[How to speed up knowing TA’s attitude towards you after marriage]

[How to speed up knowing TA’s attitude towards you after marriage]

When traveling, go to an unfamiliar place. It depends on his survivability, his intelligence quotient when facing emergencies, his ability to act, and most importantly, his true tolerance for you-this is actually one of your marriageYears later, he showed you in advance.

A person who claims to love you, when he is very familiar, his attitude towards you during travel is roughly his attitude towards you after marriage.


To see if a singer really has the material, you have to watch TA on the record, dare not hide the sound behind the instrumental music.




To see if a person is truly equal, people ‘s livelihood is crying, depending on how others behave when they are not special.



See if a person is a beauty, don’t look at the photos, throw them in the swimming pool.

(But now the cosmetics are waterproof)?



See if a person is a friend, don’t look at him online, how many stinking feet you hold.




To see if a person is a good friend, look at TA’s behavior after your accident.




To see if a person is a close friend, you need to see if your status has changed after you have a money relationship.




See if someone loves you, don’t listen to what TA says.

It is said that men are visual animals and women are auditory animals.




To see if a person is suitable for a family with you, you need to elaborate.




[What is the role of loofah leaves?

】 _Benefits_Ethics

[What is the role of loofah leaves?

】 _Benefits_Ethics

I believe that everyone has eaten loofah. There are many ways to eat loofah, but many people may not have eaten loofah leaves. In fact, loofah leaves can be eaten as vegetables and have a drug effect. Sometimes in summer, people often appearSymptoms of heat stroke, dry mouth and emotional distress during heat stroke, etc. At this time, eating more loofah leaves is very helpful. In addition, loofah leaves also have the following effects.

The role of loofah leaves: efficacy of clearing heat and detoxifying, stopping bleeding, and removing heat.

Indications are used for scabies ulcers, edema, sore ringworm, snake bites, soup fire injuries, sore throats, wound bleeding, and heat and thirst.

Loofah is a home-cooked dish that everyone often eats, and it goes on sale every summer.

Did you know about a plant like luffa while eating it?

Have you seen the leaves of a loofah?

Can it be eaten?

Today, Xiaobian predicts that the gourd leaves will make a special introduction, which will not only tell you whether the gourd leaves can be eaten, but also show you how to eat the common gourd leaves.

1. Loofah leaves can be eaten. Loofah leaves can be eaten. It is green and tender, tastes light, and has high nutritional value. It can supplement a variety of vitamins and minerals for the human body. In addition, the nature of the loofah leaves is cold. People can clear them after eating.A variety of heat poisons in the body can avoid some symptoms of getting angry.

2, scrambled eggs with loofah leaves The most common way to eat loofah leaves is scrambled eggs with loofah leaves. Usually, you can pick fresh loofah leaves during frying, wash them and cut them into small dices, place them in a bowl, and scramble the eggs.Pour into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of edible salt, stir directly into the pan and stir-fry, stir-fry into chunks, remove and place on a plate and serve.

3, cold loofah leaves, cold gourd leaves are also very delicious. Usually, you can wash the loofah leaves with clean water, then cut into filaments, boil it in boiling water, and then collect the supercooled water to cool it, then remove it to remove the water.Add garlic, vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil, and finally add a small amount of chicken essence for seasoning.

4. Stir-fried loofah leaves. It is also a good way to eat loofah leaves after they are fried. Before cooking, prepare an appropriate amount of loofah leaves and a few dried peppers and an appropriate amount of minced garlic.

Cut the loofah leaves into small pieces, then put oil in the pan. After heating, add the dried peppers and garlic slices to fry the aroma. Then put the loofah leaves into a high heat and fry. After it softens, add a small amount of raw soy sauce and an appropriate amountAfter the salt is mixed well, the pan is ready.

[Peanut red bean dumplings]_ peanut filling _ how to make

[Peanut red bean dumplings]_ peanut filling _ how to make

Zi is also a kind of traditional food peculiar to China. Especially when the Dragon Boat Festival is reached, every household needs to eat dumplings.

Since the production method of zongzi is relatively simple and originated from folk, it is also possible to make zongzi at home.

At the same time, in the process of making dumplings, everyone can choose different dumpling fillings according to taste, and red beans can also be paired with peanuts to make red bean peanut dumplings.

Let ‘s learn how to make red bean peanut dumplings together.

