One thousand two hundred and forty chapters showdown

Although a little injury is negligible for the big eyeball,But it was angered by success,Except chaotic will,Never had any gods、anyone、Any evil thing can hurt it,This boy is the first。
“Son of a bitch,You are crazy?Want to die?”The big eyes, who have always been gentle and elegant, actually roared。
The young man is already enthusiastic,Laugh without anger,“You will be as ugly as a shrew?What if I’m crazy?”
In my own god hidden world,Launch a powerful attack on the Five Elements Temple,Undoubtedly equivalent to suicide,If it is ruined‘Eye of Prophecy’,The Temple of Five Elements is in danger of destruction,The fusion of the youth and the Holy Spirit will soon disintegrate,The chain reaction afterwards is even more unimaginable,But there is no retreat after this cut。
“You know,I killed you like an ant。”
“So what?But I can hurt you just as well。”The boy’s right arm has been stretched very straight,Five-finger virtual grip,ready。
“I not only kill you,Let the ants in this barren land be buried with you,You will destroy this free world by yourself,Just to play with Lao Tzu,Are you very kind?”
“OK,Just let it go,Dead big deal stare,I don’t have to think about anything。”
“it is good!This is what you said。”The words with big eyes just fell,Then a big skeleton hand appeared suddenly,Strangled the boy’s neck,Root knuckles are like dry bamboo,Fast,No young people can react。
“The guy with the cowhide,You’d better chop me again?”
Strangled,The young man has nothing to fight back,Qihai is sealed,God is locked,No divine power and flame can be mobilized,But the limbs have not completely lost function,So he strained his right arm for a long time and swung forward with all his strength。
This unremarkable swing,Even funny,Naturally can’t hurt big eyes,It actually stretched out another hand,A transparent hand,Gently pinched what the boy was holding,It’s the old black knife,Now invisible,But it can induce annihilation,Neither divine consciousness,It’s not a tool,But pure spiritual power。
This thing,Hard to see by ordinary people,Even Tianzun can’t see the essence,Big eyes can,And take it seriously,It has never ignored this broken knife before,And personally opened a gap for the young god hidden world,Just want to see the effect。
But the progress of the teenager far exceeded the expectations of the big eyeballs,I can only hack people at first,Later, it can cut off spiritual power and vitality,Shattered and transformed space,Have a little meaning,But big eyes are really impatient,I haven’t paid attention for some days。
But just a few days,This knife has actually been able to provoke the power of annihilation,And it changes every day,This fierce and terrifying force is growing almost exponentially,This shows how fast the young hair grows,Has far exceeded the upper limit of the free world distortion rules,Make big eyes refreshing。

The reason why Zhu Minglang appeared in this forest,It is precisely because Hong Hao highly recommends this as a good hunting ground,Many Mulong students who breed carnivorous dragons also come here to hunt in short intervals.,Keep the bloody and wild nature of the dragon!

Walk into the cedar forest,The soil is covered with many leaves that have fallen not long ago,It’s very soft when you step on it。
of course,Is Zhu Minglang walking on it,When Big Black Tooth took a step,Big footprints appeared directly on the soil,Some fragile cedar trees around will tremble。
Go deeper,There will be a black pig in the forest,But the black pig is not a small creature like a sparrow.,I’ve been in it for a long time, I wish Minglang I can’t see a wild boar!
The most difficult part of hunting is not how to kill the prey,But how to find the prey,Huge forest,Numerous trees,Even without those low bushes blocking the view,It’s not easy to find ferocious boars。
Fortunately, I wish Minglang made some preparations,Follow the footprint of a certain creature,This is also a skill that most dragon shepherds need to understand。
With Zhu Minglang’s perception ability greatly improved,He can already perceive the breath of certain creatures in a certain area,Close your eyes,The breath will be like smelling wind,Stay somewhere,And then flutter in a fixed but somewhat fuzzy direction,That direction is mostly the direction the creature left……
of course,The breath will also dissipate with the interference of the surrounding environment,Even many demon spirits know how to hide、Induce、Wipe out your breath,Not to be found by their natural enemies。
“Go here。”
Zhu Minglang pointed a direction。
Sitting on the back of big black teeth,Zhu Minglang feels a lot easier,I don’t know how much faster it was before。
“wrong,wrong,That seems to be a wild deer,It’s here,There must be nothing wrong this time。”Zhu Minglang is pointing in another direction。
The black tyrannosaurus turns very flexible,After all, it has powerful hind limbs,Even the body can keep walking upright like those tyrannosaurus……

