Interview-Liu Yan, Director General, Department of Policies and Regulations, General Administration of Sport

Interview-Liu Yan, Director General, Department of Policies and Regulations, General Administration of Sport
According to the spirit of the State Council’s further review of non-administrative licensing approval items and the feedback from the Central Inspection Group, the State Sports General Administration issued three documents at the end of last year regarding some opinions on the reform of the approval system for sports events.How effective has it been in the past 4 months?What other areas need to be strengthened and improved?  In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency, Liu Yan, director of the Department of Policies and Regulations of the State Sports General Administration, said that the General Administration of Sports has achieved staged results in promoting the reform of the sports event approval system, which has been well received by all walks of life.  However, he also pointed out that due to various reasons, the number of national and international events continues to increase, and there is a blow-out growth. The prosperity of the sports event market needs to be further strengthened, and the communication with relevant departments involved in the event should be strengthened to obtain support and stimulate the society.The enthusiasm for organizing the game has established many diversified event systems.The approval of the competition from the annual National Sports Competition Program involves ten zero-thousand-thousand-thirty-thousand-thousand-thirty-thousand-thirty-thousand-thirty-thousand-thousand-thirty-thousand-thirty people,The State Council issued the “Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption”, requesting the cancellation of commercial and crowd sports event approvals and accelerating the reform of the national comprehensive and individual sports event management system.This is the direction of the reform of the sports competition examination and approval system.  Liu Yan said that according to the regulations of the State Council, the main object of the General Sports Administration’s approval of sports events is national and international events, and does not involve local sports events.According to the competition approval document, apart from the national comprehensive sports games and special event competitions, national sports events for general events do not need to be reviewed and approved by the General Administration of Sports or its internal departments or subordinate units.  In addition to the A-level events such as the International Comprehensive Games, the General Administration of Sport has completely canceled the approval of events for commercial and crowd-based international sports events held in China.However, Mr. Liu Yan, to engage in certain events must comply with the system of international sports organizations, and even need to be approved by international sports organizations.Type B and C international sports events are approved by the local people’s government or relevant department with the authority to approve foreign affairs in the place where the contractor is held.  Before the reform of the sports event approval system, the State General Administration of Sports included ten fragmented national and international sports events in the National Sports Competition Plan each year.After reforms, national and international sports events that require the approval of the General Administration of Sports in 2015 will be greatly reduced, and it is expected that there will be only about 200 events.By the end of this year, accurate data can be calculated, and sports events actually approved by the General Administration of Sport may occur.Liu Yan said that in the future, in the process of participating in national and international sports competitions, the approval business related to the General Administration of Sports is really very small, only in the national comprehensive sports games, special events national sports events and few international sports events.  Over the past four months, substantial reform measures have received praise from all parties.All sectors of the society positively affirmed the attitude, actions and achievements of the General Administration of Sport in its efforts to promote the reform of the sports event approval system.Yao Ming, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said that the General Administration of Sport has taken many positive measures to reform the sports event approval system and made significant progress, which is satisfactory.Liu Yan said this in his specific assessment of the effectiveness of reform measures.Non-administrative approval items will be completely abolished. When comprehensively and comprehensively promoting the main goal of the reform of the sports event approval system, Liu Yan summarized it into four projects: breaking through the institutional barriers of social forces to organize sports events; standardizing the services of national individual sports associationsToll collection, breaking the barriers of solidified interests; fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of the society in various aspects, establishing a mutually diversified sports event system; giving full play to the active role of sports events, promoting and promoting national fitness, discovering and cultivating high-level competitive talents, and prospering sports competitionsThe market promotes the development of the sports industry.  It is understood that until the beginning of May this year, the General Administration of Sports has a total of 8 items of administrative approval, including 5 items of administrative licensing (organization of national, cross-province, region, and health fitness qigong activities, the holding of mountain climbing activities more than 7,000 meters and foreignersApproval of mountaineering activities in China, examination and approval of national records of sports competitions, entry and exit of firearms and ammunition for shooting sports, qualification of stimulant testing agencies) and non-administrative licensing examination and approval (national and international sports competition approval, international level)Sports athletes and sports athletes will be approved for technical grades and included in the approval of international or national aviation sports competitions).  Non-administrative license approval items are being sorted out, and the approval category of non-administrative license approval is gradually and completely eliminated. Liu Yan said that for many years of non-administrative license approval items, it will be cleaned up in some way according to the unified deployment of the State Council. The first isCancellation, the second is to change to an administrative license, the third is to change the internal management of the government, and the fourth is to adjust to other powers that require further reform and regulation.  Liu Yan was anticipating that the approvals that the reform may bring are gone, and the management is gone, and he is worried about the timeliness. Reforming the sports event approval system will never mean giving up management of events.Liberalizing the approval of sports events and strengthening the management and supervision of events during and after the event will become the new normal in sports competitions.To this end, the General Administration will promptly revise the “National Sports Competition Management Measures”, strengthen the after-event supervision and management of sports events, give full play to the important role of the event in sports, and urge the national individual sports associations to seriously consider the “Sports Law”Regulations on individual national sports competitions.The service charge standard of the competition is being developed, and the opportunity to determine the right to host the competition is used to indiscriminately charge fees, which has been criticized by various circles.Liu Yan revealed that the General Administration of Sports is formulating the charging standards for event services.  He said that the General Administration has cancelled the various departments and departments, and the directly affiliated units have issued or printed documents containing the meanings of consent, support, approval, permission, authorization, and filing for events that have been cancelled.Those who violate the regulations will be held accountable.At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to use the opportunity to determine the event undertaking unit to admit any name fees.  The event approval reform document allows the national individual sports associations to carry out corresponding fees in accordance with the law and in accordance with the services provided by them in sports events.  When interpreting the relevant regulations, Liu Yan said that the fees charged by individual sports associations in providing event services must be publicly announced, they must not be forced to provide services, they must not be involved in the replacement of high fees, they should not only charge, not serve, they should not charge too much, they should not charge too much, they should notWhen using unfair contract terms to charge, no unreasonable and illegal charging items shall be proposed, and market development shall not be included or any excuses shall be used to illegally charge fees.  When some international sports organizations usually use the bid (or approval) as a reason to pay fees in a certain name, Liu Yan said, we do not properly put these practices back into national sports events.The number of events has been blown up and the main body to be dispersed has been formed. Since the end of last year, the General Administration of Sport has undergone drastic reforms in the event approval system, but the number of events and categories have been significantly different from the previous ones.  Liu Yan analysis said: There must be two in general.First of all, before the reform of the sports event approval system, there has never been a situation where the situation has been corrected because of the approval by the General Administration of Sport of the event.The impact of this reform on the former main body of the competition is not obvious.Second, due to insufficient publicity, the category of social entities are fully aware of the reforms and changes adopted by the General Administration of Sport. In fact, they truly recognize the impact of canceling commercial and participatory sports events and approving their rights and obligations.many.At the same time, there is public opinion that if there is a sports department that cancels the approval of sports events and the related systems of other business departments involved in sports events are not adjusted, the event organizer and the undertaking unit will still encounter many difficulties.