Red Bean Peanut Ravioli Editor’s Ingredients Glutinous Rice, Red Bean, Amount of Peanut, Auxiliary Ingredients, Amount of Leaf, and Alkali to Substitute Red Bean and Peanut 粽 Preparation 1.

Wash glutinous rice, red beans, peanuts in advance and soak overnight 2.

Drain the water, add alkaline (the rice looks a little discolored, not too much) and mix it evenly.

Rinse the fresh reed leaves with water, and blanch the reins with boiling water.

Take 2 pieces of loquat leaves and place them on top of each other, then roll them into a roll. Fill in a small amount of glutinous rice material first, and then use the chopsticks to bake the glutinous rice a few times.

Hold the end filled with rice in your left hand, cover the loquat leaf with your right hand, and then fold the extra loquat leaf sideways (hands should be tight, don’t loose it at this time) 4.

With brown rope, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stopPapapa papapa papapa papapa papapa papapaPapapa papapa papapa papapa papapa papapaPapapapapapapapapapapapapapap

[How to cook only eggplant]_ practice _ method steps

[How to cook only eggplant]_ practice _ method steps

We know that when making eggplant, many ingredients are added. Some of them are fried with eggplant and meat, and the stew is delicious, but how to make it if there is only eggplant?

There are many ways to make eggplant, and our common flavored eggplant is very good. Of course, this method needs to be fried first, and it is also sweet. It is very popular with children.

You can also steam the eggplant and make it cold, which is also very delicious.

Ingredients: eggplant, coriander, garlic cloves Side ingredients: soy sauce, sugar, salt, water, oil Method 1, peel the eggplant and cut into a hob quickly.

Place in a large bowl, sprinkle a layer of salt evenly, and stir while stirring.

Then set it aside.

2. At this time, you can peel garlic and wash coriander.

Cut the garlic cloves into garlic flakes and place in a bowl until a little bit of soy sauce.

Add a little sugar and water to make a bowl.

Coriander minced (If you are a skilled worker, you can watch Huizi TV with the approval of ld.

Because the eggplant will be submerged for a while) After about 30 minutes, the vitality should begin.

3. Grab the eggplants in the big bowl and desperately try to dry the water.

The more dry it is, the more fragrant the eggplant will be.

When the oil is 8 minutes hot, put the eggplants that have been smashed into balls.

Fry until the eggplant changes color and pour in the soup just configured according to the recipe.

Turn off the small fire after boiling, remember to flip over.

Otherwise, the eggplant must be like Bao Gong and Cao Cao.

When the soup is almost finished, turn off the heat until the coriander ends, turn the pan a few times, and set the plate.

The practice of braised eggplant: 1.

Wash the eggplant first, cut it into pieces, add salt, stir well, and marinate for a quarter of an hour.

Then pour the oil into a hot pan, stir-fry the eggplants until softened, then add the chopped peppers, then pour into the old soy sauce, stir-fry until the eggplants are tender and then add the sugar.

The practice of fish-flavored eggplant: 1.

First clean the eggplant and cut into pieces, then cut the pickled peppers, wash the onions, ginger, and garlic and chop them. Then pour the oil and rice vinegar into a clean bowl 2.

Pour cooking wine, add white sugar, pour in water starch and stir well. Put the eggplant directly into the wok without oil and stir-fry until dry.

Stir fry constantly, fry the eggplant until the color becomes darker, shovel, then pour it into the oil in the pot, add ginger and garlic to stir fry, and then add pickle to stir fry 4.

Add eggplant and stir fry for a while, then pour in the sauce prepared in advance, stir fry until thick, sprinkle some green onions to serve.

[How to make a loofah pancake]_ Common practice of a loofah pancake _ A practice of a loofah pancake _ How to make a loofah pancake

[How to make a loofah pancake]_ Common practice of a loofah pancake _ A practice of a loofah pancake _ How to make a loofah pancake

There is no difficulty in cooking, I’m afraid of those who care.

Many office workers are busy working every day and have no time to cook. The cooking skills have gradually declined. The method of loofah pancakes is extremely simple. They can be easily prepared after coming home from work. It is really delicious with white rice.
1. Prepare the ingredients 2. Peel the loofah. Try to choose the very tender seeds inside to make it tender. Chopped 3. Eggs are mixed in a bowl 4. Add crushed loofah, flour, salt, warm water and stir well.Oil doesn’t need a lot, just don’t stick to the bottom.

Use a spoon to scoop three spoons into the wok. Slowly fry over low heat!

