A more majestic voice sounded。

Leo knows who this person is without looking back,Lieutenant General Harder。
A high-ranking person in the navy。
His position comes from the world government,Is a high-level delegate from the world government,Have great say。
In navy official,Total rank of lieutenant general57A,Where the combat lieutenant general19A,Lieutenant Giant12A,Before was13One died ten years ago。
leftover26Lieutenant general。
Looking at blood in the previous life comics,I think the navy is responsible for fighting pirates,But being a huge organization is so simple。
personnel、logistics、Every aspect of scientific research needs people,These leaders are naturally lieutenants。
For example, the personnel department where Leo is now,There are two lieutenants。
Harder is the chief officer of the personnel department。
“Leo met Lieutenant General Harder!”Leo still luggage。
Reach out to not hit the smiley man,It’s not good not to tear the face directly, nor to go up and down,After all, the Navy has some rules。
“I dare not accept the gift of your genius,Even my men were almost brutally killed by you,If i receive your gift,I might die here later!”