Zhang Zhilin was said to be frustrated and frustrated:“I am following Ouye’s order,It’s official!Just let you know,Miss blame it,I take it!”
Wang Tsai reluctantly picked up the walkie-talkie and gave orders to the car behind。
Chen Xiu saw Zhang Zhilin with more than ten people,Everyone just got out of the car and walked over,I know that Zhang Zhilin is not so easy to deal with。
“Chen Xiu,Step aside!”
Zhang Zhilin doesn’t have much air,Directly pointed at Chen Xiu with the pistol in his hand and shouted:“Ouye’s orders,Who stopped and killed!You won’t let go,I’m about to fire!”
Wang Zai, they drew their guns as soon as Zhang Zhilin came up directly,I had to raise guns at Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiu is not afraid of more than a dozen guns at him,But the helicopter pilot behind him was shaking with fright。
To know,Helicopters are not bulletproof。
“Really not discussed?”Chen Xiu said。
“What do you say!”
Zhang Zhilin still wants Chen Xiu to resist,So I can take the opportunity to kill this“Rival”!
“Since this is the case,Then I can only be welcome!”
Chen Xiu spread his hands,Fingers are shaking gently,Look helpless。
“You’re welcome!”
Zhang Zhilin burst into laughter:“I want to see how you are not welcome……”
“Oh yo!”

“You can call Ye Lao now to confirm,I just said that!”

“Do not……No need to,We naturally believe in Mr. Chen’s identity,I’m going to be kind to the captain!”
Death for money、Birds die for food。
For a bonus of 50 million,The captain naturally wants to blog。
Soon the captain’s voice came from the cabin,Let them roll their seat belts,The plane is about to forcibly land。
Hesitating without the cooperation of ground staff,The captain made the plane circle a few times at low altitude,Open to understand the situation of the airstrip。
When flying at low altitude,Zhang Yuantu’s nose twitched again。
“Chen Xiu,There may be dirt on the ground!”
“what’s the situation?”
“I asked about the strong smell of blood in the air!”
Chen Xiu gasped,He had only seen Zhang Yuantu’s nose sensitive two hours ago,Now he speaks so confidently,I’m afraid I can’t go wrong。
“You suspect that the bottom of the airport is occupied by zombies?”
“Very likely!”
Zhang Yuantu probably frightened the front captain and deputy pilot,Said in a low voice:“Such a strong smell of blood makes me smell it at an altitude of hundreds of meters,At least 50 people died on the ground,This is definitely not one or two zombies can do it。I conservatively estimate,At least no less than thirty zombies came!”
Chen Xiu leaned against the airplane window,Staring at the ground,The airport 100 meters below seems like a big mouth in the night,Just wait for their plane to land and take it to your mouth。
“Thirty zombies!”
Chen Xiu smiled bitterly and said:“The best case is to hope that there are no three generations of zombies。If only four generations of zombies,I should be able to deal with twenty,Do you have any problems dealing with ten!”
“If you just use the previous air gun、water gun,There is no chance of winning against three!”

Eaten,Cui Ronghao has something to return to the company,Ji Yunfeng involuntarily took Yushi to the nearest shopping mall。

In the words of Ji Yunfeng,She has been busy with work recently,Already neglected to dress up,This is a taboo for young women。
Arrived at the mall,Ji Yunfeng dragged her into a well-known women’s clothing store。When I see the poetry,The shopping guide lady approached her and asked her needs。Yushi helpless,I have to say I want to buy a skirt。
“beauty,Your skin is so white,Hot body,I suggest you try our brand’s main push this season。”The shopping guide lady is a foreigner,But Chinese is very good,She took a black tube top dress,Walk next to Yushi。
Yushi curled his lips before looking at the skirt,What hot?How can you describe her as hot?She should be called dignified like this、Elegant?
Pushed sunglasses,She looked at the dress with great dissatisfaction,This fabric is too simple,She doesn’t wear this kind of strapless skirt。The most important reason is,She doesn’t want to buy clothes at all。
She secretly looked at Ji Yunfeng, who was sitting on the sofa with her legs folded and looking at her phone,Today he is determined to take her shopping,What do you want?Let her buy?
She is not like the defeated women in society,Spend man’s money,Enjoy the feeling of vanity。Not to mention that she is a local tyrant,Don’t need to spend man’s money。
“beauty,Want to try?Really suits you!”,The shopping guide enthusiastically recommended her again。
At this moment,As if the man who didn’t pay attention to her suddenly put away his phone,Unscrew the mineral water bottle next to me,Took a sip of water,Seemingly casual:“quite pretty,You can try!If you mind showing too much,Can be worn on dates!”
His handsome eyes bend,Wicked smile,This is obviously purposeful。
Yushi coldly hummed in my heart:“Do you wear it on a date with you?”
Ji Yunfeng drank again,Apple rolling,Squint her,Like responding:so smart!
She insisted that she didn’t try on that dress,But Ji Yunfeng insisted on paying the money and bought it。
Out of the shop,The two are like an awkward little couple,The poetry and poems stand up high and walk forward,Ji Yunfeng followed her with shopping bags in a handsome manner。
The two passed by many stores one after another,Every time I go to a store,Ji Yunfeng will remind her if she wants to go in for a stroll。

