Spring health care should be kept tight

Spring health care should be kept tight

Spring liver care is the first.

Spring is the first of the year, and the five internal organs are ordered.

At 4 o’clock, we must pay special attention to the liver health during the spring season.

  Spring health precautions: regular living.

At the time of spring, the human body’s yang is gradually becoming more and more apparent, the skin is stretched, the blood supply to the peripheral end is increased, the secretion of sweat glands is also increased, and the load of various organs of the body is increased. However, the central nervous system has some kind of sedative, hypnotic effect, and the limb feels sleepy.
At this time, don’t be tempted to sleep late, it is not good for yang.

In order to adapt to this climate change, you should go to bed early in the morning, often go to the woods, Linyin Trail, walk in the woods, and integrate with nature.

  The spirit must be raised.

Human spiritual activities must be subject to climate change.

The time when the human body is most affected by the season is the transition.

Modern medical research shows that bad mood is easy to cause liver qi depression, so that the neuroendocrine system is dysfunctional, immune function is reduced, and it is easy to cause mental illness, liver disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, infectious diseases.

Therefore, spring should pay attention to emotional health, maintain optimistic and cheerful emotions, so that the liver is smooth, leading to the role of disease prevention and health care.

In spring, you must force your anger, not to be depressed. You should be broad-minded and open-minded. The body should be relaxed, and it should be comfortable and full of vitality.

  Pay attention to regular exercise.

In spring, green plants increase and the anions in the air double.

Exercise in such an environment helps to improve physiology and health, and is also conducive to regulating emotions. Therefore, it is advisable to do more outdoor activities such as doing exercises, walking, walking, playing, flying kites, fishing, and viewing flowers.Jogging, playing Tai Chi, etc., let the body spit out the new bones to stretch, and lay a good foundation for a year of work and study.

Practice has proved that people who regularly participate in exercise in the spring have strong antibiotic resistance, quick thinking, fatigue, and high efficiency.

  Pay attention to your body to keep warm.

In the spring, the weather is getting warmer, and the pathogenic bacteria and viruses are growing and breeding. Therefore, infectious diseases such as influenza, measles, epidemic meningitis, scarlet fever, and pneumonia are more likely to occur.

Middle-aged and elderly people with high blood pressure and high blood pressure should pay attention to cold and warmth to prevent the occurrence of stroke, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

  Add more water.

The spring is windy, the climate is dry, and the water is scarce. Drink boiled water to replenish body fluids, enhance blood circulation and promote metabolism.

Drinking more water can also promote the gland, especially the digestive gland and pancreatic juice, the secretion of bile, in order to facilitate digestion and absorption and waste elimination, reducing the damage of metabolites and toxins on the liver.

  Spring is cold and cold, I am shaking with stubborn hands, the land to be revived, the weak strength and the weather in early spring than the endurance.

After a long time, there is a kind of fatigue, happiness, sadness, I can’t talk about it, I just hand, and I will take my health care to the warm spring highway.

Some effective ways to quickly gain weight

Some effective ways to quickly gain weight

Now for friends who want to gain weight quickly, I recommend a variety of effective ways to increase fat: Method 1: 15 grams of purple scorpion and 20 grams of cassia seed, sautéed in a cup of water until half a day, three times a day to drink tea, you can increase fatEffect.

Purple scorpion can strengthen the stomach and intestines. Cassia is a strong medicine. The combination of the two prescriptions can not only restore the physical strength after the disease, but also improve the physical condition. Even for six months, it can be effective.

  Method 2: The food on the grass says that “Jiayu is sweet and non-toxic, and it is very exciting to cook.” This is a bait tonic, which is effective for fattening.

  Method 3: The Compendium of Materia Medica says that “fin fish, which is biliary and beneficial,” is rich in protein and can be eaten more.

  Method 4: Drinking a glass of tomato juice after a meal can also produce unexpected effects. Tomato is rich in enzymes not found in other vegetables. Its vitamin A, B and C levels are not as high as vitamins, but no matter how weak,Drinking tomato juice is not a diarrhea, especially for feces and proteins that are difficult to digest and absorb.

According to people who have used it, drinking tomato juice three times a day can increase the weight of 4 kilograms a month, and after drinking tomato juice, the body will feel very hearty.

