This is a problem for Shen Lin, who has not received much education.,But at any rate, Shen Lin is so smart,You will learn these things,He is studying hard now,Help everyone better choose their own suitable direction。

He looked down at the file and frowned,Xiao Fan looked as if he had seen himself。I can see it10Minutes。
Shen Lin has been looking down and carefully studying everyone’s documents and information。Xiao Fan watched for a while,Then I cleared my throat and coughed。Shen Lin suddenly raised his head,I looked up and saw Xiao Fan standing at the door,He stood up immediately。
Looked at Xiao Fan nervously,Xiao Fan said with a helpless smile:“Why are you so nervous,Serious work is not good,Why are you afraid of me criticizing you??”
Shen Lin said with a smile:“I’m a little busy recently,So I didn’t even notice that you came。”Xiao Fan said with a smile:“What’s not paying attention,Do we still use these polite ways between us?”
Xiao Fan said I couldn’t bear to disturb you if I looked at your work seriously,Shen Lin said to Xiao Fan:“Brother Fan, come and sit,I’m looking at how to allocate them properly,After all, everyone has to make the most correct choice,I can’t live up to your expectations of me。”
Xiao Fan nodded approvingly,Look at the information,Then he said to Shen Lin next to him while reading the information:“That’s right,You think it’s best,When I cultivated you, I fancy your qualities,
I believe you will give the brothers of the new base a best choice,They will be fine with you。”Shen Lin said with a smile:“In fact, these are all the manpower you have accumulated, Brother Fan,And these are your turf,
These people are also for you,And I just want to help you silently behind。”Xiao Fan couldn’t help but smiled and said:“Why are you so stupid,Wouldn’t it be overwhelming??”
Shen Lin said with a smile:“I can’t learn that。”Xiao Fan shook his head helplessly,Seeing Shen Lin’s innocence and determination,I feel that I really saw the right person。
Shen Lin will manage the new base well,Actually Xiao Fan also thought about it,This base will be given to Shen Lin in the future,As his own network,Own territory。
The people I cultivated are credible,andcOn the base side, they do it with one sound,In the future,Xiao Fan won’t want these things outside。
He manages these now in order to make the people underneath a better life,Also to be able to help more people,In order to make this world bright。
Even if Xiao Fan knows that this world wants to maintain the most beautiful appearance is impossible。Because there are always many evil people in this world,Always thinking about disturbing the beauty of this world。
It’s not that Xiao Fan can reverse it entirely on his own,Xiao Fan can’t get rid of all the bad guys,Because they also have a good side,So Xiao Fan thinks something,Will not deal with it when it is not necessary。

“what?You are so rich,Handsome,There will be girls who will break you?”Gillian was surprised。

In Gillian’s eyes,A handsome and handsome man like Boss Lu,It’s definitely a requirement for the hero in the idol drama,Bai Fumei is afraid to go from West Kowloon to Central,How could a woman be willing to let go of such good stuff?
“Uh probably because I have more than one girlfriend!”Lu Menglin answered honestly。
“Pooh!Scum!but,You’re pretty honest。”After Miss Gillian is done,,I am embarrassed to add another sentence。
“In fact, there are only two,One is my first love in high school,I met her in Korea。”
Lu Menglin doesn’t know why,The closer to Korea,To face Kim So Yeon,The more I want to talk to someone,This is probably an alternative version of near-home feelings!
“Oh?That seems not too scumbag!Can you tell me?I will help you analyze。”Gillian’s gossip soul is already burning,Can’t wait to know。
“I did an emotional radio show,Trust me,I should be able to give you a fair opinion。”Miss Gillian added very seriously。
obviously,She is really interested in this kind and rich handsome guy,Love history of this kind of person,It should be a very precious material!
“Actually nothing,The one in high school was my first love,In the middle we were separated by something,Can’t contact。Then I met this guy from Korea,She treats me very well,Gave me a lot,Help me take care of the company”
“and then?First love appeared again?”Miss Gillian blinked,Can’t help but interject。
“Ok,more or less!She lost her memory,Can’t remember me。I have encountered some difficulties at home,So i stayed with her,Help her。”

Xiao Xiao read a circle of lines,Then I remembered the princess’ words very seriously。

