[How to eat well at the cattle exhibition]_ cattle exhibition _ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat well at the cattle exhibition]_ cattle exhibition _ production method _ practice Daquan

Beef contains a large amount of amino acids and proteins. Long-term consumption can also effectively improve the immune system of the human body. It is very suitable for people after surgery. It is of great help to the recovery of the body. The meat in different parts of the cattle tastes delicious.They are all different. Some people prefer to eat the cattle show. The cattle show is a disease of the cattle’s legs. Generally it has tendons. So how do you do it well?

First, how do you prepare for the Cattle Show?

  Cold beef show.

The whole cattle exhibition was washed and reserved.

Put half a pot of water in the pot, add your own marinade bag, star anise, grass fruit, peppercorn, fragrant leaves, boil and put it in a beef fire.


Turn to low heat for 60 minutes and turn off the flame. Soak in the marinade for about 40 minutes to taste.

Cook cooked sesame, sesame oil, apple cider vinegar, parsley, pepper, and sugar in a bowl and stir well.

Slice the beef, and drizzle the prepared seasoning.

Second, vegetable beef show soup.

Diced purple broccoli, diced onion, potatoes, and cut into strips. Boil the potatoes in a small pan first, the better the better.

After the tomatoes are boiled, peel and chop.

After cutting, put in spare, open the oil pan, start with garlic and then onion.

Add tomatoes, beef show, purple broccoli, until you smell the scent, and put the other potatoes together in another pot, and cook together.

After the water is boiling scum scoop open and continue to boil 40 minutes, add pepper, salt, received from the fire.

Beef is rich in protein and amino acids.

It can improve the body’s resistance to disease, and it is especially suitable for people who rehabilitate blood loss and repair tissues after growth and development and after surgery.

Chinese food therapy believe: winter eat beef, Nuanwei role for the winter tonic to share.

Chinese medicine believes that beef has the functions of nourishing spleen and nourishing qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening bones and bones, resolving phlegm and relieving wind, and quenching thirst and mouth.

It is suitable for everyone with depression in the middle air, shortness of breath, weakness of muscles and bones, chronic anemia and yellowing.

Beef how do eat?

Spicy Beef halogen.

Ingredients: Beef, lo package, chili, ginger pieces, sugar.

After thawing Beef brew with water to no blood.

The bag and lo ginger sheet rock sugar into the pressure cooker as well as chili.

A little water to soak into the amount of the flavor.

And then transferred amount of soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, salt.

Then Beef join.

After the fire cover and simmer for fifteen minutes to turn a small fire continued to simmer for twenty minutes.

After the pressure cooker until after the flame vent to open the lid, and then remove to after cold.

Then slice, poured into a dish together with the spices can be used instead.

[Home-made practice of loofah soup]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[Home-made practice of loofah soup]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Loofah is a kind of gourmet with relatively light taste. The nutritional value of loofah is high, it is good for absorption, and it can promote digestion. Loofah can be used as soup and stewed porridge. There are many ways to eat loofah.The most popular is the loofah soup, which is topped with loofah, and the soup can be made with a few eggs in it, which will make the taste better and a very light dish.

The main ingredients are vermicelli, egg, ingredients, onion, ginger, garlic, salt, loofah, and egg soup. Step 1.

Loofah is peeled and cut into strips of about three centimeters.

Scallion, ginger and garlic are cut and set aside.


Pour a small amount of vegetable oil in the pot, stir-fry the leek with garlic, garlic and garlic, and stir-fry the loofah with medium heat. Pour a small amount of raw soy sauce and stir-fry until it is soft.

Add an appropriate amount of water and bring to a boil.


Prepare ravioli during cooking.

The specific method is to take an appropriate amount of dry flour into the pot, stir clockwise while adding a small amount of water, stir evenly, then add water and then stir.

Until the flour becomes snowflake-like.


Take an egg and break it up. After boiling the water, stir the soup and pour in the egg liquid. This will form a uniform egg flower.

After the water is boiled again, add noodles in the same way, and keep starting until the noodles are uniform in size and not large.


After cooking, cut into shredded laver, and seasoned with salt chicken essence.

Dinner-Tomato and egg soup ingredients 3 tomatoes (small) eggs 2 celery tender leaves 1 small (or cilantro) tomato sauce 2 tablespoons (30ml) ordinary flour 80g green onions 3 slices water 8ml salt 1 teaspoon (5g)) 1/2 teaspoon of white pepper powder (about 3 grams) Practice 1) Wash the tomatoes and cut into pieces.

