“Could it be that,Can only

Do you have a good relationship with the king??but,Liu Xing wants to make someone’s daughter。I’ll give you a reward?This is obviously not justified!”
As said online,I treat you like a brother,You actually want to sleep with my daughter?
Liu Xing looked at Qin Feng depressed,Even a little desperate!
“Nothing,There are so many royal families in Europe,We can go find kings of other countries!”
“You make sense,Can we move to another place now??”Liu Xing looks at Qin Feng。
The latter stroked his chin,“Ugh,I am not sure as well!”
Yes,Qin Feng is actually quite depressed。Because Qin Feng didn’t necessarily have too much communication with the crowd when he was performing tasks in Europe.。
Therefore,So actually they don’t have any heels or foundations here。I don’t know how long it will take if everything starts from now on.。
It’s impossible for Qin Feng to waste time here anyway。
“Or take the risk,Catch a spider,then.”Qin Feng suggested。
After all, according to the original idea,Qin Feng thinks this is the most convenient and quick way。After all, there have been rumors before,Spiders are connected with some high-level countries。
of course,Qin Feng can’t tell if it’s a spider or Skynet.。
In short,They must control a part of the senior staff,So that the group can speak for themselves。And now that the spider’s headquarters is broken。
But some core characters are still alive and well。If they are not god-level opponents to analyze,,These people are probably at a heavenly level。
Qin Feng thought,If it is possible to catch members like Zhang Qiang,Maybe there is a way for them to help?It’s just that Liu Xing didn’t recommend this at first。
And now that things have gone beyond their expectations,So it’s reasonable to put this suggestion on the table again。
“This.”At this time,Liu Xing also feels like there is no other way except this suggestion。After all, Liu Xing himself has no contacts in Europe.。

Anyhow, in order to let people admit that he is a white horse and silver gun Zhao Xiaoxin,Xin Zhao did a lot of hard work,According to various gun spectra,He researched and integrated a seven-snake gun。

Of course, I don’t know if Xin Zhao is similar to Zhao Yun’s in history.,But he pays attention to playing fast。
If the other party can’t keep up with himself,Then I will always be suppressed by myself。And as a lightning letter,The most famous is speed。
Powerful speed is the guarantee for Zhao’s survival。
Compared with ordinary people, Liu Chuang’s speed is already lightning fast.,But for Xin Zhao,It’s about the same as adults teasing children。
For example, Liu Chuang’s axe,In the eyes of Xin Zhao, all are flaws,The black spear head looks like a black python,Bit Liu Chuang’s leg directly,Then Liu Chuang, who was running forward, had bad legs and feet,Lying directly on the ground。
Capitalized embarrassment!
Liu Chuang feels he can’t see people anymore,But Rui Mengmeng has his eyes lit up,He took the big sword in his hand and slashed towards Xin Zhao。
And seeing Rui Mengmeng’s use of swords,Xin Zhao just wanted to ask,Since you like hacking so much,Why don’t people make a knife?。
Compare sword,The knife is more conducive to chopping。
Of course, don’t say this,The resources of the Xiongbing Company are estimated to be low,If Xin Zhao said so,In case Rui Mengmeng’s humble past asked,At that time, a crime of disturbing the morale of the military,He can’t run。
The thoughts in my mind flashed quickly,Xin Zhao saw that the sword was about to reach him,Direct left hand as center,Shake the right hand directly,Unpredictable tip,It hit Rui Mengmeng’s wrist directly,The big sword that is more than one meter full,Directly on the ground。
“Hahaha,I’m invincible!”
Chapter One Hundred and Nine Install13People,Easy to be hacked
“Hahaha,I’m invincible!”
After Xin Zhao hit Liu Chuang and Cheng Yaowen,Just look up there and laugh,Then he said such a mad word!
‘call out!’
The black flash appeared directly in front of Xin Zhao’s neck,Then Zhao Xinxin covered his neck with his hand,Look behind you hard,I saw Qiangwei standing there。

Because in the package of Tyrant God Aotian,Three pieces of special equipment are neatly placed。