Summing up Ami’s script,It’s the beauty of the coveted heroine princess of Chen Wenjin’s wishful thinking,I don’t hesitate to start a war,The crazy villain killed two princesses who came to quell the war one after another,Threatening that the war will never end without the heroine。
Abao is a knight under the throne,I love the princess played by Li Xiang,I know that Li Xiang wanted to quell the war,Ready to marry the villain to end the war,Abao is in pain,But for peace, she personally sent her beloved Princess Li Xiang to the villain’s castle。
result,Princess Li Xiang was killed,Leopard angrily led the army to defend the invasion。
Fight against the big villain,In the end, he died in the battle with hatred。
The big villain drove straight in,Finally attacked Princess City。
Reinforcements led by Wang Shuai arrived all the way,After a just piece of advice is invalid,Draw the sword and fight the big villain in the city,Finally kill the crazy villain,Win the heart of the heroine。
Everyone’s lines are almost memorized,The boat is still driving,May said:“Then it started。”
Xiao Xiao stood up,Looking at Chen Wenjin。
Chen Wenjin watched her,Saying the lines:“The beautiful Princess Xiao Xiao,I have been tortured and tortured by longing,day after day,Year by year。When i put on the crown,The moment of succession to the throne,Excitement is not a gem of power,It’s the beautiful shadow of Princess Xiao Xiao that has been lingering in my heart!”
May watched,Motioned him to follow the script。
Chen Wenjin stepped forward,Show the possessiveness and aggressiveness of the big villain,Holding Xiao Xiao’s hand,Staring into her eyes and continuing to say lines:“The beautiful Princess Xiao Xiao,To get your love,I have imagined countless scenarios!The sweetness of getting what you want,Heartbroken with rejection!I even face the sun、Facing the moon、Swear to the sea again and again!If I can’t get the love of Princess Xiao Xiao,Just use war to turn the earth into ruins!Turn the castle into a sea of fire!This is my determination to love Princess Xiao Xiao,Princess Xiao Xiao,Please accept my love!”
Abao thinks it’s fun for Chen Wenjin to play the villain,How is this courtship,It’s a threat。
Chen Qian,Both Qiangwei and Li Xiang think Chen Wenjin’s attitude is good,Very serious,But Xiao Xiao is obviously not in place,I can’t help but think it’s better for them to play the heroine。
Wang Shuai also watched,listen,I didn’t expect Chen Wenjin to read it casually,Worthy of the seriousness of Amei’s script。
At this moment,The smile on Wang Shuai’s face suddenly freezes,because,He saw a trace of hesitation in Chen Wenjin’s eyes!
Yes,Chen Wenjin flashed his doubts。
Almost simultaneously,Xiao Xiao suddenly kissed his face like a dragonfly。
A circle of people,All dumbfounded。
“I accept your love confession!”Xiao Xiao,But not her line……

When he has something to say and is thinking,Quickly divert his attention,Drag him to the daughter’s room,Take out a box from the drawer,About to open,Was taught by Lu Jinning。

“Move Yao’er’s things without permission,You are invading your privacy,do you know?”
Yang Qiuyun pouted,my daughter,I know everything,No privacy at all?
But these words can only be muttered in my heart,Don’t provoke。
Took out something and dangled in front of him,“Don’t you see?”
“Look!”The man answered neatly,It’s not the awe-inspiring way of correcting a woman’s mistake just now。
Yang Qiuyun knew it was like this,Put away the mocking eyes,Open the wrapped red cloth,Take out a plasticized photo,“garrulous,You see。”
Lu Jinning took the photo,Look closely,But his eyes are a bit blurred,You have to stay away to see clearly。
Man sitting on the floor,Face is covered with stickers,There is no majesty at all,How funny it is,There was a little girl laughing in her arms。
Lu Jinning laughed all of a sudden,That man is him,Little girl in arms,Naturally Lu Yao。
Smile and smile,Eyes moist,The picture in front of me is blurred,I can’t help but wipe the corner of my eyes,Choked with memories,“Yao’er was only five years old,Love stickers very much,You don’t let her post,She came to grind me,Keep acting cute and cute,I was so crushed by her,Just let her play,Who knows she’s afraid you teach her,Dare not stick to furniture,Just put the sticker on my face。You look,There is no clean spot on my face?I’m the president of a big company,Was rendered imageless by her,But Yaoer is happy,I am happy too。”
Yang Qiuyun is a gentle and careful woman,Found that the corners of the man’s eyes were wet,Hurriedly took a tissue to wipe him,“They say that my daughter is the youngest of my father in his last life situation people,Your little situation People,Not only looks like you,Even that stubborn temper,All exactly like you。”
About this,Lu Jinning doesn’t object at all,Although Lu Yao’s stubborn temper can kill her popularity,But he still reluctant to teach her。
“I thought Yaoer wouldn’t forgive me,But she kept the photos so well,I know she still loves my father。”
“You,How old is it,I still have a general knowledge of my daughter,I blush for you。”
Yang Qiuyun hated him,“Not only this one,Your previous photos,She keeps everything well,Yaoer,love you so much。”
“Why didn’t you tell me before,Made me worry for so many years。”

