2014 we have chased the Japanese drama together

"Firstclass" Fuji TV April 19th Starring Starring: Zeyi Yinglong Huazhong Pills Xiong Zuoi Mu Hi Cuisine Working at the 26-year-old Girl Ji Chengqi Qian Na Ni Mei (Ze Ying Yinglong Hua), there is natural love for fashion . At the accident, she introduced the editor of the top fashion magazine "Firstclass", Dawu, Dawu, Dawu, Dawu (Bo Valley, into the summer), and entered the editorial department of her dreams of her dreams. However, under the appearance of the stylish circle, the cruelty of weak meat and food is what she begins.

From the editorial of the cold, the full-scale meat, the deputy editor, the vice editor, the sea, the sea, the sea, the black female editor, Sichuan Rui beautiful, and the vegetable wikuo) to the gradual superior contractor Wooden Village White Snow (Tian Yu Zhi Ziji), from the flattest model Mina (Sasaki Hiji) to the popular rich family female + famous model erena. Focusing on this magazine, smoke and warfare are not in progress.

In order to out, Qiai Mei seems to have only choosing to fight, put into mounting’s brutal killing.

Beautiful Tianci Fenglin, magical Chongfians (Photos) – Zhonghong Net

In order to escape the war, hide in the mountains and the mountains in the mountains, they born in the mountains and their boy, and later, this reader went to Beijing to take the highlights, and the woman in the middle of the official, abandon the new family. The wife and the parents and young sons, his wife raised young children and supported her in-law, because of the short-year-old disaster, in order to give the public, I have to sell the biological son.

After ten years, after ten years, the soldiers sold under the education of parents, they had a good order, and they were named, and he told the emperor to the emperor’s life history and mother’s kindness, emperor listening It is very touched, in order to express the filial piety of the Yuan mother, give their hometown as "Chongfianship", (in ancient times, it is a three township as one, three miles are a village, the township means very small small village). Since then, the Shunde (Xingtai) Chongxiao Township is recorded.

The mountain peaks are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, the birds are fragrant, the air is fresh, and the normal temperature is 3-5 degrees lower than the city.

In the current situation, China has entered an aging society. By 2020, China’s old population will increase to about 100 million, and the city is crowded. The wooden house is known as an ecological home. People are tired of the city’s reinforced concrete, only unique wood houses can bring people back to the perfect experience! Since the four seasons, slowly Zen language, the Buddha go tired mood, synchronized with the wooden house in the scenery of life, go to the spring of the spring, the summer, the autumn, the autumn is high, and the winter silver is wrapped.

The wood house, Liu Ye, the aroma of the log, the negative oxygen ions integrating into the field, have a huge benefit to our body, soul and physical health. The wooden house is warm in summer cool, moisturizing, breathable, simple and elegant, contains alcoholic cultural atmosphere.

The wooden house is home, not only for our desire for nature, but we are more towards the beautiful idyllic life.

The morning sun sprinkles in the warm wooden house, wakes up from the beautiful dream, starting a bright day. Tired, lack, brew, shackles, sitting on the floor, take a book, listening to the penetration outside the window, the rain, the banana, the sun, in the country, in the land, lamera, grass, self-cultivation, Be a light and elegant, do not chase the world’s floating, no people who have lost their life.

No sound, play Tai Chi, write calligraphy, listen to music, hold the heart, the years are too short, we can’t wait, you are not old, dream is still, do an idyllic life plan for yourself! Introducing migratory bird health, pension house villa, single-family wooden house, is a non-two choice for your pension. As a life, the wooden house is elegant and enjoyable, about three or five friends, weekend, barbecue beer, fried chickens, good value, why not go! From May 1, 13 of the United Central Plains held 13 martial arts and food festival activities in Wu’an Tianci Fenglin.

There is a rich program such as beer barbecue square, literary performances.

Classroom docking sand field! Air Force Engineering University focuses on the team to create a team

It is recommended to read the public should continue to maintain a good hygiene habit, adhere to the scientific prevention of masks, vaccination, hard-working, no gathering, etc. 2021-12-1320: 56 During the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled, If some athletes are diagnosed with new crown viruses, how will I accept isolation? 2021-12-1320: 55 Starbucks China responded that it has been concerned about the report of two stores in Wuxi Xingbark. The problem of food safety involved in the report is deeply shocked, and this incident is highly concerned.