Remove the young leaves of celery and wash them.

Shallot slices.

2) Heat the pan, pour the oil, add the shallot slices, and add the tomato pieces. Stir-fry until the soup is added, and then add water (1000ml). After the high heat is boiled, add tomato sauce and stir well for 2 minutes.

3) While this time, use a spoon to hold clear water, add it to the flour little by little, and stir quickly while adding it. Be sure to quickly, do not let the dough become agglomerated, and stir into a uniform flour.

Never add all the water at once.

4) Then use the chopsticks to pour the flour particles a little bit into the pot. Do not pour the flour all at once, otherwise the flour will easily become agglomerated.

After pouring in all the flour, stir with a spoon and cook over medium heat for 3 minutes.

5) Stir in salt and white pepper, then break up the eggs, pour into the pot a little bit in a circle, and turn into egg flowers.

6) Turn off the heat and sprinkle in celery leaves.

Ingredients for seafood soup soup: live shrimp, flower clams, cabbage leaves, fungus, flour, tomatoes, ingredients: green onions, ginger, broth essence, salt, pepper, black fungus foaming in advance, onion ginger slices, tomato dicing,Shred cabbage.

Remove the live shrimp from the shrimp line, add water to the pot, and remove for future use.

Place the clams in the pot and simmer them in water.

Remove the clam meat and stir it in the clam water with clockwise chopsticks for 3 minutes to remove.

(The purpose is to maintain the umami taste and remove the sand.

) Leave the clam soup for 10 minutes to settle, then pour the clear soup into a plate and set aside.

Add flour to a large bowl, gradually add water to the flour, and stir with a chopsticks to form a scoop.

Raise the pan, stir-fry the shallot ginger, stir-fry the tomatoes for 2 minutes, add water, black fungus, clam soup, and broth to boil over high heat.

Add ravioli in the pot and stir with a spoon to avoid sticking. After the pot is opened, add shrimp and cook for 2 minutes. Finally, add the clam meat.

Season with salt and pepper.

Tip: Don’t cut the clams into the water for too long, and add the soup at the end, otherwise it will lose the umami taste.

The soup of boiled clams is very fresh. Adding to the soup can increase the flavor of the soup.
The best green cabbage is Tianjin green.
Add water a little bit when making ravioli, as long as there is no dry noodles in the bowl.

[How chicken simmers water]_Hot water 焯 _How 焯

[How chicken simmers water]_Hot water 焯 _How 焯

Chicken is a common food in people’s daily life, and many people like to eat chicken.

The nutritional value of chicken is also relatively high.

However, when cooking chicken, if you want to make it more delicious, you need to simmer the chicken before cooking, so that the earthy smell of chicken can be removed.

So, how can chicken water be better?

The specific methods will be introduced below!

First, why the chicken should be simmered? The chicken needs to be simmered before cooking. This step is to remove the dirt, blood and chicken smell in the chicken, but the simmered water is also particular about cold and hot water.The scooped chicken had a completely different taste. Many people got it wrong, no wonder the fishy smell was very heavy.

This step in Lishui is very important, so everyone must not be sloppy.

Second, the chicken simmered with cold water or hot water. Chicken simmered with cold water should not use hot water, otherwise it will affect the taste of the chicken, the most important thing is the remaining heavy raw fishy smell.

If you use cold water for the first time, you can reduce the loss of chicken nutrients, and then you can clean the chicken from dirt and blood, and the raw fishy smell.

So chicken water should be cold water, but in order to completely remove the fishy smell of chicken, we also need to pay attention to the method of water.

Third, the method of chicken simmering water First, we clean the chicken, cut it into pieces, then put it in a large bowl, pour cooking wine and ginger slices, marinate for half an hour, let it fully combine, this can also be achievedFishy effect.

Then boil a large pot of boiling water and add boiling water, add cold marinated chicken pieces, and finally add a few slices of ginger and green onions to achieve a better fishy effect.

As the temperature rises, some blood foam and black oil slick will slowly appear on the surface of the water, which will be removed.

Don’t simmer for too long. It should be controlled for about 7-8 minutes. After all, it’s not chicken soup. After removing the water on the surface of the water, you can remove all the chicken pieces and rinse them with cold water.Can make chicken more firm and tender.