Xitang life is like a canvas painting

Xitang life is like a canvas painting

Xitang, a small town.

  I don’t know if someone else is small, will there be some kind of complex.

When I was a child, because I was obsessed with the misty and rainy Jiangnan water town, I narcissed it as my “Southern complex.”

I like to drink soup and love tea and sweets. When I go to the winter in the north, my hands and feet are chapped, and I am afraid of cold and cold.

  Mother always said, “You are used to being a flower in the greenhouse.

“I will retort,” is not, according to facts, my past life, must be a beautiful girl in the south of the Yangtze River.”

The life of the ancient town, my love for the South, perhaps I have been obsessed with the legend of Xinbai Niangzi, perhaps the water town that once fascinated by the writings, but why is it difficult to verify now.

Perhaps it is because of the distance, so it is beautiful, because I don’t understand, so I let my dreams in my four seasons dream of my own water town, spread out the map, in the vast south of China, I have always placed a little expectation.

Xitang about Xitang, even if I know a part of “My youth who is the master” in the murder case; even, we all think that Xitang in Jiangsu Province, almost set the GPS wrong place; even I have not done any Raiders preparationAnd travel plans; even to Xitang, each of us was also collected an intensive fee of 100 yuan, but because of my deep-rooted blind love, when carrying luggage, passing the high door into XitangI saw the water and saw the room. I was still amazed by the trembling. I was moved to the indescribable, excited to the tide of tears.

Crossing the river in Xitang, a river runs through the river, and every household lives in the water. The gloomy air is filled with the light smell of floating grass, the boats are coming and going, the voices are full, the food stalls are fragrant, and a small pavement is closely distributed, overhead.The inhabitants of the attic hang out the clothes that are basking in the sun, crowded the narrow alleys, and the shackles of the suitcases roll over the bluestone floor, making a loud slap. The life of the town of Xitang·Lian Town is like a meticulous painting.Cater to my imagination.

  The old house of the big family in ancient times is now a tourist attraction symbolized by several categories. The small speakers of different tour guides make a loud and dry voice, one after another.

Mottled red bricks and black tiles, mottled white walls, the old and exquisite stone carvings in the courtyard are comparable to the Suzhou gardens. Although the plants are not prosperous but also full of fragrance, they are surrounded by climbing; the light in the house is dark, and the old-fashioned furniture is covered with dull luster.The wooden staircase was narrow and run down. Going upstairs, the floor creaked.

The dark brown doors and windows of the small objects are purely wooden, and the windows are opened to see the residents in the winding lanes.

  Several of us stayed overnight in the youth hostels in the deep lanes, all the way to eat all kinds of snacks, buy cloth fish and beg for peace, buy tie-dyed cloth bags and hats smug photos, at night cruise ship lanterns wish, listen to the barThe singer sang to drunken dreams. The short-lived encounter in Jiangnan Water Town, rich and full, did not stop, so did not waste a little time, I thought, from then on, I can finally let go of my southern complex, and finally can replace the fantasies of those who claim to be Jiangnan girls.
  But when I came back for so long, when I called out the photo processing of Xitang, I didn’t even know what style should be presented. Is it old and nostalgic?
In fact, Xitang is very modern; if the photo saturation is high and the color is bright, but it is obviously very uncoordinated, it has been entangled, so the process of modification has been very unsmooth.

Zhang Ailing, the life of the ancient town, said: The drama of life is unhealthy.

People like us who grow up in urban culture always see the picture of the sea first, then see the sea; first read the love story, then know the love; our experience of life is often the second round, thus the artificial drama,Therefore, it is difficult to demarcate between the drama of life and life.

  In this way, I have been rehearsing for many years in the past when I met the southern water town. So I was faced with the ancient town of Xitang. My feelings and surprises became familiar and wonderful.

  At the end of the writing, this feeling of self is not convinced by myself, very frustrating.

(Photo/Text: An Daxia) Travel Tips If you want to travel by yourself, you can fly to Shanghai or Hangzhou first. West Tang is 90 kilometers away from Shanghai and 110 kilometers away from Hangzhou.

Shanghai and Hangzhou have long-distance buses to Jiashan County and Xitang Town every day.

Jiashan County also has a car to Xitang every five minutes, only a few minutes to stay.

The Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway passed through the country, but there were not many shifts to stop Jiashan.

  Xitang’s dishes are basically Hangbang dishes, such as mold and dried vegetables, meat, paste, old duck, steamed white fish and so on.

The specialty shops on the street sell the most popular cakes and dragon’s toffees. If you want to buy fresh ones, you will be soft and chewy, and you should eat them quickly. After two days, you will lose your taste, so you only need to satisfy yourself.The mouth is good, it is not appropriate to do a hand letter.

  Stinky tofu will dominate the air of the most commercial West Street.

The scented person smiles and smiles.

Supporting righteousness, preventing disease and evil, and getting into the winter to guard against 4 common winter diseases!

Supporting righteousness, preventing disease and evil, and getting into the winter to guard against 4 common “winter diseases”!

Every winter, many people have small troubles such as colds, cold hands and feet, and dry skin.
Chinese medicine pays attention to “no disease first prevention” and focuses on health.
Today, I will take everyone to learn together, how to enhance the body’s righteousness and prevent the four common “winter diseases”.
After the spirit is not in the cold, some people always feel lazy, lack of energy, lack of strength, and often sweat, dizziness and forgetfulness.
When the cold air comes, it is always the first cold, and the cold usually lasts for two weeks to be completely good.
Expert advice: help the righteous people such as low immunity, you can eat more foods such as millet, yam, red dates, honey, monkey head mushrooms, mushrooms, lotus seeds, chicken and so on.
Try to eat cold or gas-consuming foods such as white radish, betel nut, and spinach.
In addition, Ganoderma lucidum, Astragalus, ginseng, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Poria, tangerine peel, red dates and other soups or soaked water can be used to help the righteousness.
Recommended meal: Yam porridge into the yam block, add a few torn red dates, children and the elderly are most suitable for eating.
Because the mouths of these two groups are not very good, and the digestive system is weak, and the yam porridge is very easy to digest and easy to absorb.
In addition, people with weak spleen or stomach or indigestion are also suitable for yam porridge.
2, cold hands and feet, super cold, into the winter, have you had these symptoms?
1. Weak constitution, chills and cold, cold hands and feet; 2.
I dare not eat cold food, clothes are much more worn than others; 3 pale, pale tongue and white; 4.
Yaoxisuanruan, nocturia frequently. Expert advice: Wenbu kidney Yang experts believe that these symptoms are mainly caused by lack of yang, cold.
In the diet, you should eat more warm food, such as pepper, lamb, ginger, leeks, longan, etc., drink less green tea and cold drinks.
It is also possible to carry out appropriate outdoor sports in the presence of sufficient sunlight to achieve the effect of strengthening the body and replenishing the yang.
In addition, you can use Basil, Scorpion, Cistanche, Eucommia, Cuscuta, and Hawthorn meat to drink soup or soak in water to help warm the kidney.
Recommended diet: Bashutian mutton soup, Babutian can warm the kidney yang, benefit the essence of blood, and the warm and warm lamb, with the cold feet of the opponent, can play a role in promoting blood circulation.
3, dry mouth and dry throat and constipation in the winter, the original dry skin is more dry, but also often dry mouth, dry throat, dry nose, easy constipation, how to “dry” the word.
Experts suggest that the symptoms of nourishing yin and tonic should be yin deficiency, mostly female, due to weak or long-term illness, the body’s body fluid loss is less, the body loses phlegm and nourishment.
You can eat more cool and moist foods, such as sesame, duck, lily, honey, tofu, pear, etc., eat less hot, spicy food such as lamb, pepper, pepper, leek and so on.
In addition, you can also eat black fungus, medlar, medlar, mulberry, longan, glutinous rice, lotus seeds and red dates and other qi and tonic foods, can play a role in nourishing yin and tonic, regulating endocrine, delaying aging.
Recommended diet: Black fungus cabbage soup cabbage has the effect of quenching thirst, nourishing the stomach and promoting fluid, diuretic and laxative, and with the black fungus “double swords combined”, not only the black and white corresponding exciting appetite, but also complement each other on the taste, is to clean up the stomach,A cure for constipation.
4, chest tightness, long belly, into the winter after the hot pot bureau began, big wine and meat to eat and drink.
Some people start to have long belly, feel chest tightness, sputum, and sweat in the winter.
This is due to overeating and fat, caused by dampness in the body.
Experts suggest that most people with strong dampness, spleen and dampness prefer heavy taste. If you eat too much fat and fatty food, it will easily cause the body to get too wet and get fat.
In addition, too much moisture can cause qi stagnation and poor operation in the body. The body’s waste and water are more difficult to excrete, and people become fatter and less spleen.
Spleen and nourish the stomach, cultivate the vitality, the spleen and stomach are good, the moisture will be discharged.
When you cook soup, you can put some Chinese herbal medicines that are spleen and nourishing the stomach, such as Chinese yam, Codonopsis, Poria, White lentils, dried tangerine peel, Amomum villosum, Atractylodes, and Hericium erinaceus.
Recommended diet: 茯苓 porridge is known as one of the “eight treasures” of traditional Chinese medicine, sweet and light, flat, with spleen and stomach, Li Yu dehumidification, Ning Xin An Shen and other effects.