2021-12-1320: 55 "In the past, the health of the canteen was healthy. The administrator should conduct body temperature inspection of employees, hand hygiene testing, wearing test and record the results in case, and the process is cumbersome." 2021-12 -1318: 52 Recently, Fudan University Intelligent Complex System Basic Theory and Key Technical Laboratory professor discussed the complex kinetics of human brain in the implementation of the human brain in implementing the heart calculation and listening to music. feature.

2021-12-1315: 5213, my country’s Long March series launched rocket ushered in the 400th launch, the Long March 4 B-loaded rocket successfully sent Practice No. 6 05 group satellite into space, satellite will be used to carry out spatial environmental detection and New technology test verification. 2021-12-1315: 42 In the promotion of "carbon peaks, carbon neutronia" double carbon objects, China’s new energy vehicles have handed over the transcripts of the production and sales. 2021-12-1315: At 16 o’clock on the 9th, 16th, the teachers from the space – Shenzhou No. 13 Take the Astronaut Qi Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu are in the big screen, the "Tiangong Classroom" space teaching activities unveiled . 2021-12-1314: 53 National Computer Network Emergency Technology Processing Coordination Center (CNCERT), China Network Space Security Association Recently issued "APP illegal and illegal collection and analysis of personal information monitoring and analysis report". 2021-12-1314: 15 and the past, only give money to help the incubation technology, Weng Yong hit more about helping the research results to find the market, helping the company to find technology and let the tripartite form a community. 2021-12-1314: 05 Using renewable energy electrolyte hydrogen is considered to be one of the most feasible strategies of high-purity hydrogen production, but due to the shortage of fresh water resources, electrolysis seawater has become a research hotspot.

2021-12-1313: 51 In July this year, Liu Yi team acquired the first global carbon flux data set and map of China’s carbon satellite. This marked that my country has the space of global carbon payments, and Japan, The third country after the United States has the country. 2021-12-1313: 41 Li Yanhong said that my country has leading scientific and technological talent bonuses, with rich artificial intelligent application scenarios, with unparalleled good policy environments, China’s intelligent transportation development must go in the forefront of the world.

2021-12-1309: 41 For example, you can sell equipment in the game, sell your identity, in the Yuancosian, the equipment and identity, we can understand the real estate of the Yuan Universe as an alternative equipment and identity . 2021-12-1309: 41 Ski Ski Daji, also known as "Xue Fei Tian", located in the new Shougang Park in Beijing Shijingshan, is the only snow competition in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

2021-12-1309: 31 Drinking your milk will drink probiotics into your stomach, these probiotics are actually "living biothermal", which is conducive to our gastrointestinal motility.

2021-12-1309: 24 According to a study published on the 10th of Nature · Electronics, Finnish researchers have developed a circuit that can generate high-quality microwave signals required to control quantum computers at temperatures close to absolute zero. . 2021-12-1309: 23 "In the past, the health of the canteen was healthy. The administrator should conduct body temperature inspection of employees, hand hygiene testing, wearing tests and record the results in case, and the process is cumbersome.

"2021-12-1309: 21 Protein Structure Prediction is an important" holy cup "of biology, and is also one of the most hot research in the field of artificial intelligence.

2021-12-1309: 20 The Shougang Ski Billet in Shijingshan District, Beijing officially launched the snow work on the 12th.

The first steel skiing platform in Shijingshan District, Beijing officially launched snow work on the 12th. 2021-12-1313: 56.

2013 Hong Kong Weekyo at Taipei

Cheongsam News People’s Network Taipei November 4 (Reporter Wu Yaming, Ren Chengqi) 2013 Hong Kong Zhou will hold on November 29, at this afternoon, the director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Culture Office said in the speech. Hong Kong has Chinese and Western cultures, full of cultural sparks and vitality, I believe that this year’s Hong Kong Zhounene will show a multi-faceted Hong Kong culture to Taiwan.

This year, Hong Kong Zhou has "inheritance and innovation theme", in addition to the "100-year fashion: Hong Kong Braise Story", "Body" and other exhibitions, as well as Hong Kong Orchestra, Hong Kong Dance Troupe.

Liang Zhiren said that in the past, there have been a cultural desert that Hong Kong is a monetary monk, but Hong Kong has actually have rich cultural resources and excellent artistic performances and Condu talents. Hong Kong has Chinese and Western cultures, full of cultural sparks and vitality, hoping to use Hong Kong Zhou, presented Hong Kong cultural multi-face and characteristics to Taiwan people, let Taiwan more recognize Hong Kong.