“What your aunt said just now,Don’t worry about it。Sometimes men have to be thicker,Is it because their women flinched after just a few words?That’s not what the husband did“Lin Xu stood up as he spoke。

Xia Jian is very considerate,He saw that Lin Xu, who had drunk, was somewhat drunk,So he smiled:“Good uncle,I understand“Turn around and leave。
Lin Ling chased from the living room to the outside of the hall,She quietly asked Xia Jian:“What do you unserstand?“
Yes!Understand what?Jing Lin Ling asked,Xia Jian felt that his answer just now was a bit abrupt。
Lin Ling glanced at Xia Jian and said with a smile:“Drank too much last night,Can be considered ugly。arrive home,My parents raided me overnight,Ask me what kind of relationship is with you?Can make me drink like this,They think that our relationship has reached a level,So when I was in a hurry, I took a lie,You are my boyfriend“
Xia Jian was silly when she heard it,But he froze for a moment,Ben haha smiled:“Everyone uses this trick“Xia Jian’s answer is really clever。
Lin Ling took a deep breath and said:“that’s true!Look at my mother in a hurry“Lin Ling said,A little lost and shook his head。
“You are the jewel in the palm of the Lin family,So parents will naturally be more disciplined,You still have to understand,Are you pitiful of the world’s parents??“Xia Jian detoured from the side,Said such a painless sentence。
Two people can’t talk about a topic at a time,Looks extremely embarrassing。Lin Ling smiled and said:“Go back and rest!I will wait for you under the hotel tomorrow morning”
Back to hotel,Guo Meilizheng and Wang Lin are talking on the phone,When she saw Xia Jian came back,And said to the phone:“He is back now,Looks like drinking again,We have time to talk”Hung up after speaking。
Xia Jian took a breath,Two took off their coats,Fell on the bed。Toss him so hard last night,It hurts more than sickness。
“What’s going on here?Isn’t it going to eat?Why so tired?”Guo Meili came over,She asked with a gentle smile。This woman became like this overnight,This makes Xia Jian feel a little incredible。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“The wine in the evening hurt my body,I want to sleep well,If nothing happens,Don’t bother me,Look at my phone for me”Xia Jian said,So he handed his mobile phone to Guo Meili。
Guo Meili took the phone in Xia Jian’s hand,A little lost, opened the door and left。Xia Jian jumped out of bed,Draw the curtains,Then fell asleep。
Next morning,Xia Jian and Guo Meili got up very early,The two got everything done,He sat on the sofa in the lobby on the first floor and waited for Lin Ling to arrive.。
Just after eight o’clock,A black business car stopped in front of the hotel。Lin Ling poked her head out and beckoned to Xia Jian。Xia Jian busy and Guo Meili brought their bags and got on the car。Xia Jian naturally sat in the back with Lin Ling,Guo Meili is still clever,She sat in the passenger seat。
The car got on the highway as soon as it left the city。Looking at the beautiful view outside the window,Xia Jian and Lin Ling had a very happy chat,Guo Meili is sitting in front,Sometimes I will insert a few sentences。A few hours’ drive,Arrived by accident。
Walk inYTFruit tree planting base,Only then did Xia Jian truly understand what specialization is、And modernization。Because of Lin Ling’s personal company,So the general manager here Dong Yuxiang picked up Xia Jian in person。
In the reception room,After Mr. Dong listened to some of Xia Jian’s requirements,,He didn’t make his own decision,But called a professional team,According to the soil information provided by Xia Jian,Detailed analysis and discussion,A plan was made at the scene。