Fang Fangyi listen,Excitedly gave Lang Hu a punch,She smiled and said:“How can you think of,It’s useful to bring this big flower snake back?“

“I have a looksSo many experts from the city are here,Why not bring this snake back for them to see,Unexpectedly, the blind cat ran into a dead mouse,I really hit an idea with this idea”Lang Hu said,A deep look at Chen Xia。
Fang Fang knew,Lang Hu is so desperate against Xia Jian,It’s mostly Lang Hu for Chen Xia’s sake,Otherwise, I knew a friend who was only a few days old,Would never have such a deep relationship。
Although everyone is talking,But I still remember Xia Jian in the rescue room,Fang Fang every half hour,Call Wang Lin,Reporting the situation here。
Suddenly Fang Fang received a text message from Wang Lin“I will board the plane right away,Arrive at nine o’clock in the eveningscity,Hurry up and contact a woman named He Jing,phone13425699875”
Fang Fang took a look at the text message,Can’t help being surprised,First, Wang Lin is coming here in person,The second is to forget about He Jing。
Chen Xia,Take a look at Fang Fang’s look,Asked immediately:“what happened?What happened?”
Fang Fang shook his head helplessly,And sent a text message from Wang Lin to her,Told Chen Xia,Chen Xia,Said to Lang Hu immediately:“You go to the train station,Then a woman named He Jing,This is her mobile number,You remember,After that, take her to President Xia’s room”
Lang Hu heard that Chen Xia arranged work for him,Happy face,I can’t take care of my sweat,So he ran away。
at this time,Which male doctor came out with a smile on his face,She yelled to Chen Xia all the way:“Miss Chen!The wounded awoke”
Fang Fangyi listen,Just rush in,The male doctor stopped her and said:“No entry,Although the wounded is awake,But the various functions of his body,Need further inspection,Moreover,Let him rest quietly,It’s not a bad thing”
Chen Xia heard that Xia Jian was awake,The whole person collapsed on the bench,She has no strength,From last night to now,She didn’t get in a drop of water,She has always respected her,Ever suffered such a serious sin,This time it can be said that both internal and external。
Some friends of Chen Xia,Same happy,They support Chen Xia,Walked towards the infusion room,This woman really needs to make up。
Only Fang Fang is left in the aisle,She felt hungry now,Empty stomach,She has to replenish her energy too,Otherwise Xia Jian hasn’t stood up yet,She might fall。
Around ten o’clock in the evening,Wang Lin has rushed to the hospital,Xia Jian at this time,Has been transferred to the general ward,Out of care。The infusion tube drips yellow liquid little by little,Xia Jian closed his eyes tightly,Seems to be sleeping。Fang Fang sitting in front of the bed,I kept moistening his lips with a cotton swab。
Chen Xia led Wang Lin and gently pushed open the door of the ward,The two were afraid to start Xia Jian who was sleeping。Fang Fang looked back alertly,When she saw Wang Lin,I lowered my head embarrassedly。
“All right,Leave it to me here,You go home and rest!Come back tomorrow morning”Wang Lin said,So he put his bag on the bed。
Fang Fang shook his head and said:“I won’t go back,I am responsible for this”
“All right!Don’t affect Mr. Xia’s rest,As for the responsible,Let’s talk about it after returning to the company!”Wang Lin’s tone is a bit blunt,Like a leader,Fang Fang dare not listen,Had to get up,I went back to the hotel a little bit reluctant。

Elevator 1st to 5th floor,These people sent Xia Jian and Zhu Hui into the room,They just closed the door and left。Zhu Hui who can’t wait,Like a fire,She swooped over,Hug Xia Jian,A stormy kiss。This woman is worthy of a love veteran,Some down,Xia Jian can’t stand it anymore。

