Even if it’s a dead spider belly,I have to dress up first,Then go to death generously!

Wang Zhaoyun remembered those things before he came to Bairimen。
He was originally a teacher in the suburbs near Tianzun God City,Opened a small private school,More than a dozen kindergarten students,Preaching for them,Calm and calm,Happily。
one day,The lords in the county brought the guests from the city to the countryside to hunt,I shot a young boy in the vegetable field。
This young boy is one of Wang Zhaoyun’s favorite students,Very talented,As a disciple who can pass on。
The villagers took the children to find the master,Considered by the noble master to be in front of the distinguished guests,Refute his face,So ordered the stick to kill the villagers,Even the childish student who went with was killed。
Those masters not only don’t have the heart to hide,On the contrary,Standing aside and laughing。
These are not people,These are beasts!
Master Wang Zhaoyun is angry,Five steps to blood splash,Within a day,Even across three levels,Killed the aristocratic master’s family with a ruler,Chase down the noble guest from God City for hundreds of miles,Killed on the outskirts of Tianzun God City。
then,He was wanted by God City,Nianzhuan came to Bairimen,Joined Aoki Club,Became the leader of the C group。
Teacher Wang Zhaoyun,On the dying,No joy or sadness in my heart,Calm,He just feels a little sorry,I have no ambitions,I want to kill all the beasts in the world,Unfortunately, I am not strong enough,High aspirations,Can only die on this small hillside。
The three Sirius spiders have approached,Where they are from Wang Zhaoyun,Less than ten feet。
At the speed of the Sirius spider,Just one pounce,Soon。
Wang Zhaoyun closed his eyes,Sit tightly,As if back in the primary school back then。
The rustling sound of those Sirius spiders moving,I heard it in his ears now,It’s like the sound of turning over the books of those young children。
“what?This person is quite interesting!”At this last moment,Wang Zhaoyun suddenly heard an unexpected voice。
“Yes,I see many people who are not afraid of death,So noticeable,Still the first。”Another voice sounded from the side。
“Xiao Huang,Help him!”The voice said。