There are not many time left to Liao Wenjie.,Cheng Wenjing has to add a force,Take it as soon as possible。

“Ager,Which one is smashing today?,Why give me a flowers??”
Just into the assistant office,Liao Wenjie encountered Tang Judi,The latter is happy to pick up the rose,Smell the flowers,Haohe gave Liao Wenjie a hug。
“First said,Spending,But I don’t think about you.,Making a brother is very good。”
Very good。
Liao Wenjie,Raise your hand to take the rose back:“Jude sister,You think too much,Flower is not for you。”
“Who don’t give me?,Does anyone prefer than me??”
“Sister of sister,Her single,I am also single,Just make up a pair。”Liao Wenjie,Not lying,He is now a single。
“Be no early,Harm me。”
Where to say, what come to make a gift?
Liao Wenjie wrapped around Tang Judi,Just Cheng Wenjing in front of the desk,He sent flowers,A chance of cold and warm,Just just one step away。
Pooh,Slag male!
Tang Judi flips over white,Let Liao Wenjie enter the office,Discuss the shares of ghost companies。
She thinks,Liao Wenjie pursues Cheng Wenjing is a play to see her,Therefore, steadily sitting on the Diaoyutai,Do not panic。
Cheng Wenjing,Some are quite favored,Holding a rose, I don’t know how it is good.,Waiting for Liao Wenjie into the office,I found a vase to put it.。
Ghost,She put a vase on her desk,Bite,Staying this bottle of roses。
Cheng Wen Jingmei women,Compared to Tang Judi personality,And there is a woman,Her quiet and elegant workplace is more popular,So from the shortage of pursuit,It’s not a back of the flowers.。
These people are destined to fail,Cheng Wen Jing’s hobby is the same as they,Plus the following awareness reluctance,How many flowers are not used。
but,Liao Wenjie sent flowers……
She feels that everyone is a colleague.,I don’t look at it down.,Directly throw trash can to make Liao Wenjie very face,Sorry find a vase to raise。
Be right,That’s it。
the other side,Liao Wenjie quickly ended the conversation with Tang Judi,One person is willing to play a wish,Tang Judi is 20 million,Buy the shares of the ghost company,Waiting for the documents.,Check the contract。
Secret,Hanging in Liao Wenjie,The same is that Liao Wenjie is reselected to Tang Judi to Tang Judi.,Although she holds shares,But her words are all in Liao Wenjie.。
Only penalty,Can provide suggestions,Do not participate in management。
The company’s business shareholder has only three,In addition to holding the most shareholding Liao Wenjie,Leaves left and clocks。
These two people,Lyon has experience in management parking spaces,Clock has experience in grocery store,so,Liao Wenjie did not intend to let them participate in management。
Really tube,also,After all, it is a partner.,Board,Can’t give face。
One person hangs a title of a logistics manager,Casual。
Go out of office,Liao Wenji took Cheng Wenjing’s sight,Look at the head,The other party serious face review,Look,Meticulous。
His mouth hook,Go back to your desk,Leave Cheng Wenjing alone suffers from loss。
Put on,Chasing women, I can’t eat hot tofu,Wash two days,Inlet,Taste better。

Pu Shiming has been working with Zhu Xuehen for some time,I remember her mood changed last time,It’s also because I met Zhu Minglang。

