Chu Deirers don’t care,When I arrived back to the light,Tiandu is already bright——Thereof“Treasure”,Chu Deirers don’t want to be discovered,No one can find it on top of the light。

only……Yang does not regret it in an early morning to visit Zhang Wuji,Want to ask how he broke through yesterday.,As a result, the situation will blocked Xiao Zhao in the room of Chu Deirers.!
“what!Who are you?kindness?You are……Small?”Yang did not regret Xiao Zhao and shocked。
Still from clothes,Look、Some small actions,Seeing the eyes,This is a confident that this beauty is Xiao Zhao.。
I ugly in Japan,Now actually……
Yang does not regret it naturally surprised!
“Miss,Xiao Zhengping is worried about being bullied by wicked people.,Deliberately dress up as ugly,I hope that the lady is forgiving.。”Xiao Zhao is busy with his head.。
If you find it early,Indeed, Xiao Zhao dark ghost iron,But now……
“You are already a child of Chu.,What is it?……Don’t call me, Miss!”Yang does not regret flat mouth。
Switch what I thought,Yang did not regret it and looked at Xiao Zhao.:“Then you now……Is it……”
Then why do you follow Chu too?,Return to your appearance right away?
it’s me“Bullying”Your probability、Still Chu Tai“Bullying”Your probability?
And why are you in the Chu Tai??
Yang does not regret it carefully,Xiao Zhao’s clothes,Have traces in a hurry!
“Chu Da Ge has not got up,Miss is as you want to see……”Xiao Zhao low head,The more the small sound。
“Alas……not see、not see。”Yang does not regret it, it is disappointing.,I will walk away from the space.。
Xiao Zhao is secretly tone,After all, if you were discovered by Chu Deirers.“Missing”,maybe……Do not,It will definitely have ideas.!
So she specially puts the same as a wide coat.,Disdduct Yang does not regret the idea。
Take a few steps,Yang did not regret his head and looked at her reminded:“The people of all majorists are coming up.,Although I said that I am too old.,But don’t do this time……What Chu is too old。”
Yang does not regret the prostitute,Even Xiao Zhao feels,She is suspect that she is deliberately in a way.,Reduce the fighting power of Chu’s big brother。
But I heard that Yang did not regret it.,Yang Zuo said“Don’t work too much”,Xiao Zhao also guessed,I am afraid of the high level of the education.,It’s still not willing to be a gap.、Don’t mention the meaning of alliance!
Xiao Zhao is also worried about exposure,Not saying too much,Enjoy the door。
Turn around……
I found that the Chu Deirers have already in the room!
“Chow、Chu Da Ge?When did you come back?”Xiao Zhao thinks that I have just don’t regret it.,Uncomfortable is a bit shame。
“just came back,what happened?”Chu Deirers looked at Xiao Zhao,I don’t know what she is embarrassed.。
Is it just hiding in my bed to steal salted fish??I didn’t bring it.!
“nothing……How is the Mongol??Did Church to see my mother??”Small open topic。
“seen,I also saw another person.……”Chu Deirers said,Signature Xiao Zhao first sit down,Listen to yourself slowly。
“That is Mingjiao.、Right,He actually lurked in the Fuyang Wangfu,and……Like Xiao Zhao,All are equipped with dumb、And deliberately get ugly appearance,Just right to make more cautious,He is really destroyed his face,After that, the hair was corroded with water.。”