The processed chicken will not have a bit of raw fishy smell, and the meat will become more tender and smooth. After using it, it will not only adjust the cooking time, but also make the chicken taste more delicious.

[Food to repair brain nerves]_Brain nerves_Repair_What to eat

[Food to repair brain nerves]_Brain nerves_Repair_What to eat

If you want to make your child smarter, you should first give the child more food with higher nutritional value, which will make the child’s memory better. However, some people have brain damage.Sufficient nutrition requires some methods to accelerate the local repair of the brain nerves, so that they can be slowly relieved. What are the foods for repairing the brain nerves?

Nutritional brain foods 1, blueberries.

An excellent source of antioxidant “anthocyanins” helps brain cells fight toxins, promotes the use of glucose by the brain, and enhances the conversion between brain cells.

2. Pumpkin.

Pumpkin is an excellent source of p-carotene. Vitamin A content in pumpkin is better than green vegetables, and vitamin C, zinc, potassium and cellulose.

Chinese medicine thinks.

Pumpkin tastes sweet and flat, has the effect of refreshing the mind and refreshing the brain, and can treat dizziness, upset, thirst and other yin deficiency and fire.

3. Fish.

Both saltwater fish and freshwater fish contain a large amount of high-quality protein and rich calcium, especially unsaturated fatty acids, which can catabolize and make the cerebral vessels open.

In addition, the potential DHA in fish also contributes to brain health.

4, fungus.

Contains relatively rich nutrients such as phospholipids, sterols, which have a nutritive effect on brain cells and nerve cells. At the same time, a substance contained in it can delay blood coagulation, can unblock blood vessels, prevent cerebral thrombosis, and prevent cerebral thrombosis.Prevention of myocardial infarction and other diseases.

5. Peanut butter.

Groundnut and peanut butter are rich in vitamin E, which contains antioxidants that protect nerve membranes and thiamine, which supplements the glucose needed for nerve energy in the brain.

6. Milk.

Protein 100 per 100 grams of milk.

5 grams, 125 mg calcium.

Calcium in milk can regulate nerve and muscle excitability.

Drinking a glass of milk after breakfast every day will help improve cognitive abilities and ensure that the brain works efficiently.

7, walnuts.

Because of its saturated unsaturated fatty acids, it is widely recognized as a traditional Chinese brain health food. Children must eat it.

It is advisable to have 2-3 walnuts per day. Perseverance can nourish the brain through nutrition, enhance memory, and eliminate brain fatigue.

However, you should not overeat, as you may experience dry stool and nosebleeds.

8. Eggs.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, and the choline released from the lecithin in the egg yolk can synthesize acetylcholine, which helps to enhance memory.

In addition, the content of iron and phosphorus in egg yolk is high, which is particularly beneficial to brain development.

How should diabetes prevent diabetes?

How should diabetes prevent diabetes?

For the prevention of diabetes, three “defense lines” should be constructed, which are called tertiary prevention in medicine.

If the “defense line” is laid out in a timely, reasonable and robust manner, most of the diabetes is likely to be prevented or controlled.

These three “defense lines” are: First-level prevention to establish a correct eating concept and adopt a reasonable lifestyle, can selectively reduce the incidence of diabetes.

Diabetes is a non-communicable disease. Although it has certain genetic factors, it plays a key role in the life and environmental factors.

Gradually, over-transition, excessive, and increased exercise are important factors in the onset.

Low sugar, low salt, low fat, high fiber, high vitamin, is the best dietary compatibility to prevent diabetes.

Regular monitoring of body weight and maintaining long-term weight levels are critical.

When you gain weight, you should limit your diet and increase your exercise to make it fall back to normal as soon as possible.

To make exercise an important part of life, a habit of life.

Exercise not only consumes excess transients and maintains muscle mass, but also enhances fullness and euphoria.

Of course, the movement should pay attention to science and art. It is necessary to proceed step by step, do what you can, take care of your interests, and work together to make it easy to get results and stick to it.

Quit smoking and drink less, and put an end to all bad habits.

Diabetes and diabetes in both parents, and I am obese and eaten more, blood sugar is high, and people who are at high risk of exercise, especially pay attention to prevention.

Secondary prevention regularly detects blood sugar to detect asymptomatic diabetes as early as possible.

Blood glucose measurement should be listed as a routine physical examination for middle-aged and elderly people, even if it is healthy, it should be measured regularly.

