Pingdingshan innovation work method fully promotes the company’s completion of production

People’s Daily, Zhengzhou, March 7, electricity (Zhizhen), the above industrial enterprises have been fully completed, 176 foreign economic and trade enterprises complement 137, 146 logistics companies have replenished producing more than 90; 53 composite projects, completing 53 98%, the city’s key project started from 196, and the compliment rate was%. … at the Henan Provincial Press Conference, the deputy secretary of the Pingdingshan Municipal Committee, Mayor Zhang Lei Ming introduced the emergence of new coronal pneumonia, Pingdingshan adheres to the epidemic prevention and control and economic development, two incorrect, innovative work methods , Fully promote the reproduction of enterprises. Early arrangement deployment.

In a timely manner, the Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, the Municipal Government Standing Association, established the service enterprise completion of the production of production, adopting the "1234" work initiative, implement the epidemic classification partition classification control, accurate and orderly promotion enterprises. Formulate measures such as "Enterprise Removal Restitution Restability", clear "Ten Measures, Ten Initial" specific requirements, use the "Standard + Case" to do a good job in completion of reconciliation, ensure the safety and standardization of enterprises. Municipal leaders, counties (cities, districts) to investigate and supervise, in-depth enterprises and project lines to do accurate service, and focus on helping enterprises to resume production block, difficult to point, and promote key industrial chains.

Formulate a Helpion policy.

It is issued on "Several Policy Opinions on the Development of Epidemic Support Enterprises" to formulate 20 specific measures, focus on enterprises that are affected by pneumonia, production and operation. In terms of social security funds, the municipal people have accumulated 5,562 enterprises to reduce pension insurance billions, and 5,389 enterprises to reduce unemployment insurance premiums, 4,181 enterprises to reduce work injury insurance premium 10,000 yuan.

In terms of payment and reducing taxes, the city tax department is 41 household taxpayers handling delayed declaration or extension tax business, and has been extended to pay taxes 31.76 million yuan; for 7 households to handle export tax rebate, tax refund amount is 7.53 million; Taxpayers handle 30 households, and reduce taxes. In terms of enterprise loans, the city’s bank insurance institutions have issued a total of nearly 4 billion yuan, and the insurance is more than 20 billion yuan, and the continuous renewal billion yuan, the latency is still 18.3 million yuan, and the interest billion is reduced. The People’s Bank Pingdingshan Downtown Branch issued an epidemic prevention speculation to Pingdingshan Bank, the interest rate is only%; the interest rate is only%; Pingdingshan Bank, Zhongyuan Bank, Zhengzhou Bank uses an epidemic prevention special loan to the key enterprises to issue a discount of billion yuan, national open behavior flat coal god The Ma Group provides a low-interest loan of 300 million yuan, which has strongly alleviated the problem of enterprise financing during the epidemic. Strengthen enterprise services. To the city enterprise, major projects, the chief service official, coordinate the problem, optimize the enterprise service from the aspects of the enterprise burden, strengthening elements, etc., to ensure the smooth and healthy development of the enterprise.

Do a good job in the purchase of raw materials for complex indigenous enterprises and the transportation guarantee, distribution of 165 passes of the Vehicle Class A, 143 Class B pass, 3136 Class C pass, effectively alleviate the problem of corporate production materials.

Help the company combed the national, provincial and municipal related benefit companies, assist enterprises to communicate with relevant departments, falling all the benefits of all the benefits, and the national network Pingpenshan Power Supply Company conscientiously implement the cost of electricity costs in the enterprise, and relieves the company’s electricity bill 100 million yuan. More, benefit electric customers. Develop 12 employment work measures during the recovery of enterprises, carry out the "point-to-one, one-stop" coordination service to ensure the needs of enterprises.

Centralized organizations to carry out online banking enterprises dock signing activities, successfully sign up 355 enterprises, and the contract amount is 16 billion yuan, which has strongly supported the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Assist enterprises to study the development trend of industry in the new situation, help companies plan major strategies, major projects, and promote the development of enterprises in the industry adjustment.