Li Hui does not understand what Zhao Xiaoling means。

“Let’s do what we have blind.?”
“Forehead,Then I said that I am not suitable.,And I have a girlfriend.,You can’t pit, you’re daughter.。”
Li Hui Feng said that it is a drink of tea.,Seeing Zhao Xiaoling’s inexplicable look,Especially the chest has a volunteer to let him not help the autonomous look.。
He is afraid that he shouldn’t see it.,It’s awkward。
“wrong,My sister is coming.,You directly say that we will try it first.,Otherwise, my sister will definitely give me another object.,Although I am a big age,But I still don’t want to marry so early.,And I didn’t encounter a man worthy of me.,do you know?”
“Oh oh,knowledge,knowledge,Ling sister rest assured,This kind of shooting arrow,I have done a lot of time,Very experienced。”
Li Hui Feng, just finished,Zhao Xiaoli is also coming。
When she returned home, she was simply eaten, and the electric car was rushed to Li.。
Although she also wants her sister to get rid of Li,But after I heard Liu Dafu’s explanation,She feels that she is almost pitted her sister.。
On all the way, she was afraid that Zhao Xiaoling really had to seduce Li Hui Feng.,Then be played by the other party.。
According to Liu Dafu,The more you get it, the less you can’t cherish it.,If Zhao Xiaoling really actively seduce,Maybe Li is holding the wind, it will think that his sister is a special service in the city.,Give it directly to hundreds of dollars.,That is simply lost the lady.。
I want to seduce Li Hui Hui before I think.,Li Hui Feng is obviously reacted,She thinks that I feel that I may be the cause of Liu Dafu.,If there is no Liu Dafu,She can even feel that Li is really able to make some things she started with her.。
When she came to the yard,I saw that Li Hui Feng sat with Zhao Xiaoling to drink tea.,The heart is also loose.。
Especially the two people say that laughter makes her doubt。
“Both, this is very happy.,Xiao Li,Do you like this sister??”
Zhao Xiaoli said,On the side of Li Hui,Then I just smell them directly.,There is no such sister’s smell,This makes her more assured.。
But her move is to let Li apart from the wind.。
Zhao Xiaoling suddenly felt some taste,Although it is your own sister,Although I didn’t have a formal exchange with Li Hui,But she is really good to have the feeling of Li Hui Feng.。
What does it?,And many things she don’t know.,The most important thing is that Li Hui will not talk to her.,This is different from those bosses she know.。
“Scull,You said this,Ling Sister is so beautiful, which man does not like,If the beauty like Ling Sister does not like,I dare to guarantee that the other party is not a man.,Don’t say a man.,I am afraid that the other side is not a person.,After all, I also heard that many women also like women.。”
“Gigbling this,You are ready to interact, try?”
Zhao Xiaoli heard that Li Hui Feng, it is very happy.,This is what she has been dreaming.。
“sister,Although I promised to contact him,But you can give me a confidentiality,After all, our eight characters have not yet,And this village’s style of the village, you also know,Xiao Li is now a big crime.,Once a little message is awkward,It is definitely not good for us.。”
Chapter 599 Hot Search
Looking at Zhao Xiaoling’s shame,Zhao Xiaoli’s eyes are also bright。
Don’t understand Zhao Xiaoling,She is clear。
This sister doesn’t say shy blush.,It is very few when it is shy.。
Out of this attitude,Obviously is interested in Li Hui Feng。
Think of your own sister,Her heart is not helpful to feel confident。
“Gill you know,How can my sister don’t know??”
Zhao Xiaoli said,On the side of Li Hui:“Xiao Li,I can tell you.,You are with my little sister.,Absolutely the happiest man,The scorpion is told you.,Don’t look at the little sister is so conservative,The figure is better than the scorpion.”“sister,What are you talking about??”

That person is desperate,In this state,I can’t get out anymore,Especially now that he has been injured,I don’t know how many people are downstairs,