A legendary resurrection ring,A teleportation ring that is hard to find,There is also a detection necklace that no one has ever seen before。
These three pieces of equipment,The value of each item,Not under the body ring,Especially when the teleportation ring and the detection necklace are in the same hand,It means he can move instantly,Appear anywhere on the map,Kill any game character。
That resurrection ring can give the Tyrant God Aotian two lives,Plus his perverted equipment,Almost become indestructible。
You can’t kill him,He can hunt you all over the world,Teleport in minutes,Who is not afraid of this monster?
“Oh my god!How could he have such abnormal equipment?”
“Could it be caused by murder??This is simply a hunting suit!If anyone is targeted by him,No need to play,Direct withdrawal。”
Although Lu Menglin didn’t say anything,But his actions have been very clear,He is not rare at all,I don’t need that protective ring,Not to hand over his equipment。
And the appearance of those three special equipment,It’s equivalent to directly hitting Miss Zheng and Niu Qiuye,Because the equipment in their hands adds up,I can’t come up with the value of this murder suit。
At this moment,Niu Qiuye finally wakes up,Realized that in the game compared to this guy,It’s really looking for abuse,But he was clever,Can’t help but say sourly:“No matter how good you are in the game?Not an ordinary person in reality?friend,I advise you to put more energy into reality,Don’t waste yourself in the game!No matter how well equipped,Just data,Money in the bank card is real。”
“Yes!People like him,Must be psychologically gloomy,I can only try my best to find balance in the game,Nothing in the real world,Actually pretty poor。”Miss Zheng sighed pretendingly。
In Lu Menglin’s opinion,The two of them were obviously furious after being beaten in the face,Then become angry,I can’t find anything to say,Just talk to reality。
This kind of person in reality is the most boring,You reason with him,He talks to you,You talk to him,He tells you the law,You talk to him about the law,He reasoned with you。
All in all,No speculation。
Although Miss Zheng and Niu Qiuye say something to me,Seems to be slandering this Tyrant God Aotian,But he seems very calm,I didn’t mean to fight these two at all,This scene appears in the eyes of others,I only think he is generous,And Miss Zheng and Niu Qiuye seem a bit aggressive,Hold on。

Hear here,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled bitterly,This old man,Really stubborn as always!

A clever and stubborn old man,A forbearance for decades,Intelligence chief loyal to the motherland,Actually entrusted the last hope to the enemy general,This in itself is very abnormal。
“What I want to say,Not from the standpoint of Tieqin,But from the standpoint of the entire human race,I want to give you a serious warning,Tie Qin Kingdom you see,It’s not the original Iron Qin country anymore,Because there is a mysterious power,Is secretly controlling our country。They are secret and powerful,Has already controlled most of the top of Tie Qin State,Including the military。”
“They are pushing the Tieqin Kingdom to destruction,Maybe their purpose is the destruction of the entire human race,Unfortunately I didn’t find evidence,Can only infer signs from their actions,And you,Wuhao brother,They seem to be hostile to you!Or in other words,They fear you!You will be their nemesis!This,That’s why I want to help you。”
“First to discover their existence,It was when Tieqin’s army was dealing with those alien monsters,Suddenly became stronger for no reason,When everyone is immersed in the great joy of victory,As a senior intelligence officer,I tried to collect information,To explain why Tie Qinjun won。”
“however,I found all the victories,All so unreasonable,As if a powerful external force suddenly intervened,Then Tie Qinjun won。They know the weaknesses of those monsters well,And taught Tie Qin many special tactics,All for those alien monsters。”
“I sincerely hope that my motherland will be strong,And can lead the entire human race to win this war!but,I found that under the guidance of this mysterious force,The nature of Tie Qin Kingdom gradually changed!The voice of the dictator is getting louder,Every objection has disappeared,And Tie Qin’s original development direction,Also began to have a huge deviation,Their concern and fear of you,Much bigger than those monsters。To destroy you,They are even willing to lose half of the army!”
“Just last month,During a very accidental intelligence gathering process,My department has encountered a very special existence,It’s a creature that looks exactly like the human race,There is a strange power in him,It is similar to the energy fluctuations on the original equipment that appeared when the monsters died。He is strong,We lost a dozen elite agents,Just subdued him。”
“In the process of extracting a confession,He died soon,But we still got something very unusual。That creature that resembles the human race,He said he came from another plane,Belongs to the Eagle Army,They are enemies of life and death with those alien monsters。I’m thinking,They should be the power hidden behind Tie Qin State,And you,Little Friends Wuhao,You may know more than me,So they will see you as a thorn in the eye,Must get you out。”
“or,You also come from their world,It’s just different from their camp,That’s why they want to destroy you!To understand a person’s true character,Just look at the virtue of his enemy!I think,Little Friends Wuhao,I should be able to trust you!right?”
After listening to President Chen’s words,Even Lu Menglin showed a face of shock。
Human race is indeed the smartest race in the world,No matter which plane you are in,There are many heroes,He really didn’t expect,President Chen, Tie Qin’s intelligence chief,Actually relying on one’s own power,From the clues,Guessed an answer closest to the facts。
And in these words of President Chen,Also revealed an extremely important piece of news to Lu Menglin。
original,Behind Tie Qin State,There is the shadow of the Ying Yang army of Shenmin mainland!No wonder they can’t wait to find their trouble!
When I entered this plane,,General Xu Huailong of Yingyang Army,After Lu Menglin’s party with a group of Yingyang guards,Entered this plane,Then there was no news,Unexpectedly, it turned out that they were behind the Tieqin Kingdom,No wonder it’s so shadowy。
Compared with the army of monsters fighting against the dark race,Xu Huailong obviously thinks it is much easier to eliminate the rival Master Wuhao。
And Wu Hao from the beginning,It’s unusually high-profile that frequently appears in front of the human world of this plane,Even the original name has not changed,Also because of this,On the contrary, no one would doubt his origin,No one associates him with alien races,Until his rival,There was a mistake on the Eagle Young Legion,President Chen thought of Wu Hao’s true identity。