Mao Junhui, a member of the Hong Kong and Taiwan Culture Cooperation, said that on the basis of this year, Hong Kong Week is based on "Inheritance and Innovation". It is hoped that Hong Kong has a deep local historical culture, but it is also constantly innovating.

He said that Taiwan and Hong Kong are the Chinese cultural circle, but they all have integrated and innovation. It is hoped that the cultural cooperation committees of Taiwan and the Hong Kong Parties will be more active and strengthen the various cultural exchanges.

At first sight, the general secretary walked through the landmark, what is the story behind?

On October 24, 2018, General Secretary of the Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping was in Shenzhen.

This is Xi Jinping to visit the 40th Anniversary of Guangdong Reform and Opening from Shenzhen Reform and Open Exhibition Hall. Shenzhen has born a lot of emancipated thoughts, the slogan of people, "Time is money, efficiency is life" is the most loud sentence.

The inspiration of the slogan is from a small thing.

In October 1978, Yuan Geng visited the executive vice chairman of the Ministry of Communications Merchants Bureau. When the development business needs to purchase a building, Yuan Geng and Selling Handling, the seller’s car stopped outside the door without flameout, the transaction completed the special person to arrange a special person with a check and jumped on the bank. It turned out that it was a weekend. If you can’t give the check to the bank at 3 pm, it will lose tens of thousands of interest. This "live teaching class" made him impressed.

In 1981, "Time is money, efficiency is life" slogan gradually formed. At the end of the year, the giant placard "Time is money, efficiency is life" stands in Shekou Industrial Zone, which has triggered a broad dispute.

In 1984, Comrade Deng Xiaoping inspected Shenzhen, "Time is money, efficiency is life" to make sure.

In the National Day parade, the slogan was written to the lotus, spread through the land of China through the TV.

Chongqing: Tour Tribunal Solo Migrant Worried Zama Mountain Office

In recent years, Jiangjin District People’s Court in Chongqing combines the characteristics of the jurisdiction to innovate judicial convenience initiatives, innovative judicial convenience initiatives, and launched "Tour Tribunal", "Holiday Tribunal", "Bidding", etc. Measures, the maximum convenience is convenient for the people to handle the lawsuit. Jiangjin District People’s Court Second People’s Court jurinated 6 townships and towns, including Sijia, Zhongshan, Jiaping, Si’an Mountain, 940 square kilometers in the jurisdiction, with elevated drop of more than 1,000 meters.

In order to facilitate the masses, we also lapse the legal service, climb the roller, hiking over the river, and take the village to enter the house. In the work, the grassroots judges in the rooted mountainous area tried to help the parties to fade, abpatient, speaking, and find contradictions, and then resolve contradictions. Through innovative judicial convenience initiatives, the grassroots judge moved the court to the field, moved to the land, moved to the party’s home, change the words of French to the Chinese language, and sent the judicial service to the people.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Wei photo.

2022 economic policy will adhere to steady

[] It can be seen through the successful central political bureaus, 2022 economic work will adhere to the total number of work, complete, accurate, fully implement the new development concept, and accelerate the construction of new development, fully deepen reform and opening up Adhere to innovation and driving development, promote high-quality development, adhere to the structural reform of supply side, coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, coordinate development and safety, continue to do "six stable" "six insurance" work, continuous improvement People’s livelihood, focus on stabilizing the macroeconomic market, maintaining economic operation in a reasonable range, maintaining the social overall situation, welcoming the party’s 20 victory.

Specific ideas, more prominent stability, stable growth is still hard requirements, the money fiscal will be stable, expand domestic demand, promote consumption, and investment is an important starter, and the construction of affordable housing is also expected to advance. Policy master base should highlight the steady character, and steady growth is still hard requirements.

Looking back in 2021, my country has responded to a big change in the past 100 years, and struggled to complete the difficult task of reform and development, and achieve the "14th Five-Year Plan".

Looking forward to 2022, the domestic and foreign economic situation is still complex, "focusing on the stable macroeconomic market" and "maintaining economic operation in reasonable intervals", pointing to my country will grow stabilize.