He started to regret,At first I thought that so many of them would just assassinate a woman.,And get a big reward,I didn’t expect that it would be a problem to survive now。
compare to,Yu Zhe didn’t think so much,He even produced a,It doesn’t matter if you die,But before that,He must see the living time again,There is no other wish。
He walks ahead,Open the door one by one,No one in the first few rooms,The more he pushes behind, the more nervous he gets,Thinking in case Twilight has been transferred,What to do then……
Murphy’s Law,In other words, if things are likely to go bad,No matter how small the possibility is,It always happens。
Just when Yu Zhe pushed open the last room hopefully,He is completely desperate。
There are people in the room,But it’s not time,But a room full of Qi family members wearing similar clothes,All equipped with weapons,It seems that I have been waiting here for a long time,As long as these people get orders,Kill them all right away。
And in the middle of this group of people,Sitting with a white temple,But the old man who looks tough,Yu Zhe thinks this person is familiar,But I can’t figure out where I saw it。
“Qi Xianwei……Why is he here……”The Cheng family with Yu Zhe was a little frightened,Whispered a word in his mouth,Can’t help but step back,
“sure,Just rely on a few of you,I can chase here。”Qi Xianwei stood up,I patted my palm and smiled,“But now the game is over,If you have the next life,Remember to stop taking this kind of task。”
The voice has not fallen,The door of the room was opened again,A group of relatives dragged a few bodies in,Thrown in front of Yu Zhe and the person next to him。
Those corpses are their companions,Different deaths,Sure enough, no matter how strong the single player is,Facing a siege of a group of people, there is still no advantage。
The Cheng family next to Yu Zhe has been panicked to the extreme,Facing a known death,Even such a seven-foot-zhuang is still afraid of tears。
“begging……Please don’t kill me……What if you want to know,I must tell you。”That man’s legs are soft,Kneeling on the ground,Throw the weapon aside,Crying for mercy。
“Tut,What use do i keep you?!I really didn’t know that you were all sent by the Cheng family?The spy you arranged with us has already explained everything,You are worthless to me。”
Qi Xianwei enjoys the process of begging him,Slapped and said。
Yu Zhe on the other side is very calm,The waist is straight,He is not afraid of death,Just a little unwilling,Everything he did was in vain,Shi Mu gave a glance at the end。
“and many more,You are not that……Yu Zhe?”Qi Xianwei suddenly looked at Yu Zhe and laughed,“Why would you take this kind of task?Was it fooled or deliberately??Are you thinking about saving Shi Mu Luo out,Don’t be stupid,Even if you stand in front of her, she might not know you anymore。”
“What do you mean?”When it comes to time,He got excited immediately,I took two steps to stand in front of Qi Xianwei,But was hit by people around the opponent with a gun and couldn’t move forward。

Tie Li panting,Already sweating。Silence is better than sound at this time,Everything is so fierce,So hot。Time seems to freeze at this moment。The two tossed endlessly。They forgot where today is,Also forgot their identities,Only the endless gasps mixed with women*sound,Filled this room。

It’s dark,Xia Jian went back to the hotel,When he goes,Tie Li didn’t get up,But Xia Jian saw Tie Li cry。This extremely strong woman cried sadly when he was leaving。
Back to the hotel, Xia Jian took a bath,Packed myself up,Went to bed。When he was sleeping soundly,Suddenly there was a knock on the door。
Xia Jian stood up,I looked at the watch and found that it was just past seven o’clock,In other words, he slept for less than an hour。Door opened,Gu Yue rushed up with alcohol。She hugged Xia Jian as soon as she came in,Her hot lips kissed Xia Jian randomly。
Men’s hormones are instantly stimulated,When Xia Jian picked up Gu Yue,Threw her on the bed,When you want to go further,Gu Yue shook her head disappointed and said:“No way!Auntie is here“
Xia Jian fell a little frustrated,The two of them hugged and fell asleep again。When the sweet phone ringing,Xia Jian just opened his eyes。It turned out that Gu Yue’s phone rang,After she got out of bed and found her phone,I said loudly after connecting:“Meeting cancelled,Time to be determined“
No loss is the boss,When will this start,When to open。
Gu Yue back on the bed,She glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“When did you come back last night?“
Xia Jian asked with a blank face:“what did you say?“
“Stop pretending,I already knew about you and Tieli,I just didn’t want to expose it last night“Gu Yue said,Chong Xia Jian smiled faintly。
Xia Jian suddenly fell over,He thought he did not leak,At least Gu Yue wouldn’t know,I didn’t expect she still knew,Fortunately she is not her girlfriend,Otherwise this will be a big trouble。
Things got to this point,There is no point in hiding,So when Xia Jian sent him to Yunmao Group to find her,I just happened to run into the recruitment matter and told Gu Yue from beginning to end.。
Gu Yue shook his head and said:“You!What a mess。Tie Li is a lofty and proud,The stubborn woman who ordinary men look down on,I’m afraid you hurt her this time“
“No way!We only get along for a few days,Not to mention that she is a woman from America”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Gu Yue didn’t like it,She sat up,Said with a serious face:“What happened to the woman who came back from the US?Is it the same as the book says,All of them are very open!Then you are wrong。Even a native of the United States,Also has a big difference”
“Hey!Who told you this?”Xia Jian asked in surprise。
Gu Yue smiled and said:“So many people in the group,I don’t have a lot of eyeliner, how can I go down?,Of course someone told me,Otherwise I won’t call you when I get off the plane”

