The police surrounded the robbers,The pistol in the hands of the robbers also kept moving between the police and Xiang Chen,People who take part in business,Not afraid of death,But no one wants to die,At this moment they also knew that they had been cheated by their employer,Looking at Xiang Chen,Where is the arrogant little boss,Clearly a professional killer!

Xing Tao looked at the Korean Xiang who fell in a pool of blood,The breathing is obviously much faster,I don’t care what environment I’m in,I just wanted to rescue Han Yuxiang。
“Go out!”
See Xing Tao changed,Xiang Chen sternly scolded。
Xing Tao stared at Xiang Chen,I want to accuse him of hurting Han Yuxiang,But when Xing Tao saw the two grenades that Xiang Chen held in his hands,,He finally understood why the police and the robbers did not lose each other’s momentum,But neither party has a tendency to shoot。
In this case,No one has absolute confidence to avoid explosions in such a range。
“Let’s quit first,The ambulance is on standby outside,Leave it to you here!”
Chu Tianqiao said to Xiang Chen,At the same time, it’s not just Chu Tianqiao alone,Everyone’s death to Sun Songtang,Have found new clues。
The police raised a gun at the robber and Xiang Chen,Some people even worry about their guns,Cause unnecessary panic。
The police retreated at the fastest speed,The two robbers turned their guns at Xiang Chen again。
From the situation,The situation is much easier now,But two people can’t relax,Especially seeing the two grenades in Xiang Chen’s hand,They feel depressed。
When did this kid touch the grenade from his body?No verbal communication,The two robbers are thinking about the same problem。
Look at each other,Both of them understood what was in each other’s eyes,Reconciliation at this time is obviously not effective advice,Since there is no reconciliation,The only way left is to kill the other party。
Because of the grenade,Xiang Chen can effectively deter robbers,So they dare not shoot easily,But it is precisely for this reason,Without the robbers shooting,Xiang Chen will not explode grenade randomly,No one wants to die after all,This is the consensus under the silent understanding of everyone。
Put away the pistol slowly,The two robbers coincidentally confronted Xiang Chen and showed his dagger。

System task to purify all the wraiths in Aokihara,This thing originally seemed impossible,And it takes time and effort,I don’t know what the reward is,Only one chance,Lu Menglin never felt that his luck was so good that he could win a lottery,So I didn’t take it seriously at first。

But now it seems,This trigger task can still be done,No problem!
“Kasuga Hako,I now begin to visualize the real body of Emperor Zhenwu,Ten seconds later,You mobilize the power of the wraith,Started attacking my true martial body,I will help you once and for all。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“what?You want me to attack your law body?Dharma body destroyed,Your mental power is gone,You will die!”Kasuga Hakoko is puzzled,Asked in amazement。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“So you have to wait ten seconds before attacking!rest assured,Mountain people have their own tricks!Direct attack is
Talk about it,Lu Menglin stepped back,Take a few steps back,Palms together,Closed my eyes again。
quickly,Above his body,Re-imagine the dharma body of Emperor Zhenwu with spiritual power。
But this time,The real martial arts body that Lu Menglin imagined is expanding continuously,In just a few seconds,It has evolved into a colossus with a height of tens of meters,Majestic,Baoxiang solemn,Hao Ran Sheng Wei。
And the most incredible thing is,This true martial body is still expanding in size,This means that Lu Mengli has continuously expanded his mental power to the limit,simply put,Just how big,How big is it!
but,In the eyes of Kasuga Hakoko,Instead, it’s an act of seeking death,Dharma phase condensed with spiritual power,Not the bigger,The more powerful,Just the opposite,Too big,Means that the mental strength is not enough,More likely to be broken,Easily break。
at this point,Kasuga Mingzi can’t take care of that much,Can only hold a glimmer of hope,A dead horse as a living horse doctor,I hope this Lu Menglin can have the technique of returning to heaven,Solve the problem of Aokihara’s hundred years of resentment for yourself。
Ten seconds will come in an instant,Kasuga Hako had to take a deep breath,The three-headed troll shikigami first issued an attack command。
She wants to try first,Does this Lu Menglin really have a trick?,If the other party just visualizes a true martial colossus,Defeated without meaning,Then there is no need to mobilize the power of the resentful spirit。
The three-headed troll god roared,Rushed to Zhenwu Colossus。
Bo!The three-headed troll god easily passed through the body of the real martial art,This scene made Kasuga Hako not help but feel nervous。
but,She was surprised in the next second,Because she found her spiritual connection with the three troll gods was cut off。
After the three-headed troll gods rushed into the realm of martial arts,,Disappeared silently!
This,what is this?How did he do it?Kasuga Mingzi was surprised and happy,Can’t help muttering to myself。