Yang Chunbo obeys body rhythm and refines the timing of living

Yang Chunbo obeys body rhythm and refines the timing of living

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Yang Chunbo, a 84-year-old Chinese medicine master, is tall and tall, and he is a child with a healthy face and a strong spirit.

When the reporter saw him at the Second People’s Hospital affiliated to Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he was completely fascinated by him. He was a “big guy after the 80s.”

Although the year has passed, Yang Lao still insists on a four-and-a-half-day consultation.

How does he maintain his body and keep it carbonated?

Yang Lao has his own health secrets – the activities of the various organs of the human body have a certain time rhythm, and timely health (ie, conforming to the time rhythm of the organs to achieve the effect of health care) is necessary to reduce the incidence of disease.

Yang Chunbo, the third master of Chinese medicine, was born in 1934. He has worked in armed Chinese medicine for more than 60 years. He is the key scientific leader of spleen and stomach disease in Fujian Province, the chief physician of the Second People’s Hospital affiliated to Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the teaching experience of the old Chinese medicine experts.teacher.

He is good at diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as spleen and stomach, fever, and innovative research on spleen and stomach damp heat theory. He is the first to carry out clinical investigation and modern research on spleen and stomach damp heat theory in China, and the research results are widely quoted.

Three meals on time, “small food” anti-fasting Yang Lao is very very regular diet, he said, diet should be timed, but also quantitative.

Yang Lao eats breakfast every morning at 7:00, usually with soy milk and 4 rolls, sometimes with egg-flower soup instead of soy milk; lunch between 12:30 and 1:30, basically a fish or meat, oneSmall plate of greens, 2 two rice, plus a bowl of soup.

At about 6:30 in the evening, simply eat some millet porridge or pasta.

This is Yang Lao’s diet. He eats dinner at a simple time and never eats supper.

Yang Lao pointed out that if the stomach is not harmonious, it will be uncomfortable. If the dinner is full or if you eat supper, it will almost increase the burden on the body and affect sleep, which will lead to other diseases.

Therefore, it is not recommended that everyone eat too full dinner, too late.

In addition to the three meals, Yang Lao will also keep soda crackers and skim milk powder, and properly add some energy during the rest interval.

Before the exercise every morning, Yang Lao will eat 2 soda crackers and drink a cup of skimmed milk. Yang Lao has a lot of patients when he is sitting. Every time he gets off work, he will be “late”
and often delay until 1 pm, so at 10 o’clock in the morning.He will repeat the above “small food package” again; at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the “small food package” will be repeated.

Yang Lao said: “There are a few slices of soda crackers in order not to be in an empty stomach.

This habit I have insisted for more than ten years, sometimes to go to the field to participate, I will bring soda crackers.

He suggested that older people can prepare some soda crackers or other snacks to supplement their strength.

In addition, because the elderly’s hypertension function is weak, eating small meals is also necessary for the elderly.

Diet and variety avoid fat and fatty in the type of food intake, Yang Lao suggested: “To eat a variety of diet, eat less anti-season fruits and vegetables, cold, fried, spicy, sweet things to eat less.

“Chinese medicine pays attention to neutralization, and some diets can help the body to obtain relatively balanced nutrition to prevent undernutrition or overnutrition.”