CBA cheerleader interferes with Hudson’s free throws

CBA cheerleader interferes with Hudson’s free throw
On November 10th, Beijing time, in the fifth round of the CBA, in the game where Liaoning challenged the Shenzhen team away, the cheerleaders of the home team interfered with the opponents Hudson free throws on the sidelines, which caused a lot of controversy after the game.CCTV commentator Huo Nan also commented on Weibo that this approach is too unprofessional.  At the last minute of the game, the Shenzhen team trailed the Liaoning team by 3 points. The home team used a foul tactic, while the Liaoning team had Hudson perform two free throws.At this time, the replacement cheerleader who was supposed to be sitting on the side of the field suddenly ran under the rim facing Hudson and tried to interfere with the opponent’s free throw with the pink hydrangea in his hands and exaggerated movements.Coincidentally, Hudson’s first penalty did not hit.  When the referee noticed the two cheerleaders on the sidelines, he came over in time and made an expulsion to them.The two cheerleading beauties did not leave immediately, or waited until their captain came forward to stop drinking, and then turned around and left.  After the game, CCTV commentator Huo Nan also commented on Weibo. He said: Today the cheerleaders in Shenzhen are too unprofessional.Although they understand that they love their team and cheer for the players on the court, they all show their true feelings, but it is too much to interfere with the visiting team members and hinder the progress of the game. The referee has the right to foul the technology.The cheerleaders have special seats in the game and can’t go wherever they want.Regular love is true love.  Another basketball commentator Zhu Yanshuo also reposted this Weibo and commented: In this case, the home team should be sentenced to a technical foul.