“Current expert,The taste has changed。”

“Maybe,The picture torn off in front,Maybe they are all valuable imitations,That’s funny。”
Fortunately, the conscience of the buddies who just got 20,000 yuan from Populus is not bad,Open road:“Funny,This cultural square is yours。My stuff,Can’t I decide who to trade with??Nowadays,I won’t go,See what you can do with me?”
He also knows very well,If it’s not Populus,That picture was torn off,Where did the 20,000 yuan come from?
The audience who had a bad impression of this buddy before,Right now its favor。No matter if people are greedy for money,But this time I can stand up and speak,Amazing。
originally,Populus still wants to save some face,Not explaining the painting on the spot。
Can be so troubled,His temper is up too。
then,He revealed the true face of the painting:“This should be an antique work by Mr. Zhang Daqian。”
Xu Hao stayed,Immediately laughed,I seem to hear a big joke。
“Do you know what Zhang Daqian represents?Caught a painting,It’s an antique work by Mr. Zhang Daqian,Really have the courage to say,I admire you!”
Even if you are not an antique dealer,I’ve also heard of Zhang Daqian’s name。
Chinese modern painters,He is almost the most famous。He is the most legendary splash-ink painter in Chinese painting circles in the 20th century,Also very famous internationally,Praised by western art circles“Oriental Pen”。Characters who can compete with world-class painters such as Picasso。
Like many painters,Zhang Daqian also experienced the road of tracing。In modern times, there are few painters who have widely absorbed the nourishment of the ancients like Daqian.,Other people、Teacher、Master everything、Teacher fortune,Can reach“Mentorship“The state of。
He used a lot of time and effort to copy ancient masterpieces,Especially his imitation of the works of Shi Tao and Bada Shanren is more vivid,Almost messy,It also took the first step in his painting。

then,She woke up very early today,Wash your face、Skin care、Draw eyebrows,Drew a light makeup and refreshing,The professional attire and the silk scarf on the neck are hot and hot。