“Uncle Wang,You fool me。”Ye Fuming looked at Uncle Wang with a look like a woman。

“All right,I won’t tell you,Hurry up,Oh, right。And this halberd!”Uncle Wang stuffed the iron box to Fuming,There was a halberd wrapped in cloth to Fuming。
“Uncle Wang,How do I feel that you are confessing to the funeral。”Fuming with a halberd and smiled。
“Ha ha,Explain the funeral?Perhaps。”Uncle Wang laughed at himself,He waved to let Fuming leave。
Fuming feels strange,But didn’t think much,Said goodbye,Turned away,Uncle Wang looked at the back of Fuming and muttered:“Brat,If you can get out of this city,Maybe we still have a chance to meet,Ah。”
Walking down the road holding the halberd and the iron box,The more we think about it, the stranger it gets,What’s wrong with Uncle Wang today,Inexplicably stuffed myself a bunch of things,Don’t say why。
Thinking about,Already walked to the door,Ye Zhengtian is chopping firewood in the yard。
“Stayed,Hurry in and eat,What are you holding。”Ye Zhengtian asked。
“Nothing,Uncle Wang gave it to me。”
“Ok,Since your Uncle Wang gave it to you,Then keep it。”Ye Zhengtian heard that Uncle Wang left,Didn’t care,Keep chopping wood。
“Why come back so late,The food is cold。”Fuming mother Lin Lian complained。
“Nothing,mom,I’m not hungry,You save it for breakfast。”Talking into the house,Closed the door。

There is a delicately framed picture on the wall……White paper。

Empty above,Nothing。
At this moment the lady boss is going to run away in a hurry,But Jingpu, who was sitting aside, said quickly:
“sister,it does not matter,I’m writing you a picture。”
Jingpu said,The boss’s face is slightly better now,But still grumbled:
“I don’t know the damn one while I’m not paying attention,Stole the word!”
Jingpu smiled and shook his head,Nothing more。
after eating,The lady boss asked to move a new table,The pen and ink are all ready,And everyone in the store is eating,I looked here curiously。
Jingpu hand-held brush,Looking at the happy face of the boss in front of him, curiously:
“sister,Is it still going well??”
The lady boss smiled and looked at Jingpu Road:
“It’s all up to the son。”
Jingpu thought for a while,finally,Still wrote the four characters of Feng Tiao Yu Shun。
When these four characters are written,A look of consternation appeared on Lingju’s face,What Lingju is surprised is not that these four words in Jingpu have the tendency to change luck,after all,Before, Lingju saw Jingpu painting with his own eyes。
And it’s okay to rely on the word to change your luck,Because of the great power of crossing the catastrophe。
And what made Lingju feel shocked was,When Feng Tiao Yu Shun is finished writing these four characters,A familiar atmosphere of auspiciousness suddenly flooded the entire territory!
This auspicious spirit,It’s the auspicious air that the monster swallowed。
For a time,Lingju understands everything,That monster swallowed the calligraphy and painting left by senior,Won the secret of the predecessor’s calligraphy and painting,Only then can I be promoted from the peak of the god of transformation。

“I am Hephaestus!Possess exceptional forging skills!Is the god of fire in your mouth、God of Forge、God of Stone Masonry、The god of sculpture and craftsman!”Although his tone of voice is constantly being emphasized,But it did not scare Guo Yinzhe back。

