This is naturally Wright and Cecilia,Relying on the scent tracking of the Velociraptor,The two go deep into the desert。

The blazing desert is more than just intense heat and drought,Although the number of monsters is far less than the three Jedi,But the living environment is worse。Most of the warcraft in the desert like to hide under the sand sea,Later, when ignorant travellers or monsters pass by, they attack from the ground。
Even if the breath of the velociraptor radiates,Wright and Cecilia were also attacked several times along the way。Only then did Wright remember,Like walking through the sunset mountains,Often use various medicines to detoxify,To resist the miasma,Repel poisonous insects。In fact, it needs special items to drive away the warcraft in the desert.,Confused breath or something。Of course, the strength of the Beasts in the Burning Desert is far inferior to the Sunset Mountains,It’s hard to say whether there is a level 9 monster。
With the strength of their line of two beasts,Really not afraid。
But that is Warcraft,And the people they are after,But it must not be said that there is no threat。
“Whoosh~”Dozens of black arrows broke through the air。
“Be careful!”Cecilia glanced away,Knife in the hand,Just right to seal every arrow。
at the same time,Wright did not do any defense,Vindictive surging in hand,Several flying knives shone with dazzling red light,Burst in the direction the arrow came from。Soon,Several screams sounded。
The two faced the attack of Warcraft before,Several shots,Also have an understanding of what the other party is good at。Of course it is a means of showing。Although Wright has some good feelings for Cecilia,But he won’t reveal his cards。Although Cecilia is a little confused,But not really stupid。
In Wright’s view,Cecilia is good at swordsmanship,A machete is endless,Strong defense。As for the long bow behind her,But didn’t use it once。But what puzzles Wright is that Cecilia never showed a grudge。
What Cecilia saw was,Wright boxing is extremely strong,One punch is more powerful than her knife,But the moves are stupid and straightforward,Negligent,At the same time, a flying knife is also very powerful,Maybe the long-distance is not as good as your own longbow,But in the middle distance、Speed or power,All very good。
And the cooperation between the two,Also use Cecilia’s sword to contain the defense,Then Wright attacked with a flying knife。
General seven-level warcraft,With this level of cooperation, you can easily kill。Of course if it is a more powerful opponent,They still have holes。
It was not desert bandit who attacked the two。There are no big oasis in the burning desert,No human inhabitants。At the same time, the Burning Desert is on the southern edge of the mainland,Close to the South China Sea,Naturally it won’t be the place where the caravan must pass。Robbers live here when they are crazy。
In fact,The two have guessed that someone might sneak attack,Because a few minutes ago,Raptor Xiaobai quietly communicated with Cecilia。They are already close to the people who smell the same in the abandoned village,And not alone,But a group of at least hundreds of people。
And Cecilia naturally told Wright。Although there is a sense of crisis in Wright’s mind,But decided to get closer。
Actually,He is very,The organization that forged treasure maps has some speculation。
It should be a breeding red-tailed green scorpion collecting its blood,Organizations that manufacture and sell hallucinogens。
Notice,Although the two empires are very resistant to all kinds of addictive hallucinogens,Because once addicted,Will definitely destroy the future of warriors and magicians,But there are still a lot of corrupt nobles who like this kind of medicine。Wright once met in the underground black market of the Imperial Capital‘Angel dust’Is one of them。
Have requests,Naturally, people take risks。Breeding some monsters that naturally secrete hallucinogenic substances has become the first choice。

