Xia Jian was taken aback,Eyes widened and said:“I am married now,Don’t make jokes like this in the future”

“You really married?No wonder Guan Tingna is so angry when I talk about you,I want to tear you up”Lu Wanting said,A little relieved smile。
Xia Jianyi listen,Asked quickly:“Have you met Guan Tingna?Where is she?”
“What do you mean?Isn’t she looking for Guan Tingna?!”Lu Wanting looked puzzled,Asked a little surprised。
When Xia Jian heard Guan Tingna’s whereabouts, he was a little browful,So he quickly opened Lu Wanting’s car door and sat in。Then asked seriously:“Where is Guan Tingna??When did you meet?”
“Why are you so anxious?What the hell happened,You have to make it clear to me”Lu Wanting is also serious。
Xia Jian took a breath,So he left out where Guan Tingna worked,Tell Lu Wanting from start to finish。Of course,His marriage,He dare not miss it,Anyway, it’s a foregone conclusion,It’s time to let more people know about it。
Lu Wanting took a breath and said:“It’s no wonder。I want to ask you,Is there anything between me and Guan Tingna??I mean you should understand”
“No!”Xia Jian answered very decisively。
Lu Wanting said with a cold smile:“Pneumonia was prevalent in Bucheon during this time。My mother got this disease,Live in the women’s hospital。When I went to see my mother the other day,I didn’t expect Guan Tingna to live next door to my mother。Because everyone knows,So I went in and said hello”
“Of course,I want to pass her,Find out about your recent situation。I didn’t expect me to mention your name,She’s on fire。It made me inexplicable。Later I thought,I think there should be something wrong between you”
“what!You mean she also got pneumonia?Does anyone at home take care of her??”Xia Jian was anxious when he heard it,Whatever,Guan Tingna came back because of him。
Lu Wanting thought for a while and said:“She has pneumonia for sure。It’s just that no one else is around,Because she lives in a single room。I didn’t find anyone else when I went in”
“Oh!Thank you then。If I didn’t meet you today,I really can’t find her”Xia Jian said,Open the door and leave。