Seeing the earth travel dragon rushing crazy,There is a wave in Wright’s heart。

“Is this dying?”Wright who closed his eyes thought。
“Whoosh!”A voice came。
“what?”A trace of doubt flashed in Wright’s mind!
Then Wright felt a powerful force hit him,A strong sense of vertigo came up,Fainted instantly。
When Wright wakes up,People are already in the hometown of the Geer Chamber of Commerce。
“Cough,Where am i?”Wright opened his eyes,Found myself lying on a bed,Feeling weak,Hungry in the belly。
“Little Wright,how,All right!”Hear Wright’s voice,Gabriel opened the door,Asked worriedly。
“Nothing!”Wright tried to sit up,But I felt a tingling pain in my body。
“All right,do not move,You have to stay in bed for at least two months for injuries like you。”Gabriel said distressedly,“The left arm is basically necrotic,But it’s not that there happens to be a master who is good at light magic in the Chamber of Commerce,Otherwise it will be amputated!”
Hear the words of Gabriella,Wright was also taken aback,But looking at my left arm wrapped in bandages,I know my left hand is still saved。
suddenly,Wright thought of a question,Asked quickly:“Sister Gabriella,I remember I was fainted by a monster attack,Who saved me。”
“Ok。”Gabriel shook his head,If you are talking about who killed the earth travel dragon,Really don’t know。Let’s guess it’s a mighty adventurer passing by,Killed the ground dragon with one arrow,And took away the magic core。As for the one who sent you to Hometown,Are two adventurers you know。
“Adventurers i know?”Wright looked dumbfounded,“Where do i know。。。I,Is it a light magician?,A tall warrior!”Wright also thinks back now,Indeed, he and two adventurers were besieged by a group of bandits,There is indeed some friendship between each other。
“Correct,There is indeed a famous light magician among the two,He also treated you a little bit,Otherwise, your hands may not be reported。。。”Gabriel also sighed,“You have to look back, thank you。”
“Ok!”Lai nodded,Then he fell down and asked:“Sister Gabriella,The Chamber of Commerce spent money to treat me,How much do you want to charge!”
“The master shot,Two thousand gold coins,But it’s in your VIP card for now。You hold that VIP card with high authority,There is no need to return this gold coin!”
Having said that,But in the eyes of Wright,Although the teacher won’t want to pay back the gold coins,But this matter,But do better。


Lu Haokai was also surprised,Some don’t believe:“Mother,Is there such a shares in his hand??
The total shares of Mu?”
Lu Haokai can’t believe it,After all, he and Lu Haocheng more than,I know that Lu Haocheng this person has more。
Qin Ning handed the information in his hand to his hand.,Packed eyebrows:“This is the shares of this year.,You will know,these years,Lu Hao Cheng has always been not very much about Lu Yun Group’s things.,This sharing,Maybe true。”
Maybe he also knows,Lu Yi Group has already had her position.。
Lu Haokai looked at an eye,There is always a little uneasy。
Lu Hao Cheng’s ability,Don’t really have this shares??
Qin Ning’s look,Refractive:“Kaikai,You continue to check your father’s drops,Stare at Lu Si,She can’t see her father.。”
Now I know Lu Haocheng hold shares.,She is relieved.。
NS854chapter:Why do I have to rest at home?
Next,She will let Lu Haocheng can’t turn their body in public opinion.。
“it is good!Mother。”
Lu Haokai only hopes,The shares you see are true。
Qin Ning looked at him,“If you can’t find your father’s news,We can only think about other ways.。”
Lu Haokai also looked at her,“Mother,any solution?”
Qin Ning mysterious smile,road:“Kaikai,You don’t have to know now.,Do your best to find your father,After finding it,Tell me immediately。”
“I will。”
Lu Haokai nodded。
He looked at Jiang’an,Laugh:“Anger,You took the opportunity to investigate,What is the assets of Lu Haozheng?。”
Jiang’an smile:“Continental,I am going to investigate now.。”
Lu Haokai nodded。
After Jiang An, after leaving,Qin Ning is a breather,She looked outside the floor,“Kaikai,Now your father is the most critical,You must find your father’s drops。
Your father is now the biggest hidden danger。”
Lu Haokai is also a nodding.,“Mother,Lu Hao Cheng has not active,What you said is because?”
He is a bit uncomfortable,I always feel that Lu Haocheng will not be so simple.。
Qin Ning turned to look at him,Laugh:“Kaikai,Why can you still?
Isn’t it because of the shares in his hands??
He didn’t dare to act rashly。”
“So,Mu Mu’s shares??”
Lu Haokai asked,Lu Haoheng and Mu Wei Yan have seen it.,I don’t know between the two,How about talking??
Qin Ning also has some doubts,“this matter,Sign,Mu Weiyan secretly acquired shares,Only your father knows,We don’t know how many shares have been acquired by Mu Weiyan.,If you understand this matter,More beneficial to us。”
Lu Haokai nodded:“Mother,I have been checking this matter.,Do not worry,Soon you will know。