  Macroeconomic policies should be robust and effective, continue to implement positive fiscal policies and robust monetary policies. The currency end, the meeting requested that "the steady monetary policy should be flexible, maintaining the liquidity is reasonable"; the fiscal end, the meeting requires that "active financial policy should improve efficiency, pay more attention, sustainable", 2022 deficit rate level and special The scale of the debt may be considerable this year. Expand domestic demand, promote consumption, and investment is an important starting.

"Implementing the expansion of domestic demand strategy, promoting consumption continued recovery, actively expanding effective investment, and enhancing the development of life" is placed in the next year’s work, indicating the steady growth of the next year to stimulate consumption, expand investment, pay attention to coupons , Public consumption, automobile home appliances, etc. refinement initiatives, but also pay attention to infrastructure, including traditional infrastructure and new energy, rail transit and other new infrastructure. The construction of affordable housing is expected to accelerate. This meeting puts the "promotion of affordable housing construction" in the first year of the real estate policy, indicating that the affordable housing is expected to be the focus of the real estate investment next year. The meeting also requested that "The Commercial Housing Market is better to meet the rational housing needs of the buyers," promoting the healthy development of the real estate industry ", and then combined with the recent SMS Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission" focus on the first suite, improve the housing mortgage demand, reasonable distribution of real estate development Loan, M & A loan, etc.

  In addition, structural policies, scientific and technological policies, etc. also have new requirements. The meeting pointed out that structural policies should focus on smooth national economic circulation, enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing, and enhance supply chain toughness; the scientific and technological policy should accelerate the landing, continue to do a good job in key core technical research, strengthen national strategic technology, and strengthen the status of corporate innovation. Realize technology, industries, and finance. Overall, do a good job in economic work next year, and the parties need to better play the initiative, creative, condensed, and meet hard, and meet the party’s twentieth victory in the excellent results.

All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

Beijing’s first "government convenience supermarket platform" doorway

Original title: The city’s first "government convenience supermarket platform" online news (Reporter Zhang Wei) a few days ago, Metegou Government Convenience Supermarket Platform – "Administrative E-Supermarket" online, enterprises and citizens can do things like online shopping. This is the first government convenience supermarket platform in Beijing.

  "Government Convenience Supermarket Platform" is supported by new technologies such as block chains, big data, and the platform is the total entrance to the top window, with help, inquiry, hotspots, license, people’s livelihood, one package, business environment, even The nine-catered cabinets such as the hearts of the people cover more than one thousand.

The public entered the helper counter, click the comprehensive reservation module, and can make an appointment of the corresponding district level, the town (street) grade government hall, which requires usage and time.

Entering people’s livelihood counters, appointment to handle social security, health, health, public security, judicial, education, culture, tourism, finance, and convenience and other matters.

  It is understood that "government convenience supermarket" has now achieved multi-end applications. When enterprises and citizens need, you can log in to the capital window to select the Government website, or pay attention to the "Metegou Government" WeChat public account, and click "Administrative E-Supermarket" to use. In addition, the public can also use services on the District Government Service Center Self-service Terminal. Meitougou will continue to improve and improve the service function and coverage of the platform according to the direction of government service "Out of the Affairs", which is more human, accurate, intelligent, and strive to improve online government affairs service Constantly optimize the regional business environment.

(Qigui, Bao Congying).

De dagelijkse editie van mensen let op Hunan: Shenzhou Total Song

Originele titel: Shenzhou, een totaal van het zingen in het nieuwe tijdperk (het moederland, een lied zingen) in het Shanghai Putuo District Glass South Seque, een folk rood nummer zal openen. De studentenvereniging van Oost-China Normale universiteit "De geluiden van de geluiden" gebruiken een "I love you china" om de patriottische gevoelens uit te drukken, het applaus van het publiek aan te trekken. "Bij het zingen, is mijn hart erg opgewonden, ik ben trots op mezelf is Chinees!" Hu Yunwen, de derde student van Oost-China Normal University, "hebben we het patriottische nummer gemaakt, ik hoop dat er meer mensen het kunnen vinden."

"Nationale feestdag, alle mensen hebben een diepe patriottische gevoelens door de flitser, registreren video, literaire uitvoeringen en zingen het grote moederland.