Any trace of diabetes, such as abnormal skin, sexual dysfunction, poor eyesight, polyuria, cataracts, etc., should be timely to determine blood sugar, to diagnose early, to seek valuable time for early treatment.

It is necessary to comprehensively mobilize diet, exercise, drugs and other means to stably control the normal or near normal level for a long time.

Fasting blood glucose should be 6 per liter.

Below 11 millimoles, blood glucose should be 9 per liter for 2 hours after a meal.

Below 44 millimolar, an indicator of chronic blood glucose levels – glycosylated hemoglobin should be at 7.

0% or less.

Regular measurement of blood lipids, blood pressure, and electrocardiogram are all indirect indicators of glycemic control.

The purpose of tertiary prevention is to prevent or delay the occurrence and development of chronic comorbidities of diabetes and reduce disability and mortality.

People with diabetes are prone to other chronic diseases and are life-threatening due to complications.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen monitoring of chronic complication of diabetes and achieve early detection.

Early diagnosis and early treatment of diabetes can often prevent complications and enable patients to live close to normal life for a long time.

Diabetes is still a lifelong disease, and there is no cure.

Therefore, we should act positively to regulate our own lives.

Lifestyle science, this is the most important and strongest line of defense.

If you are already a diabetic, don’t be pessimistic.

As long as effective control over a long period of time, it can prevent and delay the occurrence or development of chronic comorbidities of diabetes.

Of course, if you enter a period of chronic complications, you need to be vigilant and delay the deterioration of complications.

The key to longevity is temperance

The key to longevity is temperance

The key to healthy longevity is that benevolent sees benevolence and wise sees wisdom.

Why do some people live a hundred years old, and some people are sick and sick at a young age?

In the classic Chinese medicine classic “Nei Jing”, the Yellow Emperor also asked Yu Bo: “The ancients, the Spring and Autumn are all 100 years old, and the action is not bad.

The people of this time, the half-year-old and the actions are all weak, the times are different, the people will lose the yeah?

“Yu Bo replied: “The ancients, their knowers, the law of yin and yang, and the number of surgery, food and drink have festivals, daily life, and work, so can shape and God, and end up in their days,Going a hundred years old.

People of this time are not the same, taking wine as a pulp, taking sputum as a common, drunk to enter the house, in order to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its true.

I don’t know how to hold it, I don’t know the god.

Keeping your heart fast, against the joy of life, living without a section, so half a hundred and decline.

“Although it is a classical Chinese language, everyone can understand it.”

The key to longevity is temperance.

  The temperance official wants to cultivate the virtues of “the three provinces and my body”, self-respect, self-examination, self-policing, self-motivation, and always maintain a vigorous and vigorous atmosphere, and control the desire.

In the big direction, it is responsible to the party and the people. From a small perspective, it is responsible to the individual and to the family, the wife and children.

The heart is unselfish and wide, and naturally it will not care about the level of official positions.

Digging up and thinking about climbing up, thinking too much, five internal organs, less blood, decreased physical fitness, not worth the candle.

  Control the financial desire of the gentleman to love the wealth, take it.

Modern people must work hard, study hard, create good results, and get the corresponding rewards.

I want to get rich overnight, and I lose money in the sky. I don’t take risks. I try to practice the law. It is a trap that surrounds others and becomes a victim of the Mark Six, underground pyramid schemes, and accumulation.

Once the incident occurs, not only the property is lost, but the spirit and the body will also be extremely hard.

  Temperament and lust, although the feelings of men and women are the desire of human beings, but excessive indulgence is extremely harmful.

In particular, the package of mistresses, sputum and the like is more incompatible with social laws and ethics, and is also susceptible to various sexually transmitted diseases.

Traditional medicine believes that excessive sex between men and women can lead to kidney deficiency and insufficient blood, resulting in short-lived.

Although a little alarmist, there is some truth.

  Moderate wine desires a small amount of wine has the function of promoting blood circulation, and drinking alcohol regularly is extremely harmful.

Excessive drinking excessive excessive central nervous system produces a pre-inhibition effect, severe poisoning causes breathing, heartbeat inhibition and death.

Excessive drinking over a long period of time can lead to chronic alcoholism, which is an irreversible hazard to the liver and brain, and is unfavorable for longevity.

  The temperament of life is in motion.