Pu Shiming did some investigations,Found that Zhu Xuehen is Zhu Minglang’s master,They lived together in the forest of abandoned swords of Mianshan Jianzong for ten years。
Is it just because the other person is a relative??
He has seen Zhu Xuehen face Zhu Men’s other relatives,And relatives in the royal capital,I have never seen her mood swings like this。
“Bless you,Isn’t it unusual for you?”Pu Shiming showed a gentle smile,Ask like a friend。
“Clue?”I wish Xuehen didn’t bother to deal with this topic provoked by Pu Shiming,Asked coldly。
“To the forest to the west,But it should be just a river fairy,Or Senxiangui。”Pu Shiming said。
“Leave it to you。”Zhu Xuehen said。
If it’s just a river fairy and a forest fairy,Zhu Xuehen has no need to shoot。
What she is looking for is the earth fairy and the mountain fairy。
Especially the mountain fairy,An existence that can wipe out Guangshan Zizonglin,Must be extraordinary,And this is too extraordinary and holy creature,It often has the meaning of sharpening the sword。
Wish Xuehen leave,Nowhere。
Pu Shiming frowned。
He walked towards the inn,Seeing that the two swordsmen of Mianshan Jianzong were picked up by Zonglin’s people,And Zhu Minglang is also standing in front of the inn,Watch them leave。
“Zhu Minglang。”Pu Shiming called,I stopped Zhu Minglang who was planning to leave。
“Pu Shiming?”Zhu Minglang is rather puzzled。
“I just asked about something,There is a river fairy here that was killed by you,I can’t see that your cultivation level has improved so quickly。”Pu Shiming smiled,Showing a friendly conversation expression。
“I learn everything fast。”Zhu Minglang said。
Pu Shiming smiled stiffly。

Just I didn’t expect to expose so soon.……

“Cough,That is the weight of power……”
“In short, you can’t practice a boy.!”Yunlo seems to be more interested in this。
“I said just try,Didn’t want to completely change the boy,And from martial arts theory,Stealing salted fish can also calculate half a boy,As long as there is no real yin and yang,Just a boy is deficient,Extra difficult,But not completely unable to practice。”Chu Dee people from professional perspective,Explain Yun Luo。
Yun Luo didn’t say any more,A push him:“Going to the gate of the palace,Hurry out,The people who have a child have been worth!”
Chapter 279 I have to have a mistake in admitted
“Going to the gate of the palace,Hurry out,The people who have a child have been worth!”Yunlo urged。
Unfortunately, Yunlo said that it was a late step.,Ingenious,Chu Deiren out this palace this time,I hit it on the provincial official.——In fact, the time has been much earlier than last time.,Just in the evening,But the last time is overtime,This time is the normal value。
See Chu Deirers,Indeed some officials,For those who are in the middle of the rivers and lakes,Just because I know Chu Deirers have“Assassinate”Savings,So nothing to say。
Chu Dee people come out from the palace,The heart is in the heart of this time, although there is a danger of being eye-catching.,But not only full load,Also further pressed a wave of rollerus hills,I am awkward in my heart.——It’s really me,smart people!
certainly,Chu Deirers are not ready to help and Linan,Just silently expecting the East Factory to force some,Cao Zhengyu is the main force of suppressing the ruling mountain。
This time, Cao Zhengli lanted、Returned to the sea,It can be said that it is on the face of the roller mountain,A knife,God Hou should also hate this old eunuch、Especially the biggest stumbling block of himself as yourself,As for the Chu Deirers……Just ordinary“hateful”Yet。
This dog bits the dog,Chu Deirers favorite!
But the Chu Deirers don’t know what,Be on the night,After the ceremony, the ceremony is returned.,Put your own ninth room small,Neiyun, the main and“Ridge spine”when……
This ninth house,It is actually a torrent of the Taoism.——For the safety of the big Song、For the royal family,What should he do?,Even if you don’t go to the front, you don’t want to recruit Chu is too old.,You can also propose and pro,The county is the old age.,Solver what scandal。
Obviously, you are a technical woman.,Now that you are worried about the name of the main owner.?
Tao Dado didn’t want to,But he heard“As a result,Dynasty Middle Erman and Li people,I will always feel the adult、Noble product that is not afraid”Rear,Heart also moved。
at the same time,East Factory Cao Zhengqi is listening to the head of the hand:“Supervise,Has been arranged!According to your instructions,Dark mid-to-order internal response、Strategy them together to enter the county and pro……There will be a group of ministers to enter tomorrow.!”
“Hehehe,Those idiot one by one,It is still not to be commanded by us.?”Cao Zhengzhen can’t help but smile,In the heart:Humph,It’s uncomfortable guys that make you a nasty.!I want to see this supervisor and God’s dog bite dog?You still have a tender!
Advise the emperor to ask the main and pro,There is no risk,It can be said that it should be something,Earn a reputation,Cao Zhengyi can understand these civilians“Blanket”。
certainly,If the Chu Deirens really retaliate,That’s better!
I am,Favorite to watch dog biting dog……
However, Cao Zhengqi doesn’t know,Also at the same time,A black man in the secret room,神 神 侯:“God,The little man has secretly convinced Cao Zhengyu.、Utilize the East Works,Come to the strategy of the ministers and relatives。”
Zhao no appearance nodded……
kindness,Zhao ignores the left and right sights,Repeated experience——In short, no matter what the emperor will be angry,I don’t think of myself.,Will be more than those of the midstances,If you can further,It’s even more wonderful to see the conspiracy of the East Factory.。
Dog bite dog,It could not be better!
Chu Deiren got the scorpion boy,There are also three major martial arts.,Chu Deirers stayed in Lin’an a few days,Waiting for a late harvest——《Plastic star Dafa》!
Ren Yingying really trustworthy,In the end, I still persuade my bank.,will《Plastic star Dafa》Give the Chu Deirens。
When the Chu Deiren paired the jade,Be invited in the interior,I only see peace of peace.,This time is a light gauze.,The melodious sound came。
The Chu Deiren heard it first.,Followed by reaction——This is the sound of Ren Yingying!
Not anyone“Clear curse”,Can have the effect of treating internal injuries……
Before the front of the prince and the hardening eight,Chu Deirers were indeed injured,At this time, through the healing music,Relaxing sitting down。
A song,Chu Deirers are not heavy injuries,Already good seven seven eight eight。
“It’s also to drive the holy girl to take this one.,Be ashamed、Be ashamed。”Chu Deng said heshammed,But people have been sitting half a day next to the table.。
Ren Yingying,A waving directly blows the gauze,Thereafter, the mouth:“Take someone to take a trip, what is it?,Chu Chuzi does not blame the little girl.。”
“I blame you.?《Plastic star Dafa》Not get?”Chu Deirers have worriedly asked。
“Chu Chuzi said,If it is good《Plastic star Dafa》,I haven’t come from my father.,How do you come to see the son??The son really still remembers the day before the day.。”Ren Yingying said a complaint。
This“So”The extent is just right,It is aware of“So”of“So”。