“chug!Tu Tu Tu!Tutu tutu!”
Feng Xichuan and Shunzi、Cao Anna instantly fired from behind and killed three unsuspecting opponents。
And Guo Yinzhe and Xiao Zhao started chasing the other team members who took the opportunity to escape。
system notification:“FP.Ermapingchuan‘Kill’Osca
r.watermelon;zi‘Kill’Oscar.Yali;‘Kill’Oscar.Sweet orange!”
“Ah ah ah!”Xiao Zhao usesUMP5Shoot at opponents who are fighting and running。
“jump jump jump!”
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!Tutu Tutu Tutu!”
Only one of the two running away fell to the ground。
“Nice job!”Feng Xichuan shouted。
“what!I finally did it!”Xiao Zhao is quite satisfied with his marksmanship just now,Sweep the label of the water dispenser tool since joining the team。
system notification:“FP.XiaoZ‘Kill’Oscar.pineapple!”
“unfortunately,The person who asked the other party to take the key ran away!”Xiao Zhao saw that what he had killed was not a banana with a key.。
“Not afraid,I’m here……”
I saw Guo Yinzhe take out a scanning controller from his cuff,See the green dots flashing,Approaching a red dot。
Guo Yinzhe easily presses the button,I saw the red dot on the controller suddenly began to flash rapidly……

Xia Jian glanced at the phone,Think about it:“Ask her to bring relevant materials to the interview at four o’clock,If it fails,I won’t give you any face”

“This natural,Work by strength,What face。Let me say hello to Mr. Xiao,I’m going back to Nanyuan too”Dragon Ball stood up,Say hello to Xia Jian,And left happily。
When Xia Jian finishes looking up some information on his hand,Found that it was past eleven o’clock。He quickly went downstairs,Drove Daben directly to the hospital。
In the ward,Old Xiao is better,He is talking to Aunt Ding,Aunt Ding saw that Xia Jian was here,Smiled and said:“Watch it first,I’ll bring him some food”
Wait for Aunt Ding to leave,Xia Jian busy crawling beside Old Xiao,Asked softly:“What exactly is going on,Tell me,Is there someone against you?”
“Hard to say,Don’t mention this for now,Because i don’t have enough evidence,Of course,through this matter,I will be careful,There won’t be another time“Old Xiao said,Took a long breath。
Look at Old Xiao like this,Xia Jian is not good to ask further down,He knows what Old Xiao is best,Things she didn’t want to say,You can’t ask anything。
The two chatted casually for a while,In the meantime, Old Xiao also mentioned what Wang Lin told him,Is to invest in apple planting in Pingyang Town。Now that Xiao asked,Xia Jian put his thoughts,Combine some information he has,Say it all to Old Xiao。
After listening to Old Xiao,Hehe smiled and said:“quickly!I will support you in this matter,You just let go!“
When two people are chatting lively,Aunt Ding has beaten the meal back。She smiled and said to Xia Jian:“You should go back,Can’t come again today,Mr. Xiao should rest,Otherwise the doctor will tell me“
Also,Mr. Xiao just recovered,Of course not too tired,Xia Jian got up and left。
He drives the car,I found a noodle restaurant on the roadside,Had a bowl of noodles。The boss looked at him and smiled while paying:“Eat bowl of noodles in Da Ben?“
“Just like this,The delicacies of mountains and seas cannot be replaced“Xia Jian laughed and said。
his words,Amused a few people who eat noodles。Just out of the restaurant door,A woman with a very enchanting dress came up,But his every move,Still attracts men’s attention。Xia Jian didn’t hold back, so he glanced twice。

He pushed his partner hard,“Hi,Hi,Did you see it just now?”