“Got your affirmation?What good?”
“People who got my approval,You can successfully transfer to a mechanical pioneer,Or great country craftsman!Extraordinary technician,Are you ready to change jobs??”Hephaestus asked。
“I’m afraid of my physique like this,Can’t stand the work of forging……”Guo Yinzhe hesitated。
“young people,In fact, when I was young, my body was a hundred times weaker than you,Plus ugly、Disability……That’s why she was thrown down Olympus by the queen Hera when she was born……Raised by the sea goddess Thetis……”Hephaestus feels。
Guo Yinzhe had no time to learn Greek mythology and interrupted the words of the God of Craftsman,He asked:“Isn’t there another advanced profession of mechanic‘Master Yanjia’What?Can I transfer to which profession?”
“Can’t!That profession is controlled by an Eastern god,You are not his favorite!and,Your skill level‘Great country craftsman’There is still a certain gap……As your guide,I think‘Mechanical pioneer’Is a career tailored for you!As a bonus,After successful transfer,You can take away all the crystal energy stones you just dug in the crystal mine……”
Guo Yinzhe looked at the various crystal ores left in his backpack not too much,So I regret。
“young people,I know what you are thinking,Every week from now on,You have a chance to enter the crystal mine,It can provide lasting energy for your professional skills!”Hephaestus promised。
Guo Yinzhe listen,Overjoyed immediately,But still suppressing the excitement,Speak lightly:“Ok,Since you are so kind,I will save you from becoming‘Mechanical pioneer’Bar……but,If you don’t do well in the future,Don’t blame me for being bad,Blame it on your career guidelines……”
Hephaestus was so angry,Unexpectedly, the kid in the hat in front of me got cheap and sold well,In that case,Just give him another severe test!
“Wait a minute!young people,I think you are courageous,Finally please do me a favor,will‘This thing’To my wife Aphrodite,We quarreled,She hid alone in the temple and refused to come out,As long as you will‘This thing’Give it to her,I believe she will understand me my heart……”Speaking of it,Hephaestus’s voice became a little softer。
Guo Yinzhe took a look
A beautiful ring floating down from the sky,Questioning:“A ring?”
“This thing was originally called‘Ring’?Ok,Then I will name it‘Ring’!But it’s not an ordinary ring,It’s a ring made of the rock of the holy mountain and the flame of Olympus!I engraved the rose representing beauty and love on the ring,Then it was engraved with thorns full of spikes,It means that love requires a price and responsibility。”
Guo Yinzhe stretched his hand into the holy light shot by the temple,Found that Hephaestus built a piece called“Thorn rose”’S ring has appeared in his hands。
“Thorn rose ring——Gift of Hephaestus,Golden god,Task item(long),Attributes:After the user wears,All acquired armor skills,Will get a rebound3%Ability to fix damage。”
“Artifact!In other words,Machinist use“Mechanical armor”The armor generated after the skill can reflect the damage of the enemy!In other words, hitting my fellow is equivalent to hitting yourself again?It’s so suitable‘Gou’s play’Up!”Guo Yinzhe was very excited,Although it’s the e-sports club and flower team that I joined to pursue Cao Anna,But after entering the game,It’s the first time that he has a sense of gain。
“young people,You must take good care of this ring,We will count on you in the future for our happy life!correct,I’ll send you another word,Although a person’s intelligence is very important,,But the most important thing is his soul!I hope you are not only smart,But more passionate,Sometimes protecting others is more important than achieving yourself。like me,Blacksmith as the gods,Forged countless weapons for the gods、Tools and artwork……”

Donna in silk pajamas is indeed a bit seductive,Xia Jian was a little afraid to face it。Although Donna’s face is full of sickness,But her magical figure is bumpy under the close-fitting robe,If you are a man, I want to look more。

