“Assistants of our host’s Heaven and Earth Team,Finally started,Although the contestants still did not act,But our lens,We still have to give our assistant some close-ups。”The host finished,The camera cuts to the heaven and earth。

The photographer really wants to give these beauties more close-ups,But what they do is simply too normal,Cook rice,Wash it,This is something everyone can do at home,If the camera stays here,I believe it will be sprayed by many people。
Helpless,The photographer had to shift the lens,When they cut to Xiaowu,Didn’t stay much,Just cut away。
Finally the photographer stopped the lens on the grasshopper,I saw a grasshopper,At this time, the big goose has been blown into the shape of a pig,And he continues。
If you don’t look carefully,I thought a handsome guy,To a dead pig,Do artificial respiration!
“Grasshopper what are you doing,Just blow it up,Now let the air out,Then fried。”Qin Feng is really a headache,If you don’t stop,I believe the grasshopper can keep blowing,Until the big goose is like a balloon,So far。
“Yan Yan,Why is your meal messed up?,Didn’t you release water?,Are you still blowing popcorn?”All right,Su Rou, Qin Yan, don’t wash it anymore。
“Xiaowu, are your shrimp drunk??”All stopped,Don’t do it anymore。
Saying Qin Feng gathered everyone together。
“I already thought about what to do……”After Qin Feng finished speaking, everyone’s eyes lit up,There was a feeling of winning in an instant。
“right now,According to my allocation,start to act。”Qin Feng said with a smile。
“Don’t worry, brother,Guarantee to complete the task。”Before everyone was not sure,Now I have full confidence。
they know,Qin Feng is the lastoss,But in the early stage

“who are you?”

open the door,A small,Ordinary-looking women,Appeared in front of Qin Feng and Lin Youwei,Asked。
“This……”Qin Feng has a feeling of ruining the Three Views。
This obviously looks like a woman,How to speak,Became a vicious woman?
If not seeing,Really don’t believe it,There is such a superb aunt。
See you a long time,See you a long time。
“Hello,Excuse me, Wang Ruhua,Ms. Wang??”Lin Youwei is not surprised,Speak directly。
“Yep,Yes,what happened?”
Because Lin Youwei came out in casual clothes,So I don’t know Lin Youwei’s share。
“I am a law enforcement officer。”Lin Youwei will directly take out the law enforcement officer ID from his pocket:“We are here to ask about one thing,Last time your husband,Liu.Xiaowei suspected of kidnapping,We are here to investigate。”
“I……”Wang Ruhua’s rough voice suddenly resembles a frosted eggplant,Weak and silent。“I don’t know anything!”
“We are already investigating this,Know you are not involved in this,But come today,But something came to see you。”Lin Youwei continued,Official business,No sense,Average color。
But Qin Feng on one side nodded,Heart:“Yep,This is like the sound this body should make……”
“what,what’s up?”

Even if it’s a dead spider belly,I have to dress up first,Then go to death generously!

Wang Zhaoyun remembered those things before he came to Bairimen。
He was originally a teacher in the suburbs near Tianzun God City,Opened a small private school,More than a dozen kindergarten students,Preaching for them,Calm and calm,Happily。
one day,The lords in the county brought the guests from the city to the countryside to hunt,I shot a young boy in the vegetable field。
This young boy is one of Wang Zhaoyun’s favorite students,Very talented,As a disciple who can pass on。
The villagers took the children to find the master,Considered by the noble master to be in front of the distinguished guests,Refute his face,So ordered the stick to kill the villagers,Even the childish student who went with was killed。
Those masters not only don’t have the heart to hide,On the contrary,Standing aside and laughing。
These are not people,These are beasts!
Master Wang Zhaoyun is angry,Five steps to blood splash,Within a day,Even across three levels,Killed the aristocratic master’s family with a ruler,Chase down the noble guest from God City for hundreds of miles,Killed on the outskirts of Tianzun God City。
then,He was wanted by God City,Nianzhuan came to Bairimen,Joined Aoki Club,Became the leader of the C group。
Teacher Wang Zhaoyun,On the dying,No joy or sadness in my heart,Calm,He just feels a little sorry,I have no ambitions,I want to kill all the beasts in the world,Unfortunately, I am not strong enough,High aspirations,Can only die on this small hillside。
The three Sirius spiders have approached,Where they are from Wang Zhaoyun,Less than ten feet。
At the speed of the Sirius spider,Just one pounce,Soon。
Wang Zhaoyun closed his eyes,Sit tightly,As if back in the primary school back then。
The rustling sound of those Sirius spiders moving,I heard it in his ears now,It’s like the sound of turning over the books of those young children。
“what?This person is quite interesting!”At this last moment,Wang Zhaoyun suddenly heard an unexpected voice。
“Yes,I see many people who are not afraid of death,So noticeable,Still the first。”Another voice sounded from the side。
“Xiao Huang,Help him!”The voice said。