Nai Fei Fa special video to celebrate the March 8 Women’s Day, many big coffee and famous actors participated

Nai Fei Fa special video to celebrate the March 8 Women’s Day, many big coffee and famous actors “participated”
Sauna Night Network News On March 5, Netflix (Naifei) released a special video “Because She Watched” to celebrate the upcoming “March 8 Women’s Day”.The video is accompanied by a voiceover of the heroine Lana Condor in “To All the Boys I Have Loved”, and the female characters in the Netflix film and television works appear in sequence.Lana Condo said: “Because she saw a story, because she saw herself from a character, because she was inspired by someone’s brave decision.In the story, she left her hometown to explore the extended life experience, and generations of women stood side by side with her.No two people are exactly the same, but they are identical in spirit.She realized their solidarity, self-confidence, fragility, joy, love, loss, achievement . not only what she saw on the screen, but also what she saw in herself.”Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofread Wang Xin

Liu Tianqi: Become a dramatist, most grateful for stories and movies | New Artist of the Year

Liu Tianqi: Become a dramatist, most grateful for stories and movies | New Artist of the Year
In April 2019, Cai Lihao and Liu Tianqi, the co-star drama “Zhao Ying Ji” starring in the evening, was staged at the Longfu Theater in Beijing. As one of the creators of the work, Liu Tianqi did not attract much attention at the time.Just a few months after the show ended, the 7th Wuzhen Theatre Festival, written and directed by Liu Tianqi, co-starred with his partner Cai Lihao, won the Youth Competition Award-Small Town Award “Best Drama”prize”.The judges commented, “We are calm and simple, and we finally waited for a masterpiece of four or two pounds.”From the obscurity to Wuzhen’s award, it didn’t make waves in Liu Tianqi’s heart.” Everything was calm. I just told a story in Wuzhen, which made everyone like it. This thing actually passed, and the award itself was to me.There is no magical influence. If it must be said to be influential, I feel that I have not learned enough.”Love the movie, like to change the script, teach children to perform, Hengdian ran through the dragon set, these are Liu Tianqi’s experiences after graduation.After winning the prize, although “Chickens and Rabbits in the Cage” received many invitations for performances, Liu Tianqi has not changed. His biggest wish is to be able to make a movie of his own creation.Sauna, night net Guo Yanbing filming venue provided: Special thanks to 77 cultural and creative “run the dragon set” training to change the script Liu Tianqi and his partner Cai Lihao are classmates in film and television performance and cultural management of Tianjin University of Technology.In his junior year, Liu Tianqi was crazy about movies. Since his hometown, Henan, is far away from Tianjin, every time his classmates go home on holidays, only movies in the dormitory have been with him.”I like that the movie feels very simple and belongs to a spiritual level. What I get from the movie is not the same as what the ordinary audience gets.”After graduation, Liu Tianqi also worked as a performance teacher in a performance agency. More often, he interviewed the crew and made short films. When he saw that the script of the short film was not good, he started writing the script himself. It was at this stage that he found thatA large number of movie materials that I have seen before come into play.Liu Tianqi revealed that he had also run a dragon set in Hengdian for several months. At that time, he found a very effective method of script writing training. “When he was a small actor in Hengdian, he would receiveDialogues of various small people and small characters in the work group. These dialogues do not seem to be particularly interesting. I wonder if it is possible to express the meaning in another form. I think about these things every night.Don’t hurry to take the olive branch after winning the prize. Before writing “The Chicken and Rabbit in the Cage”, Liu Tianqi had not written a drama script. Because Cai Lihao was busy writing a thesis at that time, the task of writing a script naturally fell to Liu Tianqi.From script modification to rehearsal, recording video, less than a month before and after.《鸡兔同笼》第一场演出时,刘添祺记得观众的反应很大,但第二场反而紧张起来,“第二场来看戏的观众都是‘听说这戏好,我来看看的’心态,期望越高越容易失望。”After the second show, the response was still good, which gave Liu Tianqi and Cai Lihao the bottom of their hearts.After winning the prize, many people threw olive branches at them, but Liu Tianqi’s first impression was that he hadn’t learned enough, and he was afraid to mess up other people’s works.”My first consciousness is that someone is looking for me. What about me?I need the skills to be fully practical in order to work with others.”Being a dramatist now, Liu Tianqi wants to thank the story and the movie most. The drama and the movie are both telling stories.””In the future, we must continue to study. Natural creation in the process of learning and then give feedback to the audience. Feedback back to continue learning, there is a virtuous circle.I don’t have a big plan, everything works hard, everything will come naturally.”Recall that the most memorable moment in 2019 came from my grandpa.To go to work in Tianjin, when Grandpa said to me, “When you miss me, you hum” Erquan Yingyue “, if I think you will do the same, when you sing, if our tunes come together,There is a feeling.”Look forward to 2020 and hope to produce better works.Sauna, Ye Wang, Liu Zhen, Guo Yanbing, Editor Tian Nie, Proofreader, Zhai Yongjun