“It seems that Boss Li is determined to win this time,But before the cards are opened,The possibility of everyone winning”“Boss Lin looked at Li Sanqiang,Said as if it hit him a little。

Everyone shouted for Xia Jian to open the cards,They also want to see who is the winner of this hand?
“Dare not open it!Then it depends on me“Li Sanqiang laughed wildly,Slammed the card in his hand on the table。
Everyone exclaimed,Someone shouted:“Three9of*what!“
One listen is three9,Xia Jian’s heart jumped wildly,He thought this guy had very big cards,Just three9That’s it。Li Sanqiang smiled,He reached out and hugged the banknotes on the table。
“slow!Is this money yours?Don’t think about it,This9There is10,MoreJAKA,It’s hard to be so confident that my hand is not as big as yours?“Xia Jian suddenly spoke,And the voice is cold,Without losing domineering。This made the atmosphere in the basement solidify again,Everyone waited silently for the moment Xia Jian flops。
Not after the cat catches the mouse,Usually play it first,I didn’t eat it until I got bored。Xia Jian wanted to play with Li Sanqiang again,But then think about it,forget it!Not just tens of thousands of dollars,Don’t hurt people’s self-esteem。Thought of here,Xia Jianmeng turned his card over。
“what!This articleJwhat!“The person watching,More excited than Xia Jian,Could not help but yell out loud。Li Sanqiang’s outstretched hand,I shuddered back。
The fat man following Li Sanqiang,Came over without believing it,He turned over every card and looked at it。Whispered in his mouth:“Really hell!He wins every time“
“Boss Xia is lucky,Hurry up and collect the money!“Boss Lin laughed and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian just stood up,Took the money back from the table slowly。This one is quite fat,No thanks to him for a while。
“I have an opinion!“Li Sanqiang suddenly yelled。
Boss Lin glanced at Li Sanqiang,Said a little displeased:“Boss Li,Willing to bet,This is the rule on the poker court,I don’t know what your opinion is?This hand just now,Anyway, everyone is watching,No one can tell what’s wrong!“
“I understand this,I want to say,The next house should be a rotating house,Instead of sitting to the end by yourself,It’s not fair to us“Li Sanqiang suddenly asked this question,Obviously he attributed Xia Jian’s luck to boss Lin,He might suspect that Xia Jian’s good luck was caused by Boss Lin。
The atmosphere in the basement freezes again,Everyone knows this,Licensing right is a privilege that Boss Lin has always had,Can she really let this privilege out??
“can!“Boss Lin unexpectedly agreed。Li Sanqiang,A triumphant smile appeared on his face。
In fact, who will deal the cards,For Xia Jian, he doesn’t care,Because he has the mentality to play,Not like these people,I want to win money when I come。The card arrived at Boss Lin’s home,Let him deal the first card。
Xia Jianyi changed his tactics,Once the cards are dealt,He sees and sees,One thousand yuan directly。This virtually raises the point,Put him under a lot of pressure。
Lap down,Three folds,Finally there are four people left,Xia Jian saw Boss Lin’s rise,But it went up five hundred at a time,I know her card is not small,So he turned the card and took a look。small2Correct,Is obviously the card to be discarded,To support Boss Lin,Xia Jian shot another two thousand。
Xia Jian’s next family bite the bullet and followed two thousand,Once I get to Mr. Lin,,She is three thousand。Now it’s Li Sanqiang’s turn to feel uncomfortable,It seems that this guy has something。

