“You can call Ye Lao now to confirm,I just said that!”

“Do not……No need to,We naturally believe in Mr. Chen’s identity,I’m going to be kind to the captain!”
Death for money、Birds die for food。
For a bonus of 50 million,The captain naturally wants to blog。
Soon the captain’s voice came from the cabin,Let them roll their seat belts,The plane is about to forcibly land。
Hesitating without the cooperation of ground staff,The captain made the plane circle a few times at low altitude,Open to understand the situation of the airstrip。
When flying at low altitude,Zhang Yuantu’s nose twitched again。
“Chen Xiu,There may be dirt on the ground!”
“what’s the situation?”
“I asked about the strong smell of blood in the air!”
Chen Xiu gasped,He had only seen Zhang Yuantu’s nose sensitive two hours ago,Now he speaks so confidently,I’m afraid I can’t go wrong。
“You suspect that the bottom of the airport is occupied by zombies?”
“Very likely!”
Zhang Yuantu probably frightened the front captain and deputy pilot,Said in a low voice:“Such a strong smell of blood makes me smell it at an altitude of hundreds of meters,At least 50 people died on the ground,This is definitely not one or two zombies can do it。I conservatively estimate,At least no less than thirty zombies came!”
Chen Xiu leaned against the airplane window,Staring at the ground,The airport 100 meters below seems like a big mouth in the night,Just wait for their plane to land and take it to your mouth。
“Thirty zombies!”
Chen Xiu smiled bitterly and said:“The best case is to hope that there are no three generations of zombies。If only four generations of zombies,I should be able to deal with twenty,Do you have any problems dealing with ten!”
“If you just use the previous air gun、water gun,There is no chance of winning against three!”