The clothes on Zhu Hui slowly drifted down like snowflakes,And the more drifting, the less,Seeing that there is only the last one left,Xia Jian suddenly hugged Zhu Hui’s neck with his arms,His two hands quickly groped the acupuncture points on Zhu Hui’s neck。Sweat came out of Xia Jian’s forehead。
Xia Jian vaguely remembered that Master Ziyi told him,There is this acupuncture point on the back of the forehead,If the hit is accurate,Can cause a coma in a short time。
The impatient Zhu Hui is like a poisonous snake,Wrapped tightly around Xia Jian’s body,She twisted,Both hands frantically tore at Xia Jian’s clothes。Fortunately, I wear a lot of clothes in winter,If this is summer,Xia Jian has long been naked。
When I was naked when I saw myself,Xia Jian touched the acupuncture point on Zhu Hui’s forehead,Two fingers together,Hard poke。Xia Jian hasn’t learned acupuncture skills。
But he understands,Ancient book let record,Acupuncture is not something ordinary people can practice,Not only need to be accurate,The shot is going to be ruthless,No effect,It may even kill people if it is heavy。
Xia Jian was forced out of this trick just now,Just in case,That would be a big trouble。Just when Xia Jian was worried about this problem,I saw Zhu Hui’s mouth,Roll your eyes up,Slid down from his arms。Xia Jian was both surprised and happy,Hug Zhu Hui and put it on the bed,Then touched her nose with her hand,Found that Zhu Hui was still breathing,This means he is fine。
How to do?Just rush out?Xia Jian thought of this,Can’t help but shook his head,He learned from Zhu Hui,She brought a lot of people,Want to push outside,It definitely won’t work。Zhu Hui brought so many people here,Must be prepared,He can’t take such a risk。
I can only ask for help now,Xia Jian thought of Gao Deju again,No way,They just separated,And her mental state is very bad,Besides, they just helped him yesterday。Xia Jian has no suitable candidate,Call the police。Seems to be insufficient,He doesn’t even know the boss behind Zhu Hui。
Xia Jian left and thought,There is really no way for a while。As soon as the police arrive,These people scattered,Zhu Hui comes here again, he got her here,This matter is hard to argue with。
Time goes by,Once Zhu Hui wakes up,This opportunity won’t happen again。Xia Jian is desperate,He suddenly thought of Fang Fang,Immediately took out the phone,Want to call Fang Fang,He was afraid that Zhu Hui would wake up at this moment,Or heard by someone guarding the door。
Xia Jian slipped,Back on the edge of the bed,Then he sent Fang Fang an urgent message,The effect is to let him quickly notify the police station near Lishui,Come here for rounds,Then take him away。Thus,Zhu Hui wouldn’t believe that he did this,He wants to bring out the big boss behind Zhu Hui,Solve this matter completely。
As soon as the message is sent,Xia Jiancheng deleted the manuscript。And put the phone on the bedside purposely,He covered Zhu Hui’s attractive body with a quilt,He got in too。

“Blue Light Messenger,Repair position,Unknown realm,Good at cursing,Very weird,Suspected identity。Worth 18,000。”

“Inanimate believers,Wen Hongshen,Primordial monk,Good at fire spells,Worth five thousand great merits。”
“Choose first,I’ll give you their information after choosing。”
Li Ming glanced over,On strength,These Yuanshen Taoists can naturally be killed easily。
But he didn’t plan to use his full strength。
Even if he has the same position as Bai’s,Keep a little too,It’s enough to burst out the strength equivalent to a general Sanxian。
And the general San Xian Di Xian-level monk,It may not be possible to hunt down some particularly powerful Yuanshen Taoists.。
“Immortal religion,If I remember correctly, it should be a sect dedicated to the true god of Jinxing,Strange methods,Although I am high,But the body is still a primordial Taoist,Yuan Shen Demon Refining Body,In order to avoid accidents or exclude members of the core sect, the Blue Light Messenger。”
“Saitosan and Wen Hongshen, whose merits are less than 10,000, are also eliminated first。”
Li Ming didn’t think for long,Decided directly。
“Then give me the details of Yuan Yeyi first,I will take this task first!”
“Really kill Yuan Yeyi?He is the strongest among the five,That is to say, the blue light messenger of the Wusheng Tianjiao can be compared!”
“rest assured,Kill him easily!”
Fairy Baiyuan gives you Li Ming a file,It introduces Yuan Yeyi’s information in detail。
Yuan Yeyi,Was born as Saito’s servant,Because of outstanding talent,Accepted as a disciple by Cangxian。
He is a member of the Saito family,Good strength,A vein of Sunda iron that has long guarded Saito。
Station of the vein,Supported by formation,It’s hard for an ordinary Sanxian to kill him,And soon Saito’s fairy will come。
In the small world,It’s hard to find a small move,But these immortals in the big world can easily move over。
and so,Even if you want to kill such a monk,Must kill and slip away in three breaths,If it exceeds this time,Saito’s fairy will come anytime。