Li Hui Feng took Tao Hao back to the orchard of the garden,Tao Hao immediately played with the big white。

Big White seems to be more like to like Taoyuan,Wheed a circle around Tao。
“Lee brother,Do you have a dog baby??
Can you send me a time when you come??
It is too smart.。”
“Forehead,forget it,Big white is a wolf,Or you can understand as a wolf dog,Its descendants are not you want to raise.,You hurry over to see the contract,This is the contract signed by my gate.,If there is no problem, I will print this.。”
Said that Li Hui also found the contract in the notebook。
Tao Hao is even if you don’t even look at it directly.。
“Oh, the big brother, you really think I will supervise the contract.?
I just find a reason to stay.。”
Li Hui is a glimpse of Tao Wei.。
“Die,You won’t just want to follow me.?
I have no fun here.,And the road is also repaired.。”
“Humph,You are really ready to treat me as a toolman.?
I am coming to follow you, what do you do every day?,By the way,After all, you are now celebrity。”
Tao Hao said,On one side carry a small hand,Then turn around Li with the wind.:“Before you have not known,It is all of our village.,I am a genius girl,But you are famous, it’s talking about you.,My topic is actually gone.,You said that you can。”
Looking at the peach, a lovely look of the mouth,Li Anti-style is also a felt a funny laugh.。
“exasperating,It is too gas,Anyway, I will go to your village for a while.,When I sign the contract, I will help you teach them.,In the future, the people in Taoyao Village can only talk about Tao Hao.,Other people can’t talk about,And talk about Tao Hao can only praise,Can’t have bad words”Li Hui said, this is not finished.,Tao Hao is a depressed road:“You will fight me.,I follow you still have anything else.,Not this。”
“Forehead,Ok,What do you say,What else do you have?,Let me listen together,I can answer your answer.。”
Li Hui Feng is very funny for Tao Hao, which is very cute in front of him.。
He always feels full of problems in each other’s heads.。
“Hey, I don’t dare to ask what to do.?”
“Not dare to ask,Don’t ask you,How is this method??”
“not so good,I don’t dare to ask,But I want to know the answer to the answer。”
Looking at the entanglement of Tao Hao,Li Hui, I thought about it.,In general, he can also guess what the other party wants to ask.。
“Hey-hey,go ahead,General problems I can answer you,Not general problems unless I can’t answer,Otherwise, I will answer it to you.。”
I listened to Li Hui.,Tao Hao is also interested。
“really,It’s true than the real gold.,go ahead。”
“Hey, you are not allowed to be angry.,I don’t care if I don’t care.。”
Tao Tao is like this,Li Hui is, the more you know what the other party wants to ask.。
“not angry,go ahead。”