Heading for the morning sun。Amei Chen is also interesting today,I waited patiently for Tian Lu,in the past,He Tianlu left first if he didn’t agree,Being able to rub A-mei Chen’s car is also her kindness。
Summarized in an idiom as:“Plastic sisters”、“Plastic friendship”,one way or another,It’s not bad to get along like this。
Sitting in Chen Amei’s car,Thinking of going to work in the administration department on the first day of today,I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a pit,Tian Lu’s emotions are still the silence after the extreme excitement。
Chen Amei looks at her dull,Start to water again:“Hey,First day,Gloomy face,Like someone owes you,Do you want this!?Damn it。”
“Early in the morning,Don’t shame,What a ghost or not,Please,Can you speak nicely??”Tian Lu couldn’t help but turn back,Lower his voice in protest。
A-mei Chen turns the steering wheel intently,Don’t care about her anymore。
Tian Lu’s heart is chilly,Thought,Do any friends do this,Not good at speaking。Forget it,Be broad-minded,Friends?,How perfect,Don’t care,It’s cheap, Amei。
First273chapter First arrived
Shanna Zhang, the backbone of the administration department, was transferred to be the head of the logistics department,Is equivalent to an improvement,Where there is real power。To fill in the blanks with Tian Lu,Originally Tian Lu transferred,You can ventilate with Xia Meihan directly without Ding Kelan,It’s good for the vice president in charge of administrative personnel and Xia Meihan to ventilate,But the main leader(President)Ventilate with Xia Meihan to show importance,But follow the procedure,The president in charge finally knew,Also ventilated with Xia Meihan。
Xia Meihan didn’t want to think too much about these people,How to arrange,Just follow the arrangement of the superior。
When Tian Lu went to the Administration Department,Chief Secretary of the Administration Department Zhan Yuexin has an iconic smile on his face,Welcome enthusiastically,Arrange Tian Lu to the position where Zhang Shanna originally sat。Then Zhan Xinyue introduced herself,Previously worked in the sales department of Sheng Lan Electronics in the industrial park,Now lead to the work of Shenglan International Optoelectronics,If you are tired of calculation, you have almost six years of work experience。
Tian Lu leaned gently to show courtesy respect,Said:“It’s a young old man,Please advise!”
“Dare not advise,Learning from each other。”Zhan Xinyue smiles and screams,Let Tian Lu have a warm feeling。Then give her a warm introduction to the work process of the administration department。
Let Tian Lu deeply feel the warmth of the big family of the administrative department,It feels so good to be helped and cared for,New arrival,Can receive this courtesy,I am very grateful to Zhan Xinyue。Keep this gratitude deep in my heart,I will repay you in the future。
Tian Lu realized,This is the difference between employee quality and self-cultivation,The humanistic atmosphere and reputation of the enterprise are not groundless,This is inseparable from the management,The relationship between people makes Tian Lu more rightakyeDing Kelan is in awe,Worship him from the bottom of my heart。If not a good leader,How can there be such a good entrepreneurial atmosphere?。

Michelle·W·Apple is happier:“Yes,I believe some gentlemen have thought of it,Mr. Fernandez is a kind man,After I told him about the situation,He asked me any suggestions,I told him,If you can build a children’s playground in the corner of the restaurant、And allow home12Workers with children under age bring their children to the company when they go to work on weekends,Just leave it to the restaurant……Guess what Mr. Fernandez said?”

Mingming Michelle·W·April this guy is proud,It must be done,But those homes have12Workers under the age of bear children still can’t believe this kind of good thing will fall to their own heads:No other company has heard of such a good thing。
I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it,Don Michel·W·After Apple talked about it,,These workers who have bear children at home still can’t help thinking、To guess。
no way,Are all parents,The kind of thing that leaves the child at home to go to work is really impossible,But if it’s handed over to the nursery on the weekend,……You try your monthly salary is enough for a few days?
Michelle·W·Apple Discovery,I really enjoy being expected、The feeling of being valued,It makes him feel very proud,Deliberately paused for a while,He just said:“Mr. Fernandez agreed,Not only agreed,When you bring your kids over on the weekend,The company will ask someone to help take care of the child,You can also have lunch with you in the restaurant,And all this,All free……”
Michelle·W·Apple hasn’t finished speaking yet,The workers cheered immediately……
“I knew that Mr. Fernandez was a good man……God bless good people……”
“Doris no longer has to worry about taking care of the children on weekends……”
this moment,Whether it is a child who has grown up or a worker whose child is at this age,Are so excited。
I don’t know the pain of raising a baby、Tired of raising a baby,Especially every weekend,How to take care of the child becomes a big problem,Can’t go to work,Go to work, who cares about the children?Now Mr. Fernandez allows himself to take the child to the company,This is really……The workers are so excited that they are indescribable,That is to say, the United States does not give people a longevity tablet.,Otherwise someone might have done this。
Watching the excited crowd,Michelle·W·Is Apple proud?,But there is still a very important point I haven’t said yet……
“Hear me out,Everyone listen to me,”Michelle·W·Apple raised his voice,Speak loudly:“But Mr. Fernandez has a request,This requirement requires everyone to sign an exemption agreement with the company。”