Seeking a reward

Chapter Fifty Nine:Be put together,See old man again
“Uncle Murong,I don’t think that human destiny is irreversible!”A voice came,Everyone looks out the door,It is Ye Fuming who has returned from the black market。Murongyuan saw that it was Ye Fuming,His face became a little gloomy,But he was immediately hidden,Immediately greet you with a smile“Turned out to be Fuming Brothers,It’s been a long time”
Step into the room,Just a deep glance at Murong Yuan,Walked past him sideways,Murongyuan saw Fuming smile to him,Unspeakable in my heart。
“It turned out to be Fuming”Murong Ba asked Qingling to help him sit up,Extremely pale,I’m a little weak in speaking。
Fu Ming stepped forward to observe Murong Ba’s situation,Then he said:“Qingling,You take everyone out first,Uncle Murong and I have something to say”
Qing Ling glanced at Murong Ba hesitantly,I’m not worried that Fuming will harm Murong Ba,I’m just worried that Murong Ba will be uncomfortable if no one is looking after。
Murong Ba nodded towards Qingling,Qing Ling got up and waved to everyone“Follow me out”
Murong Yuan was anxious watching this scene“Qingling sister,Is it not good for Fuming brothers and foster father to stay here alone?”
Murong Qingling glanced at him indifferently,About to speak。
“Yuaner,Go out,Fuming will take care of me”Murong Ba coughed twice,Let everyone out。
Murong Yuan squeezed his fist,Although it is full of unwillingness,But he also knows that he must never confront Murong Ba at this moment,Bow slightly,Turned away。
Wait till everyone leaves,Murong Ba looked at Fuming“Speak,What the hell”
Mysterious smile。
(Half an hour ago)
“You are not kidding,Your dignified student is looking for blood to kill?Didn’t you come to post a reward task?”Ringo got up and patted the dirt,Ask to Fuming。
Pouted“This one,You don’t need to ask so much,Since you know,Just take me there,Save me looking for it”
Ringo’s eyes flickered,It seems that he is not willing to go to the branch hall。

But this hurt Dayan,Go out if you can’t go back,His phantom cannot stay in the void for long,Although he knows that Li Tianzhen is a chaotic body,But I never thought that God Zang would be so powerful after being recreated,Completely reshaped a vast and boundless sea of stars,And this void space is also full of violent storms and even space debris,Terrible,If it weren’t for the light blue sphere not far away in his eyes,Dayan even suspected that he was thrown into the real cosmic void。

And Li Tianzhen is still in pain and struggle,The tissues in the body continue to decay、erosion、Die,But soon there will be a new organization、Flesh and Blood,The body is constantly changing,But won’t die,This is the extremely terrifying characteristic of Chaos Body,Unless it is an unimaginable powerful kill,Completely cut off his vitality in an instant,Otherwise it is the immortal body,Don’t say Dayan doesn’t know,Li Tianzhen doesn’t know it himself,Even the bloodwalker who lived for an unknown number of years can’t tell,Because there has never been a true god of chaos,Never heard of it。
Bloodwalker lost his true body,Only a group of spirits was saved by the river of blood,He is hiding in the depths of the shadow of the blood river,Watching the amazing changes in Li Tianzhen’s body in amazement,He suddenly realized that he was acting too aggressively,Or just not so tough,Don’t push this kid too hard,Maybe it’s possible to talk more,But now there will never be any hope。
Then,What are these useless guys waiting for?The old man looked at his companion at the center altar,Issue a killing order to all blood races,Kill Li Xiucheng,Kill this chaotic body that is rumored to be impossible to kill!
Roar of the river of blood,Any timidity is not the emotion and quality that a blood race should have,So the stunned blood race rushed forward desperately,But soon several supernatural powers screamed and flew out,But more kinsmen are missing,Suddenly there was a huge phantom head beside Li Tianzhen,Hideous and terrifying,Mouth slightly open,Blazing flames,Not only that,His nostrils、ear、The eyes are spitting out flames,Is obviously very angry。
There is a faint white shadow beside this head,Appears quite thin and weak,Shadow’s hand is holding a thick short rod,Some blood witnessed this stick flashing just now,A companion。