The point is that what Xie Xiaoya did is a bit illegal,So there is no need to raise the alarm,I can only find a way on my own。The car runs faster and faster。The high-rise buildings of Bucheon are faintly visible in the distance,It seems that this place is not very far from Bucheon。

Xie Xiaoya has relaxed all over at this time,She closed her eyes slightly,Soon fell asleep。What makes Xia Jian a little uncomfortable is that the girl fell asleep,Actually leaned all over。
Suddenly,The driver whispered:“damn thing,What do you keep following me?“
Xia Jian was surprised,Turn your head and look back,I saw a white van closely following the car they were riding in。Xia Jian understood,These three people should have chased them out again。
Finally,The taxi finally drove into Bucheon。This Dongjiang Hotel is not far from the Venture Group,Why did Xia Jian come to this place,He himself is not very clear。
There are too many vehicles in the city,The taxi drives slowly。Xia Jian glanced out the car window,A little helplessly shook his head,Then he pushed Xie Xiaoya who was crawling on him to wake up。
Woman looks tired,She wiped her saliva,Asked awkwardly:“Reached?“
“almost there,It’s too early,Let’s stay in Dongjiang Hotel,Then make plans“Xia Jian whispered。
Xie Xiaoya heard what Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but lower my head:“I didn’t bring my ID,You figure it out!“Xia Jian understood it right away,Xie Xiaoya doesn’t want to leave information about her accommodation。It seems that this woman is still very careful。
The car just stopped at the gate of Dongjiang Hotel,Miss Welcome。Xia Jian took out his suitcase from the car,Then said to Xie Xiaoya:“You wait for me at the elevator entrance with my luggage,I’ll go through the immigration formalities“Xie Xiaoya nodded,He took over the suitcase in Xia Jian’s hands,Pulled away。
Xia Jian showed his ID,The house will be opened soon。But the staff asked Xia Jian twice,They just want to confirm that Xia Jian opened a standard room,Do two people live。But Xia Jian’s answer is,I live alone,Two beds switched to sleep。
Xie Xiaoya followed Xia Jian very smoothly into the house built by Xia Jian,Until this time,The two felt a little embarrassed。How long have we seen each other,Two people will live in the same room,This is kind of embarrassing。
Xie Xiaoya took off Xia Jian’s coat,Hung it on the hanger,Then said with a smile:“Xia Ge!Don’t be embarrassed,It’s a waste to sleep alone in such a big room“
“Do not make jokes,Hurry up and take a bath,Let’s go to dinner later“Xia Jian smiled and said。Actually Xia Jian was tired too,He just wanted to fall asleep。But the current situation does not allow him to do this。
Xie Xiaoya thought for a while and said:“Do it!I go out to buy a dress,How can I always wear your coat?,If I get you cold,My guilt is great“
“Damn!Stop twitching。I’ll go out immediately,Your clothes will definitely be bought for you,But if you go out, can you come back? I don’t know“Xia Jian said,Stood up。
Xie Xiaoya took a breath and said:“OK then!But you have to be careful。Call me when you come back and knock on the door,This is a secret sign,I won’t open the door if it’s wrong“Xia Jian nodded,Put on his coat and went out。