So Qiao Shan said:“father,Just listen to me,I can’t afford this person,Even if you catch the entire Qiao family,We can’t afford it。I called today,Just to discuss with you,How to make amends with him。”

Qiao Zhentian still doesn’t understand why Qiao Shan suddenly became so timid,So he was furious on the phone:“Qiao Shan,When do you start,Has become so hopeless?”
“I tell you,this person,No matter who he is,I’ll avenge it。Do you think you don’t tell me this,I can’t find anything?”
Qiao Shan on the phone sighed,He knows his father’s temper,If it’s not for his willingness,Outsiders can’t change any of his thoughts。
So after a short period of thought,Qiao Shan said:“Ok,father,This person i can tell you,but,I hope you can find him before you get revenge,First go and investigate the details of this person。”
“After all, I have offended him enough now,If you use the power of the entire Qiao family,By the time,I am afraid it will only deepen his resentment towards our Qiao family to the accumulated。”
“Dad, you often teach us,Think twice before doing things,The more things I can’t figure out,The more you have to think clearly,So dad, can you accept my opinion??”
After Qiao Shan said this,,I’ve been waiting for Qiao Zhentian on the other end to give me a reply。
But after a long time,There was no sound from the phone。
Although there is no voice,But there is no sound of hanging up,So Qiaoshan knows,This is his father thinking。
Qiao Zhentian was thinking about what he said。
So Qiao Shan chose to wait silently,In the middle, I didn’t even urge Qiao Zhentian.。
“it is good,Dad promise you!Qiao Shan,Dad just thought about it,Since this person dared to know your identity,Dare to shoot you,That definitely means that maybe behind him,More powerful。”
“Dad is very pleased,You are thinking about things now,It can already mature to this place,See you like this,Dad is really happy。”
“Even that day,Dad is gone suddenly,I can safely leave Qiao’s house to you。”Qiao Zhenshan wants to go,Finally said something like this to Qiao Shan。
The Qiao family has been at the highest point for a long time,Already learned to use fists,Solve problems with strength。
But they forgot a little,Someone outside,There is a day outside,And Xiao Fan just made them realize。

Different reference objects,This28%The proportion of the actual cost of the aircraft is also different,If you consider that there is an official export tax rebate from China,If it is shipped—12The actual production cost price,Reduce the export tax rebate,This nominal28%It may even reach luck—12Actual cost price70%the above。