Next, Pingdingshan will also have a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the construction of major projects will be fully promoted, and the implementation of the exhibition of epidemic prevention and economic and social development is a positive contribution. (Editor: Yu Siyuan, Yang Xianina).

Shandong: The provincial economic circle of the provincial economic circle is again assembled to carry out the highway service area road passenger transport centralized rectification action

High-speed service area violations and other road passenger transport violations and violations lack rigorous standards of safety inspections and epidemic prevention and control measures, there is not only significant safety hazards, but also is extremely unfavorable to exhibition of epidemic.

This centralized rectification action covers the provincial economic circle in the seven cities of the provincial capital, Beijing, Beijing, Taiwan, Qingyin and other expressway service areas.

In the operation, the seven municipal law enforcement agencies collaborate, strengthen information interoperability, clues sharing, evidence mutual recognition, string, wiring, and connect, and give full play to the advantage of "Group Collaboration".

In the Jikui Expressway Changqing Service Area Checkpoint, Jinan City Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment Joint Expressway Traffic Police jointly inspected past passenger vehicles, comprehensively investigated violations of violations of road passenger transport.

In the joint inspection, a bus car, a shuttle bus from Jinan, is suspected of inter-site guests, law enforcement officers on the spot investigation, and first registered relevant evidence, notify the parties to fill the proof of materials to the brigade to handle.

It is understood that this is the "all way to the highway traffic police, operation enterprises, jointly established" all the way ", through the establishment of the high-speed party building alliance, member units to establish a collaborative linkage work mechanism, and give full play to the functional advantages between different mains Explore the "Traffic Integration +" Integrated Administrative Law Enforcement in Jinan Characteristics.

In the operation, all units clear division of labor, all division, multi-level rectification of violations of violations of violations of road passenger transportation in the expressway service area, and promote highway traffic order continued to stabilize.

Shanghai "Vegetable Man" and more initiatives to ensure that the public response to cold "food basket"

Shanghai "Vegetable Man" and more initiatives to ensure that the public response to cold wave "basket" price stability sufficient supply of food safety (Reporter Liu Hui) into the beginning of winter, a wave of cold wave struck rapidly.

Reporters learned from the Shanghai Vegetable Group, previously associated with fine weather, the western suburbs of Jiangqiao vegetable price gradually declined. This week the temperature has fallen sharply, the market side to take initiatives and more efforts to protect the stable supply of goods. Reporters learned that, by the early national large-scale rainfall, Shanghai Jiangqiao wholesale market of vegetables wholesale prices rise, but with fine weather, the supply starting from tight to loose the conversion, the average price from the beginning of 11370 yuan / one hundred kilograms gradually decline to 345 yuan / one hundred kilograms, qoq%, only partially affected by the cold wave snowfall vegetable varieties appear higher prices.

Shanghai this week, the temperature "great diving" in order to actively cope with the sudden cold weather, west of the River Bridge Company from the publicity warning before cooling, analysis judged to take defensive measures, and other aspects of on-site emergency response efforts, efforts to reduce the sudden drop in temperature the negative impact, to guarantee a stable supply of commodities in the market.

Among them, Shandong producing areas of celery, spinach partially affected by the snow disaster, is expected to near wholesale prices will fluctuate, but as a whole, with the southern areas of supply continuous supply of the market, prices will not again mid to late 10 high. Market parties active use of micro-channel group, etc. for publicity to customers, organize and mobilize big business performed transporting vegetables ahead of time, working and storage, to ensure adequate supply and stable. Since the smooth transition between the supply of vegetable-producing areas, supply mass market, currently Jiangqiao wholesale market prices are high overall down trend. Eggplant, carrots, beans, kidney beans, beans Wang, lettuce and other varieties of price is relatively stable, relatively adequate supply; long radish producing radiation from the original only the northern region to Henan, Hebei, Hubei, Shandong and other places, the ring presentation than wholesale prices down significantly.