If there are two people in the big living room, Xia Jian and Donna,This is really hard for Xia Jian。He took a long breath,Then smiled and asked:“What’s the difference in your cold?”
“Saw Chinese medicine yesterday,It is said that a cold turned into typhoid fever,Looks a bit troublesome。Not afraid of your jokes,I haven’t been to work for a week”Donna said with a faint smile。
Xia Jian:“Oh”Said:“Treat sooner if you are sick,Don’t delay。If there is any need,Please speak up,After all, everyone is friends with each other”Xia Jian said this very tactfully。
“Ha ha!thank you,I can say that I can help,That’s stay with me for a day,This requirement shouldn’t be difficult!”Donna said,Two beautiful big eyes staring at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled awkwardly and said:“I can do this,It’s just a little urgent today,Am I coming over tomorrow?”Xia Jian asked tentatively。
“okay,Just your excuses。You used to be busy with entrepreneurial groups,But now?Isn’t it just a small mayor?!I don’t believe how busy you can be”Donna’s disdainful look。
Xia Jian saw that he didn’t clarify the problem,Will cause Donna’s misunderstanding,So he smiled and said:“I came here today to help Mr. Guo deal with something,I wanted to invite you out of the mountain,But it’s fine for you like this”
“Oh!You still have something to let me help?Tell me,What’s the matter?”Donna heard that Xia Jian had something to ask her,People suddenly became more energetic。
Xia Jian told Donna about the troubles caused by the villagers in Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort.。Donna,Frowned and said:“I can really help you with this,only…”Donna talked and stopped。
“what happened?You just say,If it is our problem,I asked Guo Meili to find a remedy”Xia Jian said very readily。
Donna shook her head and said:“The land acquired by Hongchuan River Resort is the land in my uncle’s village。And my uncle is the head of the village,He is honest and trustworthy,High prestige in the village,Is an old village head for more than ten years。So as long as he stands up and speaks,This matter is much easier”
“is it?It seems I didn’t come to the wrong place today”Xia Jian said happily。
Donna glanced at Xia Jian,I couldn’t help but breathe out:“Land is the lifeblood of farmers,Sold it to you all at once,It means they have no land to grow in the future。The most hateful is,The balance of the land sale did not reach the villagers’ hands at all”
“what!I seem to have heard this before,I didn’t expect it to be this old problem again”Xia Jianyou is on fire,What are you saying。When selling these land to the villagers,Their entrepreneurial group has signed a contract with them,Why can’t the money reach the villagers’ hands??
Donna looked surprised at Xia Jian,She sighed and said:“Wait for me,I’m going to change clothes,Let’s go to Hongchuan River together”
“That won’t work,You have typhoid,Should rest more at home,I can go alone”Xia Jian stood up while talking。
Donna’s face changed and roared:“What do you mean?underestimate me?”
“Aren’t you sick?”When Xia Jian said this,,Suddenly remembered the silver needle he hung around his waist。This silver needle should be able to drive away the cold in the body。He has never experienced this kind of illness,But he can give it a try。
Donna said,He turned and walked into the bedroom。Xia Jian chased after the bedroom door and shouted:“and many more!may I come in?”

Among them are auxiliary practice,Improve your perception in a short time;Treating injuries,Even has the effect of nurturing spirits。

“【Bing Shen Wu Xin Dan】,Can make it act on Da Luo Daozu、The soul of the true god,Make the practitioner enter a state of cold heart,In this state,Feeling profound will be much easier,Can be used to assist practice。”
“【Double wood pill】,Breed endless vitality,Can quickly repair the wounds of the true god,It even assists the reproduction of the true gods。”
“【Hunyuan Yangshen Pill】,Can heal the body,Injuries at the level of spirits and even true spirits。”
“【Jade Blood Tour Tian Dan】,Can cooperate with special forbidden spells,Cast blood light escape—It was cast before the Eight-Armed Patriarch。”
“【Jiuqu Body Protector】,It can resolve the damage to the divine body by practicing some inferior body protection magical powers,Auxiliary body protector!”
“Sent,This time it was posted if it was before,This kind of pill,Except for the less useful【Jiuqu Body Protector】。Is the lowest value【Jade Blood Tour Tian Dan】,Almost twenty are worth a chaotic spirit treasure。These are just five medicines I know。”
“The most valuable【Bing Shen Wu Xin Dan】,It’s not worthless to exchange for a Chaos Lingbao。”Xiaoyao Tianzun laments。
But before their eyes,【Bing Shen Wu Xin Dan】Eleven。Compared with the magic weapon external force,The improvement of realm is fundamental,Many strong people are even willing to exchange all their worth。
【Double wood pill】,Looks ridiculous,But those chaotic gods、It is very difficult for the gods to have children,
Just like the three altars of the sea,There are two brothers in front of him。
But his father Tota Li Tianwang stepped into the gods,It took more than three thousand years to get pregnant with him,Even he stayed in his mother for more than a thousand years before he came out。
This is still a god,It is thousands of times more difficult for a true god to have children。