“……Is such a deep obsession??Maybe,I am indeed wrong。”Bai Ze looked at the back of Zhao Feng leaving,Just discovered:I don’t know when to start,Also began to merge with the world,Trapped by fame and fortune,To“This is reality”As an excuse,Let yourself give up all the good things in your heart,Finally stuck“reality”Among,Forget the original intention。

“What was my original intention?”
Bai Ze leaned back in his chair,Look up at the ceiling,Muttered to myself。
First volume·Bahuang Martial Arts Chapter Twenty Five:Bai Xian Lai Ye
The bowstring breaks free and pulls,Tremble after straightening,High frequency dull、Stop in one second。
Zhao Feng looked at his right index finger、Middle finger,The moment the bowstring breaks free,Friction and resilience make two fingers slightly painful,Even a brief numbness。
In fact, the correct way to pull the bowstring is to clamp the side of your thumb and index finger,Buckle it to the tiger’s mouth,And Zhao Feng tried it once after checking,But I found that such a technique cannot even pull the bowstring。
later,Zhao Feng realized,Modern composite bows are designed based on professional mechanics,Often it only takes very little effort to make the arrow shoot with multiple power,And the horn bow is different,Although it is much more powerful than throwing an arrow empty-handed,But the mechanical structure is far weaker than the compound bow。
Compound bow for ordinary competition,The upper limit of the pull required to open the bow is mostly60lb,One pound is 0.9 kilograms,The ox horn bow in Zhao Feng’s hand needs 120 kilograms to be full,So the usual bowing technique cannot be useful。
after that,Zhao Feng tried to hook the bowstring with two fingers,Go all out,Even skin veins and unskilled flesh veins are pushed to the extreme,But you can only pull the bowstring by one third。
“Senior Tantai used this bow to fire five bamboo arrows in a row?If so,I’m afraid his power is beyond the ordinary……Want me to shoot 500 times a day,Can it really be done?”Zhao Feng’s confidence began to shake,He thought that with the Eight Desolation Martial Art,Should be possible,Now I can’t finish it even once。
“I still don’t have enough control over power,Even if the force of the skin veins can be concentrated to a point,It also sends power from the skin,And can’t all be transformed into pulling force,The vein has not been penetrated yet,The assistance that can be given is almost zero,Maybe I should penetrate the veins first,Then control the transformation skills of the skin veins,Improve your own strength base,Otherwise try blindly like this,Just waste time。”
The next five days,Thoroughly penetrate the veins,And fill the veins with energy,Constitute a complete Mingjin cycle。

“Hero Lu,You do it yourself!In Red Willow City,It’s useless to calculate,Everything must be based on strength!Even if you get lucky once or twice,Long time,Not enough strength,Everything is nothing!You and I say it all,I am leaving!”

Mu Feiyan shook his head,Gently push on the toes,The boat under your feet is like an arrow from the arc,Break the water,Sail to the other side。
Although the attitude is very firm,Very stern tone,But Mu Feiyan knew that his mind was actually a bit messy。
These days after returning from the Cow Demon Temple,She thinks of that guy every day,Thinking of him hiding himself behind,In front of Bei Gongwang’s blade,Thinking of him,Steal a ray of my soul,Dream of Soul,Heart and mind。
In my own day and night thinking,He is so powerful,Have a temperament to control everything。
When the message is received,When he asked himself to meet on the moon lake in the middle of the night,Mu Feiyan’s miss these days,It seems to be turned into substance all at once,Full of body。
but,When Mu Feiyan really got close to him,See him,When perceiving him,But I was disappointed!
Because he is too weak!At his age,The strength of the body is probably equivalent to the thirteenth level of the gods,That’s the level of a weaker champion!
Why did I have that illusion??He is not strong at all!
not to mention,He is not a god nation,He is from the Lower Realm,Is a lower life!Whenever Mu Feiyan thinks of himself surrendering to him,Even when I like him a little bit,There will be a deep sense of shame。
It’s this shame,Only when Mu Feiyan faced Lu Menglin,Deliberately put on,Even a dismissive gesture,As for the other’s kind reminder,I’ve already been thrown out of the clouds。
Chapter 907 Beg
Eighteen Alleys of Red Willow City,This is the central city of Hongliu City,It is also the most concentrated area in the city。
Qin’s Mansion,At the end of the Eighteenth Lane。

