Concerned 17 people in one week! 14 people were sorted, and the original secretary of Lu Liang Zhengfa, Shanxi Province, secretary of the Meizhou Political and Legal Committee, Guangdong Province, etc.

Investigation and investigation, Hu Dongsheng, the original Director Hu Dongsheng, the original Director of Heilongjiang Province, received discipline review and supervision, and the political commissar of Chongqing Yinan District Public Security Bureau, the government committee, suspected of serious violations of law, and survey, the Meizhou Municipal Committee of the Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, Chen Junqin, was accepted by discipline review and supervision. Heilongjiang Province Prison Authority Second-level inspector Fan Yuxiang accepted discipline review and monitoring of the original Vice Pillar of the Senior People’s Court in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the second-level police specialist, Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, the second-level police specialist Gan Qinghua accepted discipline review and monitoring of Qinghai Salt Lake Secretary of the Party Committee of the Industrial Co., Ltd. The original sectors of the First Affiliated Hospital Zhou Jin received a review investigation and survey Liu Bao Ming, the Original Secretary of the Luliang Municipal Committee of Shanxi Province, and Liu Bao Ming, received the investigation and investigating Zhu Zhongkui, the Ali’s Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region, received discipline review and monitoring investigating the original People’s Court of Heilongjiang Heilongjiang Province Dean Liu Langxing received discipline review and monitoring investigating the party secretary of the former Jiangxi Provincial Department of Land and Resources, Liu Jifu accepted discipline review and monitoring investigating the original Environmental Protection Department East China Environmental Protection Supervision Center Party Group Member, Deputy Director Huaxo Accepting Discipline Review and Supervision Survey Beijing He Rui, member of the Party Committee of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, was accepted by disciplinary review and monitoring, and Liu Jianxuan, a member of the People’s Procuratorate of Hunan Provincial People’s Procuratorate. And Monitoring Party Committee Draft Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Party Secretary for Party Committee, Director Du Yanfeng was expelled from the party, the original inspector Li Chengren, the original inspector of the People’s Government, was opened to the provincial audit office of the Communist Hunan Provincial Discipline Committee. The provincial auditor’s original party group member package Changlin was opened to the party, and the original party secretary of the People’s Procuratorate of Zhangzhou City, Hebei Province was opened. Dong Gui, the former deputy director of the people’s government of Changping District, was opened to the first second-level inspector of the senior people’s court of Beijing, and Li Jianping, Director of Cadres, was opened to the party committee members and deputy general manager of Beijing Yizhuang Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.. Yang Xuefeng was expelled from the party committee of party membership and public office, Jiangxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., the deputy general manager Huang Quanhu, the serious violation of the law and discipline is expected to be expected to be expected to be expected to be expected to be expected to be expected to be expected to be opened. Liu Mao, the secretary of the original party group, the first deputy director, and the Municipal Party Committee of the Political and Legal Committee, was opened to the party secretary of the party committee and public office Changan Bank Co., Ltd., and the chairman of Zhao Yongjun, who was seriously violated and disciplined, and opened to the public. Shaanxi Rural Credit Cooperative United Society The former chairman Yang Jianxin seriously violated the law and discipline to be expelled, canceled the retired treatment of the depth of Shaanxi Provincial Rural Credit Cooperatives, Wang Ximing Defined and typical issues. Including: Hebei District Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Envowors, member of the party committee, deputy director, corruption, demolition compensation, violating the contract for others, from the perseverance; the party secretary of the original agricultural technology promotion service center of Jinnan District, Director Pan Juquan Agricultural subsidies and other problems; Sun Tongji, the party branch of Nan Sunzhuang Village, Jinzhong Street, Dongli District, and the director of the village committee, the disappearance, illegal and invading collective funds; Hexi District Market Supervision Administration, the third-level researcher Song Quanwen, Dashi Liu Wei and others in the Gate Street Market Regulatory Center were not as issues in food safety supervision. New Media Editor: Cui Xiaomeng.