Words of Wang Teng,Let Jiang Ya’s heart even more warmth。

It seems that no one has said such caring words to Jiang Ya for a long time。
Since taking over the Jiang Group,Jiang Ya spent all of that kind of intrigue。
So she feels exhausted physically and mentally,but now,A simple sentence like Wang Teng,But Jiang Ya felt an unprecedented feeling。
“Your body is really bad,When it’s okay,You can go for a massage to relax your muscles and bones。”
Wang Teng can’t say he can too,It’s better to proceed gradually。
“OK,if you have time,I will。”
Jiang Ya nodded,Be an answer。
“Ok,Pay attention to your body。”
Talking,Wang Teng drives,A gust of wind,Go to the place Jiang Ya said。
at this time,Five-star hotel in Winterley。
Hotels under the banner,Also well received。
And here,In Sioux City,It seems to be a big force。
Many business celebrities,All like to come here to party。
The main pattern here is high-end atmosphere and high-end,Come here for a banquet,Regardless of all aspects,The hotel is properly arranged,Make people feel at home。
And during the banquet,Outstanding young children of major families,Will gather to chat。
Between men,It’s more about careers and women。
Jiang Ya,It’s the focus of each meeting。
“This time i’m ready,Miss Jiang Ya is mine。”

Sun Jiaxing’s car is not driving fast,It didn’t take long to stop at the door of a supermarket,Ji Yunfeng stops immediately,The two quickly took off their seat belts and got out of the car and followed。

It was a woman who got off the car with Sun Jiaxing,Yu Shi met her once,Have an impression of her。She is Sun Jiaxing’s wife,Ma Wanqiu。
They quickly walked a few steps,Stop in front of Sun Jiaxing and Ma Wanqiu。
For the sudden appearance of poetry,Sun Jiaxing was obviously extremely surprised,But it’s not just as simple as being surprised,There is a trace of panic,But the latter is fleeting。
He pretended to be surprised,It’s like meeting the deceased’s daughter in a foreign country that makes him excited、Very happy。
“Poetry,Why are you?Why did you come to uk?Why don’t you tell me?I pick you up at the airport!”
Yu Shi doesn’t want to make senseless greetings with him,Go straight to the topic:“Sun Ge,I’m here to find you,I have something to ask you,About my father。”
Listening to the poem mentions Han Honglang,Sun Jiaxing’s face is different,But that subtle change was quickly replaced by sadness。
“time flies,The chairman has been away for more than a year。Ask what’s the matter,I must know that everything is endless。”
Yu Shi didn’t expect him to be so cooperative,But from his look,Yu Shi thinks he is acting。
First39chapter Full of lies
A bad feeling came to my heart。
She has no evidence for some things,Just guess,If Sun Jiaxing doesn’t want to say,Tai Chi with her,Or perfuse her,She can’t help it。

In the emergency room,Several doctors and nurses take turns on duty,Care for Xiao Chenchen,This moved Xia Jianhaosheng。Qin Xiaomin didn’t go back until three o’clock in the middle of the night,Had it not been for Xia Jian’s repeated requests,It looks like she will stay up till dawn。

