[What is the role of loofah leaves?

】 _Benefits_Ethics

[What is the role of loofah leaves?

】 _Benefits_Ethics

I believe that everyone has eaten loofah. There are many ways to eat loofah, but many people may not have eaten loofah leaves. In fact, loofah leaves can be eaten as vegetables and have a drug effect. Sometimes in summer, people often appearSymptoms of heat stroke, dry mouth and emotional distress during heat stroke, etc. At this time, eating more loofah leaves is very helpful. In addition, loofah leaves also have the following effects.

The role of loofah leaves: efficacy of clearing heat and detoxifying, stopping bleeding, and removing heat.

Indications are used for scabies ulcers, edema, sore ringworm, snake bites, soup fire injuries, sore throats, wound bleeding, and heat and thirst.

Loofah is a home-cooked dish that everyone often eats, and it goes on sale every summer.

Did you know about a plant like luffa while eating it?

Have you seen the leaves of a loofah?

Can it be eaten?

Today, Xiaobian predicts that the gourd leaves will make a special introduction, which will not only tell you whether the gourd leaves can be eaten, but also show you how to eat the common gourd leaves.

1. Loofah leaves can be eaten. Loofah leaves can be eaten. It is green and tender, tastes light, and has high nutritional value. It can supplement a variety of vitamins and minerals for the human body. In addition, the nature of the loofah leaves is cold. People can clear them after eating.A variety of heat poisons in the body can avoid some symptoms of getting angry.

2, scrambled eggs with loofah leaves The most common way to eat loofah leaves is scrambled eggs with loofah leaves. Usually, you can pick fresh loofah leaves during frying, wash them and cut them into small dices, place them in a bowl, and scramble the eggs.Pour into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of edible salt, stir directly into the pan and stir-fry, stir-fry into chunks, remove and place on a plate and serve.

3, cold loofah leaves, cold gourd leaves are also very delicious. Usually, you can wash the loofah leaves with clean water, then cut into filaments, boil it in boiling water, and then collect the supercooled water to cool it, then remove it to remove the water.Add garlic, vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil, and finally add a small amount of chicken essence for seasoning.

4. Stir-fried loofah leaves. It is also a good way to eat loofah leaves after they are fried. Before cooking, prepare an appropriate amount of loofah leaves and a few dried peppers and an appropriate amount of minced garlic.

Cut the loofah leaves into small pieces, then put oil in the pan. After heating, add the dried peppers and garlic slices to fry the aroma. Then put the loofah leaves into a high heat and fry. After it softens, add a small amount of raw soy sauce and an appropriate amountAfter the salt is mixed well, the pan is ready.