Exercise can increase cardiopulmonary function and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Exercise is the most effective way to control your weight.

Exercise is good for improving the body shape and giving people a healthy feeling.

Exercise also helps to eliminate mental stress and stress and reduce exacerbations.

Should try to avoid car travel, more exercise, get happiness and longevity in sports.

  When you are young and playful, it’s okay to play all night.

Middle-aged and elderly people should stop such serious physical damage.

Just playing mahjong, there is nothing to play for an hour or two. If you don’t move for a long time, you won’t be convinced, you won’t win, you want to win, and it’s not wise to take the body as the money.

Maintain skin after exercise

Maintain skin after exercise

People who regularly participate in sports, because the body’s metabolism is faster, the skin is prone to aging, excessive sweating, causing acid in the sweat to damage the superficial skin, causing premature aging of the skin.

Therefore, people who love sports (sports food) should also take care of these characteristics and master some nursing techniques to make the skin smooth and soft.

  To ensure that the amount of water will sweat a lot when exercising, it will consume more water than usual. If you do not replenish water in time, there will not be enough water in the body to meet the needs of skin cells.

The body needs at least 8-10 cups of water a day. After exercise, it is best to drink pure water without coffee or juice. You can also bring a bottle of water with you. You can add water at any time. Drinking plenty of water is good for wicking and detoxification, instead ofConducive to the smooth breathing of the skin.

  After exercise, you should clean your face after each exercise, apply a skin cream, and then apply a little oil (oil food) fat-rich wrinkle cream to the corners of your eyes and mouth.Ageing.
  In addition, just washing your face is not enough. You must cleanse, toning, and then moisturize. You should do a thorough repair of the skin every week. First remove the dead skin from the face, clean the face properly, and then apply it.A suitable nutrient cream, these jobs can’t be done with interest, as long as you stick to it will grind the effect.

  Bathing and bathing after exercise can wash away the dirt accumulated in the skin, promote blood circulation, and regulate the function of sebaceous glands and sweat glands to make the skin smoother. When exercising, the secretion of sebaceous glands will be particularly strong, so choose a refreshing bath after exercise.When the soap is bathed, the pores can be opened.

  Sunscreen is used in the four seasons. People who exercise regularly use sunscreen all the year round. Because the sun shines on the skin, they often exercise outdoors. They should also use sunscreen to prevent excessive skin contact with the sun.

  After the acute exercise of supplementing alkaline food, there is often a phenomenon that the skin loses luster, the muscles swell, and the joints are sore. This is because the sugar, trace, protein (protein food) in the body is decomposed in a large amount, and lactic acid, phosphoric acid, etc. are produced in the decomposition process.Substance, these acidic substances stimulate human tissues and organs, causing people to feel muscle and joints. At this time, if meat, eggs, fish, etc., which consume acidic substances alone, the body fluids will be more acidic, which is not conducive to fatigue and more acidic, which is not conducive toThe release of fatigue, therefore, you need to eat vegetables (vegetable food), sweet potatoes, citrus, apples (apple food) and other fruits, they can eliminate excess acid in the body, reduce the acidity of urine, increase the solubility of uric acid, reduce acidThe possibility of forming stones in the bladder, experts believe that after exercise, should eat more alkaline foods, such as fruits (fruit food), vegetables, soy products, etc., in order to ensure the body’s needs, as soon as possible to alleviate the fatigue brought to the skin after exercise.

This season’s most popular slim new method for three obese people

This season’s most popular slim new method for three obese people

In such a hot summer, who wouldn’t want to absorb the beautiful figure and put on the new fashion style?

So how to shape a beautiful slim body, eliminate the extra slightness becomes a top priority, do you want to try a weight loss method that melts the mind and nutrition?

  The concept of dieting is usually negative. It rarely focuses on how to make the body overcome high-quality, complete, nutritious foods. The causes of weight gain are different. Obese people are more susceptible to emotional effects and eat and drink.And hunger and thirst will make you eat too much food, and the compensation will make you eat a lot and lose.

  You are a certain type of person, you have to “prescribe the right medicine”, “the treatment of the disease”. The first type: the person who enjoys eating. Symptoms: When you are happy with food, you are afraid of losing weight, when you are in a bad mood.Eat food, use food as a cure for bad emotions, especially sweets such as candy, chocolate, cakes, etc.

  Prescription: 1.

When your appetite increases, I suggest you drink a glass of water and wait for five minutes.