6. Let the egg liquid solidify and turn the other side and fry it out of the pan. 7. I fry two pancakes at this amount. Do n’t make the pancakes too thin, so as not to be difficult to turn over.It is healthy and nutritious.

[Drink a glass of water before and after sex to prevent illness and high passion]

[Drink a glass of water before and after sex to prevent illness and high passion]

Males have been in a state of dehydration for a long time, resulting in the inability of the sexual organs to maintain normal shape, obstruction of erection or filling, and reduced semen production.

Moreover, because nutrients and metabolites cannot be transported in time, fatigue after sexual life is not easy to eliminate, and it leads to decreased sexual desire and coldness.

In response to these situations, experts point out a hydration strategy: drinking a glass of water before and after sex can prevent the occurrence of diseases and at the same time make the passion of men and women reach the climax smoothly!

The body’s energy and water consumption are obvious during sexual life.

If you fall asleep immediately after sex, your entire body will be dehydrated, causing thick blood and triggering certain diseases.


[Can lentils be eaten with eggs]_Food & Drink_Diet Conditioning

[Can lentils be eaten with eggs]_Food & Drink_Diet Conditioning

Lentils and eggs are relatively common foods with high nutritional value. The lentils are glutinous, and the texture is soft. As long as they are cooked, they will become delicious. Eggs are distinguished from egg yolk and egg white, and have high nutritional value.There are many ways to eat, lentils and eggs can be eaten together, and you can also put a dish, you only need to prepare two ingredients of lentils and eggs, without putting too many ingredients.

Eggs and lentils Ingredients: lentils 300g eggs two onions 10g ginger 5 salt 3g raw soy sauce 5ml sesame amount corianderAdd the lentils to the pan and stir-fry until the lentils are discolored and softened thoroughly. 3, pour in egg cubes, add salt, stir and stir-fry for a while, and sprinkle the top with cilantro and cooked sesame seeds.That is, preserved eggs, lean meat, tofu, scallions, ground ginger, a small amount of salt, 1 box of thick soup pot (pork bone, sold in supermarkets), 1 box of tofu, 1-2 preserved eggs (depending on personal taste),Pepper flour, moderate amount of starch, 1 method of egg 1. Cut the boxed tofu into 1 cm cubes, cut the preserved eggs, the eggs are beaten, and the water starch is ready for use; 2, thick soup and three or fourAdd the bowl of water to the pot. After it is boiled and melted, add the pork stuffing, minced onion and ginger, and break up; 3. When the minced meat changes color, add tofu and diced egg, add a drop of soy sauce, and taste salty, depending on the situationDetermine whether to add salt; 4. Pour the beaten eggs into the pan, stir quickly, then pour in水Starch, starch thickens, add crushed pepper pan; 5, filled into a transparent container more beautiful?
Tip # 1: Million millimeters of pepper, too much is not tasty.

2. If you want beautiful color, sprinkle chives or parsley after the pan.

3. If you don’t add soy sauce, the white ones will look good too, follow my personal preferences.

Beef Bean Egg Fried Rice Ingredients Beef, Beans, Eggs, Rice Practice 1.

Beef shreds, then cut into diced, use raw soy, raw flour and a little bit of water to stir and marinate.

Diced beans, diced eggs, mix well with rice, pickled rice ~~~ 3.

Put oil in the pan (multiple points), heat up, add the diced beef, stir up the color with chopsticks, and put in 4 first.

Add the remaining oil in the pan, stir fry the beans for a while, and season with salt 5.

Add rice and stir fry until the egg liquid is solidified.

Finally, stir-fry the diced beef and mix well.

[Boiled Crab Practice]_ making method _ home practice

[Boiled Crab Practice]_ making method _ home practice

Many people have eaten crab, and now people’s living standards are constantly improving. Crabs are already a very common food on our table. Crabs are rich in nutrients, especially protein, various vitamins and trace elements.After eating, it is very good for your health, but there are many ways of crabs in life. Boiled crab is a very common practice to keep the original flavor of crab.

The practice of boiled flower crabs. Encyclopedia 1: Put the crabs in a large washbasin with clear water, add a small amount of salt to it, cover it with a cover quickly, and press it. After 5 minutes, wash the appearance with waterAdd to container.

The previous process was to stimulate the crabs to spit out the belly with salt water.

