Sun Jiaxing’s car is not driving fast,It didn’t take long to stop at the door of a supermarket,Ji Yunfeng stops immediately,The two quickly took off their seat belts and got out of the car and followed。

It was a woman who got off the car with Sun Jiaxing,Yu Shi met her once,Have an impression of her。She is Sun Jiaxing’s wife,Ma Wanqiu。
They quickly walked a few steps,Stop in front of Sun Jiaxing and Ma Wanqiu。
For the sudden appearance of poetry,Sun Jiaxing was obviously extremely surprised,But it’s not just as simple as being surprised,There is a trace of panic,But the latter is fleeting。
He pretended to be surprised,It’s like meeting the deceased’s daughter in a foreign country that makes him excited、Very happy。
“Poetry,Why are you?Why did you come to uk?Why don’t you tell me?I pick you up at the airport!”
Yu Shi doesn’t want to make senseless greetings with him,Go straight to the topic:“Sun Ge,I’m here to find you,I have something to ask you,About my father。”
Listening to the poem mentions Han Honglang,Sun Jiaxing’s face is different,But that subtle change was quickly replaced by sadness。
“time flies,The chairman has been away for more than a year。Ask what’s the matter,I must know that everything is endless。”
Yu Shi didn’t expect him to be so cooperative,But from his look,Yu Shi thinks he is acting。
First39chapter Full of lies
A bad feeling came to my heart。
She has no evidence for some things,Just guess,If Sun Jiaxing doesn’t want to say,Tai Chi with her,Or perfuse her,She can’t help it。