Spleen and qi yoghurt

Spleen and qi yoghurt

Water chestnut is a traditional dish in developing countries. In some restaurant restaurants in the south, seasonal dishes mainly based on or supplemented with water chestnuts are common.

Among the many ancient customs of the elderly, the older generation of Cantonese families are fashionable to “worship the moonlight.”

When the holiday season is full, the seasonal beauty of the table – cooked water chestnuts is indispensable.

When eating Laba porridge every year, the southern Laba porridge is often inseparable from the water chestnut, and is popular among the masses as a product that can be used for fruits and vegetables.

  The nutrient-rich modern research of the water chestnut found that the water chestnut nutrition is very rich, and the protein contains 3 grains per 100 grams of fresh meat.

6 grams, 姨0.

5 grams, 24 grams of sugar, and contains niacin, riboflavin, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, contains a variety of amino acids, is regarded as a health fruit and autumn tonic medicated food.

  When the water chestnut is tender, the skin is crispy and meaty, and the food has a fragrant taste.

As a raw food for the fruit, the water chestnut can clear the heat and stimulate the heat, relieve the heat and relieve the thirst; the cooked food can benefit the spleen and strengthen the spleen.

Mature and fleshy, it is a highly transformed food, and its nutritional value can be transformed into beautiful with chestnuts.

When you are in the autumn, you can buy some red squid and eat raw, which can both quench your thirst and eliminate fatigue.

  Edible water chestnuts are generally eaten after cooking, or dried to take rice bran into fine grains, porridge to eat.

  Lingjiao diet treatment and many Chinese medicine believe that the water chestnut tastes sweet, cool, non-toxic.

There are scorpion venom and antipyretic, diuretic through the milk, stop the thirst, hangover effect.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” has been recorded, the water chestnut can replenish the spleen and stomach, strong femoral knee, Jianli Yiqi, Lingfen porridge beneficial to the body, can solve the internal heat.

Water chestnut is also an auxiliary food for modern women’s beauty and weight loss.

The content of red lingia is very low, and it is suitable as a staple food. It can also be used to clear the fire and dryness, especially for indigestion and avoid greasy people.

  The water chestnut is cooked with beef. It is not only delicious, but also a seasonal tonic in autumn. It is good for relieving neuralgia, headache, joint pain, low back pain.

  500 grams of water chestnut, 15 grams of Astragalus, boiled and eaten, have kidney function, help implant spermatorrhea and frequent urination.

  100 grams of water chestnut meat, plus 30 grams of glutinous rice, boiled into porridge, can be used to implant esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, uterine cancer.

  Drink boiled diamond leaf juice regularly to enhance your vision.

  Use chestnut meat and lotus seeds, yam, medlar, medlar, lily, etc. to cook or grind steamed food, can cure chronic enteritis.

  200 grams of water chestnut, 10 grams of red dates and 30 grams of peanuts, adding the right amount of brown sugar, it has the functions of digestion, spleen and stomach, Qi and nourishing blood.

  Fresh Lingcao stems (leaf leaves and fibrous roots) 120 grams, Shuijianbi, cure children’s head sores, also hangover.

  The old Lingjiao fried charcoal, research into fine, with sesame oil to apply the affected area, cure the head face yellow water sores.

  Red Lingjiao dried in the end of the study, 10 grams on an empty stomach, red glutinous rice with the old wine, white peony with rice soup, to cure dysentery.

  Fresh Lingdi (Ring handle), rubbing the affected area, several times a day, treatment of excess sputum (young sputum, multiple common sputum).

  Water chestnut powder 10?
50 grams, the amount of white sugar, decoction into a paste.

There is clear heat and heat, in addition to annoying thirst, benefit Qi and spleen, hangover toxicity.

Applicable to the bitterness, polydipsia, sore throat caused by episodes of alcohol.

  The water chestnut also has the benefits of stomach, nourishing the skin, black hair and hair.

  Anyone who suffers from a cold, heat caused by heat, heat and stomach, and thirst, eat less, worry about heat and other injuries can be eaten.

  It should be pointed out that the water chestnut is cold and slippery, and it is not suitable for eating; the spleen and stomach are cold, the diarrhea is diarrhea, and the kidney yang deficiency is not suitable for consumption.

Pay attention to anti-parasites when eating raw water chestnuts.