BOE’s performance fell for three consecutive quarters, investors called capital giant baby

BOE’s performance fell for three consecutive quarters, investors called “capital giant baby”
Due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, the merged listed company will choose to publish the 2019 annual report and the first quarter of 2020 performance report on the same day.This resulted in a crowd presentation of 33 companies on the road show platform on the afternoon of April 28.One of the protagonists is BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (000725.Shenzhen, BOE A, 200725.SZ, BOE B, hereinafter referred to as “BOE”).  This was the first annual briefing session attended by Chen Yanshun, vice chairman and president Liu Xiaodong, who was newly appointed as chairman last year, but investors ‘questions were not polite, and the problem pointed directly at BOE as the leader in the panel industry, with large scale and many patents.But they are always not making money. “Have you reflected on the company’s strategic prospects?”  Liu Xiaodong bluntly “question is very sharp”, several executives took turns to appease investors.  Facing the image of investors about how BOE reduced the giant baby of capital, Chen Yanshun replied that the greatness of an enterprise lies in guiding the industry and technology. “It is more that it uses the enterprise value to serve society and people’s lives, and gains recognition from society and people.”However, he also recognizes the importance of market value management.  However, based on the April 28th daily report in the 2019 annual report and the first quarter of 2020 performance report, BOE ‘s risk is that the net profit after deduction is obviously turned into a loss, and the government subsidy income that far exceeds the alternative is to pull the company ‘s statement inOne of the key factors for the net profit of shareholders of listed companies to turn positive.The financial report shows that other income in 2019 is 26.0.6 billion, an increase of 517.25%, of which more than 60% is government subsidies included in the report.  Distorted supply exceeds demand, BOE wants to wait for Samsung to withdraw from the LCD market financial report, and BOE’s revenue in 2019 is 1160.600,000 yuan, an annual increase of 19.51%; net profit is 19.1.9 billion, down 44 per year.15%, net deduction after non-deduction 11.6.7 billion.From a quarterly perspective, BOE may start from the third quarter and continue into the fourth quarter.Revenue in the first quarter of 2020 was 258.8 billion, down 2 every year.17%; net profit is 5.6.7 billion, down 46 each year.12%, net deduction after deduction 5.02 billion.  Chen Yanshun attributed the return of the first quarter to the new coronavirus epidemic that caused it to suffer from logistics, shortage of re-workers and insufficient supply of raw materials in mainland China, resulting in insufficient supply. For the overall operating pressure, BOE senior managementIt boils down to the fact that the prices of products in the semiconductor display industry have continued to fall in the past two years. In short, it is that “supply oversupply has intensified.”  For the opportunity of price recovery, Liu Xiaodong told the sauna, Yewang, how to change the epidemic situation is gradually controlled, the global economic boom will gradually rebound and drive the increase in panel demand, and prices will also rise; in addition, due to the reduction in production of overseas panel factories will bring supply and demandChanges in the relationship will also trigger a price recovery.Chen Yanshun directly pointed out that transforming Samsung and other companies to withdraw from the LCD market, the market supply and demand relationship will be further improved after the third quarter.  The 2019 annual report also reflects the mid-year board change. Chen Yanshun succeeded founder Wang Dongsheng as the new chairman.Regarding whether the change of term has an impact on the business, Chen Yanshun told the sauna and Yewang that there is “no impact.”In Chen Yanshun’s view, BOE will win two games in the next three years. One is the semiconductor showdown, and the other is the transformation of the Internet of Things.  Japan and South Korea have successively shut down LCD production lines, and BOE’s withdrawal from Samsung’s high market share is the key to BOE’s decisive battle. The transformation of the Internet of Things has not yet seen a contribution to revenue.However, investors did not pay, and questioned whether the direct LCD was outdated technology during the Q & A session.  In January 2020, Samsung Display Group said it would shut down its LCD panel production line by the end of the year. Currently, the company has two production lines in South Korea and China, which means that Samsung will completely abandon LCD production.After the factory is vacated, Samsung will convert QD-OLED quantum display panels and OLED display panels with increased profits.In March, Samsung Display Group disclosed to the outside world that it decided to develop the vector dot technology, and it has decided to invest in the technology for the next five years.1 trillion won.In addition to Samsung, South Korea ‘s LG Display will also announce that it will stop LCD production in South Korea by the end of 2020, and Panasonic has decided to close in 2021.  