In addition, the current wide range of snow north inconvenience of harvesting and transportation of vegetables, Jiangqiao market actively mobilizing resources venues, and green channels for the baby vegetables and cabbage are two commodities, provide ample parking transaction, and in November around the middle of the field come to a supplement from Yunnan, Hubei, Jiangsu and other areas transporting goods, to ensure adequate supply of price stability.

Market said that in epidemic prevention and control normalized background, west of the River Bridge Company strict control, the implementation of people, vehicles and goods, the environment and other prevention measures, such as pulp and pay close attention to food prices, allocate and actively organize businesses around the country supply, use during the cold concrete actions to protect the people of Shanghai "vegetable basket" adequate supply, price stability, food security.

(Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

The Importance of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Session of the Party can be compared with the Zunyi Conference

The Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee has achieved three historical transformations, that is, from the grade struggle as a focus on economic construction, from rigid and semi-closing to implement reform, from closed semi-closed to external open. It is precisely because three historic transformations have achieved a historic transition of the party.

Historic transformations and historic turns are connected together, there is no three historic transformations, which can not form a historic transition of the party, and end the situation in the hover.

Some people say that the Party ‘s Third Plenary Session is equivalent to the Zunyi Conference in the Socialist Period.

Historically, the importance of this meeting is indeed possible to compile with the Zunyi Conference. In the process of reform and opening up for more than 40 years, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party is an epoch-making, opening the new period of reform and opening up and socialist modernization. The party’s Today’s Today’s Eleventh Central Committee, reviewing the major decisions made in this meeting more than 40 years ago, giving us a distinct revelation: Only continue to adhere to the reform and opening up, will reform and opening up, we can smoothly Realize the "two-year hundred years" struggle, and then achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

(Editor: Zhao Jing, Deng Zhihui).

Technology is the ship’s more than 30,000 teachers’ cloud teaching and research real-time interactive experts are the city’s South-North China cloud connection radiation

Internet education, intelligent education has spawned cloud teaching research is a big trend in the times. Under the severe situation in the international and domestic epidemic situation, the school teaching and research have to take the initiative, explore the "new" form of online teaching and research. This pioneer in Guiyang 8 –1. Created a new pattern of cross-regional teaching seminars across the north and south! Cross-space communication makes different regions, excellent teaching and research results of different stages, can get the most timely, most intuitive communication and most effective appreciation, across the four schools in China, China, the four schools, novel and efficient, precision and deep; new technology empowerment Teaching and research, creating a new pattern that has not been seen.

2. New technology empower "Internet + Teaching and Research" to achieve new samples of teaching and research in the background of informationization.

Conventional teaching and research is limited to one school; the inter-school teaching and research is limited to different teaching arrangements, working hours; cross-regional teaching and research is huge.

This cloud is on the brilliance of teaching, avoiding some of the routine online teaching and research, helping to achieve low cost and high efficiency of teachers’ teaching and research.

3. Realization of experts from the epidemic age leaders, the professional growth of teachers with companions mutual help growth.

The epidemic is forced to accelerate the exploration and attempts of cloud education in education, and the role leading to experts is enlarged.

Only this teaching and research, the virtual seats are 300,000, and the breeding of future teaching and research can be expanded.

Obviously, this exploration in Guiyang Eight will help solve the problem of teachers in the context of new curriculum changes to more efficient and more co-edge needs.

4. Newly integration of clouds, providing new ideas for the practice path of deepening education and teaching reform. After the National Education Conference, the country actively promotes the development of "Internet + education". In response to the promotion of education fairness and improve the quality of education in the basic education stage, propose to promote information technology and education teaching integration, explore in the background of education, and The important task of teaching and research model, this teaching and research exploration, the practice path of deepening education and teaching reforms for the first line provides a new idea for reference.