“what?See what?”Companion drowsiness,Very at a loss。
“A red light under the Black Fire Cliff,Did that kid come out??”
“Brag you just,Is it dazzling??”Companion stretched his finger up,The colorful brilliance is in his eyes。
This is the night of the free world,The sky above the Five Elements Island is very lively,The dark sky is rendered by colorful fireworks,Looks very gorgeous,Especially near the main peak of the crater,Fireworks are extremely dense,Accompanied by thunderous sounds,Quite shocking。
“Ugh,I don’t know how the battle is going,Itchy,I really want to fucking fuck。”
“No complaint,Nourish the spirit,I have a chance to play。”
“Hey,Why do you think the chief executive is so optimistic about this kid?What if a mortal has been tempered?Can escape from the black fire cliff?”
“It’s not that I said cold talk,You really can’t see what’s inside。”
“how do I say this?”
“Don’t say that kid has quenched his body,Just like you and me,It only takes half a step to enter the realm of quasi-god,An dare to walk down here?”
“This is reasonable,Then tell me what I can’t see through。”
“Where did Master Liyun come from??”
“Holy Fire Hall,Tianzun’s nephew。”
“What caused Jinglihuo?”
“Isn’t it the same?”
“Isn’t that enough??”

“kindness。”If there is no such thing as a small dragon,But nothing。

Chu Dee,First turn the stone door,Along with the sound of Shimen agency,Chu Deiren saw that the little dragon woman was shaking slightly slightly.。
I don’t know because of pain,Still because。
But neither talk,I have not moved。
Chu Deirers also clearly understand,Most small dragons are also wanting to move,I want to be shy……
certainly,Chu Dee people still feel that they can better,After all, the little dragon can’t lose consciousness.,Maximum is installed,And Chu Deirers will adjust to“Tire”state,There is no surface consciousness!
“Dragon,I will help you practice.!”Chu Deee said。
Little dragon girl:???
“Cough,I mean,I will later‘Tire’To cooperate with you,But I am in the state of the tire.,Unable,Need to be a dragonware door。”
Chu Deirers finished,Nothing around the front,Sit down behind the small dragon girl,Later……Double eyes、Close up。
Because Chu Dee is used“Taoism”,To cooperate with the small dragon《Jade》,So the Chu Deirens did not have any clothes restrictions.。
After three hours,Chu Deman“exactly”Wake up——Although there is no surface consciousness,But when will I end?,Chu Deirers’ tires are clearly clear。
Also specially waiting for a moment。
Sure enough, the little dragon girl has been reopened.,But some are expected to be expected by Chu.,Xiaolong female is not red face、Low head,But it is sturdy、Note clearly at yourself。
Instead, the Chu Deirers can be easily red.、Lower……
“You still call me the head?”
“what?That……aunt?”Chu Dee people also wondered,Nowadays, there are also this good?
Little dragon girl:???
Why did he suddenly learn a little red??
Chu Dee people reacted,Transform:“I mean……Dragon。”
Obviously I only need to do one time,Why is the little dragon have three times?
In addition to the Chu Deirers will not move,Need a small dragon girl to make a styling,It is also because of its inner fluctuations.,So a lot of time consumption。
“kindness,Temporary。”The tone of the little dragon is still cold,However, there is more than the eyes.。
“After that, I will take you to Daxue Mountain.,Also go to the cold blood,Can eradicate your cold poison。”Chu Deirers say that the little dragon girl is very relaxed,As if the blood is there,Waiting for yourself to reach out。
“kindness。”Small dragon girl did not question,And change yesterday,Nothing to mention what you can’t leave the ancient tomb,Just nod to promise。
“That……I am going to prepare。”Chu Deirers said they stood up。
What is the little dong?,But it is active,Thoughtful helped him open Shimen。
Come out,Chu Deiren found that Li Mozhen did not be far from the corner。
“Isn’t it just a time to do it??Different two hours, what are you doing??”Li Mozhen questioned the Chu Deirers。
“Dragon……Yourself,Naturally inconvenient。”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake