Is this the Geordaye he knew??

“Let’s talk about the abnormality of GEODIS these days.”The chubby face looked down and thought for a while。
“correct,We talked with the old expert for a long time that day,I went to the toilet in the middle,When i come back,It happened to see GEODIS handing a jade bracelet to the old expert。”
“When they found out that I came back,The old expert hurriedly put the jade bracelet into his pocket,Quickly turned off the topic。”
“Jade bracelet?What kind of jade bracelet?”Qiao Tianyu asked anxiously。
“It’s about the same size as a normal bracelet,Overall emerald green,Crystal clear,Just like glass。”Chubby face recalled,Then said。
“But a little bit of that jade bracelet is blood red,Very bright,I have never seen such a beautiful bracelet!”
“Blood red?”Qiao Tianyu’s brain buzzed up,Asked quickly“How big is the blood red part of the bracelet?”
“It’s only about one centimeter?”The chubby face remembered hard。
“But the time was too short,The old expert quickly put the bracelet in his pocket,I didn’t look carefully。”
“Oh oh。”Qiao Tianyu suppresses his inner excitement and anxiety,Pretending to be calm and nodded,“Any more?”
“Have。”The chubby face continued。
“The night before returning to the US,I came out of the bathroom after taking a shower,Heard a knock on the opposite door。”
“Because I’m Geodaye,It was past 11 o’clock in the middle of the night,So i’m a little curious,Lie on the cat’s eyes and glanced。”
“I saw the old expert again,Geodaye soon opened the door and came out,He wanted to invite the old expert into the room。”
“But the old expert shook his hand,Returned the jade bracelet to GEODIS,Said a few words,Thumbs up frequently。”
“But they don’t speak loudly,I didn’t catch what they were talking about,But it can be seen,The old expert is a little excited,I guess I’m complimenting the jade bracelet。”
“Oh oh,I know。”Qiao Tianyu nodded。
The news of chubby face is very important,Although it’s just a sporadic fragment,But let Qiao Tianyu be very sure,GEODIS is really not easy,He must have hidden something from Qiao Tianyu!
for the rest of the time,Chubby face signed an employment contract,Appointed as Director of Marketing Department of Horizon Fund。