“Why come back so late?Is the group busy??“Xia Jian asked softly。

Xiao Xiao yawned,Rubbed my temples。Then he lowered his voice and said:“I took you to Bucheon,Presumably Hu Huiru will know soon。She is a woman with a strong vengeance,I have to guard against her“
Xia Jianyi listen,It suddenly dawned on me,Why did he forget this??He went in this time,In all likelihood, Hu Huiru made a ghost。He came back from the provincial capital without a dime,This is the last thing Hu Huiru wants to see。
She will definitely do something,Then revenge on the startup group,It’s not impossible。Because he was picked up by Xiao Xiao,The other is Hu Huiru’s engineering company,Working with Hu Huiru,She wants to make an article,It’s easier for her to do it。It seems that Xiao Xiao is really mature,She already knows how to plan ahead。
“You think so thoughtful,Hu Huiru, this woman is very powerful。This time you helped me,She will definitely feel uncomfortable,So playing tricks on startup groups,Not impossible“Xia Jian whispered to Xiao Xiao。
At this moment,Old Xiao wears a coat,Came out of the bedroom。He is older,Sleep at night。May have heard them,He got up again。
“dad!Did our voice make you sleep?,How about Xia Jian and I go to my room“Xiao Xiao said,Stood up。
Old Xiao chong Xiao Xiao made a gesture and said:“Nothing,You sit down。I slept for a while,Feel much better。People are getting old,It’s like this。Don’t bother you,Wait for you to get old,You will know what I mean“Old Xiao said,So he sat on the sofa next to Xia Jian。
“Did you hear what we are talking about?So you want to come over and listen?“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Old Xiao shook his head and said:“old,I heard it for nothing,So it’s better not to listen。But I remind you Xiao Xiao,Xia Jian is here this time,You brought him to the group,Let him help you manage the affairs of the group,Then let’s go back quickly!Anyway,He is now the head of a town“
“dad!I don’t want him to go back。What’s so good about being a broken mayor,Working so desperately,In the end, it ended up like this,Really chilling“Xiao Xiao said,Played like a child。
Old Xiao Haha smiled and said:“Silly boy!What they did is not called Po Mayor。He manages the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people,Business,Better than any of us。So you can’t be selfish,Keep him in the startup group“
“dad!Who are you now“Xiao Xiao is a little worried。
Old Xiao stood up,Hehe smiled and said:“Go home early for something to eat!What’s going to discuss with the group tomorrow。Xia Jianzai,Don’t be afraid of anything“Old Xiao finished,Turned around and went back to the room。
Xiao Xiao looked at the back of Lao Xiao disappeared,Can’t help but mutter:“This old man,Don’t look at his old age,But he understands better than anyone“
Xiao Xiao’s voice just fell,Her cell phone rang。She grabbed the phone on the coffee table and took a look,Connected to the phone:“Oh!Mr. Guo!Xia is always in the group,I took her over“