“That is the jade pendant from the tomb of Princess Chen Guo and her husband more than a thousand years ago.。”

Xu Fang heard such words,I couldn’t hold back immediately,Although she doesn’t love money like life,But such a precious cultural relic,She wants to see too。
“Liu Lao,Please bring me to see,”Xu Fang excitedly said to Lao Liu。
“Xu Lao,You can’t go wrong,”Liu Lao said that he put the jade pendant in Xu Fang’s hands。
After Xu Fang checked it carefully,I immediately found it was good,It is indeed the double fish jade pendant of the Liao Dynasty。
“mom,Is this jade pendant very valuable?”
Liu Chunlan can’t understand what the Warring States Period or the Pisces jade pendant,She just wants to know whether the jade pendant is worth any money。
“More than valuable,”Xu Fang said to Liu Chunlan with regret and anger:“Just such a jade pendant,It’s worth hundreds of assets of our Lin family。”
Xu Fang is too aware of the value of this piece of Pisces jade pendant during the Warring States Period,Even if it is described as priceless,I believe it is not too much。
Xu Fang shook his head after speaking,Still talking:“unfortunately,What a pity!”
After listening to Mr. Liu,Liu Chunlan suddenly regretted,One is not standing,Actually fell to the ground,Who would have thought that Xiao Fan’s uselessness would be able to get something like this before。
The people present are also very sorry,Such a good piece of jade,Priceless jade,Was broken like this。
Lin Yuner also looked at Xiao Fan in surprise,Because she didn’t expect Xiao Fan to bring out such a baby,But after she saw Xiao Fan,But very strange,Because other people are very sorry,But Xiao Fan didn’t care,It seems that this price treasure is broken,Not regretful。
Fang Zixuan looked at everything in front of him,Although he was surprised that Xiao Fan could bring out such a valuable thing,But at least he was satisfied。
Xiao Fan identified himself on the spot as a fake painting that prevented him from coming to stage,Now his priceless jade pendant has been thrown into pieces as a stall,Evened out。
But when Fang Zixuan looked at Xiao Fan,I also found that Xiao Fan didn’t feel distressed at all。
“It really is a mental illness,”Fang Zixuan snorted coldly。
Liu Chunlan thought that jade was so valuable,Fragments must also be valuable,So she just looked for the broken jade pendant in every corner,Not to greet the guests,And the people here today have seen enough of the farce at the birthday banquet of the Lin family,So before the birthday banquet officially starts,So they found reasons to leave。
Seeing all the guests at the birthday banquet are gone,Xu Fang also knocked on her cane,Said:“Go back to the house!”