“Dayan,I thought you had a braid。”In the shadow of the blood river,The bloodwalker was frightened and angry,Dayan is not a concern,But the head below is a rare master,How could Li Xiucheng hide so many monsters in his body??
“I can’t die if you die。”Dayan look around,Consciously leaned against Sun Tiangang’s head。
“Since you can’t die,Why bother to come to this muddy water?”
“I healed inside him,If you don’t want to kill him,Why did I run out?”
Bloodwalker Silence,It’s hard to decide,There are Dayan and weird heads,It’s quite difficult to kill Li Xiucheng at this time,The rumbling from not far away indicated,The Holy Blood Array is emerging from the ground step by step,Have been out for a little and a half,Although the protective cover is seriously damaged,But in the case of the twelve elites offering sacrifices,Maybe sacrifice two or three more elders,Great formation will be fully present,Until then,Kindred is not afraid of any powerful enemies in the world,Just don’t know how long it will take。
Sun Tiangang has no scruples,Very irritable at the moment,I didn’t plan to leave the magic tower again,But Li Xiucheng is about to play with himself again,Since I can’t just watch,He has to vent,The clouds above his head and the talking old monsters make him extremely annoying,Suddenly rushed into the shadow of the blood river calmly,A mouth sprayed a blast of burning fire towards the bloodwalker hidden in the shadows。
Chapter one thousand and seven Shanhe Ding
Second lunatic!Bloodwalker never expected,This evil head actually dared to attack the Blood River Projection,Li Tianzhen is the first madman,He is the second,When the terrifying flame rushed over,The bloodwalker dived deeper into the blood river without even thinking about it,His spirit hardly has any defense ability,Even with the shelter of the blood river, I dare not face it directly。
The river of blood began to tremble and furious again,Today it has been furious three times in a row,I can’t tolerate any blasphemous actions by the tiny life,Besides, I met three lifeless things in one breath,Countless turbulences gather,Form a huge vortex,Whistling towards Sun Tiangang,There is a tendency to swallow him。
If it is a real river of blood,Sun Tiangang naturally wants to avoid his edge,But a projection can also have such a big temper,He really wants to be tough。
Sun Tiangang’s head suddenly grew ten times bigger,A big mouth full of black fangs,The overwhelming flames gushing away against the whirlpool,Two torrents of completely different attributes collide together,So big but no sound,Violent shaking between heaven and earth,Change the colors of the mountains and wasteland,Some fragile mountains in the middle section of the buried hill began to collapse,A blood-colored barrier hundreds of feet high suddenly rises in the sky,The blood mist produced by the river of blood burned by flames filled several kilometers away。
This lasted for about three breaths,Blood River began to go crazy,No wind makes a huge wave,A wave is like a mountain,Layers of waves are coming,Sun Tiangang eyes wide open,Secretly scared,Worthy of being the legendary river of blood,Just a projection is so scary。
I underestimated the enemy just now,The fire of the soul is difficult to suppress the opponent,But Sun Tiangang is naturally brave and cruel,Except for Li Xiucheng,Never convinced any gods,He polished his mind in the town magic tower for thousands of years without smoothing his edges and corners,The more bloody the river is, the more it will arouse his bloodiness,Sun Tiangang suddenly yelled up to the sky,Spit out something from the big mouth,Shaped like a square ding,This thing is simple and unpretentious,Dark,But there is a swallowing river、Power of the Heaven and Earth,Suddenly rise against the storm,Rush towards the blood wave。
“Shanhe Ding!”The bloodwalker hiding in the depths of the blood river yelled,As a long-standing old monster,He knows the origin of this thing well,Yell at yourself stupidly,Now that I know that Li Xiucheng has adventures as a new generation of God of War,I should think of who this evil big head is,Sun Tiangang!The spirit of the top grade artifact,The only weird thing that can cultivate into the golden fairy realm!Then I turned to Li Xiucheng。