② Put an appropriate amount of cold water in the pot (based on the amount of crabs that can overflow in the pot). Put the crabs in the pot, quickly cover the transparent pot lid, press the pot lid, and cook on fire, the crab slowly diedAfter the water is boiled, until the crab shell is bright red, when the crab meat is mature, remove it.

Practice II 1.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the pan and add the ginger to the boil.


After the water is boiled, put the crab into it. When the water is boiled again, add an appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine.


Cover and cook for about ten minutes until the crabs are cooked.


Remove from the pan and eat with minced ginger and garlic and vinegar.

Cold or hot water for boiled hairy crabs?

If you cook boiled hairy crabs with cold water in the beginning, you will lose some of the deliciousness and nutrition of hairy crabs.

Therefore, first boil the water and cook the hairy crabs for a while, then you can ensure the deliciousness and nutrition of the hairy crabs.

How long does the crab boil?

Whether it is boiled crabs or steamed crabs, the time is about the same, usually about 15 minutes, depending on the number and size of crabs, but ca n’t be cooked for too long, otherwise the crab meat will grow old, which is not deliciousAlready.

Practice # 3: The method of cooking crabs is very simple, just put it in the water and cook it, but before you cook the crabs, you must carefully clean the fresh crabs you bought, you can put them in clean water and raise a fewHours, then add a small amount of white wine to the water.

2. After being stimulated by alcohol, crabs in the water will accelerate the metabolism of the body, and all the dirty things inside the crab body will be transferred to the water. After absorbing a small amount of alcohol, the crab’s activity will be reduced a lot, and its attack power will be weakened. PeopleDon’t worry about being attacked by crabs when cleaning manually.

3. After the crab is soaked, he should open his navel, dig out the dirt inside, and then remove the crab’s gill, and then rinse the crab with water. For those gaps that cannot be washed out with water, useBrush the toothbrush carefully. After washing it, make crabs and put them in clean water, keep them for 3 to 4 hours, and then rinse them under running water.

4, prepare a stainless steel pot, put a sufficient amount of water in it, put the cleaned crabs directly into the pot, prepare a piece of ginger, cut it into ginger slices and put them in the pot, cover the pot lidHeat and boil. Turn on low heat immediately after boiling. Use medium heat to cook crabs. Cook for about 15 to 20 minutes. The crabs in the pot will be cooked thoroughly.

5. The methods and steps for cooking crabs are relatively simple, but everyone must pay attention when cooking crabs. After boiling, you must not use high heat to cook, otherwise the eight legs of crabs will accumulate, resulting in a lot of crab nutrition.Lose, and the taste of crabs will not be too good after cooking.

[What fruit is good to eat during pregnancy]_How to eat_How to eat

[What fruit is good to eat during pregnancy]_How to eat_How to eat

It is always a happy thing to conceive a new life. From the discovery of pregnancy to the birth of the baby, this is the time when the mother is closest to the baby.

In the early stages of pregnancy, for the healthy and stable growth of the baby in the belly, many expectant mothers will deliberately choose some supplementary ingredients to enrich their nutrition, so that the baby can provide sufficient nutrition in the belly.

So what kind of fruit is good for nutrition during pregnancy?

So what kind of fruit is good for pregnancy?

Let ‘s take a look together.

Benefits for pregnant women to eat fruit More mothers eat more fruit is good for pregnant women and weight, pregnant women should prefer fruits with relatively high sugar content, the best time to eat fruit is to choose between meals, this will not make blood sugarToo high, can prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia.

For normal pregnant women, no fruit is absolutely contraindicated, but it is even more undesirable to consume a large amount of fruit, and even replace the meal with fruit; if improperly eaten, not only the health effect will not be achieved, but it may also cause maternal and child harm.

According to the physical needs of pregnant women at various periods, nutritional supplements for vitamin brain development and full consideration of the nutritional content of fruits in different regions in different seasons, and at the same time, a variety of nutritionally balanced fruit packages for pregnant women are formulated.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, after a woman becomes pregnant, her physique is generally hot, and her blood is often insufficient.

At this time, some hot fruits such as litchi, longan and so on should be consumed in moderation, otherwise it is easy to cause constipation, sore tongue and other “burning” symptoms, especially pregnant women with threatened abortion should be careful, because hot fruits are more likely to cause fetal movementdisturbed.

  There are also some pregnant women with spleen and stomach deficiency, thin stools, and pale and pale faces. For cold fruits such as pears, watermelons, cantaloupes, and grapefruit, they should be eaten in small quantities. Occasionally eating some litchi may improve symptoms.

