly went to the counter before the coffee account,Then in the curious look at the clerk,Going out the door of the cafe。
When the Qing Palace went to the post office,The face of the teenager does not make a slight change。
“This is……What’s wrong?”
Just as the Qing Palace wants to use the ability to view it,Earthly,A figure is like instantaneous transfer,Outside the roller shutter door close up in the post office,And this caused the masses aesthetic phenomenon,But let the Qing Palace are witnessed。
This is…Phenomenon moving by space power!PalaceaiThe power field is slightly vibrated in a moment.,That is the minor fluctuation generated between the eleven metastasis and three yuan conversion,This fluctuation,The Qing Palace often feels in Fremea.。
Looked carefully, see the figure that was transferred.,The Qing Palace wrinkled in an instant。
This image…A little familiar?
Mage is a teenage girl,Wearing a rose red dress,White shirt inside,The lower body is set with a thick pantyhose,Looks more。
But the most attractive thing is not a girl’s dress.,But her black short is inserted with a colorful like decorations.,It looks like some special headdress,But when you see this picture,The heart of the Qing Palace suddenly shock。
This capability……!I am familiar with myself.!
That is……Once your capacity!
When you start http://www.xinchudz.cn awakening,Ability——
leve1 1,‘Save storage’!
so……This girl is……
The girl stunned in a moment of being transferred.,Subsequently look at the surrounding environment,next moment,She reacted that she was transferred out.。Suddenly the face changed,Turning immediately,Work hard to knock the post office close up rolling door,Shout one side。
“Baijing classmate!Baijing classmate!”The shout of the girl is in a hurry with a faint scream,“Why did I send me alone?!You come out soon.!Baijing classmate!”
I have never responded in it.,The girl is anxious to cry out.,She turned her head,The eyes are flashing in the crowd shouting in the crowd!
“Please rescue people inside!There is a robber inside!”Girl is helpless crying,“Ask for you,Who will save them!”
A champion in the population,But no one stands out。
Population,A http://www.yangyangsao.cn tea girl in a scarf saw this scene,Sigh,Just get out of the crowd,But her footsteps suddenly stopped,Eyes a full shunning ray!
“You are the gate of Guanchuan Middle School.?”A clear voice slowly passed out from the crowd,then,A juvenile wearing a gray jacket slowly came out of the crowd,Face with a gentle smile,Whispered。
“Yes……”Girl stunned,She doesn’t know how this person knows, she is a student of Guanchuan Middle School.,Just in the face of this smile,Into my feelings of peace of mind。
“What to say,Are you still my school girl?。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,Slowly walk to front of the shutter,At this time,Changing!
A steel ball,Pourage from the rolling door,Some unexpectedly,According to common sense,This degree of steel beads will be flying forward and will fall directly on the ground.,However, http://www.qinghaijiaoyu.cn this is like this to violate the physical common sense.。Although steel balls are slow,Always keep evenly,With a strange ability to penetrate everything,Live the Qing Palace。
“careful!”Girl can’t help but scream,Just want to say something,But stayed at the next moment。
Steel bead hits the Qing Palace,But there is no scene that there is a blood flowing in an imagination.,Steel beads are blocked by the Qing Palace,then,In the unbelievable eyes,Steel ball slowly melted,Steel water that is smoked in the ground,And the Qing Palace is not in good condition,Even even the clothes are not damaged。
“Lose one after another。”The Qing Dynasty said the girl。
“……Oh。”The girl agreed to a sentence。
Post office。
“Excuse me,I don’t like you, this kind of nephew thief who only dares robbery post office.。”Wearing a yellow hoodie,Comb with tea red double horsetail,It is the cold, but it is still a firm girl.,“not to mention,I have made up my mind.!”
“I will never violate it.…Just I believe!”