However, rice cakes, scorpions and other glutinous rice products, high sugar content, fried foods and ice-based foods often lead to the correction of gastrointestinal discomfort in the elderly with spleen and stomach weakness, should be reduced.

In addition, people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension should eat less fried, spicy, and sweet foods.

Yang Lao loves to drink tea, especially loves to drink Tieguanyin and oolong tea.

Usually belongs to green tea, is semi-fermented tea, the property is between black tea and green tea, “sex and cold”.

He said that the same amount of black tea plus green tea can also achieve “sex and cold”; according to each person’s physical condition, the proportion of black tea and green tea can be adjusted appropriately, so that the cold and heat properties will change accordingly.

There is a regular time in the living, especially when the toilet is old, the concept of time is very strong, and even the diet is very regular, and the living is also regular.

His disciples even joke: “When the teacher goes to the toilet, there are regulations.

“He insisted on going to bed early and getting up early for many years, getting up at 5:30 in the morning (half an hour in the summer).

Before getting up every day, he lay in the bed 60 times and pushed the ribs 50 times to promote bowel movements.

After getting out of bed, use warm water to blunt your own powder (American ginseng, pearl powder, Tian Sanqi, followed by a 1:1:1 ratio to make powder) 1 gram, and drink it on an empty stomach.

When going to the toilet, he will practice a set of morning exercises in the toilet. Use this toilet time to do acupressure: wipe your face 70 times with your hands, then massage the eye points, Yingxiang points, ears, and wind pools.Times, 50 times in Zusanli, 70 times in Chengshan.

If you don’t need to go to the clinic, after eating breakfast, Yang will go to the park for a walk, doing the original health exercises for his long-term desk work, including head movements, shaking hands, cross-waves, picking up hands, bending over, shaking and other actions.Ten times.
When there is work, the exercise will be arranged at 5:30 in the afternoon, he will walk 3000 steps around the guidance of the hospital.

Everyday lunch break is also a must, about 1 hour; Yang Lao watches “News Network” on time every night at 7:00, and is used to reading newspapers before going to bed. I like to read “China Traditional Chinese Medicine News” to understand the convenience of Chinese medicine.In time; at 10:30 in the evening, you can sleep peacefully.

When the weather is good, every Saturday morning, he will climb Gushan (famous scenic spot in Fujian) and breathe fresh air.

Wide range of interests, contentment Changle Yang is very interested in the old, like to pull erhu, dance, collect stamps, raise flowers, also like to collect matchboxes.Everywhere he goes, he will take a piece of local stone as a souvenir, and mark it back in time and place, and put it in his own glass box.

“Although these are very common stones, but I recorded my footprints, I feel quite interesting.

He told reporters that the bladder is filled with happiness and satisfaction.

“Laughing on life, treating people with sincerity, doing things with heart, and being content with happiness” is the motto of Yang Lao.

“Health care must first raise the heart, that is to say this.

He said that as long as you maintain a good attitude, your appetite will be good, your viscera and blood will function normally, and the disease will not occur. Then you will be motivated to work and not tired.

Nowadays, people’s life and work pressures increase, the rhythm speeds up, and it is really difficult to maintain a regular schedule like Yang Lao.

As the saying goes, the body is the capital of the revolution. It is recommended that everyone work hard to overcome difficulties and ensure the basic rules of life and work.

Like Yang, keep yourself energized.

Before the morning exercise, Yang Lao will eat two soda crackers and drink a cup of skim milk. Yang Lao has a lot of patients when he is sitting. Every time he gets off work, he will be “late”, often delayed until one o’clock in the afternoon, so at 10 o’clock in the morning.In the hour, he will repeat the above “small food package”; at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the “small food package” will be repeated.

Three meals on time[morning]7:00 on time to eat breakfast, usually soy milk plus four rolls, sometimes with egg flower soup instead of soy milk;[lunch]between 12:30 and 1:30, the canteen can be resolvedIt is basically a fish or meat, a small plate of greens, two or two rice, plus a bowl of soup.

[Night]About 6:30, simply eat some millet porridge or pasta.

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Moderate consumption of dairy products is beneficial for weight loss

Moderate consumption of dairy products is beneficial for weight loss

Many teenagers are far from being able to avoid corrections, but an epidemiologist in the United States recently warned that the results may be counterproductive.