The province’s power supports FAW Jilin Province’s major science and technology project for the whole country "unveiling"

  A few days ago, the Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Department announced that FAW independent innovation (key core technology research and development) major science and technology special "unveiled" project declaration work, national colleges, research institutions, enterprises, etc. in the country, innovative entities or various innovative main body The consisting of the consisting can be revealed. General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important indication of "I have to put key core technology in my own hand" in the inspection of Jilin and FAW. Jing Junhai, the Provincial Party Committee, held the support of China FAW to create a world-class enterprise conference in the Provincial Government of Jilin Provincial Party Committee, and the provincial power is determined to support FAW to do strong. After the provincial science and technology leading group office, "Jilin Province Science and Technology Research Explain is Mounted, the Mechanism Implementation Plan", Jilin Province has gone out of the important step of "the province’s power to support FAW", decided to invest 100 million yuan, refer to the "unveiled" Mechanism organizes FAW independent innovation (key core technology research and development) major science and technology projects.

  Provincial Science and Technology Department, Changchun City Science and Technology Bureau based on China FAW "14th Five-Technology Development Plan", Jilin Province Automotive Industry Development Demand, Expert Specialized Project recommended by FAW Group (key core technology research and development) major science and technology special projects, focus The five major technical fields such as automotive vehicle control, new energy, intelligent network, power assembly and chassis control have identified 29 sheets. There is a strong research and development strength in the country, and innovative subjects or unions with conditions such as supporting the foundation of the project can be registered. The Provincial Science and Technology Department and the Changchun Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will conduct an evaluation and argue of the qualification, subject research feasibility, etc. of the Demand FAW Group, organize experts. The project is 2 or 3 years, and the relevant departments will supervise project management, subject acceptance and other links.

It is understood that this is a major scientific and technological special project implemented by Jilin Province. Editor in charge: Jiang Rielin.

Party members theme event day +: Leading party organization new normal

Hubei: The Theme Party Day Do a Good Job of "+" puts the "Branch Theme Party" as the basic carrier of "learning", "do" main platform, "change" important starting.

In the time schedule, it is clearly required to count the county-based units, fixed one day for the branch theme party day, and solve the problem of the branch activities and not often. The province’s 170,000-layer party branch has carried out more than 5 "branch theme party days" activities.

In the content procedure, it is clear that the "Branch Topics Party Day" must complete 4 basic actions, which will pay the party fees on the month, revisit the party’s oath, collectively read the party constitution, and learn the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping.

Yindu District, Anyang City, Henan Province: Party Members Learning Day Thunder does not move 12 years per month, Henan Anyang City General Party members Xiao Shubin will give an early morning, turn two buss, spend nearly two hours, returning to the Yin who lived Dushang District Tiexi Road Street Wenyuan Community, Party Members of the Community Participate in the Community.

Like Labian couples, home moved, but not willing to organize the relationship. When the moon came back to Party members, the party members of the party members, and they were not fresh in the Wenyuan community. In the past 12 years, a monthly party member study day is a "big day" in the Wenyuan community, and it is a living habit of many party members and thunder.

Sichuan Mianyang launched the "7 + X" theme party day activities to adhere to the principle of "New Year’s Day, Time Concentration, and Event", the city’s 1st, 10th, 20th as the city fixed theme party day, county and township or The department (unit) grassroots party committee can choose one day, or it can be combined with the actual optional day as the fixed theme party day of the grassroots party branch.

Adhere to the theme party and the "three sessions", the Party Member General, Party Group, Party and Organization Life can be arranged in the theme party. Hebei Pingquan: "Branch Theme Party Day does a good job and from selective action as a result of activity standards in the grassroots party branch, and the county determines five provisions in the" Branch Theme Party "activity.

The stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations. The branch organizes the experiential, grounding tissue life, and carries out poverty alleviation, volunteer service, and the community reported to the service masses, democratic discipline, etc., etc.