Unexpectedly, Chen Geng actually required the quality of domestically sold motorcycles to reach the same level as the quality of exported motorcycles.,Sun Shoupeng hesitated,To say tactfully:“Mr. Chen,If the quality of motorcycles sold in the country is required to reach the quality level of export products,Cost may be difficult to control……”

Chen Geng frowned:“Do you mean that if the same quality standards are adopted,The cost rises more drastically?”
“Ok,That’s right。”
“Have you calculated in detail how much the cost will increase?”Chen Geng asked:“Don’t tell me it’s just your experience that the cost has increased more……This reason can’t convince me。”
Sun Shoupeng was suddenly a little embarrassed,The reason for the embarrassment is exactly what Chen Geng said“Based on experience, we think the cost has increased more”,He gave Cheng Xingming an awkward look:On this kind of thing,The chief engineer has a bigger say。
“Cough……”Cheng Xingming is also more embarrassed,But the factory manager spoke,What can he do?Bit the bullet and said:“Details of the increase in cost,We haven’t calculated it in detail yet,But according to our factory’s experience……”
Chen Geng interrupted Cheng Xingming:“If I remember correctly,Before that, Jialing Factory was mainly based on guns and shells.,You have export experience?”
“Cough cough……”
Chen Geng said this,The old faces of Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng were immediately red,Coughing desperately together:So embarrassing,brothers,Do you know if you chat like this will kill the gods?
Cheng Xingming bit his head and said:“This one……We mainly refer to the price gap between the export-oriented and domestic-sold models of the same product of domestic manufacturers……”
unfortunately,Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng still don’t understand,Chen Geng is here to talk about how to kill the sky,How can I accept that Cheng Xingming is sloppy with myself?
Interrupt Cheng Xingming,Chen Geng said:“According to our previous plan,Within three years,The two powertrains of these cars together with the carburetor、All air filters are imported from Fernandez,In addition, there are more critical bearings and other parts,The main parts of the Jialing plant to be supplied locally are the frame、Big wire harness、Lighting system、Appearance decoration parts such as fuel tank and mudguard。
Even if two quality standards are very different,How much can the cost of these parts differ?I think there is100Yuandingtian,I will calculate for you150yuan!
Cost rise150yuan,But what does this get?Is the quality of the whole vehicle comparable to imported products,There will be no small parts that will break in two days……”
Cheng Xingming is also in a hurry:“That’s right,But Chen Dong,Earn less with one car150Yuan……”

At this time, Yao Changsheng couldn’t help it.。

“Elder Black,Almost done。do not forget,You violated the rules to allow the black guard to participate in the outside struggle,Also want to support the rebels!”
However, Yao Changsheng’s words just finished,He was slapped flying by the elder Xiaohei。
Although Elder Xiaohei didn’t make a cruel move,But Yao Changsheng was seriously injured。And this slap,Yao Changsheng can’t even get up,Can only lie on the ground and gasp。
The other two elders who have never spoken expressed their dissatisfaction with what Elder Xiaohei did.。
“Little black,We have worked together for more than half a century。Fifty years,Watching you step by step this way,I still don’t understand。Obviously we are all elders of the previous generation,Why do you have so many grievances。Can’t this place wash away your hostility??”
“Humph,You are a hypocrite,Do you think you can really do nothing like the name??That’s just your own wishful thinking。More than ten years ago,If it wasn’t for you to have some ideas,Will the Patriarch die at that time??Will we be forced to step down so quickly?”Xiao Hei retorted。
Yao Wuwei heard Xiao Hei’s words,But I couldn’t help sighing,Then sat down again,“It’s passed。It’s been ten years since that incident,Why mention it again?Besides,We are all about to die,What’s more controversial?”
“Ha ha,You are very spineless,Only at this time。But me?what do I have?But retired under the name of the three elders,What did i get?”Xiao Hei is not dissatisfied。
However their conversation,Qin Feng heard it too。
I don’t know if I was slapped by the elder Xiaohei just now, and I got negative energy.,So my hearing is restored。But after regaining hearing,Qin Feng felt that he couldn’t activate that ability to predict。
Thought of here,He can only smile wryly。If you can’t catch some chances,That will disappear in a blink of an eye。
of course,He didn’t force too much。After all, he doesn’t necessarily have any chance of winning against these god-level masters.,So what about the ability to predict?
Xiao Hei and Yao Wuwei quarreled and felt more depressed,So I want to find an outlet。At this time he saw Qin Feng standing up。
“Kid,I am very upset now,Come and lend me a palm!”
“Pick upb!”Qin Feng broke directly