  According to the Associated Press, Lynn Moore of the Boston University School of Medicine found that adolescents who consume dairy products twice a day can bring about real weight loss.

  In the past 20 years, dairy products have not been popular with American teenagers. One of the most important factors is “obesity phobia”.

As we age, fewer and fewer dairy products are consumed, especially younger girls are considered to be dairy products that make them fat.

And Lynn’s research shows that the opposite is true.

  The researchers continued to investigate the food situation of 106 families with children and tracked the average for 12 years.

They measure the amount of sputum in the child by measuring the skin thickness of the four different parts of the child’s body.

The researchers found that children who ate dairy products less than twice a day had an average thickness of 25 mm in their skin.

This number is quite amazing because the average skin thickness of the children surveyed is 75 mm.

  Studies by many experts, including Lynn, have shown that people who eat dairy products in moderation have lower blood pressure, both in adolescents and adults.

Some researchers added dairy products to adult weight loss diets and were surprised to find that they lost weight.

  At the same time, Stephen Daniels of the Children’s Hospital of Cincinnati pointed out that a relatively good amount of dairy products is good for health, and too much consumption can only bring extra content.

Recently, the skin quality is not enough to improve.

Recently, the skin quality is not enough to improve.

Protecting the skin’s elasticity The healthy skin antigen is full of elasticity, and only the elastic fibers that maintain the elasticity of the skin can protect the skin well.

The material that makes the skin elastic is an element called chondroitin sulfate.

Eat more foods with vitamin chondroitin sulfate, which has a good effect on the anti-wrinkle and elasticity of the skin.

Such as common chicken skin, high-grade shark fin, shark scale and other foods, high chondroitin sulfate content, enhanced elastic fiber formation, longer anti-wrinkle wrinkle purpose.

The body needs bodybuilding skin for both good looks and health.

There are many ways to protect the skin, either natural or pharmacological.

In the natural skin care method, it is easy to recommend some skin care methods related to diet.

You can achieve the purpose of skin care without any hassle in your daily life.

The fruit contains a variety of essential nutrients for the human body, which can make the skin of the human body full of water, so that the skin color is healthy; usually eat more fruits with too much potassium, and have a strong weight loss effect.

Kinds of fruits such as apples, watermelons, persimmons, strawberries, etc.

This is because the skin can enhance the skin’s water storage function and also promote the synthesis of collagen.

By combining with collagen in the body, it can improve some physiological functions of the human body, so as to moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Multi-drinking milk products can contain skin care, especially yoghurt, which contains hydroxy acid and other substances, which helps to soften the sticky surface of the skin, increase skin elasticity, eliminate dead cells, and achieve cleansing and wrinkle-removing effects.

Foods that eat more protein can improve the skin. Eat a small tyrosine-rich food. An important chemical element that darkens the skin is called tyrosine.

In general, melanin is converted from tyrosine by the action of tyrosinase.

Therefore, it is necessary to eat less food containing casein, such as various potato foods, which have a great effect on the whiteness of the skin.

Foods that eat vitamins C and E darken the skin’s melanin, which initially forms a decomposition-oxidation reaction. In the process, if vitamin C is added, the formation of melanin can be weakened or prevented.

Therefore, you should eat more foods that consume vitamin C, such as dates, tomatoes, pears, citrus, green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant in the human body and has an anti-aging effect. It can control the deposition of lipofuscin on the skin, thereby achieving the purpose of making the skin white and soft.

Foods containing vitamin E include cauliflower, sesame and various melon seeds.

Fruit is also divided into four flavors and five flavors, how to eat the most health

Fruit is also divided into four flavors and five flavors, how to eat the most health


With the development of the economy, the progress of society, and the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people are paying attention to their own health and adopting various ways to maintain their health. Fruit health is also one of the ways, and thisThe way of maintaining health is very popular among modern people.

But is fruit health really suitable for all people?

Actually not.

Fruits are also divided into four flavors and five flavors. Different people are suitable for health with different fruits.

Let’s take a look at the following small series to see if you are suitable for using that fruit for health.

In ancient China, there was a saying that “medicine and food are homologous.” Many foods are drugs, and they are absolutely absolute boundaries.

