“Jia Chou and that big toad both died in battle。”

“This is not an exchange,He should show enough sincerity for his declared responsibility。”
Li Tianzhen has left the ruins of the underground palace at this moment,Or maybe he didn’t really leave,‘Magic Box’The fireflies in became his eyes,He has established a connection with every little bug,He didn’t believe that the blood clan great supernatural powers just escaped like this,But it won’t be consumed in this place,A lot to do。
Since the kinsman has no consciousness of being a guest,I want to make waves in the mortal world,He smashed it,In order to rush back to the Wuming Mountain Palace,The blood gods and demons who were once marked by him had two chances to escape,Or no time to kill,Now there are new blood gods and demons in the divine consciousness,He needs to give Shen Wenyu some warning。
Overnight,Li Tianzhen traveled thousands of miles back and forth,Kill the seven blood gods and demons with your own hands,Catch three alive,So far,The blood gods and demons marked in the gods are all destroyed,‘Magic Box’middle‘Bloodthirsty fly’All consumed clean,He can’t find Shen Wenyu who has the blood totem,For the time being, there is no way to take the blood gods and demons in the ruins of the underground palace,Only return to guard。
“Why can’t it open?”Li Tianzhu held the irregular sphere that looked like a silver ruby and looked at the morning sun,Try to experience something deeper in it,The spirit of the blood is weird,Also very tyrannical,Can’t use Soul Search,This makes him feel bored。
“You and I can’t control him now,Or blew up,Or run away,Not good results。”
“How can I control him?”Li Tianzhi warm and angry。
“You have to think clearly,Blood River can barely reach the level of a great god,The strength of cultivation is not weaker than we are now,Want to control him,At least let the soul wake up。”
Chapter nine hundred and sixty five Controversy with Dayan
Li Tianzhen no longer makes unnecessary efforts,Put away Xiao Yanda’s soul,He must re-examine the new situation facing him,Kinship replaces space rifts and becomes the biggest hidden danger right now,Must be removed as soon as possible,Otherwise it is difficult to explain,He doesn’t mind being misunderstood by Old Man Dong,But the dazzling blood in Liuyun Guan made him suffer,unbearable。
The other is Panmang,This demon can be said to be‘Nirvana handkerchief’The most powerful god and demon outside,On strength,Li Tianzhen is not his opponent now,And as the big boss of the Demon World,Looking down on sentient beings like ants, that kind of arrogance will make him act unscrupulously,In addition, there are old hatreds and new hatreds with Li Tianzhi,This thing will surely cause terrible storms after being injured。
Cannot be cloned left and right,Must come first,Li Tianzhen desperately needs allies,Although Old Man Dong will unswervingly have a common goal with him,But the two sides have different ideas,Different styles,It’s hard to keep in step,Fighting separately may be a common situation in the future,So no matter what Dayan had to do,Li Tianzhen must meet up with him。
There is still a day left in the agreed time with Old Man Dong,One round trip is enough,As for the great blood gods and demons that may be hidden under the ground,Skynet formation of war puppets,Li Xiucheng’s golden body host,He is quite relieved,He ordered the black unicorn to carefully guard the space rift,And left enough medicine to recover from the injury。
Dayan still entertains Li Tianzhi in that mysterious stone house,A tea stove,Two tea cups,The tea is still the worry-free tea unique to Yuanjie,Slightly light,But sincere。