At half past eight,Xiao Chenchen’s inspection results finally came out,High fever caused by enteritis。Fortunately, after several doctors tried their best to rescue,Xiao Chenchen’s fever subsided,The child also opened his eyes at nine o’clock at the door。
Although the child is still a little weak,But he can call grandpa and grandma clearly,The heart that made people hold finally let go。In order to receive follow-up treatment,Xiao Chenchen was transferred from the emergency ward to the general ward。In order to allow children to have a comfortable environment for recuperation,Xia Jian specifically asked for a roomVIPWard。
Isn’t it a matter of money?!He can’t let the child suffer this crime again just because he saves money。VIPThere are accompany beds in the ward,Xiaochen Chenyi wakes up,The first person who couldn’t hold it was Xia Zecheng,After all, he is old。Under Sun Yuejuan’s arrangement,Xia Zecheng went to bed first。
To keep myself from sitting and dozing off,Xia Jian walked out of the ward,He came to the small garden under the hospital,Suck the fresh air to your heart’s content。Just last night,When he saw what Xiao Chenchen looked like,Xia Jian feels that he has a little difficulty even breathing。
“I thought you didn’t feel sorry for the child,It seems you are pretending to be strong”Zhao Hong didn’t know when he was standing behind Xia Jian。
Xia Jian looked back at Zhao Hong who was tired and said:“Now whether he is my son or not,Since he already lives in our house,I have to treat him well,Otherwise I will be uneasy”
“Hey!Qin Xiaomin heard that Chenchen was your son last night,Face suddenly changed,What does this have to do with her?Is it because you are the mayor of Pingyang Town?!”Zhao Hong asked curiously。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:”I do not know,I will never understand your women’s hearts“
“Yo!What you mean is that there seems to be something between you?Don’t take you like this!Ouyang Hong,Qin Xiaomin again,This for me,Is it too unfair“When Zhao Hong said this,Chong Xiajian made a face。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but walked over,Reached out and patted Zhao Hong’s shoulder gently twice.:“Stop thinking,You should go out and get something to eat“
“Also,Why did I forget this,You go upstairs!“Zhao Hong finished,Dumped his big braid,Quickly walk away。
Xia Jian gently pushed Xiao Chenchen awayVIPWard,I saw him reclining on the bed,Dangling with one hand,One hand is making gestures with grandma Sun Yuejuan。
“grandmother!Do you think Dad will buy me steamed buns??Which kind of meat”Xiao Chenchen’s tender voice came over。Xia Jian took back the foot that had stepped out。
It seems that I already have a place in the child’s mind,But what about him?Hardly ever bought anything for the child,Is he unworthy of Chenchen calling his father?
Xia Jian leaned back on the wall of the passage,My eyes are fixed on the nurse who occasionally passes by in the corridor,At this moment, he is in a state of confusion。He is afraid of getting married,Unexpectedly, he gave him a son。Do you say he can accept it?
“What a daze?Bring breakfast in quickly,Just say you bought it。Chenchen is the smartest,You have to coax him。Only then can you get closer”Zhao Hong said,Put the breakfast he bought in his hand。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Come back suddenly,He asked quietly:“Do you have meat buns??”
“Yes!Isn’t this?Chenchen’s favorite food,You quickly send it to him,He should be hungry now”Zhao Hong pointed to the plastic bag,Whispered。

The third brother saw that Xia Jian was not shy towards him,He was a little surprised。Xia Jian is asking him for someone,He had to shout:“Bring Song Fang here”

With the sound of footsteps,Song Fang was brought over by two obese women。The first sight of Song Fang,Xia Jian’s anger came up。What are they trying to do?Dare to control people like this?
Song Fang’s messy hair,A look of tiredness。She sat diagonally across from Xia Jian,There were tears in my eyes suddenly。Xia Jian’s anger,See Song Fang like this,So I pressed it back again。
“Sorry for you,You are so busy…”Song Fang said,I’m a little choked。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“It’s nothing!ISZMany friends,Quandang is here to play。What exactly is going on,Just tell me the truth。we are coming,Don’t be afraid of anything”
Xia Jian’s tone is blunt,What he said was for the third brother and the group。He doesn’t believe it,They are doing things wrong,No one is in charge yet。
Song Fang nodded and said:“I came to see my child,Unexpectedly, this ignorant Wang Lijun and her wife Deng Li abused their children。The child’s body is all wounded,I couldn’t see it, so I quarreled with Wang Lijun。Unexpectedly, his wife rushed to hit me”
“In a hurry,Grab the beer bottle on the table,Hit her on the head。It is indeed bleeding,As for whether there is a hole,I really do not know。But she seems to be at work now”Song Fang took a breath,Take the whole thing,I probably told Xia Jian again。
The third brother sitting beside heard Song Fang say this,Eyes can’t help but roar:“What are you talking about?What is only bleeding,Obviously punched a hole,Badly hurt”
“is it!Since the injury is so bad,Then she won’t be raised in the hospital,What class are you going to so soon!”Xia Jian raised his voice,Coldly questioned。
Third brother heard Xia Jian’s tone,Suddenly patted the stone table and roared:“What to do?It seems you are not here to solve the problem?Since this is the case,Take Song Fang away”
“I see who dares?You guys are really bold。You do,Illegal detention,Once the alarm,Your related personnel can go to jail”Xia Jian also roared,Make no compromise。
Wu Wu is quite smart,Seeing Xia Jian’s fire,He rushed behind Song Fang in two steps。Thus,Even if they want to grab someone, it’s not that easy。
Third brother stood up,He stared at Xia Jian with a smile:“Yo ha!Run here to tell me the law lawyer is here?Don’t you think you’re a little tender by doing this”
“how?You mean it is not regulated by law,Does it mean this?”Xia Jian refused to give up,He also stood up。Xia Jian knew,Fight against such a person,You must suppress them first。