Ancient medical scientists applied the “four-sex” and “five-flavor” theories of traditional Chinese medicine to food, and believed that certain foods also had “four sexes” and “five flavors.”

Fruit also has “four sexes” and “five flavors.”

When the human body is carrying out fruit health, it must be different from person to person. Otherwise, eating the wrong fruit will not achieve the health effect.

Understand the four properties of the four-fruit, five-flavored fruit of the fruit, that is, the nature of “cold, cool, warm, hot”, while at the same time the cold and heat are flat.

The four-sex classification can obviously select different fruits for different body types.

People with cold physique are not suitable for cold fruits. Otherwise, the body will be “snowed on the snow”, and your body will be uncomfortable, violating the possibility of healthy health of the fruit.

The cold and cool fruit of the fruit has the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire, which can reduce the energy metabolism rate of the human body and reduce the transformation.

Such as watermelon, persimmon, coconut, banana, strawberry, cantaloupe, orange, mango, orange, etc. are all cold fruit.

Suitable for hot constitution, those with heat symptoms.

The warm fruit of warm fruits has the effect of repelling cold, replenishing deficiency and eliminating cold syndrome, which can increase the energy metabolism rate of the human body and increase the metabolism of the human body.

Such as longan, lychee, peach, kumquat, durian and so on.

Suitable for cold constitution, cold symptoms.

Sexual flat fruit flat fruit has the effect of appetizing spleen and tonic, such fruits are easy to digest, and those who are physically strong should be eaten for a long time.

Such as apples, grapes, lemons, etc.

Suitable for anyone with any constitution.

The five-flavored fruit of the fruit has five flavors, “sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty”. Each of the five flavors has corresponding human organs and functions.

The five flavors of fruit should also pay attention to balanced consumption when eating. Overeating and partial eclipse have certain tastes, which are not good for human body.

Gangan taste corresponds to the organ as the spleen, which has nourishment, tonic, and pain relief.

However, sweet-smelling fruit can not be eaten too much, otherwise it will easily cause a lot of body weight, easy to make people fat, or cause glucose metabolism diseases, especially diabetics should not eat more.

The bitter taste corresponds to the organ as the heart, and it has the effects of clearing heat, reducing fire, detoxifying, and removing trouble.

The corresponding organ of the pungent taste is the lung.

There are qi, blood circulation, divergent cold and other effects, but excessive consumption, will lose strength, damage to the body fluid, cause fire, etc., so it is not appropriate to eat more.


Tomato mutton slimming soup is delicious and slimming

Tomato mutton slimming soup is delicious and slimming

There are often sisters asking if there is any good way to lose weight.

In fact, diet slimming is both easy and effective, it is a good way to lose weight.

Here is a slimming soup – tomato mutton slimming soup for you.

In a simple way, you can also lose weight at home and lose weight easily.

  Ingredients: frozen mutton billet, half onion, one carrot, one tomato, two garlic, salt content.

  Production method: 1.

Cut the garlic into chopped garlic, chopped onions, and diced carrots and tomatoes.

Put some vegetable oil in a hot pot, put the garlic on the scent, and put in the onion and stir-fry it.


Then put in carrots and tomatoes and continue to stir fry.


After a few fry, put the water into the pot, the water just soaked the material.


After the material has rolled, add water and roll it off.

Add the mutton slices and wait until the mutton slices are cooked and seasoned with salt.

  The function of the ingredients: about 90% of the water in the onion, so the conversion is not high.

Studies have shown that onions have the effect of preventing osteoporosis, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, dissolving blood clots, relieving high blood pressure, and preventing stomach cancer.

  Carrots can use beta-carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body to maintain vision and protect the health of the membrane. It can also act independently, exert antioxidant functions, scavenge free radicals, and prevent cancer from aging.

Many people will eat carrots or drink carrots and other fruits and vegetables.

In fact, the most suitable cooking method for carrots is oil frying, because β-carotene is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is absorbed together with oil and is absorbed.

In addition to oil frying, cooking with meat, or conditioning into a lettuce salad, is a good way to eat.

Beta-carotene is very stable and is not easily destroyed by cooking and heating.