Xia Yuguang agreed,Step forward and take apart the gift box,I opened a corner slightly and I was surprised,Hand shake,The whole gift box fell on the ground,The contents are scattered all over the place……

Yushi came forward and took a look,It turned out to be a few dead bugs,There is also a card full of curses!
Xia Yuguang was pale with fright。
Xia Yuguang is very capable of working,Also very careful,Looks good,The only downside is not enough men,His reaction is the same as that of a little girl。
Seeing the poem,A trace of contempt on his face,Take the cleaning tool,I said a little while cleaning,“What’s all the fuss about,Isn’t it a bug?!Just put it away!”
Yu Shi can’t guess who sent this thing?The person who gave the things is so naive and ridiculous!
“President Han,I’ll clean it up……”Xia Yuguang has slowed down,I’m sorry to see the boss cleaning。
“Forget it,You should sit down and be shocked!”Yu Shi said softly,I hate iron but not steel。
First63chapter Naive and ridiculous
Although Yushi is vigorous at work、Strict requirements,But she has always distinguished between public and private,Be considerate of subordinates outside of work,Don’t know how to take the lead,This is also an important reason why she won the likes of many subordinates。
Yushi is cleaning,A man’s voice came from the door:“give it to me,You a girl,Not suitable for doing this。”
Shiny leather shoes reflected in her eyes,Yushi look up,It’s Wu Zesheng。She doesn’t know how long he stood at the door,Did you witness the whole process。
He quickly wrapped those things in tissues,Throw in the trash。
“Someone seems uncomfortable,I need me to help him relax。Do you know who sent it??“Kan Xiang Yu Poem,Wu Zesheng asked。Facing this kind of pediatric trick,He is angry。

“Right front!”

Watch the last second,The blood flower on my chest blooms in the air,Next second,Shunzi was knocked over by a sniper rifle to the ground
Shunzi was surprised!There were two gunshots,He didn’t have time to shoot,Then the remaining two shots must be one shot against the sniper,Lu one shot!
Announcement from the system:“Black Wind Mountain Tiger‘Kill’FP.Shunzi;FP.Master Luban‘Kill’Black Wind Mountain Tiger!”
Although the result is one for one,But Shunzi knows,I have fallen behind in this competition……
“Why can that person predict my position in advance?Even if it’s Mongolian……How could he shoot before me?”Shunzi finally saw the consciousness and operation of a top sniper。
Although Lu Yi had expected,He and Shunzi must be caught,I can only fire one shot,But still didn’t save Shunzi’s life。
Public channel,Heifengshan Tiger sent a message:“So lucky,Use one life,Found you a clever mouse,Master Luban……”
“Can you catch my mouse,Depends on your ability。”Lu Yi quickly replied。
“Oh my god,My master actually responded publicly!”Zhang Song will live a long time。
After several trials just now,slowly,Lu Yi and Yang Yin,Two geniuses proficient in sniper rifles,All figured out the opponent’s strength。
A rat who wants to destroy the world,A tiger’s den is fearless even in danger。
A prediction of the top position,A counterattack that shocked the heavens。
in case,Compare the situation of the game to an outright war,Now both sides have only the hole cards left to reveal to each other。
at last,Feng Xichuan fell under the double team of the other two,Saw two people,Torn the gap,Zhao Ping can only stay behind,Let Zhang Song support Lu Yi who has only one-third of his health left。
“What a broken computer!Is it stuck??”Feng Xichuan was very upset to see that he was killed,Immediately greet the computer in the Internet cafe。