With the help of Alipay, can Baijia achieve the bend beyond?

With the help of Alipay, can Baijia achieve the “bend beyond”?

[Before]In 2008, Dalian Zizi Island successfully implemented cross-border marketing, and switched from traditional fishery to FMCG, which triggered a hot debate in the industry.
Nowadays, Sichuan Baijia, a leading domestic fan industry, has begun to try cross-border marketing, but it has only shifted from traditional fast-discovery channels to online online sales.
This time, the combination of Alipay and the launch of “White House Food City”

has important implications for both the development of e-commerce in the food industry and the expansion of traditional industries in e-commerce.
  The convenience of fans, Sichuan flavoring, and Sichuan snacks were sold online. The fan-studded move of Baijia fans surprised many people and was considered a commercial hype.
However, in the view of Chen Zhaohui, president of Baijia, this may be an important way for white fans to achieve cornering.
  It is understood that under the dual pressure of financial crisis and rising costs, the growth of Baijia has been significantly slow, and annual sales have stabilized at around 300 million.
In the competition of traditional sales channels, due to the natural slow heat attribute of fan products and the short-term profit-seeking nature of dealers, the market promotion of Baijia has been delayed, and the market share is in line with Master Kong, Uniform and White Elephant.The distance of the enterprise has not been significantly shortened, and the sales have not effectively opened the gap with followers such as Guangyou and Daohuaxiang.
What makes Chen Zhaohui even more embarrassing is that although the popularity of Baijia is very high, consumers often cannot buy goods because of insufficient distribution.
This problem is more obvious in the promotion of the sub-brand small town story.
I wanted to use the traditional channels to detonate the industrialization of special foods, but I couldn’t make it to the left. The White House finally jumped out of inertia and began to seek a network break.
  Following the launch of Baijia “direct marketing supermarket” in Taobao, Excellence and other well-known shopping websites, Baijia recently reached a cooperation with Alipay to jointly promote Baijia’s sales website “White House Food City”.
Baijia believes that traditional industries have always neglected online channel sales, while Alipay has the advantage of 50 banking networks, and more than 200 million registered users of the network will become loyal consumers of white fans.
A box of white fans online shopping package shipping costs can also be nearly 20% cheaper from books, digital products to clothing, cosmetics and even diamond rings, cars, online shopping range is almost unlimited expansion.
But when someone proposes to sell food online, the first reaction of most people is, is this feasible?
Looking at rice at Chen Zhaohui, this is not only feasible, but also brings direct benefits to both consumers and white fans.
   Chen Zhaohui calculated the account, the same product, if sold through physical channels, including entry fees, dealer commissions, promotional fees and other marketing costs can account for more than 50% of gross profit margin, the maximum net profit margin is 20%, and network marketingThe cost is only half of the above traditional channels. When the unit price is more than 5% cheaper than the physical store retail price, the average net profit margin can reach 20%, and the maximum net profit rate can reach 30%.
Therefore, online sales are a happy way for manufacturers to be happy and consumers willing to do so.
  The reporter saw that on the Baijia Food City website, convenient fans and hot pot sauces are sold in boxes, and one box is for sale. Except for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries, free shipping is available in other areas.
Take Baijia’s “A Kuan” hot and sour wide powder as an example, the market price of the whole box is 87 yuan, and the online purchase is not only delivered to the door, but also no additional shipping costs, the total price of the whole box is 72 yuan, which is cheaper than the offline purchase.Yuan, the discount is nearly 20%.
Introducing Alipay to solve the payment problem For Baijia, online sales can bring more than just lowering the cost of sales, making it easier for consumers.
The degree of control over the sales channel is the top priority of food enterprise marketing.Sometimes it is even a bottleneck for large-scale expansion of enterprises.
There are more than 130 items that Baijia currently has open, but even in Chengdu, where the channel is the strongest, there are more than 60 types of large supermarkets.
In many supermarkets in first-tier cities, there are fewer than ten kinds of products that Baijia can distribute. It is far from the traditional leading brands like Uni-President and Master Kong, but this is precisely the advantage of online sales.I don’t think I want to buy it online.”
  The network can provide a completely different platform, and the massive amount of Internet information can allow White House to show all products to consumers.
Chen Zhaohui said, “Once this market is opened, the potential market size is unmatched by the traditional channels of opening up one or two regions.
Moreover, the cost of establishing an online store is not high, including the construction of the sales platform and the transformation of logistics, warehousing and management service processes behind, and the total cost does not exceed 1 million yuan.
But how to let consumers find the White House Food City and complete the final purchase, Bai Jia also explored for a while before stepping on the rhythm.
The core of e-commerce is the combination of information flow, capital flow and logistics.
Baijia launched a free shipping policy in logistics, which solved the problem of logistics to a certain extent, but payment has become a major bottleneck in Baijia Food City.
The rate of order churn caused by inconvenient payment cannot be underestimated. This is also the recent incident of Chen Zhaohui.
At the beginning of the opening ceremony, Baijia Food City only opened the payment method of bank remittance transfer. The bank account number given is only CCB and Bank of Communications.
For consumers, remittances across the bank are not only inconvenient, but also bear additional transfer costs.
  In July, Baijia fans reached a cooperation with Alipay, the largest third-party payment platform in China, and introduced Alipay as the payment method for Baijia Food City.
Before the introduction of Alipay, Chen Zhaohui’s idea was to open more bank transfer rights. After the introduction of Alipay, he was pleasantly surprised to find that access to Alipay is almost equivalent to accessing more than 50 banks and more than 200 million users.Can meet the payment needs of most potential customers of Baijia.
  Li Weiyu, Alipay’s public relations department, said in an interview with reporters that “this process reflects to a large extent the traditional food companies’ understanding of e-commerce business. In the online shopping market, the application of Alipay has become the most versatile solution.
“B2C direct sales or subversion of traditional sales rules. Data show that in 2008 the national food industry’s total vertical sales of the network is only 30 million yuan, while the domestic online retail sales totaled 120 billion.
  ”On Taobao and other websites, the sales of specialty foods led by online sellers have long been formed, and the total amount has even exceeded the total size of 30 million direct sales of food enterprises.
Li Weiyu said that the food industry today is quite similar to the clothing industry.Before the clothing B2C website such as VANCL formed a certain scale, the clothing was already one of the main sales items on Taobao.