“Oh,It turned out to be Professor Keynes’s disciple。”Qiao Tianyu nodded。

No wonder that buddy exudes a different noble breath all over,I went to study in the UK,Although I don’t know if I have learned the true skills,But he learned the British arrogance vividly!
“Dude,It stands to reason that you are the vice president of China Oil Group,Cadre,He is so young,The position should be far below you?”Qiao Tianyu saw Huang Shuliang respectfully in front of the son,Asked strangely。
“Hey,Who makes a deep family,How can I look at my little cadre?”Huang Shuliang reluctantly picked up a big bag of maple syrup beside him。
“bawl,This is not on the plane to Chicago,He said his wife likes to eat maple syrup,Arranged for me to buy maple syrup from store to store early in the morning!I just complained that I didn’t go to the room and invited him down for breakfast,Hey,The son brother!”
“Director Dong, right??interesting.”Qiao Tianyu smiled。
First0199chapter Academic seminar
I heard that Huang Shuliang went to visit Professor Friedman at ten in the morning,So after breakfast,Qiao Tianyu goes to the room to shower and change clothes,Put on clean clothes,So he and Mr. Brewer waited at the professor’s door early。
After all, I have to visit the old professor,It’s impolite to be late,However, Qiao Tianyu did not expect to wait for more than an hour.,Waited till a quarter past ten,I saw that Dong Gongzi stepping in all directions,Came over unhurriedly。
But Mr. Dong is not ashamed of being late,On the contrary, when he discovered that Professor Friedman could not come to meet him personally,Muttered unhappily“Really uneducated”,Turned around in anger。
See the scene,Qiao Tianyu can’t laugh or cry,From this Dong Gongzi,It really boosted my Huaxia’s prestige:You don’t go out to meet you personally,I’m angry and leave!
I’ll wipe it!
Kid,Did you know that Mr. Friedman is 80 years old this year??
For you a fledgling boy,The elders must go out to meet them in person,You are so big!
Moreover,Today, you came to ask for advice on behalf of China,Make no mistake,good or not?
I’m so embarrassed to say that they have no education,I think you are too educated?
I rub!Dahuaxia’s face,I lost you all!

“Per pound20Cents?”Chen Geng asked back。

“When i came in,Security told me,20USD200lb,The price of one pound after conversion is10Cents,”Chen Geng looked at Michael with a smile:“I bought it from you in bulk,The price is twice as expensive as the occasional guy?”
“what?”Michael is totally stupid:“Is that so?”
Chen Geng is lazy to talk,Pointing to the calculator on the table,Beckoning him to count。
The result is of course awkward,Chen Geng is right,Michael sells to individual customers at a price per pound10Cents,The price sold to Chen Geng, a major customer, has become per pound.20Cents,But this guy has a thick skin,Not even red,Haha smile:“what……That’s what I calculated wrong,Count it for you8How about cents per pound?”
Anderson quit。
Such a big hole、Such a good performance opportunity,I didn’t notice it just now,This annoys Anderson,Seeing the opportunity came,He jumped out immediately,Blushing and arguing with Michael:“Per pound8Cents?Why don’t you grab it?!Don’t think i don’t know,The price you sell these scrap iron,Only per pound1Cents!One cent per pound!Now you dare to demand every pound8Cents?!Turned over8Times!Mr. Michael,Are you crazy about money??”
Facing an angry Anderson,Michael shrugged disapprovingly,Tao:“I know this price is a bit expensive,but……”
A pair“I just kill you,You have the ability to bite me”Cheap。
Anderson is angry,Have to argue with Michael,Chen Geng laughed,Originally he thought8The price of a pound is good,But now……
Anderson,Chen Geng looked at Michael and said:“Mr. Michael,There are three scrap car dismantling companies throughout Detroit,You are not my only choice,If you can’t give me a satisfactory price,I don’t mind working with another company,You don’t want to run away with such a business?”
Chen Geng’s words are poked into Michael’s heart,Michael used“You want bargains,You have to endure my killing you”To threaten Chen Geng,Chen Geng just used“I can accept your higher price,But if the ones you drive out are too outrageous,Laozi changed company to cooperate,So you won’t make a penny!Don’t think we are the only choice”Come and answer this guy hard。
PS:I can’t find it70How much is the scrap iron at the end of the decade?,Thousands of years can only vaguely remember80End of the year90At that time the recycling price of scrap iron was more than three cents,Just use this as a reference and subtract some,A penny and a pound should not be much worse。
First31chapter Building Detroit“Chen Tian”
Facing the threat of Chen Geng,Michael was shocked instantly。
Chen Geng’s threat is very real,There are three scrap car dismantling companies in the entire Detroit city,Facing the benefits of Fernandez,Don’t cut prices by yourself,The other two will inevitably cut prices,In that case,Why don’t you make money from the door?,Let those two bastards make money?