Tian Xingyao on the other side did not miss a wonderful moment,The flash of the camera in hand is always“Pop pop”The ground flashes non-stop。

Lin Yuner saw Xiao Fan just holding her right hand stupidly,Gritted his teeth,Reminded:“Did you bring that ring with you?!”
Xiao Fan first nodded blankly,When I was about to say something,It just reacted all of a sudden,Widened his eyes,Looked at Lin Yoona with an incredulous expression。
Lin Yuner sees it,I know Xiao Fan should have understood his intentions。
At this moment,Lin Yoona’s eyelashes trembled slightly,The emotions accumulated since just now also collapsed rapidly at this moment,The tears in my eyes rolled down one by one。
Xiao Fan didn’t expect Lin Yun’er to cry suddenly,I suddenly became anxious,Why is this crying for no reason??
Did she make her upset somewhere??
Before Xiao Fan wanted to understand why Lin Yoona would cry suddenly,I heard Lin Yuna say:
“Xiao Fan,I do!”
Xiao Fan is hearing“I do”When these three words,As if struck by lightning,He finally understood what Lin Yuner was going to do,Kneel down,Let him take out the ring,Isn’t this the ceremony of marriage proposal??
correct,This is the ceremony of marriage proposal,Xiao Fan’s heart is very clear。
for“I do”These three words,Xiao Fan has been waiting for a long time,But when he was not ready yet,Lin Yoona actually said it even when he was completely unprepared。
Since the years since he married Lin Yoona,Lin Yoona’s indifference towards him from the beginning,To later acceptance,And now sincerely accept,Xiao Fan has experienced too much。
But fortunately,All his efforts were not in vain,Lin Yoona really told him“I do。”
And Xiao Fan knew in his heart,starting today,From this moment on,All the life trajectories of him and Lin Yoona,Has been completely integrated together。


“Thank you。”
Come out of the Nonferrous Metals Research Institute,Ding Ruoyan said suddenly。
“what?”Chen Geng was startled,Then smiled:“Thanks what?”
“Thanks for helping me,”Looking at Chen Geng,Ding Ruoyan is serious:“I am certain,If it wasn’t for you to help me stand,It’s impossible for the Nonferrous Metals Research Institute to agree so much。”
Chen Geng did not deny,Said with a smile:“Why are you so polite,Are we friends,Moreover,Didn’t you promise me yesterday that I will be in the company30%Shares of?I can get a penny without paying30%Shares of,I make a big profit。”
Ding Ruoyan pursed her mouth,not talking:Who is making big money?,She knew very well in her heart。
Chen Geng is about to speak,Kelly·Hicks came over with the phone:“boss,your phone number,Barron·Mr. Hilton is calling。”
Chen Geng is a little curious:Barron·What is Hilton calling himself at this time??Weird,Chen Geng did not hesitate:“Mr hilton,Is there a problem?”
“Mr. Fernandez,Is such that,”Barron·Hilton didn’t sell him to Chen Geng either,Just say it:“You know,I come to China this time,Is to let Hilton Hotel land in China。”
“Yes,I know。”Chen Geng nodded。
“Two days of inspection,I found that your China World Tower is the most suitable place for Hilton Group to open a hotel,”On the phone,Barron·Hilton says:“No matter the surrounding environment、Customers of China World Trade Center are everything else,China World Tower is the most suitable,So i want to ask you,Can we cooperate?”
Barron·Hilton’s voice is a little eager。
No wonder he is so eager,It’s because after almost a week of inspection,Barron·Hilton Discovery,Chen Geng has just been put into use for two years、The China World Tower, which is still attracting investment, is the most suitable bridgehead for Hilton Hotel Group to enter China,Barron·Hilton values,Is where the China World Tower is located:Located on Jianguomenwai Avenue,Adjacent to Dongchang@On Street,Surrounded by many central ministries and commissions of the Chinese government,It can be said to be the best location in the capital。
Also because of this,I haven’t even waited for the International Trade Building to be completed,Including Royal Shell Petroleum、BNP Paribas、Many Chinese and foreign multinational corporate groups such as HSBC have signed settlement agreements with building managers.,Barron·Hilton also saw this,I decided to open the Hilton Hotel here,If the Hilton Hotel can be opened in Chen Geng’s International Trade Building,Nothing else,At least customers don’t have to worry,The senior officials of these large multinational groups are the best target customer groups for Hilton Hotels。
Chen Geng,For Barron·Hilton’s choice is not surprising,He even guessed this possibility a long time ago,Nodded:“of course,Of course we can cooperate,But one thing I need to clarify,The property in China World Tower is only rented but not sold,and so……”

“Wumu mudra!”