When you eat, chew slowly and taste your food. A small mouthful will make you feel full, instead of gorging yourself, and you will eat a lot of food at once.

Eat more fruits instead of juice, so as not to overdo it.


Eat some reasonable alternative foods, such as eating a raw carrot instead of a cake, and using olive oil instead of a thin slice on the food.


When you want to eat sweets and sip, you may want to eat a bowl of porridge to solve the problem.

  The second type: lack of perseverance symptoms: there is no certain dietary habits, can not adhere to the diet plan, sometimes can strictly control their appetite, but when they are stressed or depressed, they eat and drink, especially like “junk food”.
  Prescription: 1.

Please take care to ensure that your food structure has reasonable nutrients.


Try to diet for 12 days, then eat and drink on the second weekend, so you can balance your mind and not hurt your diet.


When you break the diet plan, don’t be too self-blaming, write down the reasons and your feelings, and let your heart feel better.


Buying less food is also a key. Buy it daily, but try to buy less and eat more fresh food.

  The first one: the symptoms of strict self-discipline: strict self-discipline, even if you are normal weight, but also insist on dieting, only after the nutrients of the food are clear and clear, will taste delicious.

In this case, you need to relax yourself and comfort yourself.

  Prescription: 1.

Find out why, what are you doing law enforcement, and why you should be so strict with yourself.


Relax the strict limits on yourself, try to break those rules and avoid overeating. Remember that excessive dieting can also damage your body.


Occasionally relax yourself and buy some fresh food to comfort yourself and enjoy the ease of eating.

  Editor’s note: Obesity is a chronic metabolic disease that requires symptomatic treatment from the perspectives of nutrition, kinematics, medicine, etc. Therefore, weight loss is not an easy task. It must have a scientific method, certain perseverance, and more need.Professional dietitian or doctor’s guidance and help, if you don’t ask about the weight loss mechanism, don’t ask your own situation, blind blindly follow the trend, it is tantamount to trying the medicine, it happens to be right luck, but luck will not bring to everyoneMore often, the wrong way to lose weight can only lead to wrong results, so please choose a healthy lifestyle, and you will have a healthy and slim body over time.

Raising knowledge, eating grapes, not spitting grape seeds

Raising knowledge, eating grapes, not spitting grape seeds

The summer has arrived, and the grapes have begun to go down the market. It can be said that it is time to eat grapes.

The grapes are sweet, juicy, nutritious and have a lot of health and wellness benefits, so this season does not hinder the frequent eating of grapes.

When it comes to eating grapes, I believe that most people will have the habit of spitting seeds, but do you know?

The whole body of the grape is a treasure, and even the grape seed has a higher health and cure effect.

Let’s go up with some of the knowledge.

  First, the grape of different colors has different effects. One grape is different from the whole body, and it has a high health effect. According to the article “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, the grape owner “wet bones, qi, timesStrong and strong, amazing fat, hunger, and cold.

Long-term food, light and not old.

“Chinese medicine believes that the grape is sweet and slightly acidic, with a flat stomach. It has the functions of nourishing the liver and kidney, benefiting qi and blood, appetizing power, producing fluid and urinating.”

  When we go to the market to buy grapes, we can always find a lot of different colors of grapes, such as white, green, purple, red, black, etc. What are the differences between these different colors of grapes?

  1, white grapes: with lungs, lungs, it is suitable for cough, people suffering from respiratory diseases.

  2, green grapes: biased towards heat and detoxification.

  3, purple grapes: may be anthocyanins, can be beauty anti-aging.

  4, red grapes: containing reverse enzymes, can soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation, prevent thrombosis, cardiovascular patients do not hinder eating.

The reverse enzyme is most abundant in the red grape skin, and it is best to eat it together with the skin.

  5, black grapes: it nourishes the yin and nourishes the kidneys, making the hair darker.

  Second, how should grapes be eaten?

  The advice given to everyone here is “eat and chew!”


In other words, in addition to “eat grapes do not spit grape skin”, from the nutritional point of view, it should also be “to eat grapes do not spit grape seeds.”

Grape skins and grape seeds gather most of the nutrients in the grapes, and it is best to eat them whole when eating grapes.

If you feel that the taste is not very good, you can squeeze the grapes into the grape juice with the belt seeds.

  But to remind you that the grapes are cold, and people with stomach cold should not eat too much at a time.