Pluto whispered,Next second,A simple mark emerges from the true spirit of Hades,In the hands of Hades,And the breath of Pluto quickly weakened to the third-tier peak,Pluto looked at this mark in his hand,Mark of the Lord of the Underworld。

Accompanied her for a long time,Also brought her endless loneliness,Now she is really tired of the underworld,Want to see other worlds,The mark of the lord of the underworld,It’s no longer important。
Po Meng watched the Hades really peeled off the mark of the legendary Lord of the Underworld,Whisper,If Pluto really leaves this world,So where will Po Meng’s line go from now on??
“Pluto is very bold,only hope,You can be safe,Then maybe we will see you again in the future。”
Goku looks at the decisive Hades,Said with a smile,Such a bold Pluto,But it fits his temper,It’s a pity that he doesn’t know the city lord of the heavens,Otherwise, you can go to the heavens and fight against Hades。
but,It’s too late to think about this now,Pluto at this moment,Has fallen to the top of Tier 3,Although the fighting skills may be far better than the usual Tier 3 peak,but,Can you re-advance to level 4,It still depends on the will of Pluto。
“Pluto is very bold,I can only remind you,The potential of the lord of Zhutian City is not small,As long as the future does not fall,Destined to be a strong,but,There must be a lot of danger,Pluto has to be careful。”
Nezha looks at such a powerful Pluto,Said with a smile,then,Mind moved,Report this matter directly to the ontology,He needs to fuse the mark of the Lord of the Underworld for a while,Only let the body send another clone here。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Four Acha’s determination
“This is what you want,I hope Lord Nezha can do what he says。”
Pluto looked at Son Nezha in front of him,Said with a smile,Toss,Throwing the imprint of the Lord of the Underworld that countless creatures yearn to Lord Nezha,No nostalgia。
She believes that Lord Nezha will keep the promise,not to mention,After such a long time,She has a lot of means,Even if this son of Nezha repents,Master Goku is here,She can also drag Nezha to death。
“it is good,Since Pluto trusts me so much,Then I will keep my promise,Introduce you to the lord of the heavens。”
After Nezha stretched out his hand to catch this simple imprint of the Lord of the Underworld,Put this mark into the space ring,It’s not suitable for him to fuse this mark now。
“I am not Pluto anymore,Lord Nezha can call me Acha。”
After Acha heard Nezha still calling her Pluto,Said lightly,Acha is her name,But few creatures know it,Now she is no longer the lord of the underworld,Hades。
“Acha?I’d better be a girl。”

Mary next door,Why are those vegetables in Yokeneck Village,If it’s in our village,I can have such confidence。

Wang Rui is really envious and jealous,But he also knew that he had no choice。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Eighty Seventy Do everything
If this lets Qin Feng go,At that time, there will be no way for him to find a place to make a fortune.,He quickly said:“I also want to explain to the people in the village,You also know that land is very expensive now。”
“Ha ha。”Qin Feng said mockingly:“Are you treating us as fools??”
“really not,I just hope you can give more。”Wang Rui also said hesitantly,He really doesn’t want to face such a thing。
“Come on,There is nothing more to say,We earn more,You guys will raise the price desperately,But if we lose money,Will you take the initiative to lower the price to subsidize us?”
Qin Feng just turned around and walked out,It’s a buyer’s market now,He is also not worried that there is no way to trade。
Seeing Qin Feng leave like this,Wang Rui is really anxious,He shouted:“Do not do,This matter can be discussed,Can we talk together?”
“No need,I also came with sincerity,But if you are not sincere,Nothing we say about this matter。”