Hubei Xianning: "Theme Party Day +" Broaden Service Development New Ways Xianning Municipal Committee issued "Implementation Opinions on Perfect" Theme Party + "Long-Effective Mechanism", its core content is summarized as "one, two, six, +": "One" is a unified time, stipulates that the party organizations at all levels of the city will launch the "Theme Party +" activities in the first week of Month, China; "Second" is the event to cover each party branch, each party member; "six" is Read the party constitution, pay party fees, learn the party’s party’s feelings, carry out organizational life, implement a Democratic Act, implement the "six things linkage" provisions of the public system; "+" is the party branch combined with its own actual, self-selected action, actively explore colorful Activities.

Shenyang, Liaoning: The theme party day event will be implemented in the "two studies and one" learning education. Shenyang Municipal Committee puts comprehensive from severely governing the party to each party branch, each party member, from strengthening political functions, highlighting service functions, Optimize the seven aspects of the party branch setting and rectify the party branch, clear and specific tasks, will identify the first Wednesday, the first Wednesday, the first Wednesday, and organize more than 620,000 party members in the city, in 10,000 Party branches. In combination with their respective characteristics, we will seriously carry out various distinctive branch theme party days. Sichuan Qing Shen: "Political Birthday" Theme Activities Strengthening Party Membership Role Message in Yintan County In "Two Learning One Do" learning education, make full use of the red resources of the revolutionary old districts, as the basic unit of the party branch, will fixed the last week of the month Party membership party members, concentrate on the party members entering the party, and take a special text message, send a special SMS, talk about the party’s history, and once in the party to swear, engage in a centralized dedication "five one" measures, concentrate on Party members have passed the "Political Birthday" event, so that each party member keeps in mind their "political birthday" in the event, strengthen the staring and initiality of beliefs. Hunan Shuling: "Theme Party Day Event" Created Party Membership Activities New Situation Hunan Fuling City Extension to Each Party Branch, the opportunity of every party, and innovate the party membership activities. Taking the "Theme Party Day" to guide the city’s party members based on posts, activate the new motivation of the Party Branch, Party Members and Pioneer Model, and focus on the new situation of party members.

Since the launch of the "Theme Party Day", the city members visited the mass of 10,5632 households, collecting 21,549, solved, and explained 19,427.

In the "Theme Activity Day", every party member is a banner, leading the "dedication, and as" the atmosphere of the "dedication, and as".

Qinghaihua Rong: The grassroots party, the party’s day activities, all coverage of Huatong County will be fixed as the party membership activities, the "three sessions", party members, party members, and organize life The unified arrangement will be held at No. 1 No. 1.

The party committees of each township strictly formulate regulations, promote the implementation of the system, and the village party organization establishes a attendance system. At the same time, the party day activities will be fixed as a party member, party member pioneer index evaluation and the important content of the village party organization annual target responsibility assessment.

The village cadres are required to carry out full disciplines and guidance on the implementation of the fixed party day.

Xingwen, Sichuan: The theme party day activity highlights "true" combined with learning education requirements, integrates into local characteristics, and more than 600 party branches in the county organize party members to revisit the party volunteers and enters the party oath regularly according to the activities planning and activities. "Party volunteers Japan, "Red Party Class" and other themes, further awakening party awareness, guide party members to keep in mind the identity of party members and enhance party spirit. (Editor: Gao Wei, Qinhua).