Although the grape is a good health care product, it is cold and cold. Therefore, when the spleen and stomach are not harmonious, it should not be eaten when it is diarrhea.

  Third, eat grapes for you do not spit grape seeds?

  Although there is no record of grape seed in ancient Chinese medicine, grape seed has valuable benefits and effects in modern medicine.

  1, grape seed can regulate the skin dryness caused by endocrine disorders, reduce melanin, whitening skin, 祛 yellow chloasma; 2, grape seed can resist oxidation, fade spots; 3, grape seed can stimulate cell division and tissue regeneration, activate the surface layerCells, reduce wrinkles, delay aging; 4, grape seed can fight prostate cancer, anti-liver tumor, can also fight the damage of the nervous system; 5, grape seed can inhibit and eliminate free radicals in the body, play an anti-cancer and anti-allergic effect.
  Fourth, how should grape seeds be eaten?

  Looking at the grape seed has so many benefits, is it regret that I have been eating grapes and spit seeds for so many years.

Since grape seed is so good, it can’t be swallowed directly. If you are not afraid of affecting the taste, you can “eat and chew” the whole grape.

If you have a taste, you can choose the following methods.

  1, juicing: the simplest and most rude way is to juice the whole grape juice.

  2, crushing: you can also choose to wash the grape seeds and dry.

Then use a small hammer to chop and pick the grape seed shell.

  3, milling: Some people choose to grind grape seeds into powder and then rinse with water.

Such an edible method is advantageous for absorption.

  4, oil: If you are a local tyrant, holding a large bucket of grape seeds, it is a good choice to squeeze grape seed oil.

馋 馋 馋 全 全 全 全

馋 馋 馋 全 全 全 全

You may know that there is a whole seven sons on the rivers and lakes, but you don’t necessarily know that there is a whole seven in the delicious.

The old cow found this wonderful whole truth in the canteen of the husband. It can not only solve the problem, but also does not gain weight. Although it is vegetarian, it is fully nutritious.

Who doesn’t want to have a slim and healthy body, but all the thought activities can’t rival a delicious mouth.

If you want to lose weight and want to solve it, try it.


hzh {display: none; }  一 虾米青菜 这个菜很简单,蒜末和虾米爆香,放入青菜爆炒,火一定要大,趁着菜还没出水,就已经出锅了。Don’t be true to me, let me put some shrimp, it should be no more than the meat, fried carrots, this is simpler, carrots, shredded, put some oil, stir-fry, put some green peppers, everyone knows that there are carrotsCarotene, but if you want to absorb it, you must eat it with oil. Carotene can be absorbed by the oil on the intestine wall, so it is best to eat it. If you are cold, don’t forget to put some sesame oil.

  The three monks love to eat this dish. I don’t know how to name it. Because it is delicious, it’s all vegetarian, so it’s called “the monks love to eat”.

The white thing inside is a unique kind of green vegetables in Japan. It is called “うどう”. It is best for “wudou” white. It has no taste. When you go to the skin, you should immediately put the water in the vinegar with the beans, celery., shrimp, jujube fried together, vegetarian dishes have no taste, so put some shrimp fresh!

  There is really no rule in the stew of stews, but the more chaotic the better, the chaos in the chaos, some dishes and some kind of stew together are exquisite, here is tofu, cabbage, fast cookedPut some tomatoes.

  Five shrimps, dried radish, diced radish, cut diced, mushrooms and dried shrimps are also diced. After the oil is hot, the dried shrimps and dried chilies are sauteed, then the radish is diced, and the radish is fried for a while, and the wine is cooked.Salt, MSG, pepper, sugar, chicken, boiled edamame, stir fry for a while, pour some sesame oil, just fine!

  Six roast eggplants have been walking in the kitchen for so many years, the taste can not be wrong, go back from the friend an oven, so excited to do the baked eggplant eggplant and put it in the oven, the eggplant is less oil, the result is bakedHalf of the oven card slammed.

The eggplant hasn’t been baked yet, but it can’t still be it, so it is fried on the fire. This is to get a small bowl, put vinegar inside, turn into soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, sesame oil, sesame, oldDry mommy chili sauce, stir well, pour on the eggplant, just fine, it is grilled or fried, you decide it yourself.

  Seven-sweet fried three-spotted bracken, celery, and bamboo shoots boiled with boiling water, and stir-fry together.