In addition, this fund can be used by oneself for free for one year or more……
The resulting profit,You can even make yourself at a loss!
of course,Jack·Welch may not be able to do so much,But trust Jack·Welch knows well,After going through this mode of operation,The actual funds occupied by oneself,May be less than half of the total expenditure,The financial pressure is greatly reduced。
As for whether the dealer will pay the money,This problem is not big,Just Jack·Didn’t Welch say it?,If you don’t pay the money,The part of the company’s subsidy for buying the plane will not be returned to you in the form of cash,in other words,forAMCFor dealers“If you want this plane,Just pay a small amount of money yourself,The company subsidizes you most,If you don’t want this plane,The company’s subsidies won’t give you”。
The dealer is not a fool,They can easily calculate an account:Pay a sum of money upfront、After getting the plane,Whether it is for own use or handed over to the aircraft leasing company to make money for yourself,Or simply sell the plane,Are more cost-effective than just giving up。
Think about this,Chen Geng made a decisive decision:“can,no problem,Just do that。”
Paused,Chen Geng said by analogy:“In addition,Adjust the quota,For example, the free gift is3Dealers,The one that can get a 20% discount is set as5Home,Trifold8Home、10Home……And so on。”
The boss is so dark!
Jack·Welch sighed,A real person nodded quickly:“OK,no problem。”
Paused,He asked again:“Didn’t you say that you also want to promote this welfare measure among your used car franchisees and auto repair franchisees?,The capacity of your factory can keep up?”
Chen Geng frowned:It really is,Hafei’s luck—12Can the production capacity keep up??
Pitiful,Hafei’s luck—11The planned production line capacity is only per year12frame,With luck—11TLuck in the name—12Also with luck—11Co-production,If you continue to follow this model,The annual order volume I give to Hafei may reach50frame,Hafei’s life won’t be achieved。

Qin Feng relies on his accurate sense of direction,I probably figured out which road leads to where,So he returned to the warehouse,Ready to do something big。

Qin Feng immediately found the water pipe and faucet,Then I lifted the water pipe to face the piles of items laid out in a mess.。
“Let Lao Tzu give you a good bath,To make you a little cleaner。”Qin Feng said coldly。
He is holding a water pipe,After getting everything wet,So he threw the water pipe directly into the warehouse,Then turn around and go out,Locked the warehouse,The water pipe was also passed through the top of the warehouse door。
After locking the warehouse door,Qin Feng also pulled a bunch of rags over,Blocked all the cracks in the door under the warehouse,Keep water from flowing out。
“Just soak all night,I don’t believe I can’t soak you all into mud。”Qin Feng looked at the locked warehouse door,Spit out such a sentence,Then turned around and left。
But after all, I’m afraid of flooding all the places below,Maybe it will drown the trapped people inside,So Qin Feng adjusted the speed of the water before leaving,Calculated speed。
Let this water flow all night,No matter how it flows, I can’t fill this warehouse,And can just soak all the things inside。
Qin Feng walked around and found in another lounge,Asleep are some looking
Come here are strong people,Qin Feng took a closer look,A few are quite familiar,It’s the person who saw the cherry blossom view when fighting on the street before。
“It seems that there are no good people in the cherry blossom view。”
Qin Feng thought,“Those who are more central,I must all know what the cherry blossom view looks like,They will definitely participate,After all, this is a very profitable profit。”
And both the old curator and the old housekeeper are good at deceiving people,The people inside must have been brainwashed by them。
Even if you don’t follow their footsteps and do these things with them,If you discover the secret inside,I’m afraid I won’t be left alive。
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Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty Three A little sympathy

Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled bitterly,He just came to join in the fun anyway,It’s all about the fat guy,Now there is no need for myself,Affected Fatty’s stage debut。

How did you know Wang Shaoxiao stared,Loudly:“No need to communicate,We are Xiaomeng,Go together if you want,To download together!”
text Chapter Eighty Six Campus superstar
? Fatty’s two words are extremely hard,The female teacher can’t get off the stage immediately。
But sometimes he is like this,Because he knows,I played so well this time,It’s because Lu Menglin is with him on stage,Otherwise,I still hate everyone,Dead fat man without confidence。
Seeing that the fat man has spoken to death,Lu Menglin desperately,I had to strode to the front of the stage,Took the microphone from the fat man。
“Hello teachers!Sorry,My friend is not good at talking,In fact, he was also worried about me being shaved。How about this,If everyone at the scene wants to see me at the art performance,Then give us applause and support!”
Under Lu Menglin’s call,The audience paused for two seconds,Then there was more applause than before。
The sound is endless,And the reverberation around the beam,Is already the loudest movement since the pre-selection。
The judges and teachers were all stunned,They didn’t expect this kid to have such a strong appeal among students!Everyone can’t wait to give him face!
The female teacher who spoke before is even more stunned,I don’t understand what young people are thinking?
She can’t figure it out,Obviously a guy who has no effect on the stage,Why are so many people applauding for him?
“Thank you!thank you all,Next game,I promise to let you see different things!”Lu Menglin is also a little excited,Waved vigorously。