First0847chapter Rumors

Gossip is extremely lethal,But it depends on who is right。
Chen Xiaolan heard what Chen Guiping said,Can’t help but smile and say:“I have a leg with Xia. What’s wrong??Whatever they do?Really。Who are the tongue chewers you think I don’t know who it is,I don’t want to join our fruit industry base,I didn’t choose and started to scold me with these words“
“As long as you know,I’m afraid you are not happy to ignore Mr. Xia’s food。You say our village,Except in your house, it still looks like that,Other people Xia always didn’t want to go in,Let alone eating“Chen Guiping said,Can’t help but sigh。
Xia Jian walked out at this time,He laughed:“Village Chief Chen is too polite,Actually I am also a rural person,Not so picky“
“Ouch!Quarreled you。What you said is not all right,I’ve been to Xiping Village,that guy,Every family’s home,All cleaned up,In addition to color TV and washing machine,Some people even bought a refrigerator,I really envy people“Chen Guiping sighed and said。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Your village is coming soon,Waiting for the successful trial of our fruit industry base。Your whole village uses all the land to grow apples,Three or five years later, I will have the same life as the people of Xiping Village“
Chen Guiping heard Xia Jian say this,There was a simple smile on his face。at this time,Chen Xiaolan’s rice is ready,Her parents also returned from the field。Chen Haiping sees it,Hurried away。Chen Xiaolan’s dad chased him so far,They didn’t keep Chen Guiping。
Naturally, I ate in two rooms again。Chen Xiaolan, this woman is really not easy,Her cooking skills are awesome,It suits Xia Jian’s appetite anyway。
“Hey!Live here,It really puts you a bit wrong,If you take off this suit,Much more beautiful than the women in the office in the city“Xia Jian is talking about rice,Sincerely sigh。
Chen Xiaolan smiled,Lowered his voice and said:“Pay attention to words when speaking,I should change this outfit,Instead of taking off,Don’t you women in the office wear clothes??“
Chen Xiaolan’s words,Made Xia Jian laugh,He didn’t find out until now,This Chen Xiaolan turned out to be a cheerful personality,Very naughty woman。It seems that her previous deepness,All pretend。
This meal is very interesting,Two people talking,From time to time, Chen Xiaolan also made two funny sentences,Makes the atmosphere in the house very lively。
Finished eating,Chen Xiaolan pointed to her bed and said:“Go to bed and sleep,I will call。But you can rest assured,I’ll go to sleep in our parents’ room,Won’t sneak into your bed“
“Nothing!This bed is big,Another woman can sleep“Xia Jian smiled,Also made a joke on Chen Xiaolan。

“Attack with alloy flying sword,The speed of the flying sword is only twice the speed of sound,But with this Duntiansuo flying knife,Speed up to three times the speed of sound,The air resistance is less than one-tenth of the previous one!”Li Ming’s happy thought,At the same time the flying knife flashed。

“puff!”Light gray knife,A strange bird with dark feathers was cut off!
“The flesh and bones of monsters are actually not weaker than ordinary steel,Cutting with an alloy flying sword is quite laborious,But use this“Dun Tissot”Just like using a normal knife to cut tofu,Resistance is also minimal.How sharp is this weapon?”Li Ming was happy and surprised,Happy,This weapon in hand,It’s not too difficult to kill the fish monster。But the surprise is,Such a powerful weapon,From“Remains of Ancient Civilization”Dug out,That ancient civilization,Or how powerful is the alien?Does it still exist??If it has disappeared,How did that die??Something is really scary。
Li Ming shook his head,Drive away these thoughts,How ancient civilization has little to do with him,Now whether it is an individual or a country,The first task is to eliminate the monster’s disaster!
Have Escape Tissot,Li Ming can let go and kill monsters,Even at the bottom of the water, he is sure to kill that knifefin ghostfish。
A strong murderous intent flashed in Li Ming’s heart,Spiritual power radiates,Searching the bottom of the lake inch by inch。
“found it!”
at the same time,In the bottom of the lake,Rolling water waves。
Roar!”A silver-white scale,White fish monsters with wide fins walk through the bottom of Pohu Lake,Like a king traveling,Other monsters at the bottom of the lake avoided。
But such an arrogant and powerful fish monster,A pair of muddy fish eyes flashed a trace of anxiety。Thinking,anxiety,This is a symbol of wisdom!
It is not a simple monster,Its life is even longer than most humans。
As early as a hundred years ago,It’s already born,Pohu Lake was much bigger than it is now,Those creatures called humans rarely enter the depths of the lake。Occasionally humans go deep。It will often attack,To show its place。

Zhier is better than his father。What is the virtue of own son,Does he know?Doctor Lu knows clearly,Lu monkey does this,Must be purposeful。He was instructed by an expert,No fight no trouble,Huairou strategy。I’m hiding a knife in my smile,Can still kill。