“Withered Finger!”
Four powerful martial arts appeared on the head of the rock man at the same time,The huge explosion sounded directly through the cave,You can hear the sound even outside the cave。
Patriarch Yun and the others glanced at each other,Fast to the phenomenon of making sounds。
Inside the cave,The scenery at the moment is more ruined,As the rock man crashed to the ground after a loud noise,This battle is over。
Obedient,Those warriors who hide far away can’t help but swallow,That strange stone man is terrible,And those martial artists above Rank 5 are more powerful。
It changed the situation of the battle with just a gesture。
From their weakness to victory in battle,The whole process seems to be only half the time,I’m afraid I don’t just fart at this time,What can’t beans do。
“Everybody,Worked hard!”Canaan Luo clasped his fists in both hands,To other people。
This looks like polite,As if the host invited them to help,Little tricks,Everyone disdain to refute。
“Jia Pai,We have been delayed a lot。”
“Good good,Let everyone return,We keep going。”
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Five Twists and turns

When Han Genji was talking,The voice is still low,But there was a little joking in the deep voice。

“Isn’t this all impossible!So do you think about how to die??”
Yao Yao smiled,Neither he nor Han Genji answered each other’s questions,But both of them succeeded in arousing each other’s anger。
Seeing the smile on Yao Yao’s face,Han Genji also laughed,Even his shoulders started to shake。
Rush to Yao Yao,All the anger gathered on the fist。
It’s not that Han Geunji’s hands are dead.,But there has never been a person,Will make Han Geunji look like this,Urgently want to get rid of harm for the people。
Watching Han Geunji hit him,Yao Yao didn’t care at first,I’m used to seeing swords and shadows and bullet rain,These so-called underground forces in China,In Yao Yao’s eyes, they are just like children playing house。
But when Yao Yao planned to take the fist from Han Genji,,The brief contact made Yao Yao a momentary vigilance that only appeared when he was working。
I gave up halfway through the idea of taking Han Genji’s punch.,Dodge quickly,The palm of my hand is still hurt by Han Genji’s fist wind。
“Often heard,Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger,Now it seems so!”
Yao Yao said with a smile,Secretly shakes the palm to relieve the pain,Yao Yao is also secretly complaining about Xiang Chen,Didn’t you say that you want to support the elderly??Why did you choose such a dangerous place??
I passed Han Genji’s fist,Yao Yao just stood firm,There is another breaking wind in my ears,Yao Yao can’t think about it,Jumped up,Dodge the swept iron rod,Yao Yao leaned on the helmet of the man who attacked him with one hand,Forcibly pressed the man’s helmet into his collarbone。
Han Genji took a breath,I didn’t expect myself to become a truth,This ladyboy in front of me is really a master!
Fortunately, I am in a tacit understanding with my brothers around me,No verbal communication,Don’t even need to look,They know what they are thinking,This makes Han Genji very satisfied。
“Kill it!It’s just for the people!”
Han Genji said lightly,Then everyone rushed towards Yao Yao。
“It’s really a group of energetic young people!”
Yao Yao smiled,The smile on his face is alluring。

Bao Lao Chuan Wang and Master Yuqing looked at each other,The two turned their sights to the south by coincidence。

Just south is a blue sea,I saw a huge ship in the distance,Is slowly sailing towards the port。
The huge ship is at least kilometers away from the dock,From far to near,Coming slowly。
suddenly,A white line appeared from the front of the giant wheel,Rush to the dock。
The speed of this white line is so fast,cleave through the waves,Getting closer。
At this moment,People on the dock can see clearly,Turned out to be a huge wave,Pounced like a white wall。
This huge wave is so weird,There is not even a trace of wind on the sea,How can there be waves?And it’s still a huge wave up to several meters。
This scene stunned those who have been on the beach for a long time,Has completely violated their understanding of the ocean。
In a blink of an eye,The huge waves have rushed to the vicinity of the pier。
And at this moment,Many people can’t help but exclaim。
Because they saw the head of this huge wave,On the top of the waves that are constantly surging with white waves,There is a figure。
This man is sitting cross-legged,Floating like a god on the top of the tide,The meaning of worshipping the invisible center student。
Wow!A huge wave a dozen meters high hit the pier,Shocked the crowd backing。