Pregnant women should eat some fruits. The elements of phosphorus and iron contained in apples and apples are easily absorbed by the intestinal wall and have the effect of nourishing the brain and nourishing blood. It is a mild fruit that is very suitable for pregnant women.

Apple also contains a small amount of vitamins, multivitamins and other nutrients, especially high content of fine fibers, which is conducive to the development of the hippocampus in the marginal part of the cerebral cortex of oxides and helps to metabolize acquired memory.

Moreover, pregnant women who eat more apples during pregnancy have less chance of developing hypertension in their children.

Pregnant women eat 1-2 apples a day can directly require zinc.

2. Of all the cherries, cherries are particularly rich in iron, which is almost 20 times that of apples, oranges, and pears, and it also contains carotene (4 more than grapes, apples, and oranges?
5 times), vitamins B1, B2, C and citric acid, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, eat more to supplement blood and help gastrointestinal function.

If pregnant women have poor appetite, they should actively eat cherries, which is very helpful to pregnant women. Many pregnant women often eat cherries, and the babies born have an ruddy and healthy face.

3, grape grape pigment iron, phosphorus, calcium, organic acids, lecithin, carotene and vitamin B1, C, etc., pregnant women have insufficient blood color, low blood pressure, poor circulation, cold hands and feet in winter, eating more grapes can help improve, moreIn particular, if there is bleeding in pregnant women, grapes can also have an abortion effect, and can help the fetus develop.

4. Grapefruit contains natural folic acid.

Folic acid is not only important for early pregnancy, it is also essential throughout pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the body tissues of pregnant women grow rapidly, and pregnant women need a large amount of folic acid to meet the needs of the fetus.

Folic acid deficiency continues to increase in pregnancy-induced hypertension, and the increased incidence of placental abruption will lead to pregnant women with megaloblastic anemia, intrauterine growth retardation, premature birth and low birth weight.

Therefore, grapefruit is also the first choice for women during pregnancy.

[Is drinking good for health]_affect_harm

[Is drinking good for health]_affect_harm

Alcohol is a favorite drink for most people. Because alcohol has a lot of human significance, people use alcohol as an alkaline regulator to make parties more active, and alcohol is a substitute for a large amount of ethanol, which has a certain addictiveness.And long-term drinking has a great impact on people’s lives. Let ‘s take a look at drinking is good for health?

I hope you can understand it.

No matter how much alcohol is consumed, there is a risk of carcinogenesis. However, cardiovascular disease is not the only factor that is harmful to health. Will “moderate drinking” also affect other health factors?

There have been many studies on the impact of other aspects.

Although not as deep as the effects on cardiovascular disease, they are not a lot.

Studies have shown that the relationship between alcohol consumption and cardiovascular disease is consistent with the usual results: compared with people who do not drink, the incidence of coronary heart disease is about 20% lower in people who drink 20 grams of alcohol per day.

It is the only reduction in the incidence of “proper drinking”.

Among other diseases, even the “moderate amount” of 25 grams of alcohol per day can cause a significant increase in the risk of various diseases, while the risk of oral and pharyngeal cancer increases by 82%, esophageal cancer by 39%, and throat cancer.43%, diabetes increased by 25%, essential hypertension increased by 43%, and liver cirrhosis increased by 1.

Nine times, chronic pancreatitis increased by 34%.

Other colon, rectal, and liver cancers also increased slightly.

The risk of these diseases is greatly increased if you drink more alcohol.

For example, if you drink 50 grams of alcohol per day (roughly equivalent to 2 to 50 degrees of white wine), the risk of oral and throat cancer will increase by 2.

Doubled the risk of esophageal cancer, laryngeal cancer, and essential hypertension all doubling, diabetes increased by 55%, and cirrhosis increased by 6.

Doubled, chronic diabetes increased by 78%, hemorrhagic stroke increased by 82%, and liver cancer increased by 40%.

In proportion to studies on the risk of alcohol and cardiovascular disease, studies on the risk of alcohol and other diseases are limited.

Although the number of people involved in this meta-analysis exceeded 110,000, the number of studies and the number of people involved was not too large for many diseases.

This may result in some specific comparisons being limited, and many surveys may even be valid only for specific regions and populations.

It can be seen that, first, the impact of drinking on health is multi-faceted, and it should not be just about the impact on cardiovascular disease-although alcohol marketing likes such publicity; second, the impact of drinking on cancer riskDrinking it will increase the risk.