Instead, the carrots are mixed with other fruits and vegetables, and the fruits and vegetables are drunk. There is a problem that the vitamins are destroyed. When the carrots are broken, the enzyme of ascorbate oxidase in the carrots strengthens and destroys other fruits and vegetables.Vitamin C.

  Tomato is known as the “Apple of Love” and was selected as the top ten most likely food in the American Nutrition Magazine’s Best Nutritional Food Awards.

Rich in vitamins A, C (20 mg of vitamin C per 100 g), because of the protection of organic acids, heated and decoction of vitamin C is not easily destroyed.

Among them, lycopene is a very strong antioxidant, and red ripe tomatoes are rich in content. Especially in cooked food, lycopene is easily distributed and absorbed by the body.

It is rich in fiber, and has a small amount of sugar and starch. The conversion of only 25 calories per 100 g of tomato is very suitable for the weight loss.

  The nutrients of mutton include protein, trace, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B and so on.

In a series, it is higher than beef; in terms of iron content, it is more than pork.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, lamb can “compensate for labor and benefit blood,” so the mutton is really a good partner for the conditioning of Chinese herbal medicine.

Eating too much vegetables is actually getting fat!

Eating too much vegetables is actually getting fat!

Except for rhizome vegetables, most vegetables have a sugar content of less than 5%, a trace content of less than 1%, and a content of 20-30 kcal per 100 g.

Because of the large density and low density, the conversion provided by eating about 500 grams of vegetables is equivalent to 25 grams of rice, the conversion provided by the main food.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, don’t forget the golden rule of “eat more vegetables and eat less oil”.


hzh {display: none; }  膳食纤维:减肥营养素  膳食纤维主要来源于蔬菜、水果和一些粗杂粮.
In the past, it was not valued by people, and the depth of research was gradually transformed into a seventh nutrient.

Many vegetables have both soluble and insoluble deposited fibers.

  Precipitated fibers from various sources can inhibit the activity of trypsin and reduce the digestibility of digestive enzymes to protein, traces and glucose in food.

At the same time, soluble fiber intake has an increased water holding capacity, which can form a viscous solution in the dialysis channel, increase the viscosity of the chyme, reduce the gastric emptying speed, reduce the contact between digestive enzymes and chyme, and affect the digestion of intestinal nutrients.And absorption is equivalent to eating a lot and absorbing less.

This is a function that many people dream of in the process of losing weight.

  Dietary fiber in vegetables has the effect of lowering cholesterol, and soluble supplemental fiber has a significant effect on lowering cholesterol.

Plasma fibers can bind to bile acids in the first stage, promote bile acids from the feces, and lower the cholesterol in the blood.

Dietary permeability of dietary fiber increases the dietary erosion in the body, slows the transport of monosaccharides and neutral amino acids in the small intestine, improves glucose tolerance, and has a positive effect on weight loss in obese patients with high blood sugar and high blood lipids.。  In 2000, the Chinese Nutrition Society’s new Supplementary Nutrient Reference Supplement (DRIS) in China recommended a daily intake of 30 dietary fiber.

2 grams.

In order to achieve 30 grams of precipitated fiber per day, in addition to eating more fruits and vegetables, it should also increase the absorption of coarse grains.

Otherwise it is difficult to achieve an appropriate intake.

  Vitamins: Metabolism and metabolism help the body to lose weight. The purpose is to reduce the amount of excess body, and the accidental re-formation of the body can only be consumed by conversion into energy.

Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and niacin play a very important role in energy metabolism.

If these vitamins are lacking, it will affect the smooth progress of energy metabolism.

  Vitamin B1 mainly comes from the processing of coarse grains, beans and hard fruits. Vitamin B2 mainly comes from milk, eggs and various meats, in mushrooms, straw mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, day lily, eggplant, broccoli,Nickel, kelp, celery leaves, spinach and other vegetables are also abundant; while niacin is also rich in vegetables and fruits, especially mushrooms, mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, daylilies and broad beans, cowpeas, beans, edamame, etc.The content is extremely rich.

  Need to be reminded that although vegetables are rich in nutrients, it is not the more you eat, the better.

Dietary fiber in vegetables affects the absorption of nutrients such as calcium, iron and zinc.

Therefore, the Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that we only need 500-750 grams of vegetables and fruits per day.