"Village Village Zhaizhen, speel de trommel, klopte op het verdwenen, aka zing nieuwe lied …" om 10.00 uur 4 oktober, in het centrum van Kunming en toerisme Public Service Center, provincie Yunnan, een groep jongeren met nationale kostuums in De handen van de vlag is een dansflits gemaakt. Nationale feestdag, diverse culturele museum in Kunming heeft een reeks literaire activiteiten uitgevoerd, nationale dag viert met een prachtig programma.

"Our lieve moederland zingen, vanaf nu voor welvarende …" Samen met de vertrouwde melodie, de studenten van de twee rivieren en nieuwe rivieren in Chongqing, de studenten van de nieuwe zone van de twee rivieren, de studenten, waardoor er veel Netizens opleverden , loven.

Deng Xiaoyu, die deelnam aan het CHORUS, zei: "Elke keer dat ik dit lied hoorde of zingen, zal de innerlijke trots in leven zijn." "Guo komt naar de bloem om de Heer te openen, de OSMANTHUS is beter dan Miao-familie, Noble is het Liberation Army 嘞 … "A" 花 开 开 幸 "听.

Op 3 oktober brachten de acteurs die een prachtig audiovisueel feest hebben gebracht bij bezoekers in Long Beach Scenery, Guizhou Songwei Township, Taichung County, Guizhou Province.

"Zingende rode liedjes met de vader en oude dorpelingen, een totaal van Great Motherland is welvarend, is een zeer zinvol ding. ‘Li Jing Ting zei. Naast kleurrijke offline activiteiten, hebben alle locaties ook verschillende online activiteiten uitgevoerd. In de vakantie hield het Harbin In Grand Theater het "Cloud Carnaval" -evenement en voerde een 7-daagse online uitzending uit op het publieke nummer en de patriottische nummers vierden de nationale dag. Tegen deze twee dagen, de nationale dag van het Huang Chun Middle School Choir speciaal vastgelegd in Huang Chun Middle School Chorus van Huang Chun, Huang Chun Middle School Choos, Guangdong Province. Dit is een minderheid in de drieaardige cultuur van drie plaatsen in de bouw van de drie-aardse cultuur. De kinderen zingen met oprechte emoties, drukken de liefde van jongeren in het nieuwe tijdperk uit. In deze dag is er nog steeds een soort lied en dringt er bij mensen op aan.

Bij de eerste regel van belangrijke projecten in verschillende plaatsen, genieten de bouwers van het zweet, zingt het lied van de arbeider van het nieuwe tijdperk en deel de nieuwe beweging van het land voorspoedig en sterk. Op 4 oktober, in de bouwplaats van het Peking City Deputy Center Library-project, waren werknemers spannen voor de bouw van het rode metalen dakmodel. Ma Hong, Chief Engineer, Deputy Center Library Project, Second Bureau, Second Bureau, China Anxin District Rongdong District, de eerste batch van hervestigingsbehuizing staat op het punt te worden afgeleverd en een groep belangrijke projecten bevindt zich in het bouwknooppunt.

De machine brult, de mensen zijn vol met mensen, kijken naar de drukke scène en het zijoor luistert naar de arbeider. Wang Hao, een personeelslid van een kantoor in Xiong’an New District, China, hoewel binnenkort, hoewel het snel, het is al het bouwgeluid hier. "Dit is de beweging van Xiongan New District om een ??snelle paarden te bouwen, luisteren het hart.

. Meer dan 50 werknemers op het gezicht zijn op een geordende manier. "Hoewel het vakantie is, moet de constructie zoals gebruikelijk worden geavanceerd. "Yuan Xu Feng ge?ntroduceerd," No. 1 Yokong heeft 1450 meter ingenomen en wordt verwacht dat het midden december de doeltaak voltooit.

"Op de avond van 3 oktober waren China en Lao Kun (Ming) WAN (zoals) Spoorweg Jingzhai Tunnel Bouw Site Lights duidelijk. Na 4 uur nerveuze operatie voltooide de constructie in de hele lijn van de Kuknay-spoorweg.

LU HONGJUN, DEPUTY-beheerder van de projectafdeling die verantwoordelijk is voor de bevelbewerking, zei: "Hoewel de nationale dagvakantie niet kan rusten, zullen we de liedjes van de bevalling maken, en het land wordt sterker!" "Hebei District, The Parabolic Alarmdemonstratie begint.

""ontvangen! "De voice viel gewoon, Beijing Daxing International Airport Integrated Bonded Area Monitor Command Center klonk en pop-up de abnormale foto die in de buurt van het isolatieromslag onmiddellijk op het scherm van de monitor is gegooid.