This handsome man threw away the branch in his hand,First reached out and touched his face,Then cocked his mouth,With a cynical smirk:“Don’t you have this face too?You take me out to play,We can appear at the same time,If you use this face again in the future,No one else will suspect you。”

“This reason?Seems to make sense!Keep going。”Lu Menglin’s heart moved slightly,Casually smiled。
“The life energy stored in this god body,Not enough to support it for too long outside,Infer from the time of your earth,At most seven days is the limit。So you don’t have to worry!”Flicker of Shipborne Intelligence。
“This divine body is very powerful,How can it not have enough energy?”Lu Menglin squinted his eyes,Asked with a puzzled face。
This divine body actually shook his head vividly,Frowned:“What you don’t understand。The natural environment here has been transformed,More energy,Divine body exchanges energy with the outside world,Not too much consumption。
But the ecological environment in other places on your planet is already very bad,Once out,It takes a lot of energy to detoxify,To keep
The vital energy of the divine body is sufficiently active,So it is not enough。”
Lu Menglin understands,OK!It turns out that other alien intelligences dislike our earth’s ecological environment is too bad,To them,The earth is like a garbage dump full of viruses,Live here,Consumes a lot of energy,So stay for a while。
“Ok!I temporarily agree with you to go out,But if you have any behavior that is not conducive to human society,I will suspend your activity,Including destroying you。”Lu Menglin’s face shrank,Shen Sheng。
The god nodded quickly,Smiled:“Ok,Ok!no problem!You are strong enough now,Under the condition of insufficient charging,Not your opponent,And I won’t violate your orders,After all, you have administrative rights。”
Lu Menglin nodded,Sweeping his eyes on this god body twice。
He does have this confidence,If this body is under the control of shipboard intelligence,Really messed up,I should be able to suppress it。
Because of these ten days of intensive training,Has made Lu Menglin much stronger than before,The strength of the body has been compressed and condensed into a pill,Transformed into Dan Jin。
Dan Jin is a much stronger force than Gang Jin,And you can use Dan Jin to stimulate the acupuncture points in the body at any time,Burst of life potential,Make your own strength instantly increase。
Lu Menglin feels that this kind of pill stimulus technique,It looks like it was《Dragon Ball》when,Jie Wang Quan used by Monkey King,Can double the combat effectiveness in a short time。
And this technique,It’s obviously impossible for a god body,Because it has insufficient mental power,Consciousness generated by shipboard intelligence,Although it can control the movement of the gods,Even fight,But it is completely different from human consciousness。
It doesn’t have much mood swings,So there is no way to burst out suddenly,More unable to stimulate acupuncture points。
That’s why Lu Menglin is sure,Just in case,Exploding with Dan Jin,Defeat this god。
of course,It’s better not to happen。

“Hey!Don’t go,Did you hear me?”The man saw that Hu Yang ignored him,Shouted immediately。

It’s hard for him,I learned that He Jia Banshou,Specially to celebrate birthday。In fact,His family has a slight relationship with the He family。It’s exactly like this,His family is doing pretty well now,In business,Many people heard that his family is a bit related to the He family,Are willing to cooperate。
This birthday banquet,It’s an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the He family,Of course he is not willing to give up,Even without invitation,Also licking the face door。
but,Only found out,Can’t find a parking space,I guess they are all here for birthday?
To this,Actually, Mr. He is also very helpless,Sometimes people are in the arena,Involuntary。You retired,Want to keep a low profile,But the person who once hugged you,Will still come。
He still ignored Hu Yang,Very angry,About to get off the car。
At this moment,Just see,A son of the He family,Quickly temper your temper,Just want to come forward to say hello。The younger generation of the He family,That’s also the existence he wants to flatter。
But next he saw a scene that almost made him sweat,I saw the son of the He family go up and shoulder the guy I just wanted to teach。
He couldn’t help but horrified,What the hell is that kid??It looks like,He still doesn’t care about Young Master He。
This person quickly got back into his car,A scared rabbit look。
“Dear,what happened?Not going to that kid,Let him move??”The woman in the car asked in surprise。
The man quickly put a finger on his mouth,Shut up my mother-in-law:“Shut up!Don’t talk about this in the future。See that no one?He family’s current generation,One of the three males。”
Women are not stupid,A look at the situation,Immediately understand why my husband was so scared。