Everyone has no objection,The Dai Zong ship speeded up immediately,Go straight to the coordinates scanned by the energy radar。

As a result, this move,Really let them find Lord Wuhao。
Lu Menglin took off the white tiger armor,Sneak all the way,I didn’t want to fight,Because there are too many Zuma monsters around,It’s impossible to kill,Personal force,Use it to kill those miscellaneous soldiers on this large-scale battlefield,Doesn’t seem to be of much value。
Lu Menglin ran towards the Korean defense line at night,And those Zuma monsters are shrinking in the opposite direction,Retreat and advance,The direction between the two is exactly opposite。
It should have been fine,But just when Lu Menglin was about to approach the line of defense,But another very unusual thing happened。
In his vision,Suddenly a human appeared!
And it’s still a woman wearing a plain checkered skirt,Bare feet,Beautiful woman with a dark machete in her hand。
This woman walks through the battlefield like a ghost,Any Zuma monster that gets in the way,Hand up and down,Kill directly。
White dress black blade,Extraordinarily distinct,And the way this woman kills monsters is exceptionally clean and tidy,High efficiency,Even Lu Menglin himself is slightly worse。
At once,I hooked Lu Menglin’s curiosity!
The human race of this plane is good at using high-tech weapons,Mainly electromagnetic gun and light knife,Rarely do it directly with a knife。
And this woman is definitely not a god nation,Because there is no light energy fluctuation in her body,It’s more like the power of blood。
Can kill these Zuma monsters at will with the power of blood,It shows that the strength of this woman is extremely strong,Has reached an incredible level。
Don’t talk about ordinary warriors in the earth world,Even a pill martial artist like Lu Menglin,Seeing God is not bad,Are slightly inferior。
Come and go,On this mysterious woman in white,I already have two abilities stronger than myself,Such an extraordinary person,How could it not arouse Lu Menglin’s curiosity??
then,Lu Menglin tried to be invisible,Sneak close to each other。
He didn’t directly expose himself,But want to get closer,Observe more carefully。
A human race that shouldn’t be here,But it just appeared,And she also possesses energy and blood power that almost surpasses Lu Menglin,There must be some special reason for this。
Don’t know,When Lu Menglin approached this woman within ten feet,She immediately became alert,The black blade in the hand is cut out,A dozen swords in a row are extremely fierce,Break through,Slashed towards Lu Menglin。

Is this the Geordaye he knew??

“Let’s talk about the abnormality of GEODIS these days.”The chubby face looked down and thought for a while。
“correct,We talked with the old expert for a long time that day,I went to the toilet in the middle,When i come back,It happened to see GEODIS handing a jade bracelet to the old expert。”
“When they found out that I came back,The old expert hurriedly put the jade bracelet into his pocket,Quickly turned off the topic。”
“Jade bracelet?What kind of jade bracelet?”Qiao Tianyu asked anxiously。
“It’s about the same size as a normal bracelet,Overall emerald green,Crystal clear,Just like glass。”Chubby face recalled,Then said。
“But a little bit of that jade bracelet is blood red,Very bright,I have never seen such a beautiful bracelet!”
“Blood red?”Qiao Tianyu’s brain buzzed up,Asked quickly“How big is the blood red part of the bracelet?”
“It’s only about one centimeter?”The chubby face remembered hard。
“But the time was too short,The old expert quickly put the bracelet in his pocket,I didn’t look carefully。”
“Oh oh。”Qiao Tianyu suppresses his inner excitement and anxiety,Pretending to be calm and nodded,“Any more?”
“Have。”The chubby face continued。
“The night before returning to the US,I came out of the bathroom after taking a shower,Heard a knock on the opposite door。”
“Because I’m Geodaye,It was past 11 o’clock in the middle of the night,So i’m a little curious,Lie on the cat’s eyes and glanced。”
“I saw the old expert again,Geodaye soon opened the door and came out,He wanted to invite the old expert into the room。”
“But the old expert shook his hand,Returned the jade bracelet to GEODIS,Said a few words,Thumbs up frequently。”
“But they don’t speak loudly,I didn’t catch what they were talking about,But it can be seen,The old expert is a little excited,I guess I’m complimenting the jade bracelet。”
“Oh oh,I know。”Qiao Tianyu nodded。
The news of chubby face is very important,Although it’s just a sporadic fragment,But let Qiao Tianyu be very sure,GEODIS is really not easy,He must have hidden something from Qiao Tianyu!
for the rest of the time,Chubby face signed an employment contract,Appointed as Director of Marketing Department of Horizon Fund。