“is it,Your flower fort,Is it also in the territory of Qiyefu?。Within my jurisdiction,Naturally manage!”Another figure,Like a black wind,Appeared beside the weirdo,The same gritted teeth。

“Lord Palace!Our flower castle has absolutely no meaning。”The purple-haired youth appeared beside the fat round god,Said with a smile。But his appearance made【Palace Lord Seven Nights】with【Worms】Yedila is very alert。
“Your Flower Island could hold an auction that year,Is also supported by us。Blocked auction of Godhead weapons,You must give us an account!But before that,By the way, please go out first.。”Another young man with a temperament as dazzling as the sun appeared on the side of Palace Master Qiye,Even stronger than the purple-haired youth
“right now,Everyone, please leave the flower castle immediately。The previous guests who bought the auction item will receive the auction item within three days,Just pay the source stone at that time。”A loud voice rang in the minds of the guests in the auction room。
While talking,Is a serious middle-aged man with a pair of corners on his head,Patriarch of the Bard Family。
Facing the sudden arrival of these palace master-level powerhouses,The guests in the auction venue were scared a long time ago。It is a pleasure to watch these top powerhouse bids in peace,But watching these top powerhouses get off the court and prepare to fight,That would be too difficult for them,The little aftermath of the battle between the palace master and the strong can easily kill ordinary high-level gods。
Heard Bud’s words,The guests were relieved,And several other Palace Chief level powerhouses did not stop。
Wright didn’t intend to mix in,So he took Cecilia and Eclair and left the flower castle。
Once leaving the castle,The three of Wright met another team head-on,Headed by the direct descendant of the East family。
Chapter 33 The Strength of Cecilia
“It’s you!”Edward·East sees Elek,Hideous。
he,Edward·East,Is the most direct descendant of the great East family,His father is a six-star elf,His grandfather was the patriarch of the East family,Lord God Messenger!
Half a month ago,He is walking around with his pet Ji on the second floor of the Flower Castle,His pet girl fell in love with a dress,Although the price of this dress is quite high,Over 100 million source stones,But since he agreed,Naturally bought for this pet Ji。
did not expect,There is only one piece of clothing left in this style,And this one was bought by an upper god。
He ordered the butler to buy this dress from the upper god at twice the price,I thought it was easy,But that high-ranking god actually refused!!!
He doesn’t really care about the dress that he promised to favor Ji,But his own authority cannot be challenged,The upper god thought that the soldiers on Huahua Island could【Justice】,But on the flower island,Edward·Master East is the master,Those soldiers are nothing but servants。If it’s not for the butler to dissuade,It is said that killing in the flower castle is detrimental to the reputation of the family,He killed the upper god at the beginning。of course,Family reputation is still very important,So he let go of the upper god。
Even so,Didn’t kill the upper god,It’s a shame to him。
Flower Castle holds auction,The last auction item turned out to be a legendary weapon,And this godhead weapon actually led to three palace-level powerhouses。。。With his eyesight,Naturally can’t tell what level the opponent is.。But can stand against the patriarchs of their five major families,Naturally a strong master。
The collision between the palace masters,He naturally took his bodyguards and escaped。Unexpectedly came out,I met the upper god who humiliated him。