Li Hui Feng took Tao Hao back to the orchard of the garden,Tao Hao immediately played with the big white。

Big White seems to be more like to like Taoyuan,Wheed a circle around Tao。
“Lee brother,Do you have a dog baby??
Can you send me a time when you come??
It is too smart.。”
“Forehead,forget it,Big white is a wolf,Or you can understand as a wolf dog,Its descendants are not you want to raise.,You hurry over to see the contract,This is the contract signed by my gate.,If there is no problem, I will print this.。”
Said that Li Hui also found the contract in the notebook。
Tao Hao is even if you don’t even look at it directly.。
“Oh, the big brother, you really think I will supervise the contract.?
I just find a reason to stay.。”
Li Hui is a glimpse of Tao Wei.。
“Die,You won’t just want to follow me.?
I have no fun here.,And the road is also repaired.。”
“Humph,You are really ready to treat me as a toolman.?
I am coming to follow you, what do you do every day?,By the way,After all, you are now celebrity。”
Tao Hao said,On one side carry a small hand,Then turn around Li with the wind.:“Before you have not known,It is all of our village.,I am a genius girl,But you are famous, it’s talking about you.,My topic is actually gone.,You said that you can。”
Looking at the peach, a lovely look of the mouth,Li Anti-style is also a felt a funny laugh.。
“exasperating,It is too gas,Anyway, I will go to your village for a while.,When I sign the contract, I will help you teach them.,In the future, the people in Taoyao Village can only talk about Tao Hao.,Other people can’t talk about,And talk about Tao Hao can only praise,Can’t have bad words”Li Hui said, this is not finished.,Tao Hao is a depressed road:“You will fight me.,I follow you still have anything else.,Not this。”
“Forehead,Ok,What do you say,What else do you have?,Let me listen together,I can answer your answer.。”
Li Hui Feng is very funny for Tao Hao, which is very cute in front of him.。
He always feels full of problems in each other’s heads.。
“Hey, I don’t dare to ask what to do.?”
“Not dare to ask,Don’t ask you,How is this method??”
“not so good,I don’t dare to ask,But I want to know the answer to the answer。”
Looking at the entanglement of Tao Hao,Li Hui, I thought about it.,In general, he can also guess what the other party wants to ask.。
“Hey-hey,go ahead,General problems I can answer you,Not general problems unless I can’t answer,Otherwise, I will answer it to you.。”
I listened to Li Hui.,Tao Hao is also interested。
“really,It’s true than the real gold.,go ahead。”
“Hey, you are not allowed to be angry.,I don’t care if I don’t care.。”
Tao Tao is like this,Li Hui is, the more you know what the other party wants to ask.。
“not angry,go ahead。”