“Wife is coming to the phone.,Wife is coming to the phone.” Hear this voice ringtone,Chen Chaoyang a burst of embarrassment。

And the young woman who was smashed by him was also a face of a face.,Then there is some angry stepping on high heels,Put the little skirt that has been held in the waist of Chen Chaoyang.,Torp the slim waist and hunted。
See the back of the other,I think I just worse.,Chen Chaoyang does not help but angry。
“Hey,Wife,What’s matter?”
“husband,I talked about a big list today.,Is there any reward to me??”
Willow sweet,Sitting directly on the desk while slowing up,Short skirt,Black silk is present in front of Li Hui in front of a different seductive posture.。
Li Hui Feng also hurriedly,It’s too embarrassing.。
“Hey-hey,How to reward you tonight??
Tell me a big list.?”
I heard the words of Chen Chaoyang,Willow sweet face is also a shame,Especially next to it, there are outside people to hear,She actually had a feeling of being found.,Some stimulating also have some feelings。
“screw you,Say it is correct with you?。”
“Hey-hey,That line,I am also very serious.,Is it a wife, you think more??
We haven’t seen it in a week.,My hot heart,Bumper,Wife you know。”
At this time, Chen Chaoyang was completely dry and hot.,The phone that received his wife is natural, there is a strong idea.。
“alright, alright,do not talk,I have customers here.,I ask you,People want to install more than 100 broadbands at once,How much can you give a discount??”
When I heard more than 100 households,Chen Chaoyang is also a little can’t believe。
“You haven’t joked this?”
Chapter 4330 Price
I heard Chen Chaoyang’s surprised tone,Willow sweet is straightforward。
“Do you feel that I can lie to you??
Your wife is amazing.?”
“Hey-hey,sharp,Where is it is powerful?,It’s just invincible.,If you really have a lot of households,And it is still a one-time all of the installation.,I can apply directly to one hundred fees for one month.,A family of people will be a thousand two years,You ask this price satisfaction?”
I haven’t waited for Li Hui to speak.,Willow sweets have already opened。
“husband,People are coming back to start a business,You can give a discount as much as possible.,One thousand two games are more。”
Willow sweet and husband,Li Hui also listened to a clear,He didn’t expect the appearance to dress up so sexy and even, you can say some sultry will will willow sweet.。
There are a lot of views of Liu Xian ‘s.。
“First year,First year accounting fee,Installation fee,These are all reported,And the money of the wire is also more expensive.,How about this,One thousand dollars 100 megaphone brings him installed,From the second year,Each household is eight hundred,How about it?
This is the biggest discount among my rights.,If you still want to be low,Then your husband, I have no way.。”
I heard my husband,Liu Xu is also known that his husband is really giving the biggest discount.。
After all, she married Chen Chaoyang is not a day and two days.,What kind of person is Chen Chaoyang, she is still clear.。
“Row,Then I will talk to him for a while.,You said that I will talk to you such a big performance.,Do you have to report it??
Tell me back to the county,That’s, you can become a pair.,Can you save a lot of money?。”
Chen Chaoyang listened to this,The mind of the Na, who just went out,It’s hard to give Liu Xujian,He doesn’t want to come back。
And the two are far away,Willow sweets have many times, they live directly in Liu Tian Town.,As long as the willow sweet is not coming back,Then there is his development space everywhere.。
In the evening, you can take the hotel next to each other.,Even the small woods in the park can seek stimulus。

Ouyang Hong can’t stand it anymore,She glared at Xia Jian and said:“Shame!“Curse this sentence,Stopped a taxi and drove away。

This made Xia Jiangi’s eyes wide open with anger,Overwhelmed for a while。The woman saw Ouyang Hong left,He quickly let go of the hand holding Xia Jian。
“who are you?Who made you come?“Xia Jian gave a cold drink,Looks a little scary。
Which woman smiled and said:“Don’t Xia be angry??I’m just kidding you,Do you have to be so serious?
“Is this a joke?You ruined my reputation,You wait,I will let the police arrest you”Xia Jian said,Took out the phone。
Which woman wants to call Xia Jian?,I became nervous now,She lowered her voice and said:“Don’t call the police,Boss Wang asked me to come over and make a joke with you,He said you two belong to the same village,And the relationship is very good,That’s why I came here,How else would I say such things”
Boss Wang?Grew up in a village。Xia Jian just understood,It turned out to be the ghost of Wang Youcai, This guy is too bad。Xia Jian looked around,Can’t see his shadow at all,He might have ran away by this time。
When Xia Jian turns around,I found a woman who ran away with high heels,As if afraid Xia Jian would beat her。Xia Jian, who understood it, had the intention to beat him up,He hurriedly called Ouyang Hong over,But the other party is always on the phone。Xia Jian understands,This woman has pulled him into the blacklist。
It’s almost time to look at the watch,Xia Jian stopped Di Di,I rushed back to the staff dormitory and started my own big run to Pingyang Town。But not as he expected,He didn’t see any welcome ceremony at all。
His car stopped at the town government compound,I saw Deputy Mayor Zhao and Secretary Wang greet me。The three of them shook hands,We were polite to each other for a while,So I went to Xia Jian’s office。
Xia Jian’s office is also on the second floor,Ouyang Hong’s office is just separated by a wall。But the layout inside,It should be the most luxurious one in the town government of Pingyang Town。
“This is arranged by Mayor Ouyang,She said you are the group boss,Used to sitting in a big luxury office,If we are like us,You will not get used to,So we spent some money”Secretary Wang suddenly smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jianyi listen,Suddenly under pressure,He laughed and said:“How can you get this money,Your office expenses are tight,I know this,So how much did you spend this time,Just give me all the documents”

Xia Jian drank the water in the cup,When I wanted to go back to Xiao Xiao’s bedroom to check my email,The dragon ball that suddenly went downstairs turned back。