However, at the beginning of the establishment of VANCL, every tens of pieces of clothing network sales have encountered many questions about the climate, but in 2008, VANCL’s ease of over 100 million has become a force that can not be ignored in the clothing industry.

“There is no market, but traditional food manufacturers have not exploited this market.

“Some people think that, like the convenience of fans, the consumption of such foods as Sichuan flavors, urban singles, students, etc. account for a large proportion, these people are also deep users of online shopping.

The view that online convenience foods are not feasible is actually to see the appearance characteristics of the convenience food price, and ignore the advantages of the network channel itself in specific and large-area coverage.

Combined with basic services such as modern logistics and Alipay, this area can completely cross-border enterprises that subvert the traditional industry pattern.

  According to Baijia, by 2010, the expenditure generated by the network channel will grow geometrically, reaching 50 million, accounting for 20% to 30% of the total proportion, becoming an important supplement for consumers to buy white brand products.

Chen Zhaohui said optimistically, “If you look back on some days later, selling instant noodles online and selling sauces is actually no more novel than selling shirts online.

The ‘VANCL’ in the food industry may be among the first companies.

New mother, don’t rush to lose weight

New mother, don’t rush to lose weight

Ms. Li’s postpartum body is obviously fatter than before. In order to lose weight, she started dieting immediately after giving birth. She listened to various weight loss advertisements and often took diet pills to increase the amount of exercise.

After one time, although the weight was reduced by more than 10 kilograms, the body began to become weak, feeling stomach discomfort, nausea, no appetite, anemia symptoms, less and less milk secretion, but the lochia was dripping, so I went toThe hospital looks at the doctor.

  Wang Yehong, deputy director of the Third Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, told her that the new mother who had just given birth could not blindly diet and lose weight.

Because the body has not fully recovered to the pre-pregnancy level just after the production, plus some new mothers are also responsible for the heavy feeding task, this is the time to supplement nutrition.

Forced dieting after childbirth will cause the new mother to recover slowly, and serious complications may occur after delivery.

Taking diet pills is even more undesirable, because most diet pills mainly increase the amount of excretion to achieve weight loss goals, and diet pills will affect the normal metabolism of the human body.