“Damn!I bought it back, it can be taken away。It’s noon in a while,You have the right to have lunch!Since I’m busy,I’m leaving。Sister He remembers,I will urge my dad”
Lu Monkey finished,Really turned away。
Wang Youcai couldn’t help but sighed。He has been tossed by this shameless guy in the past two days,Come today,He thought Monkey Lu was going to make a moth,I didn’t expect people to do their filial piety。But he always feels that this is not so simple。
He can only think about it for himself,Can’t say it in front of Doctor Lu,After all, the relationship between Caiyang’s biological father and son。
Wang Youcai helped Julan for a while,Then I drove to the Municipal People’s Hospital。When he went to see Liu Ying,This woman is getting an injection。
Liu Yingyi saw Wang Youcai,Then he laughed and said:“I told you,My little injury doesn’t require you to run back and forth。The doctor said,I can leave the hospital after changing the medicine tomorrow”
“Not in a hurry,Go back after raising it。Which side of the base is supported by Yao Cunchunni,Don’t worry”
Wang Youcai said,I twisted my butt and sat on Liu Ying’s hospital bed。This woman is really not easy,One person abruptly propped up the whole sky at home。
Liu Ying heard what Wang Youcai said,She asked hurriedly:“You don’t want me anymore!”
“What nonsense?Yao Chunni stayed at the base for ten days and a half month.,Long time,Not in my house。Parents are old,I have to take care of myself”
Wang Youcai smiled,Gave Liu Ying a bottom line。This woman,Smile on my face。
Wang Youcai stayed in the hospital for a while,Seeing that there is nothing wrong with Liu Ying,So he hurried back to the small clinic。Because Lu Monkey’s behavior today is a bit abnormal,He can’t help but guard。

The two smiled at each other and showed sympathy。

Lin Tianfu took the opportunity to say:“Listen to,Brother Chen wants to return to Qingmu County with our dart team in four days?”
“exactly,Don’t know it can be convenient?”
“When betting the darts according to the rules, the dart team cannot be accompanied by outsiders。but……”Lin Tianfu laughed and said:“Brother Chen is naturally not an outsider!”
“Then thank Lin Biaotou for the convenience of the brothers。”
Chen Xiu can go to Qingmu County by himself,It’s just that he first arrived in the prehistoric continent,Not familiar with many things in this world,It is naturally much more convenient to go to Aoki County with the dart team。
of course,He also knew that Lin Tianfu agreed so painfully,Naturally ask for something,Even asked:“Lin Biaotou came to our Longxi Village for WuiYi Rulai?”
“This is so。Dissatisfied with Brother Chen,This time our guards crossed the province from Qingmu County to Qinghe Town,Wind and meal sleeping thousands of miles away,One dart down is only a reward for ten low-grade Qi Gathering Pills,Catch a flower-picking thief and you can get a hundred-person low-grade Qi Gathering Pill,Really moved my brothers。
Longxi Village is the site of Brother Chen,I heard that most of the villagers in the village are hunters,Compared to those who are familiar with Funiu Mountain,Please also Chen brother can recommend us a guide to enter the mountain。”
“This is easy。”
Chen Xiu himself can’t look down on the one hundred low-grade Qi Gathering Pills,You should know that the best Qi Gathering Pills that Chen Xiu fed Daniel and the others in the past three days were converted to lower grade Qi Gathering Pills and there were more than tens of thousands。
But see Xiao Bing in six doors、Lin Tianfu from Kamikaze Escort and many bounty hunters are all dispatched,He is also curious about this WuiCan Yiru escape from everyone’s eyes again。
“big cow,You are familiar with the Funiu Mountain area?”
“Brother Chen,I’m not bragging。I hunted all my life in Funiu Mountain,Know every stone on the mountain!”
“Flutter!”Ah Chong and A Mao laughed out of nowhere。
Daniel is angry:“What are you two little rascals laughing!”
“Naturally laugh at you!”
“Who is bragging!”Daniel said unconvinced。
“Not bragging!Are you talking about how many rocks are there in Qingxi above Funiu Mountain??”