Shanghai Bund Sightseeing Tunnel HD full version

Shanghai Bund Sightseeing Tunnel HD full version – Concord film and television network play record episode 53 2021-11-1708: 15: 48 update //// 线 朱 元Li Xinzhen, Lan Yong, Huang Guanzhong, Yellow River, Zhou Yunpong, Che Ji Bing, Yang Xiaolin, Mountain House, Hand Island, Maria, Milian Mo, Ma Xucheng, Cao Fujia, Jin Xianzhong, Zhang Han, Ye Mingzi, Qiao Shi Ni, Zeng Iiling,Tang Yingying, Zheng Yi, Zhou Ziping, Wang Yu, Phil Collins, Christina Mita, Rainya, Liudu, Chuankou Daochao, Brian Wilsen, Ai Jing, Guo Caijie, Wings, Westernino Canaan, Cake Bomb, Fan Wei, Jin Yong Wu, Penang Brothers, Song, Song Ming, Wu Ban, Liang Ming, Houmei, Xuan Wei, Yan Huimin, Yan Fuxi, Dream Theater, Dong Jiant, Bob Database, Haishu, Cai Wei, Zhou Ziping, Yu Dong, Zhou Xu Feng273 times broadcast 61176 times broadcast 38 times broadcast 78 times a broadcast 9 times a broadcast 88 times broadcast 8 times a broadcast 51279 times broadcast 1 time broadcast 481 times broadcast.

Taking advantage of the ages, multi-purpose natural science learning – Mao Zedong causes son Mao’an Ying, etc.

趁 年 纪 轻 轻 自 自 自 儿 儿 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 这 11 这 这 这 11 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 给 这 给 这 给 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 给 给 这 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给How young people learn.

Shore British, the shore: I have received the photo of the shore, the shore, the shore, the photo of the shore, the photo of the shore, single photo, and a few letters and photos, I have not completed, I can’t afford to you, know you suspense. You grow up, very happy.

Both English 理通, the word is also written, and it is good to enter. Only one thing is suggested that you will be able to learn from natural science, and talk about some politics.

Politics is to talk, but at present, there is a natural science in the past, and social science is supplemented.

In the future, it can be inverted, mainly social science, and natural science. In short, I have to pay attention to science, only science is true to learn, and I will use endlessly.

People love you, this is the same, it is to encourage you to go up; but there is a harm, it is easy to formerce, forgetting, do not know the danger of doing things, seeking truth from facts. You have your future, or good or bad, decided on yourself and your direct environment, I don’t want to interfere with you, my opinion, only as suggestions, by your own consideration.

In short, I am happy, I hope you are better.

Shore British wants me to write poetry, I don’t have any poetry, so I can’t write.

Regarding the book, the old comrades of Xi’an Lin Boxi, and the old comrades I To Xi’an sent a big group, and I heard that I didn’t receive it, it is a pity.

Now, it is discrete to send it, and after a large number of treatments.

My body is almost different this year, I am not satisfied; reading is small, because it is very busy. What is your situation? Miss. Mao Zedong January 31, 1941.

The spirit of the Hongqi Canal 丨 愚 愚 志 出 出 出 公 公

 "Forever Spiritual Flame" series network reviews 36: "One canal around the mountains, the spiritual world.

"On the Taihang Mountain with" the most beautiful scenery of Bei Xiong scenery ", the red flag valence is entangled in a blue streamer, and it has been flowing for more than 50 years.

  The red flag is located in Anyang, Henan Province. It is the construction of the projector to wear stone, excavated, digging channels, thousands of miles, in Taihang Mountain Waist, known as "artificial Tianhe".

The Hongqi Canal Project started in February 1960, until 1969, the supporting project was completed, and it lamed nearly ten years.

  One orchestration, moisturizing the hearts of the people, and benefiting one party.

The Hongqi Canal changed the life of Linzhou and also rewritten the history of Linzhou. The spirit of red flag canal in the construction process is a monument, a monument of the national spirit, a symbol of the Chinese culture, to the Linzhou people to change the hometown, get the courage to get rich in the country, and add self-reliance to the Chinese children, self-improvement strength.

  "Red Flag Canal is the spirit, the spirit of the spirit will never be broken", as the netizen said, the years can weat the hard Taihang rock, only the spirit can’t go with the wind.

More than 50 years ago, there are thousands of people in the air, celebrate the street; after more than 50 years, there is still a stream of flow here, motivate people.

Carry forward the spirit of the red flag, unite and cooperate, hard work, will promote our career to continue to advance in the new era.

(Text: Dong Hao Poster Design: Wang Wei).