New breastfeeding mothers take diet pills, most of the drugs will be discharged from the milk, which is equivalent to the baby also follow you to eat alternative drugs.

The liver detoxification function of newborn babies is poor, and high-dose drugs may cause the liver function of the baby to decrease, resulting in abnormal liver function.

Ms. Li’s postpartum lochia is not clean. It is probably because she does not pay attention to rest after childbirth. She immediately begins to exercise and lose weight, which causes the uterus to slow down and cause bleeding. Seriously, the cross-section or vulvar complications will be damaged again during the operation.

  After this, Dr. Wang reminded the new mother that whether it is during pregnancy or after childbirth, balancing the diet and formulating a reasonable diet are the key to daily diet.

It is necessary to ensure that the baby and the new mother have adequate nutritional supplements and to avoid overnutrition.

Protein, protein and fat foods should be well matched, preferably high-fat foods such as sweets, fried foods, animal oils, fatty meats, animal internal organs, etc., of course, easily lead to postpartum weight gain.

A beautiful mother who loves beauty should eat less.

Do not attempt to restore your body shape immediately after childbirth. In addition to the adverse consequences mentioned above, most of the increase in postpartum weight is the need for breastfeeding. If you want to breastfeed your baby, you should not diet during breastfeeding and you can end it at the puerperium.Then gradually start to exercise, pay attention not to use excessive force during exercise.

Absolutely what method, do not try to reach the goal in a short time, you can return to the original state in a year or so.

Finally, Dr. Wang repeatedly reminded the new mothers that breast milk is a natural baby with a comprehensive nutritional proportion. Breastmilk replacement can meet the needs of infant growth and development, and feeding the baby can effectively promote uterine contraction and rejuvenation.benefit.

The most basic dietary recommendations for astigmatism should be prevented

The most basic dietary recommendations for astigmatism should be prevented

How to prevent astigmatism in daily diet?

Is zinc good for the eyes?

Then, let’s take a look at the next step, the experts give a detailed introduction to the eye care diet.

What is good for astigmatism?

Dietary recommendations for preventing astigmatism 1. Kelp kelp contains 1/3 of mannitol in addition to iodine. The surface of dried kelp has a thick layer of “white frost”, which is the mannitol in kelp and the urinary effect of mannitol.It can reduce intraocular pressure and has good effects in treating acute glaucoma.

Other seaweeds, such as wakame, also contain mannitol, which can also be used as an adjunct to acute glaucoma.

2, chromium deficiency chromium is prone to myopia, chromium energy activating factor, so that islets exert the greatest biological effect, such as insufficient chromium content in the body, it will make insulin regulate blood sugar function disorder, increase plasma osmotic pressure, resulting in lens of the eye, aqueous humorIncreased osmotic pressure and increased diopter, causing myopia.

Chromium is mostly found in flour rice, wheat bran, animal liver, grape juice, and nuts.

3, zinc and zinc deficiency can cause visual impairment, zinc is mainly distributed in bones and blood in the body.

The cornea epidermis, iris, retina and lens body contain zinc. Zinc participates in the expression of vitamin A in the eye}and transports, maintains the normal tissue state of the retinal pigment epithelium, and maintains normal visual function.

Zinc-containing foods include oysters, meat, liver, eggs, peanuts, wheat, beans, and miscellaneous grains.

4, pearl pearl is also a food for astigmatism treatment, pearl contains more than 95% of calcium carbonate and a small amount of magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide and other minerals, and contains a variety of amino acids, such as leucine, methionine, alanine, glycine, valleyLysine, aspartic acid, etc., pearly sweet and salty, with pearl powder with borneol, amber and other “true beads scattered” eyes can inhibit the formation of cataract.

How to eat eggs with nutrition

How to eat eggs with nutrition

Eggs are eaten in a variety of ways. How can eggs be eaten and nutritious?

Do you have any questions about how to eat and how to make eggs?

On various questions, nutrition experts have made the following answers: Egg nutrition is comprehensive and rich, and it is an indispensable food on the table of the people, but the wrong way of eating will also make its nutrition lose.

  In terms of nutrient absorption and digestibility of eggs, boiled eggs are 99%, scrambled eggs are 97%, tender fried is 98%, and old fried is 81.

1%, with boiling water or milk for eggs.

5%, raw food is 30%-50%.