As early as 1999, Samsung had taken Japanese LCD manufacturers to the top of the market through expansion of production lines. By 2002, South Korea ‘s share had reached 41% and it was in an absolute monopoly, while LCD screen TVs had just begun to become popular.At this time, BOE just started to decide to use LCD as the future direction.In 2003, BOE ‘s Korean subsidiary passed 3.The acquisition of all Hyundai’s panel business with US $ 800 million only officially broke through the LCD market.In 2018, BOE won the first title of LCD panel volume.  In 2006, Samsung introduced AMOLED as an alternative to LCD. Because it does not require the backlight layer of LCD, OLED can make the screen thinner and lighter, and it is easier to bend and slimmer applications.From a practical perspective, OLED is also easier to achieve HDR effects and infinite brightness.The advantages of LCD are cheap and durable.However, Samsung hopes to resolve these contradictions through QD-OLED.  BOE disclosed that it is the first to replace the market segment of multiple screens such as TV sets, and LCD is its biggest contributor.The 2019 annual report disclosed that BOE’s LCD sales have increased by 19 each year.14%, with a ten-year increase in production volume of 17.79%, and the sales volume and production volume reached 50,000 square millimeters in 2019, while the inventory volume also increased by 8 during 2019.88%.  Liu Xiaodong turned to the sauna, and Yewang denied that Shili’s old technology had rushed to gain market share.But for Samsung’s closure of the LCD production line, Gao Wenbao, CEO of BOE Display and Sensors Business Group, only said that industry changes have occurred, and senior executives generally believe that this will be the key to reversing market prices, which is the opportunity to increase LCD prices.  An analyst in the electronics industry told Sauna that Yeewang will continue to have an LCD market for a 10-year industrial technology evolution cycle. Under the current competitive landscape, profits are not as good as those at the forefront of industries such as OLED.  Regarding the layout of OLED, Sun Yun, CFO of BOE, said that in 2019, the OLED production line is still in a climbing stage, and its contribution to revenue has not yet fully manifested, and it contributed less than 10% to revenue that year.Specifically, Gao Wenbao said that the Chengdu production line has been in mass production, Mianyang is still climbing, and Chongqing is still under construction.However, the company said in its financial report that Mianyang has achieved mass production.  The financial report shows that the proportion of projects under construction in total assets at the end of 2019 has increased by 7.% compared to the end of 2018.11%, new investment construction projects have not been converted into fixed assets, so construction in progress increased.As of the end of 2019, the total book value of fixed assets and construction in progress reached RMB 2131.6.3 billion yuan.  Large shareholders and institutions have successively reduced their holdings. Shareholders promised that their tenure of office will not reduce holdings. Another focus of investors is the reduction of holdings by other shareholders, as opposed to related holdings.Investors pointed out that BOE ‘s second and third largest shareholders have restructured their shareholdings and sell-offs in the secondary market in the past, and there are still 601 funds holding BOE shares at the end of 2019, while only 52 remain in the first quarter of 2020.Multiple block trades show the main escape.  In this regard, Liu Hongfeng, secretary of the board of directors, said that the shareholders of the company Hefei and Chongqing have held shares for several years, and it is normal to change according to their own needs. The withdrawal of the fund is because the stocks areThe quarter showed a downward trend, leading to a decrease in institutional investment and future market demand.Overall, BOE will strengthen market communication and enhance investor confidence.  At the same time that the majority shareholder reduced its shareholding, it merged and increased its shareholding, so that some investors questioned, “Can I consider the related shareholding increase in the future as a time to sell”, and Liu Hongfeng said that the increase is based onConfidence, and has promised not to sell during his tenure.Even so, BOE is also promoting the progress of employee stock ownership.  An investor said, “If BOE is a concept with so many hot prospects for a small market capitalization company, it should be a very popular stock, but BOE is an industry leader with a large market capitalization, and the industry leader is to speak with performance. HopeLeaders must recognize this.”Sauna, night net editor Liang Chen Sun Yong proofreading Wang Xin