“President Xia!A man came at the door,Said her name is Renan,Want to see you。And he said you know,Look at this……?”
“what!What renan?Why can’t i remember?I didn’t date anyone?”
Xia Jian frowned,I can’t remember it for a while。
Dragon Ball smiled and said:“Looks very young,Gauze wrapped around his head”
“Oh!It’s him!He is still a kid,Looks like he’s only nineteen years old。How did they find me here?You do!Bring him in”
Xia Jian shook his head helplessly。He helped him last night,Why is this kid still pestering him?。Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,Dragon Ball came in with Renan 。
“President Xia!Thank you for saving me last night。But i don’t have a job,Can you take me in?Do anything,I can clean the toilet and drive。I don’t want a penny,As long as you can give me food,In addition……”
“All right!What car are you driving?Don’t even have a certificate。How about this!Take care of the injury first,Then get the driver’s license,Can you come see me again?”
Xia Jian smiled,He didn’t expect to help others,Also helped out。
At this time,I saw Renan step forward,Kneeled in front of Xia Jian with a plop,He choked a little bit:“I want to learn a driver’s license,But no money,You should let me clean the toilet for you!You are a good guy,And his skills are so good,I’ll set you up in this life”
“Get up quickly!What is your child like?The man has gold under his knees”
Xia Jian stepped forward,Quickly helped Renan up。
Dragon Ball glanced at Xia Jian,And then said to Renan:“You kid can’t do this!President Xia saved you,You thank him,How can you burden him?”
“I followed Mr. Xia just to repay。And people like him,Worth it”
Renan raises his neck,Speak confidently,I feel that he does this really reasonable。

The strongest man,The strongest in the universe in the past three reincarnation eras,The creator of the virtual universe,Original ancestor!

Gentle original ancestor,Kind of easy going。By contrast,Chaos City Lord is too serious,And the giant axe is easy going to bold。
Li Ming looks at the original ancestor,The original ancestor actually observed Li Ming。
“Very short practice time,Strong sense of law,The will to reach the void。。。And the luck is amazing!”
In the eyes of the original ancestor,Li Ming, the Lord of Infinity, also gave him a great surprise。
This is the strongest rising star of the human race,In contrast, the Galactic Lord is also very good,But it’s worse。
“You are the Lord of Infinity,Disciple of Longxing?”The original ancestor’s every move is like a spring breeze。He looked at Li Mingwan as if he looked at an excellent child。indeed,to him,There are indeed few human races that are not‘child’of。
Is the founder of Giant Axe,Chaos City Lord was brought out by him。
“Yes,Original ancestor!”Li Ming bent over to salute。
As a great being that blessed the early stages of human development,The original ancestor deserves such respect。
“well,The messages you give to the race,I have seen it too,It is indeed a good guide for the Lord of the universe to break through to the strongest,And the Rhinoceros Bureau。。。If it becomes popular,It will certainly bring great benefits to mankind。”
Stop talking,Yuanzu shook his head,At least it’s not the time for popularization。The Lord of the universe of the human race can basically get absolute trust。But in the universe?Maybe there is an existence controlled by alien souls。
This is doomed,In a short period of time, these knowledge and secrets can only be passed on between the Lord of the Universe and a few venerables.。
“Great Axe、chaos,You come to me with unlimited,I have understood the specific situation。”
“unlimited,You have the right to inherit the secrets of that ancient civilization。。”

“Good savvy,unfortunately!”