From this point of view, boiled eggs are the best way to eat, but pay attention to chewing slowly, otherwise it will affect absorption and digestion.

About, children and the elderly eat one a day, and adolescents and adults eat two more per day.

  The correct cooking method for eggs is to use a cold water pot, heat over low heat, and boil for 2 minutes.

Soak for 5 minutes after the ceasefire, so that the eggs that are boiled are tender, the egg yolk is solid and not old, and the eggs are most nutritious at this time.

  ”Almost all the fatty acids in the egg are found in the egg yolk. Most of the vitamins such as vitamin B2 are also present in the egg yolk.

Therefore, the nutrients in the egg are protected, mainly to protect the various components of the egg yolk.

“Yang Zhenduo, director of the Yunnan Nutrition Association, said that eggs are best steamed or boiled, steamed eggs, poached eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs are a good way to eat, fried eggs and eggs have a certain loss of nutrients.

In addition, the egg is best eaten with pasta such as taro and bread, which allows the protein in the egg to be retained and instead absorbed by the body.

  Nowadays, people are eating more and more eggs, Yang Zhenduo said, drinking raw eggs, boiling water and eggs are not conducive to human health.

Because the biotin in eggs is harmful to the human body, these methods cannot destroy biotin.

And some people only eat protein or egg yolk, which is not reasonable enough.

  How to eat eggs for people of different ages, Yang Zhenduo said that babies from zero to one year old are suitable for eating steamed egg yolk or egg yolk soup. These two methods can make the protein loose and easily digested by children; one or two years oldAfter that, you can eat boiled eggs. After two years of age, you can eat scrambled eggs. In the past, try to eat less fried eggs.

When steaming egg yolk or scrambled eggs, you can also add some leeks, green peppers, shrimps, etc. to the beaten eggs according to your taste.

  If you eat boiled eggs, it is best to cook the eggs tenderly, that is, cook for another five or six minutes. At this time, the egg yolks of the eggs have just solidified. The eggs in this state have the highest absorption rate of protein.

Eggs are cooked for too long, and the nutrients of the egg yolk are difficult to be absorbed by the body.

When you eat boiled eggs, you should chew slowly, otherwise it will affect absorption and digestion.

How does male vas deferens have some kind of performance?

How does male vas deferens have some kind of performance?

The vas deferens is also one of the male infertility diseases. For men, infertility is a disease that is difficult for them to accept.

It is also a disease that causes serious harm to criminal families and life.

So what is the performance of male vas deferens?

How to prevent it everyday?

Let’s first introduce the symptoms of vas deferens insertion.

Symptoms of male vas deferens obstruction 1, infection: such as epididymitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and epididymal vas deferens tuberculosis, etc., mostly in the epididymis and vas deferens junction embolism, which is one of the symptoms of early vas deferens.

2, patients with vas deferens insertion will have different degrees of orgasm attenuation, and some patients will have symptoms of ejaculation pain, and some patients with symptoms of ejaculation weakness.

3, if the physical examination, touch the vas deferens, or epididymal nodules, will be found in beaded changes, thickening or even missing.

4, in the semen examination, it will check that the patient’s semen has no sperm, or a small number, can not let women normal pregnancy.

Precautions for male vas deferens 1. Male friends want to prevent vas deferens replacement, then they should develop good habits. Usually quit smoking and alcohol, do not eat cold and spicy food, and try to avoid contact with toxic chemicals and radiation., reduce the number of hot springs, wash the sauna.

2, usually male friends should pay attention to hygiene, especially the genital hygiene cleaning work must be done seriously, to avoid unclean sex life, reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

3, prevention of epididymal tuberculosis, if the male insertion of epididymal tuberculosis is also likely to lead to vas deferens replacement, because tuberculosis of epididymal tuberculosis can easily infect the vas deferens, so that the shape of the vas deferens changes, in severe cases can cause the function of the vas deferens is completely lost,Therefore, prevention of epididymal tuberculosis is one of the methods to prevent vas deferens.

4, prevention of urinary tract inflammation.

Urethritis can be said to be a common urinary system in men. The urethra is the location where semen is discharged. Therefore, once the urethra occurs, it can affect the vas deferens, and the vas deferens will occur for a long time, and even sexual dysfunction will occur.

Health Guidance: Regular men’s examinations help to detect potential illnesses early and kill certain male diseases in the cradle.