“Not bad!”Bei Gongwang said proudly。

At his current level,Able to defeat the seventh floor,Kill the Bull Demon King,It can be said to be scorpion shit in the entire Red Willow City,Only one。Of course there is the capital of pride。
“Sorry,I’m just curious,Since you killed the Bull Demon,How do you know that there is a Bull Demon inside??”Lu Menglin’s eyes are piercing,Shen Sheng asked。
This question for him,It’s so important!This represents the natural rules of the exotic world,If you are not familiar with these rules,In the future, mankind will suffer a big loss。
Bei Gongwang heard this strange question,For a moment,But he soon thought,The man in front of me is not a god nation,But the lower beings from the lower realms,Suddenly relieved,Nod,A polite smile:“Lu Yingxiong knows something,Cangyue Island where we are now,A place of trial,Even if the dark creatures inside are killed,Will resurrect from time to time。”
“Place of trial?What about the dark monsters outside of the trial land?Will they also be resurrected??”Lu Menglin asked quickly。
Bei Gongwang nodded,Tao:“Will do!Dark monsters are inexhaustible,But except for the place of trial,After the dark monsters in other places are killed,Will not resurrect near the original place,But will return to the dark castle to resurrect。As long as the source of all evil still exists in this space and time,Those dark monsters will not die。Our mission of the people of God,Is to fight against the source of all evil to the end,Fight to the end of civilization。 ”
Lu Menglin was shocked,Can’t help asking:“Brother Bei Gong,Can i offend and ask another question?”
Bei Gongwang smiled slightly,Tao:“of course can!Know everything,Not endless。”
“What i want to ask is,If you god people die in battle,Will it be resurrected??”Lu Menglin paused,Finally asked this vital question。
This question comes out,The gods and people all around have changed their colors,Many of them showed a surprised expression。
“What are you?I dare to talk about the life and death of our people!”Bei Gongya shouted angrily。
“Yes!We will go in and fight with the monster soon,But he said this!Want to curse us?”Someone from the Mu clan nearby also yelled。
Bei Gong looked at her face,Raise your hand,Stopped the noise of everyone。
“The one who doesn’t know is not guilty!He is not a god nation,Don’t know our rules。Forget it!Don’t get angry!”Bei Gongwang shouted in a low voice。
Chapter VIII Niu Demon Temple on Tao

“dad,I’m all right,Say again,I can’t rest well like this。”

Wu Youcai’s words made Wu Xiaorou feel warm,Past life,Except my parents,It’s been a long time since no one cared about her like this。
“Wu Xiaorou, you little sao hoof,let me tell you,You have to marry,You have to marry if you don’t marry,This is not for you。”
I saw Wu Xiaorou ignore her,Mrs. Wu speaks again,The tone is also more ugly。
Originally, I wanted to use a gentle way to send Mrs. Wu away,Hear this,Wu Xiaorou’s face instantly changed。
The memory of her predecessor told her,Because I am a girl,Mrs. Wu never took her to heart,I haven’t even bought him a candy。
“To marry,Why don’t you marry yourself?”
Thought of here,Wu Xiaorou walked to the old lady Wu,Bend down,Said with a smile。
First2chapter Difficult old lady
“What did you say,You lose money,Xiaosao hoof!
I’m your grandma!”
Wu Xiaorou’s words not only changed the face of the old lady Wu who was lying on the ground and rolling around.,When she got up, she pointed to her nose and yelled at her。
Even Wu Youcai’s complexion changed。
Parents after all,I have raised my daughter for 20 years,A little change was quickly noticed。
this moment,He suddenly felt like his daughter had changed,No longer the weak girl before,But never thought,Wu Xiaorou is indeed no longer Wu Xiaorou。
Wu Youcai reprimanded with a little anger,Anyway,This old lady Wu is also his mother,This sentence is a little bit past。