“and many more,You just said a black light?”Still the elder of Yi Shui Hall,When repeating this sentence,His long eyebrows drooping like cotton swabs straightened out。
One thousand one hundred and twenty-eight chapters Possible good fortune
“It is indeed a black light。”Qingtong look at Liyun,Looking at my torch again,I don’t know why the elder of Yi Shui Hall is so excited。
“Tell me the shape of the black light,From where?Possessing the boy or wrapping the boy’s body?”Actually, it’s not just Elder Yi Shuidian who is excited,The other two old men also shine,The elders of the Holy Fire Temple know the conditions and opportunities for the formation of fire spirits,So I asked in more detail。
Qingtong is a little nervous,The performance of several old men puts too much pressure on him,So scratching my head hard to remember,The situation was critical,He just saves,I didn’t care too much about where the black light came from,I just feel a black flash in the corner of my eyes,And disappeared with the body of the boy,But there is one detail although it is fuzzy,But very important,The boy’s body doesn’t seem to be gasified,But like an ordinary person jumping into the water,As the black light converges in the black lava,Did not splash any ripples。
“It should be!”The elders of the Holy Fire Hall were a little excited,Almost the details described by Qingtong can be used to determine the existence of the dark fire spirit,And it should be possessed by the boy Acheng,Acheng is still alive,And got a chance,This is a great event。
Everyone is very happy,Today’s things can be described as ups and downs,But overall it is a blessing in misfortune,If it really resembles the elder of the Holy Fire Hall,Ah Cheng is possessed by the dark fire spirit,And won the favor of the Hall of Five Elements,Such opportunities even surpassed Lihuo with the golden key,If you get the guidance of Huo Tianzun in the future,Add your own efforts,Promoting to Tianzun is also promising in the future。
“But where did Acheng go??”A word from Li Yun pulled everyone back to reality from the excitement,The big fart in the cave has been rummaged,Where is the trace of this son?
“It may also be after being possessed by the fire spirit,Not very comfortable,Hide below?”The elder of the Giant Wooden Temple pointed his finger at the lava funnel below the Black Fire Cliff,Very weird expression。
“I can’t say that I’m not too comfortable,There should be a quenching process,awareness、Spiritual consciousness also needs to gradually merge,As for the following?……”The elders of the Holy Fire Hall are hard to be sure,The environment of the black lava below is terrible,Even a powerful supernatural being is unbearable,But if I say that this child ran outside the Black Fire Cliff,Everyone can’t feel it,And the barriers away from the fire have not been destroyed,The only explanation is that the boy has drilled into the mountain along the crack in the cave again,But how is it possible?The body can be quenched to this magical state?
Everyone has guessed for a long time, but it is difficult to conclude,But as long as the boy Acheng is alive,The next problem facing the island will be very tough,There are many important things waiting to be done,Liyun still left Qingtong and others guarding near the Black Fire Cliff,I escorted Lihuo to leave with the law enforcement elders。
The Five Elements Island is currently under unprecedented pressure,Soon, like a contagion, everyone’s mood just a little better became low again,Huo Tianzun hasn’t heard anything for two days,Li Huo killed the people in Donghua Palace today,I can’t keep it for long,There will be a day of piercing,How to deal with the Five Elements Palace?Must have a powerful coping strategy,Otherwise。
There is no news from Uncle Qiu,He was out of the island on the same day as Huo Tianzun,The main task is to contact the forces that had good relations with the Five Elements Palace in the past,Even if you can’t win a few friends,I can’t turn my former friends into enemies,Become a weapon for the imperial court to kill。
The current situation in the free world,Mountain rain is coming,Maybe Dongfang Hongliu was killed and the whole conflict broke out.***,But at this critical time,The two most powerful people on the island are not there,Li Yun and the elders are uneasy,Also undecided。
“Now that all the big formations have been opened,It’s just mud wipe the crotch,It’s not shit, it’s shit,The old man believes that mobilizing all forces on the island,Everyone who is capable has the responsibility to guard the island,Do not move,Move to death!”
“That is unnecessary,The first to claim that Tianzun’s direct disciple is missing,Can borrow the letter as a name,Both looking for Tianzun,It can also explain why the island protection formation was launched,As for the people in Donghua Palace,I have been on the island,But after leaving, it has nothing to do with our Five Elements Island,Legs on their feet,Who knows where?”
“You are a rascal,You are so foolish as Mingyang Palace,The surname Luo had already seen the clue when he left,Between us and Hong Liu,Splash a spark and explode,Who has no idea?”

My boyfriend broke up with her for months,Because my boyfriend said,No other moves can be unlocked on Meng Jiao’s body。

The other party is still young,So he hopes to go around,To find people who can push each other’s limits。
obviously,Meng Jiao is not like this。
“Men don’t have a good thing,All big trotter。”
Meng Jiao is secretly thinking about it here,Then I saw a man walking towards this side。
This man is Wang Teng,Looks very handsome,A well-cut suit,It makes him different。
But don’t know why,The more Meng Jiao looks at it, the more disgusting it becomes。
Because of this man,Actually more handsome than Meng Jiao’s ex-boyfriend。
and so,Meng Jiao thinks more,Wang Teng is not a good person anymore。
Meng Jiao called out suddenly,This makes Wang Teng feel a little curious。
what happened,what is happening?
And it looks,This seems to be calling myself?
“what happened,You are talking to me?”
Wang Teng turned,Looked at Meng Jiao,Talking slightly curiously。
With Wang Teng’s words finished,Meng Jiao is even more angry。
She is more and more convinced,Wang Teng is not a good person。
“What are you doing here?”