"We doen parabolische alarmoefeningen om een ??succesvolle acceptatie te garanderen.

"Daxing Airport Creave Bonded Area Information Platform Engineers Fan You Cheng zei. Op de ochtend van 3 oktober, de bouwplaats van het International Conference Center van Hunan Changde Liuhui International Conference Center, het tweede bureau van het tweede bureau van China, en de toren Hangend bos. Om de voortgang van het project te waarborgen, staan ??er meer dan 400 bouwers op de paal. Het is ongemaakt, en het wordt begrepen met zweet en toewijding. Het is begrepen dat na het project is voltooid, het wordt een nieuw Landmark in Changde City. Gelegen op het National Major Wits-project van de guipingstad, Guangxi, de bouwplaats, wordt twee brug machine-eigenaren de takel op een ordelijke manier opgetild.

"We kijken ernaar uit om de bouwdoelen zo snel mogelijk te bereiken, met behulp van strenge kwaliteitscontrole, het zingen van het zangzang.

"Verantwoordelijk voor mechanische en elektrische en elektrische technologie" David Gorge Engineee MPC’s Institute of Elektromechanical Institute of Electromechanical Mechanical and Electrical, zei.

"People’s Daily" (01e editie, oktober 02, 2021) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Delen Laat meer mensen klantdownloads zien.


. KUNMING, 11octubre 2021 (Xinhua) – Unvideosobreelefantesesproyectadoenunapantalladurantelaceremoniadeinauguracióndela15areunióndelaConferenciadelasPartesdelaConvencióndelasNacionesUnidassobrelaDiversidadBiológica, conocidacomoCOP15, enKunming, enlaprovinciadeYunnan, enelsuroestedeChina, óenKunmingellunes (Xinhua / Lixin) KUNMING, 11oct (Xinhua) – La15aConferenciadelasPartesdelConveniosobrelaDiversidadBiológica, conocidacomoCOP15, seinauguróhoylunesenKunming, "Civilizaciónecológica: ConstruirunfuturocompartidoparatodalavidaenlaTierra", laCOP15eslaprimeraconferenciaglobalconvocadaporlasNacionesUnidassobreeltemadelacivilizaciónecológica, unafilosofí, secretariaejecutivadelConveniosobrelaDiversidadBiológica , asistióenpersonaalaceremoniadeinauguraciónyelogiólosesfuerzosdeChinaenlaconservacióndelabiodiversidad. "MegustaríaexpresarmiadmiraciónporlasmedidasqueChinahatomadoparaprotegeryrestaurarlabiodiversidad", dijo. "Tambiénmealientaprofundamenteverqueelcompromisodelosnumerososactoresnoestatalesestáaumentandoconsider ablementeenChinayentodoelmundo ".Paraalcanzarlavisión2050devivirenarmoníaconlanaturaleza, elmundodebetomarmedidasenestadécadapararevertirlapérdidadebiodiversidady" ponerlabiodiversidadenlasendadelarecuperaciónamástardaren2030", sealó, subsecretariageneraldelasNacionesUnidasydirectoraejecutivadelProgramadelasNacionesUnidasparaelMedioAmbiente, enviósufelicitaciónporlainauguracióndelaCOP15atravéoXXI, pueslanaturalezaeslabasedelasculturas, lassociedadesylaseconomíóatodaslaspartesdelconveniotomarmedidasclarasytangiblesparacumplirconelmarcoglobaldebiodiversidadónsecelebrará, programadadel11al15deoctubre, serealizatantoenlíneacomofueradelínea, conmáposteriora2020paraorientarlasaccionesdeconservacióáánenunforosobrelacivilizaciónecológicacomouneventoparaleloalareuniónentreel14yel15deoctubre, ycubriránunaseriedetemasqueincluyencómohacerfrentealcambioclimáticoylaprotecciónyrestauraciónecolóón, quesellevaráacabofueradelíneaenlaprimeramitadde2022,SeráelescenarioparalafinalizaciónyadopciónndeunmarcoglobaldebieldiversidadambiosoyprácticoaplicableSpuéísesqueentraronaFormarpartedelconveniosobreladiversidadbiológicaqueRentó, YlaconferenciadelasparteselmecanismodemásaltomEcionEsparAdiscouderconvenio ..